You Both Knew (M)

Part One Part Two
Summary: You’ve been dating Chase “Cha Cha” Malone super producer and artist of AOMG for two years. You decided to calm things down. After a month of little to no contact Chase swallowed his pride and decided to fix things. This is the result of that conversation. (Last part to the fic.)

Warnings: SMUT AHEAD. 18+ CONTENT. This is a NSFW post! Long ass post my dude.

A/N: I still suck at summaries. sorry.I had to break this up into multiple parts. Pictures/Artwork/Giphs are not mine. Credit goes to the original owner.


“Call the girl and talk to her. Damn, I’m tired of you moping around.” Seonghwa recommended with a chuckle. “You been hangin around Jay too much.” Chase responded with his own laugh. He pulled out his phone, sucked up his pride and called you.

What he didn’t know was how spot on Seonghwa’s observations had been. You knew this was a good thing. You were being forced to really think about your relationship. You knew your friends were happy to see more of you. You knew it was a lot easier to not constantly check the time to see if he was late or if he’ be coming back at all. You also knew that it was cold in the apartment. You knew that there were several times you wanted to just call or text him. You knew you missed your man.

You had just gotten home from work and were supposed to be going home to change before you headed out to do a little shopping with a couple of girls from work. Your phone rang. It was Chase this time. You dropped your purse and keys on the counter and picked up. “Hey babe, what’s up?” You walked further into your apartment “Wow, I wasn’t actually expecting you to answer.” You heard his deep voice on the other end of the line. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “Here you go. Look, if you’re calling just to…” He interrupted you. “No, no. I’m not calling to argue. What you got goin on tonight?  He could hear you shuffling around your room. “A couple of girls from work wanted to get a late dinner and do a little bit of shopping. So, I’m heading out with them. Why, what’s up?” You sat the phone down and put it on speaker so you could change. Chase sighed into the phone. “I was hoping you and I could spend some time together.” He sounded almost defeated. That was new. “Well, why don’t you come over then. You know where I live. My address hasn’t changed.” You answered sarcastically. You couldn’t let him off the hook too easily.  “I can’t be too sure. Seems like yo ass is trying to duck and dodge me.” You felt your face relax into what could best be described as ‘side eye’. “Are you coming or not?” You asked ready to move on with the conversation. “Yes, little miss attitude I’ll be there in a bit. Leave the door unlocked.” You responded with “I’ll think about it.” With that you hung up the phone.

Twenty minutes later you had the base of your outfit on. It was just a casual outing so you swapped your slacks for black leggings and your blouse for a burnt orange long sleeved top that hit your upper thigh and was just long enough to cover your ass. The color warmed your skin tone. You planned to accessorize with a light brown open front cardigan, an oversized afghan scarf with a pair of riding boots and random pieces of jewelry. You kept your hair the same as it had been at work. The style had somehow managed to survive the day. Even with you constantly toying with it. There was the sound of someone trying to open the door that was quickly followed with “Really? Y/N open the damn door.” He sounded slightly irritated that you seriously hadn’t left the door unlocked. You were kind of giggling as you open the door. “Wouldn’t have to do that if I still had my key.” You sighed and just stepped out of the way. “You know why you don’t have a key.” He looked you up from your toes slowly making his way you to your eyes. He made no effort to hide it when his eyes lingered on his favorite spots. He always did have a thing for your breasts. It’d been a good five weeks since you could spend some time with your favorite part of Chase. It’d been two weeks since the two of you were in the same room. The corner of your mouth ticked up slightly. You couldn’t help but to take some time to admire him as well. Chase was fine. No doubt about it. All broad shoulders, smooth brown skin and a well, WELL, toned body. Not to mention what those big hands could do. You damn near moaned at the thought of him shirtless. You hadn’t anticipated this drawback of relaxing your relationship/N” “Hmm?” You looked up into Chase’s face and realized you’d been caught ogling your boyfriend, “I said, I was hoping I could talk you.”

You followed him to the couch and each of you made yourselves comfortable. “What’s up?” You slid your feet into his lap more out of habit than anything else. “I’ve been thinking about what’s been going on with us lately and I’m wondering what the next step is.” His hands took on their normal actions of massaging your calf muscles. You relaxed into the couch. “What do mean? Are you asking if I’m ready to pick things back up?” His hands felt so good on your legs. He gave you a look that let you know that he was questioning your IQ level. “I miss you. I miss spending time with you. I don’t miss not knowing where the hell you are at 3 and 4 in the morning. I don’t miss you making me feel crazy because I want you to tell me what’s going on. I don’t mind you going out. You’re a musician. I get it. I know that comes with late hours, tours, club promotions. All that shit. I get it. What I need you to get is this. You have a phone. Use the damn thing.” His hands crept up a little further.

