credit to whoever took the pictures

shawn’s smile

since I’ve finished all my exams, I decided to take a moment and create an appreciation post with all of my favorite shawn smiles because

 I just need to see his smile. It make me so happy.

none of these gifs or pictures are mine so credit to whoever made these beautiful gifs or took these wonderful pictures!

also i’m not sure if there already is a smile appreciation post but this is mine so WITHOUT FURTHER ADO

buckle your seat belt because this is gonna be a ride :)

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Pictures of You (Luke Hemmings)

warning: this imagine contains a photo of fetus luke. continue at your own risk :)


You were walking around the park with your camera when you heard music coming from your right. You looked over and nothing was there – just a hill – so you decided to investigate. Once you reached the top, you looked around and finally found what you were hearing – a blonde boy with a guitar in his lap, singing softly for the people who took the time to stop and pay him any attention. You snapped a couple shots from the hill before venturing closer to get a better listen yourself.

As he was playing and you were shooting, you couldn’t help but notice the small grin on his face as he sang. It wasn’t because he was being photographed – he hadn’t even looked up to know you were there – he was just smiling because he was doing something he enjoyed.

It suddenly dawned on you that you’d seen this boy before – Luke, if you remembered his name correctly – and this was always a look he had on his face when you saw him playing. He usually had three of his friends with him, but today – for some reason – he was performing alone. You’d gradually gotten closer as the afternoon wore on, but people would keep walking and standing in front of you – either not noticing your camera or not caring – but you were truthfully starting to get ticked off, so you just shut your camera off and moved over to sit on the grass and listen to him play.

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🌸❤️ @thiickreigns @oncetwiceandoveragain @irenelove83 I thought you would love this picture🌸❤️

🌸✨An adorable picture of Joe’s mom and one of his twin sons look at those smiles!!!🌸✨

🌸🍥All credit to whoever took this photo🌸🍥

❤️😭I͚m͚ o͚f͚f͚i͚c͚a͚l͚l͚y͚ d͚o͚n͚e͚ w͚i͚t͚h͚ e͚o͚g͚s͚ n͚o͚w͚ s͚o͚ i͚ c͚a͚n͚ p͚o͚s͚t͚ e͚v͚e͚n͚ m͚o͚r͚e͚ o͚n͚ t͚h͚i͚s͚ b͚l͚o͚g͚ o͚n͚l͚y͚ o͚n͚e͚ m͚o͚r͚e͚ w͚e͚e͚k͚ l͚e͚f͚t͚ o͚f͚ s͚c͚h͚o͚o͚l͚ f͚o͚r͚ m͚e͚ n͚o͚w͚😭❤️

You can find more in depth information [complete with links] on all of these charities/projects here.

*All photo credits go to Jack, Finn, my terrible screenshotting skills, whoever took the Toms picture, whoever took the picture of Jack and Ella hugging, and the photographer who took that last picture of them.


Hi! I’m Cyndi Zhang and this is my photography blog. On here I’ll posting pictures of things I do in my life such as where I travel, pictures of my friends, or just random things I do. Through my photography, I want people to feel things and I want my pictures to illustrate a story. Whether it be my friends who are looking at the pictures I took of them in happiness or processing what our world has come to and how we’re gonna take action to create change as people look through the pictures I take at a the Philly People’s Climate March (which I am going today to take pictures, protest, and interview people). So, yeah the pictures above are me, credit to my Dad for taking those photos, he basically taught me everything I know about photography. Also, whoever follows pls tell your friends about my blog I really want people to see the work I’m doing. I pinkey swear my whole blog will be quality content!