She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul

Between Beds

Winchester Brothers x Sister!Reader

Brother Drabble

Imagine getting stuck sharing a bed with one of your brothers while renting a hotel room for the night.

Warnings: Literally like on swear word (I think), Irritated reader, some light brotherly fluff or something like that.

Trigger Warning: DON’T READ IF YOU’RE TIRED becuase this is about not getting sleep and I wouldn’t want to make you suffer more and there really isn’t a trigger warning I just wanted to say this.

A/N: I’ve got a buttload of prompts I’m going to be using to write with so be prepared for a fic overload and daily posts.

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My Edit

Every hunt. Every. Damn. Hunt. Your knuckle head brother would get a twin sized double room at a motel. In other words: somebody was sharing. Usually, the rooms came with a roll away bed, or had a couch that was magically a pull out bed. Not this one. Becuase God forbid these people payed a little extra money and made it possible for three people who didn’t want to share a bed with anyone, to actually share a room in peace.

Dean set his stuff down on a bed, Sam followed. “Uh- what about me? One of you guys is going to have to share, you do realize that right?” both of them let out a long sigh.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Dean held out his hands. Rock, paper, scissors. He always lost, except that one time. Just as you had predicted, he lost.

Night time rolled around like an old friend. And by the time it was 11pm, Dean was passed out. Sam and yourself followed short behind him. Except there was a problem. Dean snored- like a lot. It sounded like a damn powertool being drilled into your ear. How the hell did you not notice this before? Did he always snore? Maybe if you turned your back to him and rested a pillow on the ear facing upward…-nope didn’t work.

For the next four hours you tossed and turned, meanwhile both of your brothers were fast asleep and all comfortable. Enough was enough. Grabbing the pillow you were trying to rest your head on, you hit Dean in the arm with each word you whispered/yelled “Will. You. Shut. Up.”. He only sturred a little bit and turned his back towards you, falling back asleep.

This wasn’t going to work out. Plan B: Other Brother, was going into full effect. You got out of bed and walked over to Sam. “Dean’s a loud sleeper,” apparently that was enough for him, becuase he scooted over and made room for you.

Finally, you could get some sleep. Right? Wrong. Just as your eyes were closing to drift into a peaceful sleep, the covers were ripped off of you. Leaving you cold. Sam had stolen the damn blankets, all of them. Even the sheet had come off of the corners and wrapped itself around him. There was really no point in even trying to wake him up. So plan C: Operation get some damn sleep, was up next.


“Where’s Y/n?” Dean was just finishing stretching to wake himself up.

“I don’t know. I figured she fell off the bed or something,” both the boys checked under the bed just in case. Looking on the nightstand, they both noticed the keys were gone.

“Son of a bitch,” the way Dean said it was paniced and filled with worry. All of this melted away when they both walked outside to see the windows of Baby all steamed up from your breath. You were cuddled up to the seat, using Dean’s jacket as a blanket and one of Sam’s flannels all balled up as a pillow. “Well, son of a bitch” the way he said it this time was in awe. Both of them realized how much they loved and appreicated you in that moment. Watching you be at total and utter peace must’ve been their weakness.

nothing is worse than making an effort to express genuine excitement for something for the first time in an extraordinarily long time, trying to share what made you excited with someone you trust, and have that someone blow you off

Still playing around with this style.  It’s kinda fun trying something new!


YT: Hello to everyone watching Japan Mnet! Hello to our Japanese fans. We debuted only 2 months ago but in Tokyo 3000 people came to watch us. The atmosphere was great! I’m very happy that so many fans came to watch us… Yeah… (My) Japanese is weird.. (laughter) We’ll do our best from now on. We’re currently doing our best in Japan and therefore we ask LOTS of assistance from you. 

KN&ED: Please give us lots of assistance!

ED: We’ll do our best!

*rough translation JPN-FIN-ENG*

Crochet Commissions

Welp. A lot of things went to hell for me very quickly, including even MORE unauthorized use of my credit card, which bumped up my minimum payment to 75.00. Now, if I had started my job today, I wouldn’t be putting up this post, but the payment is due on Saturday. 

My sister has been using my credit card unauthorized so many times, but most times, she pays me back. As of right now, she’s refusing to do so, because other things are more important to her. 

So as it stands, I have 10 cents in my bank account. My parents are lending me 50.00, so I just need 25.00. 

You can see examples of my crochet work here.

All prices include cost of materials as well as shipping!

Throw blankets are 35.00

Plushes are 15.00

Twin sized blankets are 125.00 (Custom color picks are totally fine)

Placemat flowers are 15.00 (custom colors are fine)

Pillows are 20.00 (custom designs not extra).