“Until the kick-back, when my heart hits the ground
She said: “You think you’re so tough, baby put your hands up.”

ahhh check it out guys!! i more or less finished my original au design for roxy lalonde! the au (which ive been calling the rabble rousers verse) is set in a post-apocalyptic rebellion where the humans are resisting alien invasion and colonization to the best of their ability.

photo credits go to my little sister


Anime expo Day 1-2. Tell me if any of these lovelies are you so I can credit you on your amazingness!

Princess Midna: my sister Vic Luna: my friend Andrea Genkai: me Cullen: @borderlinechaotic

it’s really fucking frustrating when you work your ass off and just get shit in return


How to look innocent and like a badass at the same time, a lesson by me. Also, my hair is purple now.