Chase nodded taking into consideration what you felt was this issue. Lack of communication from his part. He did feel relieved to know that you had missed him. It did help that you were giving him the elevator eyes the same as he was giving them to you. He found one knot at the back of your thigh and was trying to work it out. “I miss you too.” He decided to start off on something you both agreed on. “It doesn’t seem like you miss me though. I mean every time I turn around you out here, shopping goin out to dinner.” He let the rest of the sentence trail off. “You just been out here” You couldn’t help but smile and raise your eyebrows a bit. “You been checkin up on me?” You sat up a little straighter leaning towards him. “Doesn’t feel good, does it? Seeing the person, you love out and not even thinking about you. Seeing if it’s something you’d want to do.” Chase sat there quiet for a moment he was about to chime in. “No, Chase I wasn’t doing it intentionally. We were trying to give each other space and I was trying to keep my mind off things. I meant it when I said I missed being with you. I’m just glad you’re seeing things from my perspective.” You paused briefly “Do you know how many pictures I’ve seen of you doing something I would’ve liked to do? How many times you turned me down to do something with Kiseok or Jay or Hyukwoo or anything of them?” You closed your eyes and refocused.

“I’m not saying that you have to spend all of your time with me. I don’t want that. I don’t need to be in your face all the time and I damn sho know you don’t want me in yours.” You reached up and cupped his face. “Just take me into consideration sometimes.” You gently ran your thumb back and forth across his jawline. You closed the space between you and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. “I’m sorry baby.” He murmured into the crook of your neck while pulling you closer to him. It felt good to be wrapped in his strong arms again. You slid your arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. You whispered “I’m sorry too.”

Chase pulled you into his lap and softly kissed your neck making you shiver. He wrapped his arms around you a little tighter forcing your chest to press against his. He pulled your earlobe between his teeth giving it a soft tug. You let out a soft sigh. Your hands slid into the top of his shirt and grasped the muscles you could reach. Chase slid his hands down your back and gripped your ass. He rolled his hips up letting you feel his growing bulge. You pulled back slightly, just enough to make eye contact and dropped your head to the side a bit. “I know that’s not the only reason you brought yo ass over here?” He laughed a little. “No, baby it’s not. I promise I came to talk.” He held his hands up in surrender. “It better not be.”

He pulled you close again. “Shut up, Y/N.” He moved his mouth to the side of you neck again and was placing kisses against your skin. “Actin like you don’t want it.” He moved his hand from your ass and slid it in between you. You let out a giggle that turned into a soft moan when his hand snaked into your leggings and panties. His large fingers made contact with your slit. He groaned deep in his chest feeling you were already wet. “Like, I said actin like you don’t want it.” He emphasized the word. “Bet you started getting wet as soon as you opened the door, huh?” You moaned in response. Your hips rocked against his hand. He used his thumb to rub your clit using your own juices to moisten it. He pumped one finger then added another into your hole. “You missed the way I fuck you didn’t you baby?” He nipped at your ear.

Your hands moved from the top of his shirt and had quickly found its hem. You were trying to heft the fabric off him but Chase wanted to take the slow route. “Slow down baby. I’m not going anywhere.” His voice was deeper than normal. He seemed determined to take make this last. He switched from pumping his fingers to making a come here motion. You could tell he was looks for the special spot. Found it. You let out a breathy “Fuuuuck”. Your eyes closed and you let your head drop back. You trailed your hands down to his pants going for his belt buckle. Chase’s hand wrapped around your wrist holding your hands still. Your eyes opened and you looked at him.

You were surprised with the fierce yet lustful look in his dark eyes. He knew how much you liked to touch and feel it fed into your orgasm. “You, Y/N, have made me wait.” He withdrew his hand from you completely. You whined at the loss of contact. “Five weeks, Y/N.” Chase was switching positions with you, turning you to the side and slowly forcing you to lay back against the couch. “Do you know what I planned to do to you that night?” You were lying flat against the couch cushions. Chase was hovering above you with an arm on each side of your head. His eyes hungrily roved over your still clad body. You could feel the heat pool deep in your belly. That night you decided to cool things off.” He said with a mocking tone.

“I” His breath hitched on whatever he was going to say next. There was a low buzzing coming from the end table just above your heads. Your phone was ringing. ‘Damn’. You thought. You completely forgot about meeting up with the girls from work. Chase picked up the phone.

He held eye contact with you and cleared his throat. “Hey.” There was a pause on the opposite end. “Yeah, it’s me.” He chuckled keeping his eyes fixed on you. “No, she won’t be making it out tonight.” Another pause. “I’ll let her know.” With that last comment, he hung up the phone and turned it off.

He took a deep breath and refocused his attention to you. His lips pursed and eyes narrowed. You were still lying beneath him a leg on each side of his hips. “Tell her these little impromptu outings are about to become scarce.” He carelessly tossed the phone to the other couch and leaned down placing a kiss just below your ear. You could feel his warm breath against your skin. Your body was already responding in anticipation of what the night was going to bring. Chase let one hand trail up your thigh until he was running a single finger across the top of your leggings with a feather light touch. Your muscles involuntarily flexed as he stoked the fire burning deep within. “Did you hear me Y/N?” He free hand somehow managed to get behind your head with his fingers lacing into your hair with a soft tug to make you focus. “Mmmm yeees” You drug the words out sounding a lot breathier than you intended. Damn, it had clearly been too long and Chase knew exactly what spots to touch and how to touch them. Your panties were going to have to go directly in the trash after this bout.  There was deep snicker right next to your ear.

