credit to: beautiful days

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from eden & sunshower // black days / ultraviolence 

credits to kismet-sims for the beautiful hairs and wildlyminiaturesandwich for the actions, and to @celebi88 for pitching in ♥

we were always meant to say goodbye

@philukas wanted pain. i give you: pain

au in which ryan kane shoots both the boys

Lukas Waldenbeck has always thought it strange how quickly and slowly time tends to pass.

It seems like childhood stretches into infinity, and then one day, it ends, and you’re fifteen and then sixteen and then seventeen and the world is slamming into you. It takes your breath away and never gives it back.

Lukas is watching like it’s an hourglass with a crack in it, and time is slipping out onto the floor.

Death is all he can think about these days. Philip dying, his own mother’s death, his father dying, Tommy dying, Tracy dying. All of these deaths that he may or may not have caused, the ones he may or may not cause.

He just wants to forget about it, but in the world Lukas has found himself in as of late, it’s impossible not to. Death seems to be the new fad for him. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going out of style anytime soon.

What Lukas really wants is to forget about saying goodbye. The way it’s become something that falls into his lap on a regular basis. The way he seems to recite the same lines to different people and watch them go.

Now it’s his time to be on the other side.

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