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Imagine your OTP going swimming and Person A is self-conscious about their body and nervous about wearing a bathing suit. When Person A admits this to Person B, Person B smiles and tells Person A that they’re beautiful and not to be self-conscious. This makes Person A smile and hug them.

And then Zay says “you’re even more beautiful naked” and Farkle punches him.

Did you see Rogue One? (Spoilers)

In addition to important conversations about representation, something that’s stayed with me about Rogue One is that last scene. You know the one: Darth Vader just kind of walking down a hallway.

The entire story up to that point was one movie and it ended with a beautiful and heartbreaking scene on a beach. Then, the second movie began. We didn’t really need to see this addition to the story — we could have easily guessed what happened next — but Disney / Lucasfilm gave it to us anyway and I am so glad they did.

I mean, you kind of knew how that bit was going to end, one way or the other, and yet it was still so enjoyable and, I think, legitimately scary. Why?

It’s a short horror film.

I think a lot about how many of the best movies are camouflaged genre films and I’m sure I’ve written some way-too-long posts on Facebook about it more than once, but let me start with a different point about that.

Jurassic ParkTerminator (and to be fair, T2 as well). Both great movies. Something that always strikes me about the recent sequels / soft reboots / whatever… is that they forget the originals were at their heart, horror films — or at least relied heavily on horror tropes — borrowing stylistically and thematically.

I mean, okay, I’m no horror or genre movie expert, but if I remember correctly, as a kid, Terminator was always in the “horror” section of the video store.

Point is, Jurassic Park even has campy jump-scares.

And even though the T-Rex runs after the heroes, the protagonists are in a Jeep — so the speed is relative… and it’s effectively a nightmare hallway scene, where they can’t quite seem to get away as the killer slowly gains on them (more on that concept later). They don’t shy away from it at all.

Jurassic WorldTerminator Genisys? They’re action movies. They traded in these kind of beautiful tension-building scenes borrowed from genre movies for robot explosions and a T-Rex fighting a genetically engineered super raptor. They abandoned telling the story well — in other words, matching how the story is told (form) to what the story is about (function) in favor of trying to make “a wild ride” or whatever.

Back to Rogue One. That last scene is one of the only times I’ve ever found Darth Vader legitimately scary on screen (O.K. maybe the ending of Empire — but not like this). I was so impressed with this scene. It could have easily gone the way of the prequels — Vader boomeranging his lightsaber all over the place, force-leaping half a mile, performing needless pirouettes, but instead, he just walks forward.

Which — kind of unrelated — is tonally similar to what I loved about the 2003 Clone Wars animated series. General Grievous, ironically unlike the weird coughing cartoon character we got in the movie, was a badass killer. He was legitimately scary. And the way they put together the scenes that centered him as a villain really emphasized that. They borrowed tropes and stylistic elements from horror.

Vader doesn’t move fast because he doesn’t need to (of course, canonically he can’t really). He just plods forward, methodically killing everyone in his path. Tell me you don’t see the T-800 in that. Or Jason. Or Michael Myers. I love it.

The scene is a perfect, self-contained piece of art. The protagonist has a clearly defined goal with an item (a classic McGuffin) tied to that goal. That one rebel needs to get the disc down the hallway and through the door, to safety.

Here’s what makes it a short horror film:

The door gets stuck. The lights go out. Smoke and mist rises. The antagonist — a killer villain — appears with a goal in antithesis to the protagonist’s. Between the two, there’s a group of protectors. They fight, the protagonist and his allies try everything they can to stop or escape the villain and achieve their goal until, as we build to the climax, a dramatic question becomes clear. Will the protagonist sacrifice his life to achieve his goal, or will he succumb to fear allowing the villain to prevail? He pushes the disc through the crack in the door, he tells his last ally to run — to carry on without him — and he sacrifices himself for the greater good.

Again, this scene has a really simple yet elegant structure, executed flawlessly. Protagonist wants to deliver the disc to safety: Thesis. Antagonist wants to prevent the delivery of the disc: Antithesis. Despite complications, obstacles, and ultimate sacrifice, the disc is moved to safety: Synthesis.

The protagonist achieves his goal, though not how he wanted to. Strengthening that journey, he had to sacrifice what he wanted (personal survival) to achieve what was needed (survival of the disc and therefore, the group).

We knew that would be the conclusion all along because we’ve seen A New Hope, but I think it’s still compelling because it’s so perfectly structured and so well executed — the form of the scene perfectly matching the function.

