Bangtan’s Reaction to Finding Out You’re Seventeen TRASH;

I totally did not do this because I’m becoming Minghao and Woozi trash.


*Sees you squealing over Seungkwan* “So you like ‘em young huh?” 


*Showing him a picture of Woozi* “I can see why you like him.”


*Teasing you* “OMG! I love them too! OMG!”


“He’s not better looking than me right?”


“Aw, that’s a cute song.” He squeals with you. “But I know a cuter one, let me show you.” *Puts on Just One Day M/V* “Omg, sooo cute!” He squeals again.


“But Bangtan’s still your favorite right?”


*Shrugs as you squeal over Minghao* “I don’t care, I’m still your favorite maknae.” *Actually cares tho*

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Mblaq reaction to singing a couple song at a karaoke


“Jagi, how are you so perfect” (*those lips though*)


“Let’s do a couple dance too”




“So cute! I must kiss you.”


“Really? What can’t you do jagi?”

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The WWE Roster’s Songs to You (Part 2)

Everyone enjoyed the last one, so here you go!

Jeff Hardy: Wonderwall by Oasis (I know he’s not at WWE anymore, but c’mon. It’s Jeff Hardy.)

Quote from song: “I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now.”

Kane: Creep by Radiohead

Quote from song: “I wish I was special. You’re so very special.”

Undertaker: Pet by Perfect Circle

Quote from: “Stay with me, safe and ignorant.”

Dolph Ziggler: Radar by Britney Spears (So fitting.)

Quote from song: “I got you on my radar.”

Triple H: Love Me Forever by Motorhead

Quote from song: “Love me or leave me, tell me no lies.”

Matt Hardy: Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Quote from song: “She’s got a smile that seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories; where everything was as fresh as the bright, blue sky.”


That vibe you get when you put a max volume on MARS songs and you can already imagine how this shannimal bang that drum 🙆🏻💞 #myedit
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So in Australia you already have 21 but in Argentina you still have 20.

13 hour of difference…it’s incredible!

Happy Birthday, my love! I hope you have a amazing day and all the love of people around you.  

Keep being so cute, hot and the best human being of this world.

Forever yours, a latin fan.

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