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“Oh my god My innocent eyes!” Tony Yelled at the two of you. You pulled your lips away from him, Quickly removing your hands from Peter’s hair, And shoving them in your pockets.

“Oh fuck..” You looked and saw everyone from the team glaring at you two. A blush appeared on both of your faces, Completely embarrassed that you had been caught.

“We weren’t doing anything!” Peter defended, Raising his hands in the air, As if someone was going to kill him or something.

“Peter, They saw us.” You nudge his side, Getting him to drop his arms. You avoided eye contact with everyone. Biting your lip to try and stop your face from getting any hotter.

“You are to young for this!” Clint scolded you two.

“Oh just let them be.” Natasha tried to calm down your fellow teammates down, But nothing worked, They were already riled up.

“I’m just going to head off.” Peter said, But no one was paying any attention to you both anymore, They were just mindlessly arguing that they should have known, And how they could have kept a closer eye on you two.

“Take me with you.” You laughed, And ran off with peter to escape the crazy people you called The Avengers.