Even better, this scene is thematically a microcosm of the entire story that just came before it.

Using horror tropes and borrowing from that genre works so perfectly in this scene because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a survival horror. The protagonist in this scene is stuck in a confined space, trying to escape while being hunted by a supernatural predator. What about that doesn’t lend itself to horror?

More major releases should embrace this philosophy. Hollywood needs to respect the intelligence of audiences a little more and stop jamming stories into whatever genre they’re determined to make. Instead, let the story guide stylistic choices. They shouldn’t be at odds; they should reinforce each other. That’s when a movie becomes art.

Let’s circle back to that idea about the slowly advancing killer. This may deserve it’s own article, but personally, I can’t separate these ideas.

The more I thought about this scene, the more I also got to thinking about Vader in this scene and why that slow, plodding advance is such a scary thing as well as why it ends up in so many horror movies. I mean, aside from how common it is in the history of genre movies, one of the most acclaimed indie movies of the last few years is a horror called It Follows where the whole premise and plot boils down to that one thing: a slow but endlessly advancing death.

I remembered something I read online a while back about human beings (originally mentioned in the context of how human beings usually portray ourselves in Sci-fi). Here are some screenshots of those posts…

(If you wrote any of this and would like credit, let me know. I haven’t been able to find primary sources.)

Whoever thought up that last scene must have known about these ideas. And much like the scene itself is a microcosm of the movie, the choices made in regard to how Vader attacks his enemies are a microcosm of what makes the scene beautiful. The writers didn’t make the flashy choice, or the bigger, badder, more epic choice. They made the right artistic choice. They made the human choice.

So, in addition to everything else, why is that short film so good and so scary? I think it’s because this method of hunting is distinctly human. For all his force powers, the scariest thing about Darth Vader in that scene is that he just. Keeps. Coming.


ok so at least in the mcr fandom, reposting is a huge problem. i constantly see reposts on my dash and the tags these days are like 50% reposts when it comes to gifs/photosets/graphics so i’ve been wanting to make a post on how to spot reposts.

of course, you can’t expect yourself to always be looking for reposts or to even spot all of them, but it’s good to have in mind cause some reposts end up getting thousands of notes which sucks for the people who spent their time and effort making them.

so, how to spot a repost?

  • if weheartit is the source, it’s a repost. every time. regardless of fandom. do not reblog things with weheartit as the source.
  • people don’t do this as much now i find, but a few years back and earlier on tumblr, most people watermarked their original content with either just their url or ‘url | tumblr’ or something similar. if you see a recent post in a tag with a url that doesn’t match the url of the poster, it’s almost definitely a repost. if you see it on your dash with a couple hundred notes but the url doesn’t match, i usually go to the url on the watermark and see if that blog still exists or if they’ve linked to their more recent url, if some hunting brings you to a different blog than the person who posted the version you’ve seen, its a repost.
  • pay attention to the captions of posts. if the caption is something like ‘too cute!’ or ‘omg!’ or something like that, i tend to assume its a repost. the real content creators generally caption with a link to the source of the photo or video thats they’ve edited/gifed or something along those lines. this isn’t always the case but if you’re not sure, i usually check the blog which ties into my next point -
  • if you go to the blog of the poster and all of their posts are ‘original posts’ (aka not reblogs) but they’re gifs of all different sizes, qualities, styles, etc. you might want to assume that this is like…a serial reposter. plenty of people do this unfortunately. 
  • pay attention to the tags. i find that most people who create original gifs and edits will tag their work with ‘my gif’, ‘my edit’, ‘mine’ or something along those lines. this isn’t always true, again, but it would be another time i’d check the persons blog to see what else they’re posting. if the tags on a gif are evry band member, 10 different variations of the band name, and then a bunch of bands or band members that aren’t even related to the post, i usually assume that this is someone just trying to get notes and followers as opposed to getting people to see their work. not always true, but use your discretion.
  • if it’s a post of all different gifs of the same band member as an ‘appreciation post’ for their smile or a certain hairstyle or something but the gifs are all different sizes and not put together as a gifset in any way, just a ‘list’ of gifs or whatever, it’s usually just an entire post of reposts. i wouldn’t reblog it.
  • REPOSTS WITH CREDIT DON’T COUNT! tumblr dot com created the reblog feature for a reason. so even if the person who posts it says ‘not my gifs but credit to whoever made them’ or even if they say ‘credit to:’ and link or name the original creator, that does not count. it’s a repost. i don’t care how much you like a gifset, you don’t get to post it as your own. reblog it from the op, tag it with how much you love it. message the creator to tell them you like it. don’t just repost it and give them credit.
  • i’ve also seen a lot of screenshots of text posts. or screenshots of entire gifsets and their captions getting notes. this is dumb and not how tumblr works. if you see an image of a text post, don’t reblog it. if you like it that much you can google the post with quotations and you should be able to find it so you can reblog it.

