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Hey the account _will._cipher was reposting your art on instagram, just thought you should know as I was messaging them and they're refusing to take it down.

Well I sent them a polite message requesting them to take it down and they sent back a bunch of cry-typing. In the midst of it they did say they took it down but their account is private or something so i honestly have no idea. 

regardless; it takes a great deal of selfishness to play the victim when they are in fact, the person who took my art, EDITED IT WITH A SHITTY FLOWER CROWN, never gave me credit for my work or linked it to me, and then proceeded to half-assedly whine about how they’re being bullied. 

i’m really rather tired of it. I don’t enjoy having to message twenty or so people on instagram a week to please take my artwork off their weird uncredited gallery of hack-job edited thievery. 

Once i’m done with Recovery I’m honestly tempted to just cease posting art at all. It’s part of the reason why I haven’t been posting much art lately, in general. 


If your argument for abortion is

-I can’t afford a baby

-I shouldn’t be forced to have it

-it will ruin my life/body

-I don’t want to be a parent

-putting up for adoption isn’t free

-I made/have no money

-my body my choice

-I really don’t want to have a baby

-I don’t want to be pregnant

-stop taking my rights

Then that’s okay and we completely support you because those are all 100% very valid.

can we ,, talk about ,, how fucking powerful Kesha is?

she signed with a goddamn abusive manager and producer and has - in a sense - been legally confined to this prick since she was 18.

Fucking. 18.

She doesn’t produce music for 4 years. Four goddamn years of her life that was being held on a string because she didn’t want to work with a shitty person who did shitty things to her


and literally, this fucking song “Praying” is the goddamn most powerful thing I’ve ever heard.

Yknow when I first heard Kesha? 2009. When all of her songs were about sex and getting hammered everyday.

And now she sings this powerful ass song about self worth that made mE WONDER WHY I EVER QUESTIONED MY O W N SELF WORTH

She isn’t credited enough because she started as just another pop artist that sang about the same shit as everyone else and now she is coming back and she is coming back stRONG

fuck everyone who hurt her. fuck everyone who hurt me. fuck everyone who hurt you.

be a Kesha, come back when you get knocked on your ass and show everyone what you’re made of.

T H A T is what I call inspirational.

Major Discovery: BotW’s Adventure Log = Link’s Diary?!


(Spoiler Alert)

At this point, our beloved game Breath of the Wild has been out for around half a year already. If you have played the game, you are probably very familiar with the Adventure Log feature in BotW that helps you keep track of all your missions and side quests. Or else its pretty much impossible to remember if you were catching chickens for this guy or collecting weapons to show that kid who’s boss.

But here’s the thing- Have you ever thought about the Adventure Log’s origin? Who or what is helping Link keep track of his missions?

If your answer is the Sheikah Slate or the “system”, which is what I’ve always thought, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you own an European/American copy of the game. Because apparently, in the Japanese version of the game, there is evidence that shows that LINK is the one who wrote the adventure log to keep track of his own journey.

“Ok… So what?”

So Link wrote the Adventure Log. Big deal. It’s not like this is gonna change the gameplay in any way.

…True. However, Link didn’t JUST record his missions in the Adventure Log. According to the Japnese version, Link would often type up some of his own thoughts and comments on what he was doing aside from his current objectives. This could give us a deeper insight of Link’s character.

Here’s an example:

This is what shows up after you complete The Hero’s Sword quest. The content of the two versions are very similar, but notice the use of “自分” (myself) in pic 1. This is evidence that the adventure log is written by Link, who’s talking about himself in first person narrative, instead of “the system”. With that in mind, the Japanese version can be translated to:

(I) Finally retrieved the legendary Master Sword. (I) Don’t know if it’s just an illusion, but the sword itself seems to be delighted about this.

To this moment, Princess Zelda is still inside Hyrule Castle, fighting to suppress the Calamity.

She is still holding on to the faith in me, believing that I will definitely come for her…!

But with the power (that I have) now, can she really be saved (by myself)…?

You see what they did there?

The English version replaced every first person pronoun Link has used with “you”!

As someone who owns an American copy, and has never set the system language to Japanese, I was absolutely SHOCKED when I was told about this (credits at the end).

