credit to the people who took the pictures

So, you might’ve been reading a lot about a Miraculous Ladybug Blackout. 

I myself am not participating in it BUT, that does not mean I do not support it. I support my friends and what they want the rest of the fandom to understand. Art theft isn’t a silly game. It’s not like stealing a french fry from your friends combo. And second, just because you see it on the internet does not, by any means, mean it is FREE TO USE OR CLAIM. 

When you steal, there are consequences. Even if you think you’re smart, sly or good enough to get away with it. And yes, taking an image from the internet, posting it somewhere else, and saying it’s yours. THAT’S stealing. What do you think credits are for? Why do you think even newspapers credit the photographer who took the damn picture? Why do you think magazines credit them too? Why, why, why? Oh, why? 

Come on guys. If you love the art so much and want to share it with the world, is it THAT hard to ask? Is it THAT hard to send the credits where the credits due? We work hard to create this sort of stuff. Some of us live from it. And by having people steal it, we lose work. 

I won’t say much of this again because I’ve already talked about it. But. My art is precious to me even if it’s not the greatest. It’s personal. It’s mine, it came from me. So by taking it, you take my voice. You hurt me even if you don’t mean to. As well as other artists. Now…

Please understand. The artists participating in this are not hating on you. They are not doing this to punish their followers. They are doing this because they ask for respect. Respect for what they do. So PLEASE. DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY OR SEND THEM ANY HATE MESSAGES. 

