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World Building Week Day 3: Sojourn/Unworld

They think I’m delusional. Addled by the ravages of an aging and tormented mind. No such place could possibly exist, they said; we would have found it by now. But I know the truth.

There’s only one other person who has made any kind of record of it, just as I remember. Only one other person could possibly know where - or what - it is.

And I’m going to find them.

I was really excited for this prompt! I’ve been super into the idea of the Unworld ever since Hartman talked about it, and Sojourn caught my attention too. I’ve somehow latched onto the idea that Sojourn is the only being that has managed to venture beyond the Ghost Zone, so here are some other things I’ve stuck with since that video:

  • Sojourn is considered the GZ’s master of space in a similar way Clockwork is by default the master of time.
  • Sojourn subsequently has ties to Clockwork, and is actually the progenitor of the Observants (as implied by the eye sigil on their notebook and belt in their alternate character design).
  • Sojourn is the creator of the Infi-map (I think someone else theorized this so shout out to that person, I can’t take credit for this).
  • Has a bit of a trickster streak. Believe it or not, Clockwork is the responsible one between the two of them.

As for Unworld,

  • Unworld is not common knowledge. Only the most ancient spirits have ever even heard of it.
  • It exists in a self-contained space separate from all of the other realms. I like to think of the space in the DPU containing the Ghost Zone, Elsewhereness, human realm and all others as all being different ‘rooms’ on alternate floors in a big building, while Unworld itself isn’t even in the same city.
  • Because of this, time doesn’t affect the Unworld like the other realms. Mishaps from any and all timelines can end up in Unworld, paradoxes included. For this reason Clockwork has no power over what occurs there.

Some more thoughts from my experience with reposts.

Those of you that never shared their art online probably don’t know this, but seeing your own art posted somewhere else, under a different account, with thousands of views and likes and your name nowhere in sight is a terrible feeling. 

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Anonymous said:Hello love!:) I was wondering if you could possibly do a “dating Caius would include…”? Please, if it’s not to much trouble

A/N: Heya, lovely. :) Of course I’ll do this for you! :) I’m sorry if it’s not the best, I haven’t done ‘would include’ imagines for a little bit. So I’ll do the best of my ability. :) I hope that you enjoy this nevertheless, lovely! :3

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Caius Volturi would include:

- You ultimately having to be a vampire.

- Being Caius’s mate.

- Being heavily protected in the Volturi at all times.

- Caius being completely and utterly in love with you. (and vice versa)

- Being the only one who is capable of cheering up Caius’s perpetually angry mood.

- Teaching Caius to be softer.

- “This is useless, (Y/N)!” he would shout.

- “You’re stubborn and pessimistic… Great combo.” you’d mutter.

- Being the only one to get away with nearly anything when it comes to Caius. (But as long as you don’t break laws, that’s chill).

- Dealing with the fact that your mate is a sadistic blood thirsty manipulative vampire. (he’s not manipulative to you).

- Caius telling you about his hatred for werewolves and how he almost hunted them to extinction.

- You actually being a peaceful person, which most of the time aggravates Caius.

- “You’re just like Carlisle! Next thing you know, she’ll be drinking from Bambi’s neck!

- “Take it easy, brother. I wouldn’t aggravate her too much with insults…” Aro would warn Caius.

- You being one of the most talented and gifted vampires of all existence.

- Caius loving your gift so much so that he makes you collaborate with Jane to torture vampires whom have broken the law.

- Really loud and hot sex.

- Caius getting jealous incredibly easily.

- “Can you like chill for five minutes?

- “No! I will not chill for five minutes!

- Often sitting on Caius’s lap whilst he sits on his throne.

- Caius doing anything and everything to protect you.

- “I will never let anybody ruin even one strand of hair on you. Do you understand me, my love? Nothing is ever going to hurt you.”

- Getting Caius on a certain level that nobody else does.

- “Why do I love him? Because beneath all of the sadistic facade, he’s got something in him that I love. Call me foolish if you must, but I’ll never leave him.

- Actually putting a smile on Caius’s face, which is incredibly rare.

- Marcus suddenly being a little more lively since your relationship with Caius reminds him of his own with Didyme.

- Caius wanting Chelsea to keep you loyal to him because he’s actually insecure and paranoid.

- “You keep me locked up within a tower and I have the most powerful gift of all, and you still do this?

- “It’s just precautions.

- “After all of this time, Caius, aren’t you tired of taking these ridiculous precautions?

- “Don’t argue with me, (Y/N).

- Standing by Caius no matter what.

- In the end, Caius reveals that he’s so protective of you because he can’t lose you.

- “The fear of losing you is too great. I can’t afford to let the love of my being, my eternity to perish. You’re absolutely everything to me, and I want nothing to happen to you…

- Caius treating you like a queen.

- Being vampire royalty.

- Sweet small kisses in public.

- Long deep passionate kisses behind closed walls.

- The two of you always feeding together and being eager for it.

- Being total opposites but being perfect for each other.

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