Remember how we could find diaries of NPCs all across Hyrule? Link’s was right under our noses this whole time!

Now that you know about this, does your adventure log seem a bit different from before?

(I) finished visiting all 13 of the locations in the old pictures. I remembered everything I’ve been through together with Princess Zelda.

In those memories (of mine), Princess Zelda always strived to complete the task burdened onto her…

Even if it’s just a moment sooner, (I) want to save her as quickly as possible

(I) want to see her smile again, with these eyes (of my own).

The translation on this one is just OFF. I can’t believe the English version completely omitted the last part, and replaced it with some kind of mission instruction.

Link has been fighting all this time to see Princess Zelda’s smile again with his own eyes.


Not to mention those side quest logs. Once you realize that all of the entries were written by Link himself, the seemingly trivial information recorded in those suddenly opens up so many more hidden sides of Link. It basically re-introduced Link as someone with normal human emotions instead of the silent hero depicted throughout the game.

The caring Link, who was worried about a girl he only met twice for putting herself in danger:

…(I) ventured inside and found part of the Royal Guard’s Series, famous among equipment collectors.

When those were shown to Parcy, the traveler at the stable, her curiosity about it seem to be provoked more than ever (by me). (I) Hope she won’t do anything reckless…

The compassionate Link, who felt glad for other peoples’ happiness:

As a sign of appreciation for bringing the town together and as compensation for the work done (by me), a hefty amount of gems that were unearthed during the town’s construction were given by Hudson (to me).

(I) wish the couple could live happily ever after.

The reckless Link, who apparently felt thrilled when he managed to knock out some monsters with his new companion:

(I) captured the giant horse in Taobab Grasslands

So that’s why. It’s indeed a really big horse. It trampled whatever kind of monster in its way with ease when it galloped. That was really cool.  

When it was brought back to Straia (by me), he was very surprised.

Link the foodie, who carefully noted down new recipes he learned along the way for future use: 

(I) brought Kiana the goat butter and hearty blueshell snail required for cooking seafood paella. She shared some of the dish (with me) as thanks!


The playful Link, who tried to mimic the way Gorons speak- by adding “goron” at the end of every sentence- after he passed the Test of Will and became one of the bros:


Ah… (I) kinda want to write down Kabetta’s Bro Motto, but there’s not enough space goron?

That’s too bad goron…

The empathetic Link, who felt nervous for the guy in this side quest, then relieved when the couple finally got together:

…and… THIS:

The last line on the left is the Japanese equivalent of What the heck…

I guess the statue is a bit too weird even for our great adventurer.

Finally, we have the entry that shows up after you complete the DLC trial:

(I) finally conquered the merciless Trial of the Sword.


(I believe that) Princess Zelda would be quite happy about how much I’ve improved

As we all know, Breath of the Wild is a game that focuses a lot on the freedom given to the players. Even the main story line is broken down into the form of memories, waiting for the players to find. As the players venture on into the wild, they would eventually find the information they need to learn about this world. The amazing amount of details you can find about Hyrule and its people is an important reason why BotW is so attractive.

On the contrary, the info available about our protagonist is very limited. The only piece of description that directly describes Link is in Zelda’s diary, where she points out that he is a very quiet person, and that’s it for our hero.


Link had always had the most extensive character description. Right under our noses.

Nintendo got us. They got us GOOD.

But now we know.

SIX months after the game’s launch.

…Better late than never.


P.S.: Fun fact about BotW Link- he seems to like the sand seal game a lot. Of all the entires about racing minigames, the sand seal game is the only one where Link wrote “(I’ll) try to get a better score next time!

He’s so adorable I can’t //////


Disclaimer: I did not discover this.

This discovery was made by a Chinese gamer @atomaruU about a week ago. To make sure that her theory is correct, she cross referenced the English version of the game, only to discover that the language is completely emotionless and robotic. Therefore, to allow more people to see who Link REALLY is, I was asked to write this post based on the Chinese article she published. 

