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Recently found this on Facebook and it sums up my hate for people who breed these dogs perfectly.
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This is AMAZING!

For those who can’t go to the link, the following is what it says:

FYI, none of this is mine. It was posted by Bilton veterinary centre, the same one as in the picture. All credit goes to them but I felt it was important to get word out about some of the breeds of dogs that are riddled with health problems. If you own a pug that’s perfectly healthy that’s cool, but it’s doesn’t change the fact that an alarming number of short nosed (almost no nosed at this point) dogs have extreme difficulty with tasks like breathing and blinking.

 "So I am going to have a rant now and I apologise in advance if this upsets anyone, but here goes.

   Last week, I managed to reduce a lovely family to floods of tears.  They had brought their new dog in to come and see me.  There was a young lady, her husband and their two children of about 8 or 9 years old and they were all already absolutely besotted with their new pet - their first dog, and they had been planning it for several years.

   The dog was a 5-month-old French Bulldog that they had picked up from a breeder about 4 weeks previously.  They were concerned that their new dog may have “a chill” as the dog had sore runny eyes,  difficulty in eating and kept making a choking sound.  They had also noticed the dog had a “funny smell” about him. As I examined the dog it became quickly apparent what was occurring and my heart sank.

  This dog was yet another increasingly popular “short-nosed” breed that was suffering horribly from a myriad of problems - all related to its poor breeding and its unfortunate anatomy. After the examination, I found that this dog had: 

 - Eyeballs too big for its eye sockets. So much so, that when he blinked, the eyelids didn’t fully cover the eyeballs.  (Imagine going out on a windy day and not being able to blink!) This had resulted in deep painful ulcers forming on both eyes that in the short term would require intensive treatment and could feasibly result in the rupture of one or both eyeballs. 

  - The bones forming the front of his face (the maxilla) were so squashed by virtue of this style of this breed (called the brachycephalics), that the soft-tissue structures of the throat are compressed and forced backwards -  obstructing his larynx.  Amongst other things, his soft palate was so elongated (relative to his skull) that it kept getting trapped over his wind-pipe.

 -His nostrils were completely occluded, so absolutely no airflow was possible through his nose.  All of his breathing had to take place through his open mouth.  This meant that whilst he was eating/sleeping he was going through bouts of asphyxiation and so would have to spit the food out or wake up and open his mouth - purely so he would be able to breathe.  This explained the “choking” sound that there were hearing all the time.  He could just manage to breathe with his mouth open, but this then exacerbated the problems with his soft palate.

 - The skin fold over the top of the nose (caused by the squashed face involuting the skin) had caused a crevice of around 2-3 cms deep, where the skin was rubbing against its self.  In this area, the skin was ulcerated and was full of liquid pus.  It was this that the owners were smelling.  This was incredibly painful for the animal and he cried every time I tried to clean it.

 -The skin around his feet, ears, armpits and groin was red raw and inflamed.   He clearly was very itchy and had been licking at these areas repeatedly - which had, in turn, made them more sore and painful.  This is very typical of a condition called “atopy” which is very common in many breeds, particularly the Bulldogs (French and English). So at this point, the shocked owners asked what needed to be done to sort him out.

  So I had to explain that he would need: 

 - Bilateral eyelid shortening surgery that would allow the dog to blink properly and prevent further ulcers from forming.  As well as long-term medication to improve the quality of his tears.

 - Complex soft tissue surgery of the back of the throat to, (amongst other things) shorten his soft palate to facilitate his breathing.

 - He would need both of his nostrils opening up so as to allow adequate air flow to be possible to allow him to breathe/exercise/eat/sleep properly.

 -He would need a “face-lift” to remove a large amount of excess skin on the front of his face, to try and open up the fold that was causing so much infection and pain.

 -He may need allergy testing, food trials, anti-inflammatories etc to try and manage the atopic skin disease that he has. 

 *He needs all of this fairly urgently.  

 *He can’t have all of this done at once and so will require several anaesthetics and complex procedures to be done over a period of time.   

*He is only 5 months old. 

*He needs all of this doing - just so that he can live a vaguely normal life.   


 Also - he is not insured.  It transpired that the new owners looked into insurance but the premium was so high for this breed, that they felt they couldn’t afford it.  To move forward, he would have to go to a specialist veterinary unit (sadly recently set up to deal with the increasing number of very poorly brachycephalic dogs with extreme conformational issues) and this treatment could cost upwards of £8,000 to correct.

