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Hey, you know, the least you could do is not be so sarcastic and unfeeling. Like, yeah, I get it's annoying, but they have a point. As long as there aren't death threats or threats against your well-being, I think I little criticism can help. Just, at least try a little to source your future moodboards? Google image search exists, and it doesn't take long at all.

We already covered that here, and Mod May addressed that in a post below. And we do take criticism! We’ve adjusted a lot to suggestions, but when someone decides to be rude on anon, I’m not going to bother being nice. Saying “you aren’t even good at moodboards lmao” isn’t criticism that’s just being a jerk. (mod Luna)


Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
Please just reblog if you use? :)

Oh, that Spiderman: Homecoming end credit scene was just amazing, wasn’t it? I’m glad I was patient and waited for the credits to end. Soo rewarding. Marvel knows us so well, and how to treat us. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you stick around ‘til the end because it worth the wait. Trust me.

Please stop giving credits on imagines on other platforms by saying ‘all creds to tumblr authors’.

That isn’t cool. People don’t read descriptions a lot, it’s much more likely they won’t realise those imagines aren’t yours, please - especially on Wattpad where I am seeing this more and more - please give credit in chapters to the individual authors by name. If you can copy and paste, you can also copy and paste the URL.


Star Trek Discovery/Rent AU ==> Twin brothers Lt. Paul Stamets & Lt. Mark Cohen-Stamets

Twins who’ve grown up together don’t always get along and these two are a prime example of that. They’re nothing alike. Paul loves learning about fungi, Mark loves film. Paul chose to get contacts as soon as he could, Mark liked the old-fashioned look of glasses. Mark liked to go outside and his skin is tanner than his brother’s, who liked to hide in his dark little mushroom gardens. They’ve always had a special connection, though, they always knew when something was wrong with the other or when one was talking shit about the other, even if they were light years apart.

One of the few things they have in common, however, is joining Starfleet when they get older. Paul goes to study more about mushrooms, his one passion in life, while Mark goes to work for Starfleet recruiters/publicity and do documentaries about the Starfleet ships. Mark chose to go by their mother’s maiden name, Cohen, so he would be less likely to get confused for his brother when they went about their work and if they were ever on the same ship again.

Then the Klingon War broke out and it brings them together again when Mark, who trained as a communications officer before joining the recruiters, was stationed to the Discovery to help keep Starfleet in the loop about the spore drive. Between Paul’s augmentation that he never told his family about, Mark’s want to reconnect with his brother, and Lorca confusing them for each other, as well as Paul never told anyone but Hugh about his brother, this is going to be a wild ride for the Stamets twins.

( idea credit to @lifedeathpeacewar + @funginerd ; gif credit to @muslimashtyler )