Her Twitter:

Tweet Link:

Chinese article Link:

Pic credits: @lulubuu0609 (She’s an amazing artist btw check out her blog)

Hope you enjoyed this :3    

Personally something I sort of come back and scratch at in Voltron, and with the fandom, is how all the paladins have their sweet sentimental side, but it doesn’t rule any of them, but how often… really specifically the leg pilots are almost… infantilized, it feels like?

Like Lance is treated as this fragile wounded soul who’s unable to stand up for himself and just spiraling into self-loathing and not a person who knows his own insecurity and is, if anything probably the most outspoken and proactive on the team when it comes to actually connecting to other people and helping them- while people like Shiro, Allura, and Keith, who have a nastily destructive tendency to internalize their problems until they’re practically dragged out of them by force, are less mature in that specific regard.

But Hunk? Oh boy is Hunk ever sold short. Almost nobody in the fandom has anything bad to say about Hunk but there is a rampant perception of him as a sweet teddy bear who’s just the consummate mr. sunshine.

Hunk is sharp, highly perceptive, more cynical than Lance, and, as the vlog worked really nicely to highlight- Hunk, out of the team, is probably the most inclined to remembering bad experiences, and thus, holding grudges. He wants to know things, he wants answers, and he’s not scared to invade boundaries and rib on people even potentially harshly to get those answers. This is a guy who pilots a Lion whose literal strategy is to slam headfirst aggressively into enemies.

All of the VLD paladins, in my experience, feel like a kind of elaboration and deepening of their original DotU counterparts. Watching the latter, I was surprised how many even relatively trivial minor habits are maintained- Shiro’s tendency towards posting himself as an informal guard, very obvious in early season 1, is lifted almost directly from Sven who did the same thing.

And DotU’s Hunk? He could have his soft moments, and his fearful ones- but he also pretty much was a guy who wanted to fight everything, like, all the time. He was headstrong, loud and powerful. In DotU’s first few episodes, the not-yet pilots of Voltron were captured by Zarkon, and shortly after escaping, Hunk’s character was the one who wanted to immediately turn around and fight Zarkon, personally.

And VLD Hunk is not DotU Hunk, in many regards, but it feels like there’s an odd thing where people remember the Hunk that didn’t want to kick Pidge because “What? No, we’re friends,” and forget the Hunk who literally slammed the Yellow Lion headfirst into Zarkon’s flagship and went on to fire his heavy-artillery bayard at Haggar, and the Hunk that pretty much gave Lance shit for a solid five minutes over Allura in s1e10 with zero hesitation and gave Keith just as good in s2e9.

(and here, we see the face of a man who knows exactly what he just did, and has 0.0001 regrets.)

Hell, I mean, this guy literally took over a restaurant and turned a guy who all-but kidnapped him to be a dishwasher into his prep chef by sheer force of personality. Hunk is just a way more interesting, multifaceted, and complicated character than he’s given credit, and as much as I love that he’s so adored, the “perfect sunshine teddy bear” read on his character fails to capture a lot of what makes him a really good character.

'Apple Support' calls to try to lock my computer...

Story time: This happened last month.

I’ve gotten six phone calls in the last 24 hours from a number listed to an Apple store in CA. I pick up and get a prerecorded message stating my ‘icloud account’ is being hacked, and I should press 1 for tech support.

I’m skeptical, especially as I don’t own any Apple products, and I don’t have any icloud, itunes or ianything accounts.

Obviously a scam. The first time I hung up.

The second time I asked the 'tech’ what they needed, and played a little dumb as they tired to direct me to a tech site that would let them take control of my computer. They hung up on me.

The third time they called I was at work, and went to the website they directed me to and kept repeating the website code incorrectly to them, repeating directions wrong, and just generally being confused. They dude is screaming at me to repeat exactly what he says, and finally tells me I’m not allowed to ask questions even when I try to clarify which account is hacked or what is going on. He tells me I’m too retarded to do this, and hangs up on me.

The fourth time I get a call from them I tell the guy its the fourth time he’s called, and ask if he’d proud of what he’s doing. I asked if his mother was ashamed of him stealing from people. He hung up.