Please respect them. And please be patient. I love you all, be kind <3  

  • Newsies Boyband AU!
  • Now first of all I would call them the Newsboys but like…that’s a real band that exists so idk what their name would be
  • But anyway! Boybands! Fun and cute and lots of wiggle room!
  • Crutchie
    • lead singer
    • beloved by his bandmates and by most fans but every once in awhile there’s that one fan
      • Idk I just think Charlie is overrated….he can’t sing that well, Jack has a nicer voice, and I think he only gets to sing lead because of his leg :/ I’m not ableist or anything, I just don’t like him
    • Mostly Crutchie ignores things like that but once in awhile he wonders if they’re true
  • Jack
    • lead guitar/harmonies
    • very much the Hot Onetm but people tend to overlook his talents
    • designed the logo and does all of the shirts and album covers but doesn’t make that public knowledge
    • the Crutchie Bashers usually use Jack as an excuse and Jack is having none of it he’s a master vague tweeter
      • I love all my bandmates and everyone is perfectly suited to what they do, from lights to vocals!
      • I feel like people forget Crutch and I have been best friends since fifth grade and I have videos like this cause if they didn’t they’d ask for more [video of Crutchie singing The Wizard and I at a middle school talent show]
    • he loves singing harmony, and only sings lead if somebody makes him. two songs in their repertoire include him on melody
  • Race
    • the drummer
    • (haha guess who still likes EYDW with all his heart?)
    • he’s the Wild Onetm but everyone adores him because he’s cute and funny
    • Racetrack Higgins Highlights:
      • “So I was like, fuck it-wait shit I can’t swear in interviews-fuck! Dammit, sorry, I-” “Race just stop talking”
      • he broke a snare during a concert once and put it on his head like a hat
      • pictures of him kissing everyone in the band, on crew, and even fans on the cheek but it’s because that’s what he does. In Italy. That’s how you greet people. and it just carried over
      • always wears a necklace with a shark tooth. gazes into the distance when asked where it was from and responds with, “I’ll never forget her.” Actually bought it Wings on a day off in North Carolina
      • changes hair colors every other week. fans go to two concerts in two days. first one he has bright red hair. next day it’s bright blue.
      • slowly acquiring more piercing until one day they’re all gone.
        • “Lmao you though those were real? I cried when I got a single ear piercing.”
      • then people think his tattoo is fake and it isn’t but it’s ridiculous. like literally the word “THOT” on the back of his neck. Spot dared him to.
    • so people love him even though he’s wild
  • Spot
    • designs sound for recordings and live shows
    • most fans only know him as the one goading Race on
    • but once in a while somebody recognizes him in the sound booth and is like “ahh, that’s who he is”
    • also secretly write lyrics sometimes but asks to be credited as “Sam Carlson” so his poetic writing doesn’t ruin his tough guy image
    • which makes people think of all these crazy theories as to who Sam Carlson is and why he writes songs randomly for the band
    • is the only reason Race hasn’t gotten lost on tour in a gas station
    • is the one who set up the Walkie Talkie system that keeps everyone organized
    • the star of Jack’s snapchat story half the time but never caught doing anything strange? people just know he’s awesome and says funny things
    • is the one who adopted the cat and resulted in him being named Asshole but it was an accident
  • Katherine and Sarah
    • managers and lighting designers
    • really cool and really gay
    • every time they’re doing a show around a Pride parade time or during Pride month there are rainbows and other flags everywhere
    • Sarah is also in charge of PR after the Incident of Race accidentally DMing a fan who’s username included Jack’s name something along the lines of “sup fuckface where are you everyone else is here and you’re the one who said he was bringing the good stuff”
      • by good stuff he’d simply meant the Purple Doritos but the fan didn’t know that and it took a while for people to let that go
    • People think Jack and Kat are dating for a long time because they’re always together
    • it literally took like fifty pictures of Kat and Saz kissing before people stopped denying how gay she was
  • Davey
    • plays bass but also violin and other related string instruments
    • sometimes sings a third part but not usually
    • people don’t give him much credit until there’s a new song
    • which starts out really slow and is only Jack singing and Davey playing cello but mid song it picks up and Dave changes instruments really fast like in the space of one beat to violin and goes really hard and the song tops the charts for weeks because it’s like crazy good
      • “yeah I’m a classically trained violinist, I just usually have more fun on bass” “…” “but i like that song a lot, most times I’m on violin it’s slow and boring”
    • that song is also when most of the Crutchie Bashing started because it was the first really popular one that featured Jack on melody since only Jack sang
  • Their shows are legendary for being good like the vocals the instrumentals everything is always good
  • they got their start in college where Crutchie got them into one of the theatres and it was just for fun
  • but Race, the wild one even in the very beginning, realized that they were actually really good and signed them up for some show like America’s Got Talent or something like that
  • and while they didn’t win overall, they did get enough attention to get a record deal
  • and then they just EXPLODED and became the new big thing
  • which kind of freaked all of them out a little bit because what has started as fun music with friends was suddenly paparazzi and crazy fans and people wanting to know “when is it what is it where is it how are you will you” about their songs
  • but they mostly acclimated pretty fast
    • Crutchie had the hardest time because while he’s friendly he’s also a but of an introvert and needs his privacy which was suddenly a lot harder to find
  • like most boybands, instantly there were Those Fans who shipped people
    • the most common one became Jack and Race because they seemed like the ones most likely to like each other
    • really though it was Spot and Race, who balanced each other out, and Jack and Crutchie, who’d been in love for years and only figure it out when people started trying to ship Jack and Race which made Crutchie really jealous, and the people who nobody knew as well like Specs and Romeo, Kat and Saz (at first they became better known later), etc
  • they get a really good rep with people because they’re always willing to take a selfie or like fanart as long as it isn’t creepy, or answer questions
  • Jack hosts monthly Q&A sessions on his snapchat and each time it’s somebody new
    • so like the first one is Crutchie, then Davey, then Race, then Katherine, then Sarah, the Romeo, etc
  • They don’t come out for a long time but one day they’re performing in a town where there’s this big news story about a gay kid getting harassed at school and they know the kid is there because it was the only positive thing they found on his twitter, so they all come out together like the entire band and crew
    • “So we’ve heard about some of the stuff that’s been going on here, and we want everyone to know that we don’t agree with it, at all. In fact, things like that effect us, too. I’m not the most eloquent speaker, but if you’re hurting today because of who you are, of how you’re born, know that you’ll always have support with us.”
    • And Jack kisses Crutchie in public for the first time which leads to Race stealing Crutchie’s mic and yelling something about “get up here asshat we can’t let him show us up!” and then suddenly every single couple involved in the band is on stage being proud of who they are
    • the kid who was getting bullied cried and then they invited him backstage and he cried more and it was really sweet and they stayed in touch
  • After that the Discoursetm is horrible around them for like, months
    • “reminder that Jack is dating Crutchie and shipping him with Race is not cool”
    • “reminder that we can ship whoever we want with whoever we want and it doesn’t cause harm”
    • “stop calling Jack bi when he’s gay, don’t erase his identity” (jack retweets it with the added caption “I’m bi as heck actually everyone is pretty and it’s not fair :)”
    • “they’re just faking it for attention!!!1!!1″
  • after a few years they announce it’s their last tour and people are like “oh no, what happened, did people start fighting?”
  • and their answer is “no but we’re like twenty eight now and honestly just want to get married and settle down”
    • except for Spot and Race who plan on going around the world in eighty days and then getting a dog and doing it again with the dog
    • or at least, that Race’s plan, Spot just honestly wants to stop moving around and settle down a bit, but maybe not get married yet
  • So the band breaks up and people are kinda sad but every time they’re all in one place, which is pretty often since they’re all best friends, somebody snapchat/instagram/twitter/youtube gets a new video of them messing around
  • Jack and Davey out out a solo album and it’s really good
  • Crutchie gets coerced into releasing a Christmas album and it’s funny
  • and Davey makes a Hanukkah album that’s him playing and singing traditional songs that he sang growing up and it’s gorgeous
  • Bonus: Red Carpet Tidbits
    • because I have a lot of feelings about Crutchie’s style
      • Crutchie gets known for never wearing a normal tux like it’s always custom done and never just black or navy
      • also his makeup is always On Point like crazy good and people are like “tell us your secrets” and he’s like “lol cvs and years of practice and makeup tutorials from YouTube”
  • Jack wears normal suites but there’s always a twist
    • the first was the time he actually just spilled paint on himself in the suit bc he’s an idiot but there wasn’t time for a new one so they ended up just going with it and it looked pretty okay
    • and after that he get’s suites from like Macy’s modified to look better on him and to add cool things
    • also his hat game is pretty terrific
    • he’s also a total hipster and people know it
  • Davey wears totally normal red carpet men’s attire but lets Crutchie do his makeup and look absolutely gorgeous
  • Race wears crazy stuff
    • like you know the Great Comet ensemble costume design? probably things like that. formal wear turned into punk style things and he pulls it off and lets Crutchie do his makeup too
  • the best picture of the band is from like, the Grammys or some award show like that where Crutchie is in a purple suit, Jack is wearing a beanie and a jackson pollock styled color splashed suit, dave is looking fine in a perfectly normal suit and SUPER Extra but good makeup, and Race is like barely clothed but still obviously supposed to be wearing a suit like thing and like a foot shorter than everyone

