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Female Corrin x Leo/Leon. You can choose what happens 😊

So this ended up being a college AU because I love AUs and you were gracious enough to give me free reign. Hope it pleases, @breathe-think-dream-official

Leo sighed, mentally counting down the hours he had left. It was mid-term season which meant everybody looked a little more haggard and had extra dead eyes as they shuffled across campus. Personally, as a science major, it wasn’t that bad. The nice thing about most science classes past the courses all the students could take for their required science credits was that eventually over half the class dropped out and the professor then loosened their ties. It also meant that, for most of his courses, there weren’t massive group projects or essays he had to struggle over.

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I’ve been working on this theory for a while now, but since the finale is approaching I figured I would post what I have and split this theory into different parts. I’m so convinced at this point that Spencer is A that this is my endgame theory. If you watch the series from season 1 with the thought that Spencer is A you will be shocked at how many clues point to her and how many diversions Spencer has been a part of! Keep in mind that this theory isn’t finished, but I would love to hear your thoughts! So if there is anything you question, don’t agree with, or want to add to, just send them to me in an ask so I can look further into them! Here we go!

-Spencer is and has always been the LEAST suspected person in Rosewood to be A. Possibly because her involvement about “that night” has been shown candidly, so we as an audience think its too obvious to be Spencer, but in reality, we still don’t know what truly happened that night between Spencer and Ali since Ali’s version of the story does not line up with the first scene of the whole series where Spencer claims “I’ve looked everywhere”

-“Maybe it’s been simple all along and we’re just making it complicated” - Spencer (season 5)

-Marlene recently gave out a clue on twitter that Big A has something to do with seven letters. Also, the most recent promo for PLL there is an A message spelled out in toy blocks which says “I am A” but if you look at it from the right angle, the blocks also say “I am 8”

7 letters = Spencer
‘I am 8’ A message = Hastings

-Let’s start with the obvious clue. When the show first aired we all excitedly put on our detective caps and were ready to solve this mystery. Who was the FIRST person we ever suspected to kill Alison? Spencer. Why? Because when the girls woke up Ali was missing and so was Spencer. Only Spencer came back and Ali did not. That initial suspicion against Spencer sets up the entire series.

-Recently Keegan Allen did an interview where he states that PLL viewers will be able to go all the way back to the first episode and be amazed at what we picked up on. Wouldn’t we all be shocked if we just dismissed Spencer as A or the killer only to find out that our initial suspicion was correct!? The writers surely would have known that as we get to know Spencer’s character we would never suspect someone that we care about.

-There are HUGE flaws in Ali’s version of what happened with Spencer that night. The dropping her drugs thing, sure it’s believable, but we still have no explanation of why Spencer walked back to the barn and told the girls she looked everywhere for Ali if she supposedly just met with her.(Ali never asked Spencer to lie to the girls or anything like that according to the flashbacks) Surely the girls didn’t just go back to sleep after they realized Ali was missing. The whole thing is a confusing mess, but I think Spencer may have had much bigger motives for leaving the barn that night and lied to the girls as a part of her plan. What plan you ask? Proving that she is better than Ali by controlling everybody around her.

-Spencer has an intense need to be in control of EVERYTHING. The fact that she couldn’t control Ali is what caused a lot of the tension between them. I think Spencer may have snapped and became obsessed with proving that she is better than Ali. She hated that Ali could control her and the group, so she made this plan to control Ali in the worst way possible and become the real leader of the group by controlling everyone and forcing them to do the right thing even when it hurts them - Just like Ali did. THIS IS SPENCER/A’s MOTIVE

-Spencer’s personality, habits, and tendencies are all parallel with A’s behavior. Being OCD about cleanliness and organizing is something that has always been seen in A closers. Like the scene where A has all 5 black hoodies perfectly hung and spaced out in the exact same distance. Spencer is the same way, a perfectionist. This connection has been severely overlooked imo and mannerisms are KEY in solving this mystery.

-Not to mention A has every plan thought out to a T. A accounts for every possible situation and sets up accordingly. Making sure all angles are covered, while concealing their identity, yet making sure they get credit for it in the end. Besides Mona, I feel the only person who is truly smart enough to pull this off time after time would be Spencer (Or Melissa, but I have ruled her out since her confession video)

-The big fight that Ali and Spencer have before the sleepover is probably what set Spencer over the top

-When they find Alison’s body in 1x01 literally everyone in town is crowding around trying to get a closer look at the scene, but Spencer suspiciously stands very far off in the distance as if she already knew what was happening. None of the other girls knew so why wouldn’t Spencer be in the mix trying to get answers as well? It just seemed very odd to me and if you look at her face in this scene she seems horrified and scared, maybe scared that someone would find out what Spencer really did that night?

-Spencer is ALWAYS the first to figure things out. When the girls find a lead or a clue she’s the first to speak on it, and since the girls all look to her as “the smart one” she literally tells them what a clue means and then makes the plans to find more answers and makes sure the girls follow through. Its very easy for her to abuse her position as “the smart one” she implants ideas into the girls heads and they believe Spencer because they trust her.