most of all, use your discretion. like i said you don’t have to be constantly on the lookout for reposts, but it is a huge problem right now and you should be aware of that, especially if you’re someone that makes original content as i’m sure you wouldn’t want your own work reposted. feel free to add on to this post if you have any more suggestions!

Sailor Moon theme song, I didn’t make it myself. I used someone else town tune and used it as a base I only made a small adjustment to it so I take no credit for it. Sadly I can’t remember who was the person who originally made this town tune since I did this a very long while ago. Feel free to use it. Keep in mind I’m not the one who originally made it and I’m so sorry to whoever originally made it.


Light Em Up X Radioactive Mashup (Fall Out Boy and Imagine Dragons) found on the channel Exostomp Music. I remember the first time I heard this - and it was just this amazing mix of bass and good lyrics as well as it being songs from some of my favourite bands and I absolutely love it so much. This will always be one of my favourite mashups.

I’m not sure Exostomp Music is the original uploader, however. I’ve know this has been uploaded to Tumblr and everywhere else so many times that it’s difficult to find the original channel that uploaded this. So, if anyone knows the channel that this awesome mashup came from please message me because I want to give credit to whoever made this.

I feel bad for not knowing the original uploader :(

Thank you and good night

Dark Pit Flight Theme Arrangement ( revamped a bit )
Original: Motoi Sakuraba / Arrange: me
Dark Pit Flight Theme Arrangement ( revamped a bit )

I took the previous arrangement I made and increased the tempo a bit as well as adjusting and changing the sound of some instruments; mainly changing the kind of piano used and volume control. Hopefully, this version sounds better than the previous one. Anyway, whoever listens to this, I hope you enjoy.

The art is by @darkened-angel-wings and I have permission to use it.

Also, if it can’t be read, the original composer is Motoi Sakuraba. I just wanted to give proper credit where it’s due.

A Sebaciel Theory, Part 2

For those of you who saw my “I Had An Epiphany” post, this is kind of a continuation to that. So I was thinking, and I realized some things. Now, this whole train of thought is kind of convoluted and difficult to explain or understand unless you know for yourself, but I’ll do my best. So, going back to the events that took place in Kuroshitsuji II - when Claude had Ciel taken to a psychiatric ward, and manipulated his memories, merging them with Alois’, to make Ciel think Sebastian had been leading him on the whole time, and was really the one who had killed his parents - Sebastian then discovers Ciel, and in a fit of rage, Ciel orders Sebastian to stay out of his sight. Now, there’s something I want to say about this - Ciel was actually incredibly merciful in this instance, merely ordering him to stay away from him, despite the absolute hatred he should hold for Sebastian, in thinking he was the one who killed his parents - the fact that he didn’t formulate a contract with Claude then and there, ordering him to kill Sebastian, speaks volumes. And especially in the garden scene, where Ciel’s original memories taking place in the first season, specifically many of the ones he has with Sebastian, begin to resurface - and the first bloody thing he does is blush, like a giddy high school girl in some rosy anime series, just at the mere thought of Sebastian. He should not be feeling or acting this way, if he thinks Sebastian is the one who killed his parents - but he is - his feelings, be it love or care, that have developed for Sebastian OVERRIDE the hatred he should be feeling for him by then. And that says more than anything. Seriously. Now, for those of you who will try to dismiss or discredit this, on the basis that season 2 isn’t technically canon - you’re wrong. Here’s why. While yes, many of the events taking place in the first and second season of the anime were filler material, and did not take place in the original storyline of the manga, they are still part of the canonverse - Yana Toboso, and her team of directors and whoever else, helped to create the anime, so it still counts. And even so, even despite any fanservice or whatnot that went on in the anime - they still wouldn’t have given so much credit to the Sebaciel theory, they wouldn’t have made it so blatantly obvious how much they care for one another in the anime just for it to all of a sudden not count or matter or mean something when it comes to the manga - I mean, Ciel and Sebastian’s relationship is literally the whole basis of the story, so they aren’t going to lightly fuck around with that. Not to mention, all the many instances in the manga contributing to the theory that they care for one another as well.

