credit to whoever the original creator is


“I can’t lose you too.”

The parallels are uncanny.

inspiration credit: i can’t remember who did the original set of gifs/photos for these scenes, i just remade these scenes into my own gifs and the idea credit goes to the original creator, whoever they may be.


ok so at least in the mcr fandom, reposting is a huge problem. i constantly see reposts on my dash and the tags these days are like 50% reposts when it comes to gifs/photosets/graphics so i’ve been wanting to make a post on how to spot reposts.

of course, you can’t expect yourself to always be looking for reposts or to even spot all of them, but it’s good to have in mind cause some reposts end up getting thousands of notes which sucks for the people who spent their time and effort making them.

so, how to spot a repost?

  • if weheartit is the source, it’s a repost. every time. regardless of fandom. do not reblog things with weheartit as the source.
  • people don’t do this as much now i find, but a few years back and earlier on tumblr, most people watermarked their original content with either just their url or ‘url | tumblr’ or something similar. if you see a recent post in a tag with a url that doesn’t match the url of the poster, it’s almost definitely a repost. if you see it on your dash with a couple hundred notes but the url doesn’t match, i usually go to the url on the watermark and see if that blog still exists or if they’ve linked to their more recent url, if some hunting brings you to a different blog than the person who posted the version you’ve seen, its a repost.
  • pay attention to the captions of posts. if the caption is something like ‘too cute!’ or ‘omg!’ or something like that, i tend to assume its a repost. the real content creators generally caption with a link to the source of the photo or video thats they’ve edited/gifed or something along those lines. this isn’t always the case but if you’re not sure, i usually check the blog which ties into my next point -
  • if you go to the blog of the poster and all of their posts are ‘original posts’ (aka not reblogs) but they’re gifs of all different sizes, qualities, styles, etc. you might want to assume that this is like…a serial reposter. plenty of people do this unfortunately. 
  • pay attention to the tags. i find that most people who create original gifs and edits will tag their work with ‘my gif’, ‘my edit’, ‘mine’ or something along those lines. this isn’t always true, again, but it would be another time i’d check the persons blog to see what else they’re posting. if the tags on a gif are evry band member, 10 different variations of the band name, and then a bunch of bands or band members that aren’t even related to the post, i usually assume that this is someone just trying to get notes and followers as opposed to getting people to see their work. not always true, but use your discretion.
  • if it’s a post of all different gifs of the same band member as an ‘appreciation post’ for their smile or a certain hairstyle or something but the gifs are all different sizes and not put together as a gifset in any way, just a ‘list’ of gifs or whatever, it’s usually just an entire post of reposts. i wouldn’t reblog it.
  • REPOSTS WITH CREDIT DON’T COUNT! tumblr dot com created the reblog feature for a reason. so even if the person who posts it says ‘not my gifs but credit to whoever made them’ or even if they say ‘credit to:’ and link or name the original creator, that does not count. it’s a repost. i don’t care how much you like a gifset, you don’t get to post it as your own. reblog it from the op, tag it with how much you love it. message the creator to tell them you like it. don’t just repost it and give them credit.
  • i’ve also seen a lot of screenshots of text posts. or screenshots of entire gifsets and their captions getting notes. this is dumb and not how tumblr works. if you see an image of a text post, don’t reblog it. if you like it that much you can google the post with quotations and you should be able to find it so you can reblog it.

most of all, use your discretion. like i said you don’t have to be constantly on the lookout for reposts, but it is a huge problem right now and you should be aware of that, especially if you’re someone that makes original content as i’m sure you wouldn’t want your own work reposted. feel free to add on to this post if you have any more suggestions!

why now is the best time to love the African DNA in you

Now is the best time to love the African DNA in you, you know why?

Because one day it will be extinct

Yes, now is the best time to love 

that wide ass nose and

that dark ass skin…..

those high ass cheek bones 

because its being white washed as we speak…


The traps that were setup will eventually wipe us out (to just name a few)

{the media content that doesn’t promote black love}

{the prisons that cant wait to hold us}

{and the many possible ways of death that will capture us from not being a community}


you will only have to suffer for your descendants……

In an amount of time that has been planned out, everything about the African we know now will be gone.

and as we move forward; hating ourselves for the world hating us we will mix with all races left until we are watered into history not the books because those will be rewritten


 pale skin 

and non coarse hair (4c hair)

and noses that are not wide but pointy


and the best thing  about this is

if you hate the color of your skin or

the texture of your hair

you can sleep well knowing  that one day that your future grand kids will never be cursed with those things

I cant wait how about  you?

I mean now we wont have to make babies with good hair because those that had the worst hair will be wiped out, 

and shit no need to date people with lighter skin tones because the most black will be gone 


and as the credits role I would like to thank the creator of all these ideas

I mean the originator,

whoever you were or whatever collective group you were

 you did hell of a job 

Everywhere I look I can see you  convinced the majority in many countries to fellow the destruction plan you set out

You were able to break down the minds of the Africans and  spread a standard of beauty that the world has died and killed for 




HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Have a short little video of an Evil Smol flirting with you as my Valentine to all of you!

Audio is from the wonderful @crashboombanger​!

I couldn’t seem to find the original creator of Underfell. So I’m giving credit to whoever created this AU!

Undertale and it’s soundtrack belongs to Toby Fox!
All music in the background is Dating Start! and Dating Fight! slowed down by 0.666%. (lmao) 
Art/video seen here belongs to me


There was a colorstuck post but I don’t know where it went or who made it, and I can’t find the original post since they changed their tumblr name. So if you are the creator of these, please say so I may credit accordingly! I just didn’t want people to not see these like holy shit they’re amazing. o_o

Also the original posts when I reblogged these on my original izzydactyl blog were gone when I clicked on the original link. :c

Quick PSA for the Markiplier fan community

We here at Timmy Box Tine do not condone the reposting of fan art without consent from their artists. This is why we only reblog fan art posted on this website by their actual creators.

If you find cool fan art somewhere outside of Tumblr and you want to share it here, please follow all of the following steps:

  1. Look for the artist’s name. If it’s is not listed, you can try a reverse google image search:
    1. go to Google image search
    2. click the little camera icon
    3. click the “upload an image” tab
    4. upload the art that you have saved on your computer
    5. If you still can’t find the original creator, DO NOT REPOST! Reposting fan stuff and saying that you give credit to “whoever made it” is not enough!
  2. Get in contact with the artist and ask them whether you can post it. If you can’t find a way to contact them, DO NOT REPOST! Their silence or inaction is not their consent!
  3. If they say no, DO NOT REPOST!
  4. If they say yes, then you have their full-on consent. Still, make sure to give proper credit and maybe even link back to the original. That’d be extra cool.

Reposting art without the artist’s consent is art theft.  By reposting art, you take away views from the original creators. An artist gets their motivation and self-worth from views. Please don’t be cold and/or lazy. Get in contact with the artist! Don’t repost their art without their consent!

~ Mod Dots