-We have seen A drink vodka numerous times. Spencer attempted to order a vodka soda in 1x2

-There has been many clues/instances that point towards the fact that A has an enemy that is working against them. If you pay attention very closely, in the Halloween train episode Spencer is acting VERY suspicious throughout the whole night. It’s been made clear by various clues that A and the NAT club are working AGAINST each other, and guess who was there that night - two suspected NAT club members Melissa and Wilden, and confirmed NAT Garrett. so Spencer had no idea Aria would be trapped by Wilden and she got attacked by the Queen of hearts because A and the NAT’s are basically enemies. Maybe they have been onto Spencer for a while now (need more work on this theory)

-In the 5x20 'A’ closer in Mike’s room, A has a wrench that is the exact same as the one Spencer handed to Johnny when they broke into the art gallery. The person in the black hoodie is also very thin and feminine looking like Spencer. Later we find out someone rigged Mike’s lifting equipment to break down and potentially crush him. Maybe Spencer as Big A was the one to make the deal with Mona, and is now punishing Mike for telling Aria the real story.

-Spencer is an EXPERT at picking locks, which explains why it has always been so easy for A to get what they need. She basically has access to every house/business/storage shed and any other place with valuable information or objects to use against people. It also makes it easy to leave A messages in places where it is seemingly impossible.

- This clue isn’t as prevalent in recent episodes, but all the the French references that A uses could easily be Spencer. She knows French fluently.

-One of the most famous clues in PLL history is in Season 3 when Spencer talked about a woman who wrote a murder mystery novel in order to cover up for the crime she was about to commit. Spencer thought it was brilliant. I’m sure if you’re reading this theory you’re probably thinking “but Spencer joined the A team when she was in Radley” well, what better way to cover up for her being Big A than to act as if she’s just one of A’s minions. It is a smart move by Spencer and the writers to keep all suspicion off of Spencer. Also, how exactly did Spencer join the A team then just get out all of the sudden with no consequences??? Suspicious.

-I think Toby was working for Mona and at this point Mona was working against A, this would explain Spencer’s reaction when she thought Toby was dead. It also explains Toby’s excuse that “everything I did was to protect you” By protecting Spencer he is also protecting her position as A.

-Season 3B was a very important part of the series and I believe it holds all the answers. Especially in explaining why and how Spencer is A. Her whole “downfall” when she found out Toby was A was very overplayed and almost too dramatic. Spencer wasn’t just sad or mad like when Aria thought Ezra was A. She literally went insane. I think this is because Spencer is Big A so she doesn’t understand how Toby could be dressed in a black hoodie and doing A-like activities(he was actually working for Mona who was NOT A at that time). Because she knows the truth and it doesn’t make sense. Also it probably drove her to insanity because she realizes that whatever Toby is doing is out of love for her, but all the while she’s been doing things to hurt Toby and her friends.

Thats all for now! Parts 2 & 3 will be coming your way very soon! I know most of this is from older episodes, so the next posts will have more recent clues.

Send me your thoughts here!

xoxo Guru-PLL-Obsessed

But...the clocks...weren't wrong?

We always, from the very beginning, said that 4, 8, and 10 (on the clocks and episode wise) were representative of birth(4), death (8), and resurrection(10). 


Number on the clock: 4. = Beth, whose whereabouts have been unknown for six episodes (and a whole summer and plus of hiatus waiting), is shown to be alive in some kind of hospital environment, after being presumably kidnapped. Beth wakes up and opens her eyes, a very important scene. This represents rebirth, or reawakening. This is in episode 4: Slabtown. 

Number on the clock: 8. = Though this is shown still in episode 4, it is in sequence with 4, 8, and 10 on the clock and obviously represents episode 8, which was titled Coda. Though not the only or technically correct meaning, many, many fans just love to gloat that this Coda means ‘an end of a musical passage.’ And who’s the only character on the show related to music? Beth. So obviously this must mean an end of Beth, no? Alright sure, let’s just run with that for a minute. So Beth 'dies’ in Coda. Episode 8. This correlates to the second of the time sequence, 8 = death. This was, even as stated by AMC, 'The day the music died.’

