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Picture Series: Hot Stuff

Marauders x Reader Imagine

Authors Note: 

I was editing some pictures and an idea popped into my head, so I put this together. I will do a picture series. For every polaroid in the image below, there will be a short back story. The stories will all be related, but will be posted individually just because it’ll be really long and incoherent if I did it all at once. The pictures in this edit obviously aren’t mine, I got them online. I give credit to whoever owns the original picture.


 All through the first term of sixth year The Marauders took turns taking Y/N’s muggle camera, taking pictures of just about anything.

     It was the beginning of sixth year at Hogwarts and Y/N had brought to school one of her most priced possessions from home. It was a camera she had received as a gift from her aunt at the beginning of the summer. Since Y/N had first laid her hands on the muggle artifact she barely let it out of her sight. Had it dangling form her neck wherever she went, taking pictures of almost everything. 

     "So you snap the picture and it comes right out the bottom? That’s brilliant, Y/N!“ exclaimed Sirius, who was now snapping a picture at the nearest object. Sirius and James had taken a liking to Y/N’s camera. They took it from her as soon as she showed it to them in the common room.

     "Easy, guys! Your wasting precious film on a carpet and some chairs.” said Y/N annoyed that the boys had taken over her camera. She sat, glaring at the boys on one of the soft couches near the fireplace. Remus, right next to her, arm draped around her neck. Y/N was closest to him out of the four and she may or may not fancy him a bit. 

     "Our friends are children" whispered Remus in Y/N’s ear. “I have a feeling you won’t be getting your camera back, love” “I don’t know why I didn’t expect this, should’ve know” responded Y/N causing Remus to chuckle. Sirius had already taken a picture of the fireplace, the windows and the cluttered table in front of them. 

     "Oh c'mon give me that!“ James said prying the camera form Sirius grasp. "Go on, stand right there in front of the wall” James said gesturing toward a place on the wall for Sirius to stand. “Let’s see if we can take one like that magazine Y/N had” Sirius stood in front of the wall, staring directly at the camera lens with a dangerous look in his eyes and smirking slightly. Y/N didn’t want to admit to the boys but the photograph did come out nice. 

     "Man, I look good. Don’t you think Y/N?“ Sirius said wiggling his eyebrows showing her the pic. "Yeah, yeah. Give it here” Y/N took the photograph from Sirius and grabbed a quill and some ink. She thought for a second, then scribbled “Hot Stuff, 1976” on the bottom of it, the current month and day at the back. 

      Accepting finally that she wasn’t going to have her camera back until the boy’s excitement died down, she gave them some advice. “Whenever you take a picture, you’ll caption it with anything you’d like and the date. Got it?” Y/N asked James and Sirius, settling back into Remus’ embrace. 

     They quickly gathered the photographs scattered on the table and began scribbling things at the bottom of them. “Godric, I feel like we’re babysitting two toddlers!” exclaimed Y/N, earning glares from James and Sirius. That small gesture right there confirmed that they were, in fact, two children trapped in teenage bodies.


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