 Once I had discussed all this with the owners - they were understandably distraught.  They had hoped for a “cute” and “cuddly” family pet that they had seen examples of spread throughout popular media.  They had no idea that these problems even existed.  Instead, they now have a much-loved dog that is miserable, has a long journey ahead of it and one that they cannot afford to have fixed.

 The family left the room in floods of tears, armed with medication that would temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms and try to make the poor little dog more comfortable.  From what I have later found out, this dog has gone to a rescue centre to be rehomed.  It may have moved away, but its problems most certainly will not have done.

 Pugs, Frenchies, English Bulldogs and Shar-Peis are amongst the breeds which are increasingly being abandoned in vast numbers as people cannot cope with their ongoing problems, illnesses and costs.  It upsets us all hugely when we see how many of the problems frequently associated with these breeds are now classed as “normal”. I will commonly hear “Oh it is normal for this breed to struggle with A, B or C”. NO IT ISN’T NORMAL!

 These trendy flat-faced breeds are some of the most expensive puppies to currently buy.  There is serious money for people who sell a litter of these puppies and so the incentive to breed is VERY high.  It must be said that there are responsible breeders who are trying to “back-breed” these types of dogs to have longer noses, smaller eyes, more open nostrils etc and try to reduce the incidence of these conditions, and these people should be applauded.  However, puppy farms and irresponsible owners are rife, and these “breeders” don’t seem to care a jot about the long-term prognosis and what the future holds for “their” breed. 

 It is also worth noting that many of these breeds are unable to give birth naturally now too (due to the shape of the puppy’s skulls) and so the mothers often go through multiple caesareans… 

 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP AND THINK before you buy.  Come and talk to US about the breeds that you are interested in - and we shall give you the whole picture.

 I am completely exhausted and totally demoralised seeing these type of problems on a daily basis.  There are enough horrible illnesses, diseases and potential accidents out there without being destined to be unwell before you are even born.

   Whilst people are still buying these dogs, people will still breed them and the problem will never go away.“

Lol, someone was asking for the link to my avatar photo in MM, so here it is (I’m only making this as a separate post because 1, I’m too lazy to look for the link and 2, because I can’t garuntee that I will be able to find it again)!
Glad you love this artwork as much as I do!

I found this picture while I was browsing for Jaehee Kang fanart on Google Images,

I am only sharing this simply to spread the love for all those who love Jaehee and wish for her to be shipped with the MC!


“How dare bjdkin/other people use our doll photos without credits/asking before! Ooooh, bjdaesthetic meme on Instagram? Lemme grab all those photos and artworks to use for my cute little collage without ever providing a source.” Honestly, bunch of hypocrites. I think I only saw one person who provided proper credit, the rest would just go all “lol found it on google/not mine”. Apparently it’s cool to use pictures without asking as long as it ain’t your own pictures.      


He takes a picture without you noticing ~ Omaha Preference

This is a little fluff for ya But I had fun making it !

Sammy : @.Sammywilk : For those of you who are wondering how @.Y/ig/n Never get’s tan Lines this is how, I don’t mind at all ;) 

Jack G : @.jackGilinsky : I think you should get it ! It loos great .

Nate ; @.natemaloley : She looks beautiful Doing anything ! 

Jack J : @.jackjackJohnson : don’t be shy  .

I hope you enjoyed send me some request ! 

Disclaimer I do Not own any of these picture’s credit to the owners !


When you realise that there’s a certain person’s initials painted on the ceiling of Mika’s house in Miami along with the Penniman family members (▰˘◡˘▰)

By the way after some thinking I figured that the “MP” on the second beam isn’t Mika’s initials but rather his father’s.
Because Mika’s initials on his own beam are “MP Jr” (see the second pic)

If we can’t see the “MP Jr” on the picture, it means it’s somewhere else… aka on the other side of the beam where the “AD” is painted maybe? :) Meaning those two are probably sharing the same beam. :) Enjoy :)

(+ credit to the person on instagram who noticed this and made my day - even if I couldn’t even believe it at first - while I was freaking out over exams this weekendx !)


So, I was lying in my bed one night and I thought…

So that’s something…

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I mean, they’re one of my few happy and adorable otps!

Have you really looked at them?