Number on the clock: 10. = If that wretched 10 was never shown on the clock, I wouldn’t be here right now. But it was, so I am. They did not throw in that 10 into the sequence for no god damn reason. They didn’t actively film and edit that third visit to the clock after '8’ for fun. Bullshit! So the 10 following the 8 happens in episode 4, but 10 also happens on other clocks in the episode (Get Well Soon) and even on other episodes (5x9.) In our theory, 10 = resurrection, or the return. And there was. The music was resurrected. Beth is music. So she wasn’t there in the flesh? Don’t let that discourage you. The clock in Slabtown, we theorized, showed the numbers of the episodes that Beth was the focus of. 4 (Slabtown) was her solo episode, and rebirth. 8 (Coda) was the end of the music, her 'death’, and 10 (Them) was resurrection. There was a resurrection of music, music that was the especially made to represent Beth, the music box. And Beth was the major theme of the episode. I wouldn’t say this was a failure, would you? Thanks to Lauren Cohan, who only confirmed what we already knew, the music box is Beth. And the music is back. And she will be too. I know that now. I don’t know when, or how, but she will be. I also think it’s so important to show that the music box, at first, was broken. But not smashed, cracked, or damaged beyond repair. Just unable to work without a little help. And when it got that help, though not at first, it was able to play music again. I really feel like this is a great metaphor for Beth being shot and seriously injured(broken), but with medical treatment (help/fixing) she is able to pull through and survive and sing again (music playing at the end of the episode.) Because Beth fucking deserves to survive. I also feel like the fact that the music box didn’t play at first means that Beth may have (either physical or psychological in nature) problems with speech/singing, and will have to relearn or let herself do it again. (This works well with the theory of Beth surviving the gunshot but having some short term brain injury that she needs to recover from, maybe with therapy? idk) 

I think that this major symbolic hint (music box metaphor) was the biggest clue that The Walking Dead could give us at this time, while still following the clock foreshadowing. I think it was a success for Team Delusional and any fan who believes Beth Lives. I know I’m not the first person to point out all this information, and I don’t take credit for discovering it first, but I just wanted to put it into my own thoughts. I may not post all the time, but I’m really glad to be a part of Team Delusional. And if being delusional means creating smart, well-thought out, creative, and engaging theories based on visible clues and easter eggs, well, then I guess I’m bat-shit crazy! Don’t lose hope, team, our girl will make her comeback and it will be glorious. Lots of love to all Beth fans!

Also, I find it hilarious that 'haters’ have no problem and even actively associate Beth to music is Coda, saying that the music died so she’s definitely 100% dead for real like for sure totally true facts no doubt dead dead dead super crazy dead as a doornail absolutely deceased 4 sure and then when it comes to 5x10 with the music box, they are trying so hard to discredit that by saying the music box actually represents hope of them going to the ASZ? Like, what? It’s just hilarious to me, sorry. 

Long live Beth! (and Team Delusional) And also I’m always up for discussion, so if anyone wants to talk theory, just message me! 

Since it is Dan’s birthday tomorrow I thought I should say how much he means to me as a person. Dan and Phil have changed and influenced my life in ways that they will probably never understand and they obviously do not credit themselves enough for it. Dan is smart and articulate and so kind and giving. he’s such a well spoken young man who has so many ideas that he’s scared to tell people in fear of backlash on the internet, but there’s never been a person out there before that I’ve ever wanted to hear the thoughts of more than him. Underneath his youtuber persona, he’s so much more complex and interesting. you can tell that he’s kind and cares about his fans as well as family and close friends. people always make posts about how amazing he is, but does he ever actually understand how much we mean it? Do you think Dan ever sits down and reads these posts and actually feels good about himself because I really hope he does. I hope he wakes up tomorrow to the flood of amazing comments and tweets people are sure to send him and I hope that each and every Happy birthday wish means something to him and makes him realize how appreciated he is. Dan Howell, here is my early happy birthday to you. Thank you for saving me.

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Do you know who could be the mysterious songwriter Chase Wells? I completely agree with you on the two James being Liam and Niall, on Kevin Rains being Louis and Salvador being Harry but there's this 5th person and I have no idea who it could be so I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this! :) (ps just wanted to say I absolutely love your blog and I love you, you're smart, funny, honest, kind, you stand up for yourself and I could go on, you're great!)

Anonymous said:
ok so who’s chase wells then?

I’ve been contemplating that. It must be someone who isn’t supposed to be a part of MOM, per the official narrative. And they only have one credit, is that right? So who could our suspects be?

  • Naughty Boy? Possibly. If that’s you, drop a twitter hint, oh cryptic one.
  • Perrie Edwards? Hell to the naw. Zayn’s lyrics hint that he and Perrie haven’t been friendly for a long time, if ever.
  • Karen Payne? Why not? She’s one of Zayn’s biggest cheerleaders. Did Liam and Zayn have her make a contribution as a thank you for all her support? Hmmm…
  • Ross Harris? Liam’s cousin Ross is a musician. He’s publicly supporting the official narrative. Is he helping Liam out with that? Is he good with Liam and Zayn? I dunno…but if so he obviously couldn’t be credited due to the official narrative. 
  • One of the 3 J’s (Julian Bunetta, Jamie Scott, John Henry Ryan)? They also couldn’t be credited due to the official narrative in which they’re Team 1D and in which “Zayn” called their music “generic af”.

And friendly reminder, using a pseudonym doesn’t mean you’re working for free. All these mystery contributors will get paid. Even going completely uncredited won’t prevent you from getting your royalties. Drake and Bruno Mars got their starts publicly uncredited, ghostwriting for established stars.

So really, none of these fake names needed to be listed at all. Zayn must have wanted them listed. He left a trail of breadcrumbs for us…he’s clever.