theariesunicorn  asked:

TTD just said that Tamiel was Boots :(((( I still feel like there's hope but that was disappointing!

To quote my friend @allatariel:

“According to the quiz, “The script for this episode names Tamiel as the mysteries boots wearer who spied on Rick and Aaron in episode 708.” But why point out that the script names her just minutes after the actress who plays Jadis talked about the scripts using alternate names and involving a lot of subterfuge.”

The show would do whatever it takes to prevent Beth’s return from being spoiled. Scripts have leaked before. Having Beth’s character listed under a different name is just another precaution. Isn’t it also a little convenient that TPTB announce who the person in the car is, after joking that it was Beth on Twitter? 

Seriously, Tamiel cannot be Boots by the mere fact that she doesn’t have a scar on her face. And if she were the person that took him, wouldn’t Gabriel mention it? Instead he just referenced an unknown woman. allatariel also saw Tamiel’s boots, and they were mismatched but didn’t look like Boots’s. (She’s going to get me a screenshot which I will post for references.)

Seriously people, chill. 

Edited to add: 

Boots picture credit to @vampireselene89 


Part 2 of the Snake Of Wall Street makeup. Some more cool shots from the studio. It was impossible to pick the photos since they all turned out really well but I think this is the last of the studio photos I’ll be posting. The next 2 parts will be from when we took pictures of him on the streets of NYC including Wall Street and Times Square. A lot of people thought this makeup I did to my brother looked a little like Voldemort so we decided he is Voldemort’s more successful businessman cousin named Shmoldemort. Look out he has been going door to door as a snake oil salesman.

Makeup by me: Rose Ripley (instagram: roseripleymakeup)

Please do not remove caption/credit!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / BTS

Pictures of You (Luke Hemmings)

warning: this imagine contains a photo of fetus luke. continue at your own risk :)


You were walking around the park with your camera when you heard music coming from your right. You looked over and nothing was there – just a hill – so you decided to investigate. Once you reached the top, you looked around and finally found what you were hearing – a blonde boy with a guitar in his lap, singing softly for the people who took the time to stop and pay him any attention. You snapped a couple shots from the hill before venturing closer to get a better listen yourself.

As he was playing and you were shooting, you couldn’t help but notice the small grin on his face as he sang. It wasn’t because he was being photographed – he hadn’t even looked up to know you were there – he was just smiling because he was doing something he enjoyed.