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A quick little rant about cultural appropriation

Sooo, with my girl Miley dancing around wearing faux dreadlocks of late (see picture) a big light has been shone on what is known as cultural appropriation. In particular, the appropriation of black culture. For those who don’t know, the basic definition of cultural appropriation is: ‘a sociological concept which views the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture as a largely negative phenomenon’ (thanks Wikipedia). The actual problem with cultural appropriation is, however, when someone from a culture of inherent privilege (a white person) appropriates the a culture with a history of oppression (black culture) for their own gain and without due credit. 

And my girl Miley, as much as I love her, is guilty of doing this. Like, all the time. Miley’s done a lot of amazing things (see previous post for an in-depth rant on my adoration for her) but, she can be pretty gosh darn ignorant sometimes when it comes to race. I also acknowledge that someone who doesn’t have personal experience of being oppressed or discriminated against because of their race can only say so much on the subject, because there’s a fine line between advocating for those affected and speaking for them. However, some of the shit she’s done is just so not okay. 

But so so many celebrities and artists are guilty of it. Just some examples are Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ video and that whole  ‘lol I’m such an awkward white girl dancing with these ghetto bitchezz’ bit, Kylie Jenner’s cornrows, Madonna’s grillz, Miley’s twerking, Iggy Azalea just in general etc. etc. All of these things have a deep and complex cultural significance for black people, and were snapped up by white people who had no idea what they meant and represented because they became trendy. 

And now there’s this whole dreadlocks situation. Not only are her dreads not even real, but her attempt at adding to her “edgyyy”, “kooooky”, “zaany” aesthetic is kind of making a mockery of a hairstyle that black people have been wearing for years for practical reasons, and been discriminated against for it. 

But, I don’t want to seem too harsh. Odds are, most of us have been guilty of cultural appropriation to some extent without even realising that what we were doing was wrong. In fact, just last year for Halloween I dressed as a ‘gangsta rapper’ for the lolzz and for what I thought was as an homage to my love of hip hop. But what I was really doing was being a privileged white girl– simultaneously drinking Kryptonites, and appropriating a culture that emerged from genuine struggle–  because it seemed like a cool idea at the time.  

After thinking about this over the last couple of days, I remembered that when I was about 6 years old that I really wanted hair like Fuzzy’s. Do you remember Fuzzy? She was the host of Video Hits or something and she was my favourite person in the world. I thought her curly black afro was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen, and I wanted one for myself. I was under the impression that it was something that I could just get done. Like, if I walked into the hairdresser’s, clutching a picture of my beloved Fuzzy, that the hairdresser would just magically make it happen. But, I remember my mum explaining to me that no matter how much I wanted it, I could never have hair like that. Because, Fuzzy had hair like that, and I just didn’t. And I had to accept that.

At the time I was angry. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just copy the hairstyle of my heroine. And, I guess I didn’t see it as an issue of race. I know to say that you ‘can’t see race’ is really fucking stupid but at the time I was too young to understand differences in terms of race and culture. What I saw was something that I had never seen before. It was interesting and beautiful and I wanted it. But retrospectively, I’m glad that Mum explained why I couldn’t have it in the way that she did. So, that I learnt that just because I thought something that someone else had was different or cool, didn’t mean that I could take it for myself.  

Although, I think the way of thinking that 6 year old me had was pretty on point. The way that I could simply admire diversity, without labelling it as foreign or wrong or exotic. Simply different. Different, and incredibly beautiful. 

Also, watch this video for a way better articulated version of what just I said and from the perspective of a person of colour. It’s wonderful: 

What we've learned from Series 4

(Screencap credit goes to boogieordie)

1. Call the Midwife is a “Big Picture” show. The details help make the show more realistic, but it’s the larger ideas, examined over time, that make it so real.

2. Portraying the mores of a time does not imply an acceptance of those standards. In fact, it serves to remind us that our own beliefs are not immune to flaws.

3. Speculation is a fandom’s worst enemy. Have a wish list, sure, but don’t get caught up in it.

4. Love the show (or don’t) for what it is, not what you want it to be.

5. Rich characters do not require constant attention. This is a show that has built mulit-dimensional characters with light touches. That’s a rare thing.

6. Call the Midwife is about understanding human frailty, which should be applied to all aspects of life (including an anonymous fandom). But there is no place here for aggression nor meaness.

7. I cannot stress this enough: Patrick seems to have thrown away the Brylcreem!!!