The fifth time I go ahead and let him log into a computer system…I’ve set up a spare laptop with a virtual machine that I’ve loaded with every virus, toolbar, pop up ad, and other crap I can find. If it was a horse we would shoot it. It wasn’t logged into an admin account, so he trashed a few files and rage quit on me.

Sixth time: I let the 'tech’ (a different guy each time, I can hear others in the background) log into my virtual machine and encrypt some crap. He demands $200.00 to unlock it. I cry, sob, beg, and finally open up my wallet and get my credit card. I misspeak and mix up my numbers enough that he gets pissed and taunts me. I finally suggest I take a picture and email the pic to him so he can read it.

I get an email he types on the screen, and I send from a throwaway account the file '’

Apparently when he clicked on the file he got infected with some cryptovirus. The buddy who gave me the file told me it was a form of 'Petya’, but I’ve never actually opened it to find out. Apparently he encrypted and locked his computer system. How did that happen?

My personal wondering is if his computer was on a networked environment or if they were isolated from each other. All I know is I didn’t get any more phone calls after that.


Sorry but I love this so much
- M xx


Just give me a moment to consider how sorry I am

Yeah I’m not.
And yes I did two Easter comics … cause I hate myself.
On my way home now. For those who have celebrations, enjoy, and to everyone reading take care. P.s some people are asking why Nico is glowing, Wills doing that to stop Nico shadow jumping so now he has to run like a normal person. But it’s ok cause he got Wills pants.
Please credit with a @crossroad_c_pettigrew in the description if you choose to repost on instagram, thank you.

Deleted Cullen Dialogue
Cullen Rutherford
Deleted Cullen Dialogue

Some pieces of audio from a Cullen cutscene that didn’t make it into the game (originally found here). I decided to try and edit together the clips to make it easier to enjoy without having to download the .zip file. (Sorry in advance if the person who did the original rip has already done a post like this. I am not trying to steal anyone’s thunder.) Sadly there isn’t really enough to make for a cohesive conversation, but there are some interesting bits in there.

UPDATE: fontofnothing was the one who originally found and extracted the audio. All of the kudos and credit goes to them for making it possible to share!


If Shinichi and Conan were brothers…

With how caring Shinichi is, despite his usually acerbic and aloof manner - typical tsundere, I’d say - he’d simply adore Conan. Play with him, tease him, take care of him, let him exercise his strengths and intelligence in a practical manner in day-to-day life while keeping a careful watch over him. Always have his back.

He’d always be “Big Brother” Shinichi when Conan was around; the cool person Conan would always look up to and go to with any problem. The smart older sibling who’d have solutions to all your problems. The one who would always love you, no matter what. That would be what Conan would see in Shinichi.

Also, did anyone notice the Kaitou Kid doll in the first pane? XD

He’d be the one magician Shinichi would allow his brother to be enamoured with - the others have only sub-par skills after all.

Disclaimer: Not my art. Credits to the original artist: ずさ

To visit artist’s page:

dont know who did this, but this is amazing and to me in the next movies there will be a scene just like this fan art, i feel like grindelwald will hurt them a lot and this scene would be a perfect, sad and soft moment between the two of them…don’t know im just swimming in my tears right now. ps. shout out to the person who told me who the artist is! credit to @fennethianell ( amazing fan art, I love it, would love to see more )

what i miss most is how you loved me. but what i didn’t know was how you loved me had so much to do with the person i was. it was a reflection of everything i gave you. coming back to me. how did i not see that. how. did i sit here soaking in the idea that no one else would love me that way. when it was i that taught you. when it was i that showed you how to fill. the way i needed to be filled. how cruel i was to myself. giving you credit for my warmth simply because you had felt it. thinking it was you who gave me strength. wit. beauty. simply because you recognized it. as if i was already not these things before i met you. as if i did not remain all these things after you left.
—  Rupi Kaur (page 138: milk and honey)

DIA Has Unexpected Meet Up With BIGBANG’s TOP

Girl group DIA had an accidental run-in with BIGBANG’s T.O.P.

On May 1, DIA visited the Gangnam Police Station for Labor Day. While on stage, they held an event to give away their signed CDs. As they chose people in the audience, Heehyun selected someone wearing a mask. The person hesitated a bit, and his colleagues started chanting “Choi Seung Hyun! Choi Seung Hyun!”