Chase was feeling a little cocky. You hadn’t been cold to him during this period but sex had been decidedly off the table. It was fanning his ego to see how quickly you still responded to his touch. His hand continued to trail up your body pushing your shirt out of the way. He continued to pepper kisses up and down your neck.  His hand greedily gripped your breast. It was almost painful but the groan he emitted when held you in his hand took your mind off the small burning sensation. He nudged your head to the side with his own demanding you give him more access to your skin. You had a hand on each of his sides with your fingers balled into his t-shirt. You had been slowly easing the shirt up exposing more of that toned body you so desperately wanted to see and touch. You were hesitant of drawing attention to your actions in case he kept you from touching him again.

Chase gave a long lick from the base of your neck to your earlobe that had you moaning. You felt him smirk and wanted to knock it off your face. You logged this feeling for later. Chase wasn’t the only one who could play this game. His hand was needing your breast with possessively and his hips were grinding against yours. Evidently, Jay wasn’t the only one proficient in body rolls. What was a growing bulge being now fully erect and hard as stone.

Both your breaths had taken on a slower and deeper quality as you both tried to take in more of each other. His cologne was intoxicating. It was slowly becoming apparent to you that you never stood a chance. Chase had always been hard to say no to. That was part of the reason you had been keeping interaction to a minimum.

Your hands slid beneath his shirt. Your nails scratched his skin with the lightest touch. You felt his muscles jump beneath your hands. Chase yanked the cup of your lace bra down. He dislodged his hand from your hair and used it to completely push your shirt up. Sitting back against his legs he looked down at you. You pupils had dilated and your lips were slightly parted. One of your nipples was exposed and hardened by your arousal and the air around you.

Chase licked his full lips before closing the gap and swirled his tongue. He sucked the pebble into his warm and wet mouth. A long moan seeped out of both of you. Your head lifted slightly before falling back against the arm of the couch.

Your hands moved from his back to the front and quickly made their way into his pants. He was hot, smooth and heavy in your hands. You wrapped your hand around him and slowly pumped.  There was a small bead of precum on the head when your swiped your thumb across it. You twisted your hand and repeated the action.

You were both grinding against each other. Chase had pulled your other bra cup down and was alternating between teasing your nipples. There was a symphony of moans as you reacquainted yourselves with each other’s bodies.

Before long you had each other stripped down to just panties and boxers. Your bra had been flung somewhere in your living room. You ran your hands up and down his body switching between feather touches and hard scratches. You still got mesmerized by the hard lines of his muscled chest and abs. Chase had one hand between your legs with his index finger running along your slit over your panties. “Y/N, I don’t want to have to go through this again.” He hooked his index fingers in your panties and started pulling. Did he really have to bring this shit up right now? “You start feeling like shit ain’t right you talk to me.” You raised your hips letting him pull the fabric completely off. “Do you hear me?” He pulled his boxers off and his cock popped out. Even his dick was cute. Why in the hell was he talking. You were soaking wet at this point. “Yes, I hear you damn. Shut up all that talkin and fuck me.” His eyes burned momentarily. You were scared for a heartbeat but he just laughed. You’d gotten off easy that time. “I’m going to remember that.” You knew he would. You’d have to answer for that later but right now you were just focused on figuring out how to get little Chase home where he belonged.

Luckily, you didn’t have to focus on that too long before Chase pulled you to him and had you in his lap and was guiding you onto him. Even with you being as wet as you were this was still going to be a somewhat slow process.

You both moaned long and deep as you sheathed him inside you. His grip tightened on your hips. His fingertips leaving indents on your flesh. You rocked your hips against him searching for a rhythm to please both of you.

Chase guided your hips and you ground yourself on him. His head was rest back against the couch cushions with his eyes closed and his bottom lip pulled between his teeth. You ran your hands from his shoulders to his waist and back again. He commanded your hips to raise and lower setting a hastened pace. You both chased the moment of bliss that felt just out of your reach. It was drawing closer, you both were on the precipice but needed the final touch to push you over.

You wanted to beg but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing you needed him that much. Was it childish, most assuredly. You just couldn’t completely let him off the hook. You did remember how much he liked to watch you. You guided one hand to down your stomach and let your finger circle your pearl. You couldn’t stifle the groan you caused. “Open your eyes, baby” you muttered huskily. Your other hand was busy kneading your breasts.  Chase raised his head. His hooded gaze landing on the picture you made. You felt his cock twitch and heard his deep guttural groan at the same time. You ground yourself down on him again. His cock twitched again as it began to empty while your walls clenched and fluttered around him. You were both moaning riding out your high. You let yourself lay against his chest while you caught your breath.

“Chase?” You said softly. His hand was running up and down your back softly. It was done with enough pressure that you felt like he was trying to remind himself that he was there. “Hmm?” He voice sounded a little scratchy. “Don’t fuck up again.” You heard the smile in his voice. “Leave it to you to ruin the moment. Y/N.” He kissed the top of your head. “I won’t baby.” He sat up slightly forcing you to sit up and face him. He placed a chaste kiss to your lips. “I won’t.”