Title: I’ll be seeing you Part -2

Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane x Bastard! Stark reader

Here is Part 2. I was originally gonna kill off the reader, but changed my mind. I hope whoever reads, enjoys it. Feel it could have been better but I like it the way it is, kinda. I did my best in proof reading, but it’s 3 am, so, sorry if there’s any mistakes, or 'Her’s’ instead of 'you’s’

if you’re not caught up Spoilers? I think. most likely, I don’t know.

(found the gif on google, though gif credit to whomever made it)

Different circumstances, is what Sandor Clegane hoped for. He wasn’t going out of his way to look for you, but sometimes he’d keep an eye out for you. He hoped that one day in his travels that he would come across you.

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A Little Bit of Rain Never Hurt Anyone

Originally posted by genjutsumaster

Prompt: Itachi fluff, please? thanks in advance💓 (By Anon)

Warnings: None (Unless you count fluff)

Pairing: Itachi X Reader

Author: Admin C

A/N: The gif isn’t ours credit to original owner and whoever made it!

“Are we almost there yet?” You questioned as Itachi, your loving boyfriend, led you somewhere, your eyes covered by a bandana.

         “Just a few steps more…but careful. I need you to step over this log here.”

         "Huh?“ You questioned not quite hearing what he said, as you’d been distracted by the sound of a bird call. Thus causing you to trip over something. A small shriek of surprise escaped your lips as you fell.

          You put your palms out in front of you preparing to catch yourself, but instead you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around you and lift you up.

          "You need to pay better attention…so foolish..” Itachi murmured, though there was nothing but affection in his tone. He’d always called you foolish, even when you two were little.

           “Rude!” You huffed a bit, pretending to be mad for a moment before continuing to speak, “But hey, are we there yet Ita-kun?”

            Your response came in the form of an action as Itachi set you down and untied the blind fold. You squeezed your eyes tightly shut before opening them slowly, so the light wouldn’t hurt your eyes. When your eyes fully opened a gasp slipped past your lips as you looked upon a huge field of wild flowers in every shade and color imaginable.

            “Do you like it?” He questioned looking at you and gauging your response.

             You turned to him a bright smile on your face, that unknown to you made Itachi’s heart flutter in his chest. It only took a mere moment for you to run to him and jump into his arms for a hug, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen Itachi! Thank you so much!!” You Cried out as his arms wrapped around you and he held you close.

            “Not nearly as beautiful as you…” He murmured in a low tone, still holding you.

            "I-Itachi stoppppp, you’re making me blush.“ You gushed a bit, your cheeks on fire from one simple comment. It amazed you how much he could make you blush, you swore he was going to be the death of you.

             He chuckled and released his grip only to take your hand and lead you over to the center of the field where a blanket was spread out, a picnic basket in the middle. Giving another small gasp of joy, you kissed his cheek before excitedly sitting down and waiting for him to do so as well.

             The two of you sat there, eating and enjoying each others company through casual conversation and even comfortable silences. Just as you both finished up your meal, the sky darkened above you.

              Looking up, you both saw that a dark cloud that neither of you had noticed had rolled over head. With a clap of thunder, rain began to fall from the sky.

              Itachi stared for a moment, his dark eyes fixed on the sky above before speaking, "It wasn’t supposed to rain today…” Most people wouldn’t notice the hint of disappointment in his tone, with the exception of Kisame and yourself.

               Standing up you took his hand and pulled him up as well, or rather he got up after getting the hint that you wanted him up.

               "Don’t worry! This just gives us the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do!“ You said, smiling at him before taking one of his hands in yours and placing his other hand on your waist.

                Picking up on what you wanted to do, Itachi Pulled you closer and began dancing with you slowly in the rain. The sound of the rain hitting the plants soothing. And in the moment, it felt as if nothing else existed except you two in that clearing. You stared deep into his eyes with (Eye color) eyes as you swayed to music that no one else could hear.

                 Lost in each others eyes you two danced long after the rain stopped, until the sun began to sink down over the horizon.


There was a colorstuck post but I don’t know where it went or who made it, and I can’t find the original post since they changed their tumblr name. So if you are the creator of these, please say so I may credit accordingly! I just didn’t want people to not see these like holy shit they’re amazing. o_o

Also the original posts when I reblogged these on my original izzydactyl blog were gone when I clicked on the original link. :c