It suddenly dawned on you that you’d seen this boy before – Luke, if you remembered his name correctly – and this was always a look he had on his face when you saw him playing. He usually had three of his friends with him, but today – for some reason – he was performing alone. You’d gradually gotten closer as the afternoon wore on, but people would keep walking and standing in front of you – either not noticing your camera or not caring – but you were truthfully starting to get ticked off, so you just shut your camera off and moved over to sit on the grass and listen to him play.

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so this is my new studyblr and i will start posting my own plans, notes and bullet journal in august. 

about me

  • my name is nyagin
  • i’m 14 years old ( 15 in August 17th )
  • i was born in beirut ( libanon ) but i’m from south sudan 
  • i live in finland ( the land of snow and ice )
  • secondary school/junior high i guess ( i’m going to year 9 in august )
  • i’m learning english and swedish ( at school at the moment )

things i’m interested/like about

  • reading
  • math 
  • drawing
  • tv shows ( 13 reasons why, tvd,jane the virgin,stranger things,orange is the new black etc.)
  • music i can’t live without it ( i’m trash for mel and 5sos so basically… )
  • cute stationery and pretty notes 
  • anime ( yoi had me f-ed up okay! )
  • studio ghibli ( like who doesn’t like the  movies ? fight me ) 
  • lgbt+ ( i’m bi so hey guys )

things that i don’t like

  • homophobic,transphobic,sexist or racist people 
  • some teachers who talk really fast that i can’t catch up with my notes
  • fake people 
  • waiting for my book from libary ( like fault of our stars took over 8 months i’m not even kidding )

my goals

  • work hard this year 
  • meet new people 
  • be motivated to study ( whole year )
  • be more organized
  • learn new study hacks 

my inspirations 

@studyquill @emmastudies @studyign @elkstudies @revisicn@tbhstudying @studywithinspo 

( picture credit to Howl’s Moving Castle by Studio Ghibli )

calling all hippo campus fans !!!

I’ll keep it brief:

- stop stalking the guys and their family/friends on facebook/instagram/etc.

like I get it, wowie, you love the band and feel like you have to prove that you’re super dedicated or whatever, but do it courteously. don’t go looking in places you shouldn’t and don’t be excessive about it. I saw that katya had commented on a fan account’s photo asking how they got an old photo of jake, and then stated that it was on facebook somewhere. it felt like katya was obviously a bit weirded out about old pictures getting shared around.

again, I get it! it’s cute to come across old pictures of them, sure! but what they personally don’t have publicized or out in the open on their own instagram or twitter accounts shouldn’t be getting spread around by fan accounts.

imagine if pictures of you and your friends from middle school and high school just started popping up around on the internet on fan accounts, of people who are supposed to be supporting you.

and if you have a fan account, give the people who took the videos/pictures you’re using some credit! people had to actually work to get those photo passes to take pictures or had to stand in line all day to get to the front to take that high quality video you got! please take some more things into consideration before reposting.

and I know a lot of you guys harsh out other fans for tweeting at espo every day but honestly it’s not harmful. it’s not stalking or going deep into his facebook or things that he hasn’t made public, it’s just fans showing how much they care. it’s not like they’re stalking him into a coffee shop and taking videos of him there while he’s with people (I’m still upset about the whole jake thing which I talked about already). 

also please back off julia a bit. I get that it’s cute to go to urban bean & visit her but it seems a bit weird to go there if you’re just going for the sake of hc. even though she’s connected to the band, she may not want all the overwhelming attention.

I know a lot of you are younger than the guys, and being around the same age as them I totally get why they’re backing off social media a bit. And I’m sure you guys would also be freaked out a bit if the same things were happening to you on social media.

feel free to ask me questions/ talk to me about this, it’s just something that’s been bothering me since jake left twitter and instagram

UPDATE: I took out the part about nathan’s bandcamp because I wasn’t aware that he was playing it live the other night & that he understands it’s getting shared around ! I’m really sorry if I freaked you guys out or caused any unnecessary stir

DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM: the shit they don't really tell you. PART 6.


Okay so Disney World has a long never ending list of shit you can get termed for. Unfortunately, they don’t really tell you all of it and some DCPers had to find out the hard way that some things they thought they were allowed to do, were not okay. Aside from the obvious underage drinking type ones, ill tell you guys the not-so-obvious ones too, so you can make sure you don’t make a mistake that can cost you your program.

