800 Followers gift! - Thank You!!

Hey guys!! So today I got something special for you! I really loved the dresses that came for adults with Dine Out and I realised I finally know how to make CC…so I’d make a version for kids. I used a dress from Get To Work as a base for the recolour so of course that pack is required!

  • Requires Get To Work
  • 9 Floral Patterns and 9 Solids - original colours! 
  • Available in Merged and Separate styles (so you can have both or one!)
  • Standalone


Simfileshare - [Merged] | [Solids] & [Patterns]

Please consider tagging me if you use it in photos! I’d really appreciate it ^^

Credit to my little sister for the sim…again! (she made me credit her for that AGAIN smh ;’))

If anyone can help me with BGC please let me know ♥

Pokémon often inspire clothing. Valerie is famed for having designed boots based on Virizion’s feet, spawning an international trend that myriad clothing chains tapped into. Similar fashions also come from contest stars - hair clips based on sneasel feathers, bows shaped like hoppip leaves, scarves inspired by sylveon ribbons. One of the most iconic fashions of the previous generation involved colouring one’s hair bright white and streaking it with red - a trend started by a coordinator who was famously partnered to a zangoose.