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Voltron Lemonade Mouth AU

So my I was browsing my lovely friend, and fellow voltron trash, @-stuckinthemiddle-‘s twitter, and her retweets gave me the most amazing idea. 

Voltron/Lemonade Mouth AU Note: 

All the kids go to the same high school, Voltron High. They’re all in different classes, grades, and meet in detention for reasons as follows:

  • Pidge, given name Katie Holt, should be a freshman, but they skipped two grades so they’re a junior. Somebody was bad mouthing their brother because he and Shiro are Very Gay Boyfriends, so Pidge decked said person.
  • Their older brother, Matt, is a senior and is really pissed off about only being one grade above his little sibling. Pidge hacked the school website to fill it with pictures of random stuff they like (birds, pokemon, science, etc. anything but school), but Matt took credit so Pidge wouldn’t get put into detention. 
    • It made sense because they’re both in AV club. Matt is Prseident Pidge is VPThey didn’t know they were protecting each other. I love the Holt siblings so much.
  • Matt’s boyfriend, Shiro, is also a senior, and he’s the Dad Friend™. 
    • Shiro is really the one who kept Matt out of trouble until Matt was defending Pidge, at which point Shiro let him do whatever. 
    • Shiro is an actual angel but gets into a fight with the school asshat so Matt doesn’t have to go to detention alone.
  • Shiro’s adopted little brother Keith is a sophomore. 
    • Shiro’s family adopted Keith when his mom died and his dad went to prison soon after. Shiro’s family took him in as a foster kid, and when his dad died in prison, they adopted him. 
    • He got caught skipping class to go do something more worthwhile. Nobody knows what he does.
  • Keith’s very gay crush, Lance, was joking with his best friend Hunk. They laughed at him and they both got detention for disrupting English class while everyone else was reading. Lance and Hunk are both juniors like Pidge, and those three are inseperable.

So they all head down to the basement for detention on an average Wednesday or something. They get there and meet the wacky music teacher and his niece, the princess of the school, senior and valedictorian Allura Altea.  Allura swims, is the co-captain of the soccer team, and she fences. She’s a badass, and she’s going to like Harvard or something in the fall. Coran, the new music teacher, loves his niece and brother in law, Alfor, to death, and drives Allura home after school because he’s living with them while he finds an apartment. 

And that’s already really long so I’m going to brainstorm more and/or write a fic for this later tonight after some coffee and homework. Thanks so much if you read all that.

So there is this chick on instagram who reposted fifteen of my edits in a row and tagged them all some variation of #myedit.  Then blocked every person (including me) who pointed out that they were actually MY edits that she took a picture of with her phone to repost them (like literally in one you can see her reflection) and deleted their comments.  Now she’s reached a new low: someone reposted one of her stolen edits and credited her on it - to which someone else said, “um that’s wingsofnight’s” and she responded and said it was hers!  She knows it in her heart, guys.  She worked super hard and how can people be so cruel.