FYI: THESE ARE NOT ASSUMPTIONS OR JUST “SHIT I HEARD.” these are actual reasons, that people i actually know, actually got termed for.

This is one of the main reasons people get termed. There are two types of call-ins; Sick or Personal. Some locations say you can go to the parks if you call in personal, some locations say you can’t go to the parks no matter what kind of call-in you make. I don’t think anyone even knows for sure, but I’ve seen people get in trouble either way. DO NOT use your cast member ID for ANYTHING if you call-in. You can’t get into the parks from backstage if you call-in. And your locations WILL check. You CAN go to downtown Disney, just be sure not to use your ID number for any discounts. You can show them your ID if it’s a third party store (like the harley davidson store, or one of the non disney clothes stores) but don’t use it at a store that sells disney merch that disney cast members work at.

Okay, this is the actual main reason people get termed. If you’re going to drink underage, you better be smart about it. DO NOT let anyone take pictures of you holding ANY type of drink or with ANY type of drink in the picture. My first program they called 16 of us into the housing office because someone saw a picture on Facebook of one of my friends with a box of beer in the background of his picture. We all would have gotten termed but he took the blame for it and went home instead. I’ve had friends who had snapchats of them drinking screenshotted and shown to Disney. You can’t trust none of these hoes. Don’t let people take pictures of you no matter how on point your outfit looks. Also, don’t stumble into your apartment complex obviously shitfaced. I had a friend get termed for this too.

This one is fucked up because if your parents come visit and you want to buy merchandise with your discount, you CAN NOT let a cashier see you take the money or credit card from your parents hand. A friend of mine bought over $1000 worth of merchandise, the cashier saw him get a credit card from his mom and wrote down his ID number and he was termed the next day. He didn’t even realize he was doing something wrong. Make sure you get the credit card or money from your parents before you go into the store.

If you lie about being convicted of something or whatever on your initial application, and they find out when they run your background check, you will be termed the first day. Even if its something that happened a long time ago. Don’t lie!!

This one is fucked up too because I had no idea they could do this until it happened to my friend. The Disney housing security apparently smelled weed outside their doorway at 4am. They literally banged on the door at 4am and woke them all up. They then made all of the girls go into the living room while they rummaged through ALL OF THEIR SHIT IN THEIR BEDROOMS. I mean ALL of their shit including their underwear drawers . They can straight up violate your shit and look through whatever they want to look through. Its fucked up but they are allowed to do whatever they want. Just be careful.

Don’t post anything negative about your job, disney, a co-worker, a roommate, ANYTHING on the internet. Anyone can turn anything around and Disney literally shows no mercy. Don’t hashtag “disney problems” or anything. A friend of mine posted a meme with mickey mouse giving the middle fingers or some shit like that, and a co-worker of hers turned it around and said she posted it about her and she got termed. She later got un-termed because someone else stuck up for her and its a long story but just dont post stupid shit or anything negative about Disney on the internet. They have people whos literal JOB is to search the internet for shit like that and its really not worth it.

Do not EVER walk around the parks EVER with your Blue disney ID showing on your lanyard. If a manager or anyone sees this and is feeling extra asshole-ish that day, they can have you termed. (Managers are allowed to wear theirs, but if you see a fellow CP with theirs showing, be nice and tell them to put it away because sometimes people forget!)

If you are going into the parks on your off-day, you are considered a guest and must enter and exit the same way the guests do. Technically. Most CPs don’t follow this rule. I got screamed at by Epcot security backstage for doing this, and YES it is grounds for termination, so be careful. If you end up getting caught, just say you worked earlier and changed so you can play in the parks, or you had to go to costuming, or your costume is in your locker and you’re changing for work.

This one is obvious, if you get caught sneaking people into an apartment complex you will get termed, but the security guards DO do random trunk checks on occasion, so don’t put anyone in your trunk. Also, I heard my first program people got termed for going into the complex sitting in the bed of a truck, obviously not trying to sneak in.

Apparently you’re not allowed to have another job while you’re on the DCP. People still do it, just don’t post about it online anywhere.

If you use your maingate passes to get people into the parks, you’re supposed to stay with them. Disney has a creepy way of knowing if you stay with them or not. Don’t be obvious and let them in and walk in with them and then turn around and exit right away.

I don’t know how the HELL my first program roommate got away with selling literally all of hers, but the amount of people that got caught selling theirs my second program was ridiculous.

If you go out to eat or anything with co-workers after work, make sure you take your nametags off! You can get in troubsssss.

