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is a 707 a bad credit score? I just ran mine and idk really know what it means or what to do with it

It means your credit is good, but not great. If you’re here, I can safely assume you’re young, which means a large part of what’s holding you back is your age and lack of a long credit history. Below is a handy-dandy infographic I borrowed from Discover’s FICO Credit page (which I personally use to track my score every month—for free!)

The higher your score, the more dependable of a borrower you are, and the more likely you are to get loans approved and get offered credit at a lower interest rate. A good credit score, like yours, means that you’ll get offered interest rates that aren’t terrible and you can easily get approved for small loans, but may require a cosigner for larger ones. Here’s my guide on how to build credit to help you keep going up (but keep in mind it is a very old guide from when this was a rude advice blog)!

In Vino Veritas | Pietro/Reader

Second fic here, got a request which literally made my day.. 

how about a pietro/reader fic where the reader has to take care of a drugged/drunk pietro who is super excited about everything and giggles a lot and is super silly (and maybe even makes a love confession or just lots of compliments) … just nothing like his usual cool and witty self. and in the morning he REMEMBERS and is absolutely embarrassed :D  - Anon 

So hopefully this lives up your expectation and you like it! <3

Note: Kinda borrowing an idea from another author (I read too many to actually credit the person, if anyone knows, please tell me and I’ll properly credit them) about the fact that Piet got drunk off Thor’s thousand year old alcohol 

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