When he eventually got on stage, it turned out to be none other than BIGBANG’s T.O.P, who recently began his service as a policeman. The DIA members bowed and appeared to be a little starstruck, but they gave him the signed CD and took a photo together as they did with the other lucky winners..

Credit: IMUKYOU_H : Soompi

break the chain

happy birthday @carryonsimoncarryon!!

length: 3.7k

genre(s): angst+fluff

triggers/warnings: none

simon and baz get in a fight during 7th year and end up magically handcuffed together 

a/n: thank you @cherryonsimon for ur beta skills and brutal honesty :p AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEY!!!! ENJOY BEING OLD 💜💜

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“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

My jaw drops and I stare at Agatha. She doesn’t look like she’s joking, and I start to feel sick.


“I want to break up.”

“But–but why?”

“I just don’t think we’re good together,” she says, like her words aren’t devastating. Like she hasn’t just unraveled all of my plans for our future together.

“But…but I love you…” I say, a bit pathetically, and her face hardens.

“I’m not doing this because I don’t love you, Simon. I just don’t want to be with you anymore.”

I don’t know what to say to that, and she’s not listening anyway. She’s looking at something over my shoulder and I turn around quickly to see what it is.

It’s Baz.

He gives her a lazy wave and a wink, and when I face her again she’s gone pink.

“Him?” I say incredulously. “You’re breaking up with me for him?”

“What if I am?” she says, and I feel my magic starting to rise. She takes a step back, looking scared. I curse and try to force it back down.

“Agatha,” I say, but she’s still moving. “Agatha! I didn’t mean it!”

She spins on her heel and walks off, leaving me behind in the hall.

I’m sure I look like a fish out of water; students are leaving the classrooms and everyone’s giving me a funny look. I’m still fighting to keep my magic under control and I only have one thought on my mind: this is Baz’s fault.

* * *

Baz had somehow disappeared after my confrontation with Agatha, so I go looking for him. I eventually find him lurking in an unused corridor–the one with the room where the Crucible is stored. Surely Baz isn’t daft enough to try and mess with it. He must have some other scheme planned.

I don’t care what it is, I don’t care about anything else right now other than the fact that Baz has once again ruined my life.

I’m attempting to sneak up on him when the sole of my shoe squeaks, and he whips around.

“What do you want, Snow?” Baz spits, and I rush forward without thinking.

“This is all your fault!” I yell as I shove him, “if you’d just left Agatha well alone she wouldn’t have broken up with me!”

He looks confused for a second and then smirks. That makes me angrier, so I shove him again. Harder. This time his head makes a satisfying crack as it hits the wall. I rush forward with my arm pulled back, ready to punch him. He moves to block me and our hands collide in mid-air.

I feel a shimmer of magic around my wrist and my stomach drops. Baz must have cast something too low for me to hear, and now…well, I’m not really sure what he did until I look at my hand and see the shiny metal bracelet. I don’t realize what’s happened at first; Baz tugs his wrist and mine comes with it.

Merlin’s tits, I’m fucking handcuffed to Baz. What is he planning to do to me? This must be one of his schemes! He’s going to…he’s going to…

Well, I’m not sure what he’s going to do, but it probably involves me and a pair of handcuffs.

“What the hell, Baz!” I growl, “let me go!”

He looks indignant. “I didn’t do this!”

“Of course you did!”

“Crowley, Snow, do you really think I’d attach myself to you on purpose?”


The air starts to fill with smoke, and I realize it’s Snow. Shit, I should have known this would happen. He’s going to bloody go off. I’m tempted to poke him as I usually do–because I know he’ll just shield me–but I finally give into my urge to just…help him.

“Deep breaths now, Snow,” I say, and his head snaps up. He narrows his eyes at me, but I keep going; keep holding his gaze. “Let it go. Some of it. Before you start another fire. Whatever–fuck!”

Snow shoves me into the wall for the second time today, only this time he comes with me and I’m hit from both sides.

“What was that for? I was helping you, you numpty!”

“I don’t need your help,” he snarls.

“Fine!” I spit, “let’s go find you someone else then!”

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