By this I mean, stay the fuck awake. If you fall asleep at work (Lifeguards, Attraction Tower positions, etc) You will get termed on the spot. Having your phone out at work too can get you termed on the spot. Also, my friend in QSFB was termed for LEANING ON THE COUNTER AND NOT SMILING although he was already in deep shit at his job and they hated him. Just be a good worker and if you’re not one, fake it.

If you fuck with the curfew rules, obviously you can get termed. Like if you are caught leaving Vista at 3am and you’re housing ID says patterson. Security doesnt really check when you’re walking out of the complex but just pretend youre on the phone so they don’t say anything to you.

Unless you’re housekeeping, you don’t get to keep any tippys. If you do and someone knows about it and rats you out, you’re done.

Yep. Dont do that.

Thats all I can think of for now. Aside from the obvious attendance reprimand stuff, which can be slightly confusing SO if anyone has questions about that let me know!



Poem: The Heart Rate Of A Mouse

Written by: rossryro and turnoffthelights708.

All credit goes to: Anna Green, Kam for doing the Polaroids, and the people who made the pictures or took them. Give credit if you plan to use. Thank you.


How can you expect me to love you if I can’t believe it myself?
Lies are what keep me going, tearing me apart silently from the inside without my knowledge.
Not denying that we didn’t have anything, we had something.

I need help finding out who I am, not who I think I am.

I can’t keep pretending that everything’s okay.
One day I feel useless and the next completely right.
Pouring my thoughts into words, keeping you by my side.

Is this love? What they call love?

I don’t know what I’m feeling, but I don’t want to.
I can keep these things inside, if I try.
But it all seems to happen naturally, the way we are.

How I…love you?

I see you in my dreams, images that stir old memories.
When I reach out towards you, your body disappears.
You tell me secrets that no one else will hear.
For me to keep and you to cherish.

Sometimes the lights, the noise, the girls, the sound, everything gets too much.
And when I turn to you, you aren’t there.
There’s another person there, staring at me like I’m someone.


The reflection that they wish they could see themselves.
 The lie that is woven carefully, perfectly, measurably through something I’m not, but through you.

Only you.

And if it’s not you, then why am I still here?
Still here when it’s pouring down rain, still here when we’re touring Europe together, still here when you’re in that hotel whimpering my name in your sleep and reaching out to where I should be, wrapped into your warmth and embrace, knowing that I’m not there?

Because if it’s love, then why are you leaving, hiding, wandering away from me?

The only hope you have.

The only truth you have.

The only one who will understand you.

The only one who will love you.

Of course we can circle each other until one of us admits defeat.
Of course I can tell you I won’t kiss you.

Of course.

But why should we let a good thing go to waste?

“Because everything I feel is amplified with you.”

auhoraatra  asked:

I'm going to get some printer ink so I can print photos for my bullet journal! Is it okay to use the pictures in your "bujo pictures" tag? Should I credit the people who made the moodboards the pics come from when I do? I just don't want to be disrespectful!

You’re very sweet for caring about that!! It’s always kind of tricky with giving credit here on tumblr. I mean, you should obviously credit an artist or a photographer if you’re using their art in your spread, but other times, when it comes to all those “aesthetic” posts with 500k notes, it’s often hard to find the actual author of the picture (usually the OP took the pic from somewhere, although it’s not always like this). With the moodboards, it’s tricky as well, because even though the OP put them together and maybe changed the pictures, they are usually not theirs. I don’t know, I would suggest you to go by your gut feeling with this – I go by a rule that when I know who the original poster is (whether it links to their original insta, or it’s an artist/graphic/photographer here on tumblr or whatever) I give credit. I feel like sometimes I could give more credit, that’s definitely something I should work on D: but yeah, I hope this cleared it out a bit??

Attention: Plagiarizing

Over the last few years of running this blog I have encountered a number of instances of people reposting the photographs and captions from this blog and refusing to credit either here (where I usually have the original source linked to the post) or to the original source. This is plagiarism.

I do not claim any rights to the photographs I post, nor will I ever do so. However I put a lot of work into finding the content I post here. I find it disrespectful to myself, and to the men and woman who captured those moments in time for us to see now so many years later, when no appropriate credit is given. I find it even more disrespectful and downright rude the responses I have gotten to polite requests to give credit where credit is due.

My goal in running this blog has always been education. I am glad that these images are reaching wider audiences. But there are those not giving credit, and indeed assuming it, for the work done and that is wrong.

