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Hi everyone! @bangtanmasterlist and I have currently updated most of the videos on the BTS videos masterlist, and we have completely revamped the page! Now videos are more organized, categorized by month and year, and easier to find. The masterlist includes:

  • all bangtantv and bts youtube videos (including bombs, logs*, and episodes)
  • all variety/tv shows
  • all v app videos
  • all music show performances and backstage/interviews*
  • all radio shows
  • all chn/jpn/tha shows
  • all special dvds*
  • and more!*

As always, all videos are english-subbed, and all credit goes to the wonderful subbers who help our fandom out so much. 

Please check out @bangtanmasterlist, aka belle, who is an absolute sweetheart and is helping me so much with this list, in order to keep it updated for you guys!

If you guys are looking for ANY english-subbed video, feel free to drop by my ask! I really hope this masterlist serves as an early christmas present for you all, and I hope that it’s helpful!

*in the process of being categorized and/or updated

Hello everyone! Are you thinking of creating edits or graphics for Seventeen, but aren’t sure if there are certain rules you need to follow? Here is a post of general rules to keep in mind if you are an editor, or are thinking of editing~

**If you’re a gif maker, here is a handy post of guidelines for editing fancams, brought to you by @hanwooz!!**

1. Finding images to edit

♡ Official pictures (i.e. teasers, behind-the-scenes), news pictures, and scans (of photobooks, magazines, photoshoots, etc) are generally always editable. No credit for using official or news pictures is necessary, but for scanned pictures check the caption to see whether the person who uploaded the scans prefers credit. Personally, I always like to credit the person who uploaded the scans.

♡ Moving on to fantaken pictures! It’s a bit tricky because not all fansites allow editing, and some of those that do allow editing don’t allow the logo to be cropped. If the fansite allows editing, but does not allow the logo to be cropped, you must leave the fansite logo somewhere on your graphic. Here are a few examples, courtesy of the lovely Steffi aka @hughosh: (1, 2). 

Google is not a good source for images!
You won’t be able to tell whether the image, especially if it’s a fan taken image, is editable or not. What I do is look under the “editable” tag on Tumblr blogs. I’ve compiled a list of links to resources for editable pictures, by member. (My go-to source is usually @pledis17)

all members | scoups | jeonghan | joshua | jun | hoshi | wonwoo | woozi | dk | mingyu | minghaoseungkwan | vernon | dino

Still unsure whether you can edit a picture? You can ask the fansite master yourself via Twitter: 안녕하세요! 출처를 밝혀주면, 2차가공 가능해요? (which means, Hello! If I give you credit, do you allow secondary processing (editing)?) **thanks to @hanwooz for the translation~

2. Crediting

♡ Fantaken pictures must always be credited. You can do so by putting a link to the fansite in the caption of your creations (example). If you want, you can put the credit in your tags as well. If you’re posting a graphic to Twitter, (not too sure about the norm on Twitter since I’m fairly new to it) please credit the fansite and/or tag the fansite in your creations (example).

♡ Also, this is probably a given, but please do not attempt to sell creations that are made with fantaken pictures.

3. Conclusion

We should always respect fansite masters and follow their rules for usage of their photos, because we are very privileged to be able to edit and view their pictures. If we fail to abide by certain guidelines, fansites might not allow editing  of their pictures at all! So Carats, let’s beautify the the world with one (properly credited) Seventeen graphic at a time c’: Thanks for reading!