Considering Homestuck started on 4/13/2009 and it ended on 4/13/2016 (credits nowithstanding and epilogue pending) and the 2012 kickstarter claimed the game would release in 2014: 3 years past due is actually an improvement on his guestimation. 


Hey everyone! Things are really bad over here. I have:

-a nearly maxed out line of credit, meaning I have no positive bank balance
-a maxed credit card
-pending hospital bills for my cat, about 200 dollars
-pending repair fees for my laptop, at least 95$

Things are pretty bad! We have no food money! We’re living off nothing but rice at the moment!!

The rules are simple!! Give me a price, a subject (nothing racist, pedophilic, transphobic, or otherwise shitty or I’m blocking you, thanks, and also please not porn), and I’ll draw you something, and then you pay me the agreed amount! Easy!!

I’ll draw something roughly in the time ballpark allotted by the payment, roughly 10 dollars an hour, with extra leverage due to the fact that I’m still adjusting to drawing on this computer. It’s all rough estimates. I don’t care too much about the specifics, I just really need money??

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Next week fellas. We are releasing MR next week!

All bgs done, color corrections done, mistakes repaired, and all shots rendered.

15 shots left to postproduction, credits and title pending.

It’s been a long ride, but we are almost there.

Sehun, Tao - 141225 Kwon Jun Instagram update: “#11월어느날 #쭈타세중탁구부 #한명만실력이초등학생 #나머진중학생 #이웃여러분메리크리스마스입니다요🎅🎉🎆🎁💝 #제빵왕공탁구가부릅니다#이나중탁구부 #내머리크기어쩔”

Translation: “#One day in November #Jun Tao Sehun table tennis club #One of has has skills on an elementary kid #The rest are about middle school skills #Merry Christmas to all our neighbors #King of table tennis sings #Actually just average king #Look at the size of my head”

Credit: kwon_jun_.

Fire Soul Love

External image
★   Fire Soul Love

☆    Hino Rei-chan

☆ ~Mirai he Mukatte~

♫I desire stimulation with love
I’ll forget all those pretty words
Holding a dream with this hand
Making my heart boil “Go Mad Love!” ♪

i love how Rei-chan’s songs just screamed of Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson from the late 80’s influences! Tomizawa Michie is so amazing.



Baekhyun - 140924 SM Trainer Nae Jongseok’s twitter update: “나 요즘 얘 레슨때문에 아침에 출근하는 회사원 모드 ㅠ 하지만 말도 잘 듣고 운동도 열씨미 해서 봐준다 ㅋㅋ”

Translation: “I’m on a worker mode these days because of this kid’s lessons every morningㅠㅠ But I’ll let it slide because he listens well and works hard keke”

Credit: nae1004.


Kai, Chanyeol, Chen - 150423 SBS-R Power FM Lee Guk-joo’s Youngstreet Instagram update: “저희가 레드카펫이라두 준비했어야 했는데 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😮😭😭 오자마자 카메라에 인사해주는 찬열, 첸, 카이 영상입니다! 저희 약속 지켰어요😎 #영스트리트 #영스 #이국주 #쭈디 #초대석 #엑소 #카이 #찬열 #첸 #고릴라 #파워에프엠”

Translation: “We should have prepared a red carpet󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺󾌺😮󾌺󾌺 Video of Chanyeol, Chen, and kai greeting the camera upon arrival! We kept our promise😎 #Youngstreet #Youngs #Lee Gukjoo #DC Joo #Guest #EXO #Kai #Chanyeol #Chen #Gorilla #PowerFM”

Credit: sbsyoungstreet.