• Fritz:I have an idea.
  • Jeremy:Fritz, no.
  • Fritz:What if we just...
  • Phone Guy:Fritz, please...
  • Fritz:...Take this...
  • Mike:No, please don't...
  • Fritz:...and make the animatronics MORE VIOLENT
  • Purple Guy:OH YES!!!
  • Sam:How are you feeling today, Danny?
  • Danny:I do not.

Kai - 150201 Super Junior member Siwon’s Instagram update: “급번개 with EXO 카이. 오붓하게 냉면 한그릇씩 먹고, SNS하라고 꼬시는중 ^^ 👻✌️"️�”

Translation: “Quick thunder1 with EXO’s Kai. Had a bowl of naengmyun during this comfortable time, while convincing him to start using SNS ^^ 👻✌️"️

Credit: siwon1987. (1Note: Quick meeting)

Baekhyun, Chanyeol - 150506 Instagram account update: “백현아~~~~ 생일축하한다!!!!🎂🎁🎉🎊 어서와 공식적인 축하는 내가 처음이지? 올해는 좋은일만 생기자우리!!!! 사랑한다!!❤”

Translation: “Baekhyunah~~~~ Happy birthday!!!!🎂🎁🎉🎊 I’m the first person that congratulated you in an official message, right? Let’s make only good things happen this year!!!! I love you!!❤”

Credit: real__pcy.