Please, if you want to repost historic photographs you find on the internet, give credit to the original source whenever possible. It is often not a difficult task. To avoid giving credit is to disrespect the history of that image, the people depicted in it, and the person who took the picture.


9/11: Then and now – 15 years later

Each August and September, as summer fades into fall, Yahoo News photographer Gordon Donovan finds himself in a familiar spot — snapping images in the area where the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place 15 years ago.

“I do it because I love the city, the history of the city and how we’re not going to be put down,” explained Donovan, who was born and raised on Staten Island and watched the twin towers being built from across the harbor.

But his photos aren’t random shots of the evolving downtown landscape. He returns to document the exact scenes of many memorable images taken by photojournalists that tragic day in 2001.

“It’s fascinating to see how it has changed over the years, because it was just this big pile of rubble the first time I went down there about a week afterward,” said Donovan, then a graphic artist at CBS News, who was at work on the Upper West Side the morning of the attack.

Today there’s a museum honoring the nearly 3,000 people killed, a recently opened transportation hub and other signs of development yet to come.

“Now you can’t even recognize what happened,” Donovan said. “It’s beautiful what they’ve done down there. It’s just revitalized the whole area after such tragedy and put it back to life.”

Donovan’s then-and-now project, he said, is also a testament to the city’s strength and an opportunity to share the changes with New Yorkers who may have moved away over the past 15 years.

He said his project also honors the photojournalists who took the original images on 9/11. “These people risked their lives,” Donovan said. “It’s still home for them.” (Yahoo News)

Photo credits: Jim Collins/AP, Gulnara Samoilova/AP, Amy Sancetta/AP, Mark Lennihan/AP, Alexandre Fuchs/AP, Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News (4)

See more photos of 9/11: Then and now and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

Thank You Lee Jinki

Since SHINee’s eighth anniversary is coming up fast, I thought what best way to celebrate it then making a post of everyone? So Let’s start with our leader, Onew.

When I first heard about Onew, He was a nineteen year old boy he already graduated from High school. He looked like the cheerful mood maker of the group. (Which he is) I didn’t know he was the leader until he introduced himself as “Leader Onew.”  But, Once I heard his voice…I fell in love.

He wore a light blue sweatshirt with a weird design on it. He had black hair and was wearing a black hat as well.

Throughout the year, You showed us what it means to be a leader. The members and K-pop artists in Korea, has so much respect for you. 

You showed us that being our self is better than being a fake.

He grew up so be a very handsome man.

And most of all…His love for his members.

So, From you biggest MVP in the world since debut, Thank you Onew! I know SHINee will last forever because of you leadership and Love towards this group.

~All Credit goes for the people who took, edit these pictures

Guys, a bit of advice!

Ok, so remember that twitter account @OminousSixthGun that likes to post our stuff without crediting us?

Well, I saw some more people’s pictures on there once again, but I think I noticed something.

I remember when they took my stuff and posted it on there, but those were the pictures that didn’t have my name/url; basically anything that signified that I was the one who made it.

Once I started putting my url on the pictures, I’ve noticed that they didn’t steal my pictures and post them.

So, what I HIGHLY recommend is that whenever you guys makes memes and other stuff, please put your preferred name somewhere on the picture. Try to put it in a place where they can’t really crop it out without having the picture looking weird, if that makes sense.

It’s so frustrating and annoying to see my friends’ stuff being posted without being properly credited because I know that all of us work EXTREMELY hard into making these pictures.

Now, I’m not sure if this is really the case, but this is just something I’ve noticed and I’m not taking any risks. So for future pictures, be sure to put your preferred name somewhere on there.

Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night, peeps! (o^^o)

[ENG] 160712 The8’s Weibo Interaction With Fans

Opening: [17’s The8] Sunglass babe😎😎
(T/N: This was posted in English)

Fan: Minghao, if you’re tired lately, you have to rest well. You’re really great and we all really love you. There are so many people who came to leave a comment, we will always protect you, have confidence! ❤️
The8: Don’t worry about us~~~😉

Fan: 8, what do you feel about Xiao Hao Hao [Doge]
The8: I don’t know him [Doge][Doge][Doge]
(T/N: Xiao Hao Hao = Little Minghao, Jun mentioned it yesterday in his weibo menpa.) 

