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Hey love,can I get a BTS ship please? I'm 5'1,I have greenish-greyish really big eyes and long hair died bright red.I'm a huge nerd,really shy and awkward at first,but after I get comfortable I become a living meme,always throwing bad jokes.I am really cuddly and touchy.I am extremely passionate and would do everything for my family and friends.In my free time I read or write,meanwhile listening to music 24/7 or watch some TV series.I'm also a typical night owl. Thank you and love your blog ~

Hello dear! Thank you so much for requesting <3

In BTS I ship you with … TAEHYUNG!

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(I don’t own this gif, all credit goes to the owner)

- Dork couple lol. Always pulling weird faces at each other from across the room. You probably both have photos of the two of you making funny faces as your phone backgrounds.

- SO MUCH SKINSHIP IN THIS RELATIONSHIP! Tae would love to grab your face at the most random moments and cover you with kisses (insert gif ^^). I can see you two falling asleep wrapped in each others arms while he pulls you close to his chest <3.

- Laser tag dates! Expect a lot of dramatics when Tae gets shot hahah.

- He would love how close you are with your family, it would make him think of your future together and how it would be to have a family with you! (tbh he probably has your kids names chosen already).

- Dates to science museums.

- Going to the arcade together and Tae spending most of your money trying to win a little stuffed animal for you.

- Spending lazy days in the house playing board games together.

- Binge watching your favourite TV shows and sci-fi films.

- Spontaneous weekend away together, staying in bed and breakfasts and spending your days wandering around new cities. Tae would use this as a chance to practice his photography skills and, of course, you would be his model.  

- Reading stories to each other every night before you go to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed your ship, sorry if you didn’t get your bias.

I know this is the internet, and even worse it’s Tumblr, but fucking seriously?

The first image is my original photo shot on my 550D with a 50mm f1.8 lens in Sydney about 2 years ago, with my mate (now known as pup Turbo) as the subject.
I have enlarged my watermark to prove a point.

The second image is one I’ve found here posted by someone else

Why steal watermarked photos, crop out the watermark… THEN COMPLETELY CHANGE THE BACKGROUND? Then continue to fuck its shit up in the form of grossly enriched colour saturation and poor contrast adjustments?

Why go to so much effort to claim my content as your own?

Thanks to the other 90% who shared it (sans watermark) without trying to claim it as their own.

I, Adam/Fyro am the original owner of this entire photoset as theres about 10 other photos which are included with this one.

Thanks for reading my rant, keep sharing but credit the work and don’t steal it because plenty of people will call you out on it before I do.

Happy fapping.

Peace out ✌
-A slightly flustered Fyro

SEVENTEEN REACTION: When they realise you have their picture as background picture (Vernon, Jeonghan, Dino, Jun, Seungkwan)

Jeonghan: At first he would be shy, but after would want to choose the photo.

Jun: “Shit, should I put her photo on the lookscrean of my cellphone?”

Seungkwan: “Of course, who else could be in this photo?”

Vernon: He would be shy and flustered

“I know that I’m handsome, but… Put another one…”

Dino: “Ohh NO! I have a better photo, wait!”

Has been a long time since my last Seventeen reaction

 ~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

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This will be similar to you and your songs lol. So I just pulled these off my desktop- let it be know all the file names are onew or smiles or both.

like look at the SMILE and floof hair. I’m here for it.

also jinki with funky hair is a lovely sight to behold ft. MORE SMILES

Who cares if that looks like a pajama top I used to own. still looking good - side note this was my phone background for the past few weeks.

this photo is called oneeeeeeeewwww on my computer… I was probably excited or something, you know…

And this is hobo looking jinki at Niagara which just warms the cockles of my heart honestly. Always reminding me of the time I saw shinee live and didn’t live to tell the tale. 

 ALSO why is the water that blue, what filter is this. I swear it isn’t that blue…. 


Jackson Wang x Black and Gold Mobile Theme!

@ivegot7scenarios (I know there was supposed to be silver too so it’s only accented with a light grey! I’m sorry ;-;)

Hex Codes:

Background: #000000

Title/Font: #e7d360

Accent: #dfdfdf

Photo Credit: Jackson: ***Disclaimer*** I’ve had this picture of Jackson on my computer for quite some time and I can’t find the source. However, I did see this picture on @fyeahjacksonwang and it belongs to a fansite called “Just Wonderful”. Unfortunately, I think the fansite has since shut down because all of the links to that fansite are broken and I can only find this fansite through the Jackson blog I just tagged above or on Pinterest. If anyone can find the fansite or owner I will gladly give credit.

The black and gold Banner was actually just some random photo I found on my computer lol

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No. 8- APH Prussia Pink-Themed iPhone Backgrounds

  Hi guys! I hope you all heard that I’ll be updating every Sunday. Yes, Sunday. I need to put school work before edits, I’m sorry. But, at least I have a fixed scheduale, right? I hope that works.

  Also, get hyped! My askbox is going to back open up really, really soon! I just need to clear everything out from in first. Please refrain from sending in fan-mail with requests. A few people have already, and that’s 100% fine; I’ll be getting to their requests soon- just for now on, if you see my askbox closed, that means I’m not taking anymore at the time.

  Also- with this edit, I tried a different style. I hope you like it..! If you don’t, I’d gladly redo it, just send me an ask! I saw this type of style floating around so I decided to try it. I hope it’s good! 

  Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope that I can stick to my promises in the future. 

・The first two backgrounds are suitable for the iPhone 5/5s/5c and the last two are suitable for the iPhone 6. (I put captions on the photos so you can tell apart.)

*Feel free to use! However, please reblog and like if you plan to. Thank you!

*Please do not remove the caption and the credits. Thanks.

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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Foodie Friday #2: YakiniQ

*Photo credit to original owners*

YakiniQ is an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant also my most favorite place to eat Korean food. 

1640 Post St
2nd Fl
San Francisco, CA 94115 (Japantown/right next to the mall)

They have your typical meats that you eat at Korean BBQ such as bulgogi, samgyupsal and so much more!

They close at midnight every night excluding Sunday night (11PM) and Friday/Saturday (1AM).

They always have kpop playing in the background and kpop music videos playing on tv. 

As for the customer service, it’s usually pretty good. But they are often rushed because it gets super busy so it’s understandable. And since it gets so busy, they will have a waiting list that is about 20 - 30 minutes. But with all that time, you can either go to the mall or just walk around and enjoy the beauty of Japantown. The manager of the restaurant is also very friendly. I’ve only been there a few times and he remembers me and my friends ☺

If you ever go there, the bulgogi and the salad that’s part of the banchan is simply the best. Actually, everything on the menu is amazing. 

I give this place 5/5 rice cakes! I really do recommend going here if you guys are in the area! 

What is your favorite place to eat Korean BBQ?

“Take my hand, let’s go somewhere we can rest our souls. We’ll sit where it’s warm and you say: look we’re here alone” - Circles by Hollywood Undead

Bench photo/font/background is not mine and go to their rightful owners but the edit is mine. Please credit KawaiiOnCrack if you plan to repost. 

This is apart of my new edit series where I take my favorite lyrics from  songs~