hani talking about her younger brother

“my younger brother is reliable and thoughtful. to tell the truth, he’s a younger brother who’s a waste to give away to anyone. when i had no exams/money, before he enlist in the military, he told me “in my drawer there’s some cash/a cash card, so whenever you need it, you can just use it for your need.”

so i think most of us agree that rey reminds han of luke when she says “i didn’t know there was this much green in all the galaxy” because luke probably said something similar when they arrived to yavin 4 or something right? but like. picture luke commenting about a lake or a river instead. he’s like holy HECK that’s so much water?? and can you imagine him discovering a real shower at the rebel base? “BACK ON MY PLANET WE HAD TO FARM WATER. here you all are just drenching yourselves in it!!! do you think water just falls from the sky????” and someone has to remind him in his distraught state


a rising tide like an hour glass

Pairing; Niall / Harry

Summary: Harry climbs over him, his legs slotting on either sides of Niall, his body flush against Niall’s. He nibbles on Niall’s lowerlip, then licks the seam of his mouth and causes him to elicit a soft - needy - moan. No feelings in the Glade, Niall remembers. Or, he doesn’t. It’s all kind of a haze to be honest.

Or; Niall and Harry are runners.

(for @2012niall because she deserves her maze runner au that she’s been yelling about)


Dana: Aww! Thank you! I’d love to be your valentine <3

Maureen: *muttering* Dana, Dana, Dana! It’s all about Dana!

Dana: Did you want to say something, Maureen?

Maureen: Nope. Nothing at all your mayor-ness. You just go on ahead with your adoring public or whatever.

i keep seeing art of human peridots now with similar styled hair as the one i did ages ago and i just feel a little self conscious about it now cause

i thought i was being really creative when i drew it and it was kinda special to me but now since everything is the same its just, like another one in the pile i suppose, and idk if im just being whiny or overreacting but ////shrugs, idk