Fan: Gramps 8, what song are you listening to lately😃😃
The8: I’ve been liking Beast’s Ribbon lately👍👍

Fan: Xu Minghao, you know how to sing, know how to dance and know martial arts, you’re really amazing, please don’t think that you’re not good and lack confidence what not. Don’t pile all your stress upon yourself, and if you have any thoughts, feel free to tell me about it, I am also really willing to listen to you talk about it!!! (deletes) Also, there are a lot of people who like you, don’t feel like you don’t have any fans, seeing you like this really worries me, you’re also smiling less lately, Xu Minghao’s smile please return soon~~~Strive on❤️❤️❤️
The8: Stupid/silly, don’t think of things wrongly, I only wanted to show everyone a different me on the stage, I’m in the middle of working hard *laughs* I’m still a boy who loves smiling in real life😘😘😘

Fan: Hey, you’re wearing Mingyu’s sunglasses in the second picture right!
The8: We took turns wearing it😎😎 *laughs*

cr: jia @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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If anyone sees this photo without this story attached:


So, I cosplayed as Orochimaru, my friend was Tsunade, my other friend was Jiraiya, and my other friend was Agent Coulson.

We decided to stop at Meijer for some goodies, and were roaming the produce section when I heard the words ‘sannin’. I looked over, and this guy was geeking out to his coworkers, who had no idea what he was so excited about.

“You don’t understand! You don’t understand! It’s the three sannin! It’s all of them! Here! You don’t understand how awesome this is! I can’t believe it! It’s the three sanin! You don’t understand!” Were some of the things he kept saying.

I grinned and went over there, and he was so happy, and I asked a friend to take a picture of me next to him, and then he had a friend take his picture with all of us.

Now look at his face. THAT FACE. He was so happy. That is the face of ultimate happiness right there, and it made my day.“ “

Please add the story if you reblog it and message the person who reblogged it to add the story on and credit me. Someone took the story off, and people are starting to reblog it from each other without it.

Some have made some not so cool comments because it’s out of context. I can take a hit, but it’s my responsibility to protect the guy in the photo. It needs the story attached.

anonymous asked:

1. So here's my story: I'm from Australia and when 1D were here for the logies, I was at the very end of the carpet just where they get out of the cars. I didn't have anyone with me because I don't really have any friends so I was standing alone. When I saw them, 3 of them walked past me up to meet fans further along while Zayn and Louis started at the end. I wasn't screaming or anything, but Louis looked at me and I asked nicely "Could I please get a picture of you, but not with me in it."

2. He was kind of in a rush and was walking away from me but he stopped and turned back and said “Why don’t you want to be in it?” I told him I would ruin the photo because I was too fat and ugly and it wasn’t how I wanted to remember that moment. His face just fell and he asked for my phone which I handed over. He flipped it to front facing screen and got really close to me and whispered “farts” and I burst out laughing. He must have snapped a picture because he handed me back my phone and 3. walked away down the line without another word. My heart sunk for a second because I thought it was really rude. But when I looked at my phone our picture was amazing. He were both laughing, I had ugly crinkly eyes but I looked so happy. And I got a REAL picture with Lou. Not his opened mouth, pointing at a fan one. A real laughing one, where he looks happy. He didn’t have to tell me that I was beautiful or pretty or anything. I don’t care that he didn’t have time to talk and he just walked 4. away. He didn’t have TIME and I get that. But he made time for me, even just the 1minute it took to do that. Just doing that for me shows me that he is an amazing person, who people do NOT give enough credit to. I’ve never shown the picture to anyone, it’s my little secret. But I think I’m almost ready to share it and show people. And you’ll be the person I come to when I want to show the world what a beautiful person Louis William is. Thanks for letting me share!

OH MY GOSH BABE! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I had the biggest smile on my face reading this! This is like sweetest thing ever. it sucks that you only got a few seconds with him but at least you got a genuine moment with Louis. And you’re so right, he doesn’t get enough credit. And not a lot of people can see what an amazing, caring, and just all around wonderful person he is. I would absolutely LOVE to see the picture you two got together!! (: 


some photos i took at vancouver’s anti-trump protest tonight.

it felt so empowering to be surrounded by people who were just like me, and as it was about 90% young people, i felt even more empowered. 

remember how important it is to stand up for what you believe in. don’t just think this is america’s problem. this is a world issue, because as the human race, we absolutely cannot let this happen. remember to use your voice and together we stand united. <3

  p.s please don’t take my pictures unless you give me credit, and the wonderful fist up there belongs to my friend @rumi-thealien