credit to taker

ok but why does Namjoon look like an internationally recognized botanist ready to drop the hottest TED talk of all time?? 

Please Read!

OK…wow a lot of you really liked that metaphor doodle I did.

Thanks for that, however, it seems most are not noticeing that my friend was the one that created that metaphor and it is really personal to them. Due to this - I deleted the post. And I ask everyone who reblogged it to also delete it. 

I should of communicated with her first prior to answering the question and now I know that lesson. I’m gonna tag everyone I can who has reblogged it in hopes that they can help me out here! I really do not want to be the credit taker of this - I want it to all go to my friend. Sorry bout the misunderstanding!

@willows-art-trashcan (and cannot tag this one), @okamix397, @blog-ahuva-herut, @theunknownvirus (another cannot tag), @formsans96, @sapphire-sinsformysanspai, @mikmik121, @friskthehuman24, @nothingbuttrash, @blueeyeddagger, @magyka13, @pancakesmage, @owiz-from-da (another cannot tag), @butterflyboss2, @mokitty6, @trashy-artzy-me, @skyler-bolt, @gatormeister, @rahaf1418r, @scaplatis-random-crap, @cinderlunarcyborg, @hugmonster1, @friskbonbon14, @jessiesepticeye (another cannot tag), @all-small-mimi, @torgle, @museconfused, @drdrdrdr12

If you are able to reach the ones I couldn’t tag, that will be great! ^^