credit to reference photographer

I wanted to practice painting some realism for a change of pace. I love that sketchy look that some painters use so I tried to imitate that. I did use photo reference so the credit really goes to the wonderful photographer Kate Kinley and the talented model Zoe Mattis. 

anonymous asked:

In regards to that response about the 'cheats' of art, from another angle: What are your opinions/views of a credited reference? Do you feel an artist should credit every reference of artwork, photograph or stock they use from other artists to complete their work or do you believe it is an unnecessary courtesy that young artists put on themselves?

Honestly it depends. I personally try to avoid work that would require to be credited. It’s kind of a habit I’ve built working, where you really CAN’T use work that has to be credited without getting into a shitload of trouble.

The references/stock/photography I try to stick to are either commercial free stuff, certain types of creative commons (it will usually listed on their site), or websites that specifically state it’s fair for use. Or I just outright buy something, which generally comes packaged with a creative license that doesn’t require crediting.

For example, Blambot offers free fonts to smaller/indie comic creators. This is listed specifically on their site, which is why I use a lot of their fonts. Same with CGTextures which specifically states in their terms of use that you’re allowed to use it uncredited in 2D pieces – but not in 3D bundled packs. You do not have to credit either of these websites, but honestly they’re great resources anyway so I try to shove them at people regardless.

This all said – I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t just pop onto google image search and look up reference of, say, a toaster. Whether or not I credit generally depends how heavily I’m leaning on the piece, and if an individual artist would be harmed by me using it.

If I’m using someone’s personal photographs to draw a still-life of, say, their mom’s quirky toaster… Yeah, you better credit that. Your picture wouldn’t exist without theirs. It builds off of it directly. It deserves credit.

If I find a stock photograph of a toaster from corbis or getty images and I’m literally just using it to get a general idea of what the hell a toaster looks like, I personally won’t credit that. The weight of my image doesn’t rely on that one stock photo.

Really though – use your best judgement, and if the individual/website in question contacts you about reference you used wanting credit or for you to remove the offending piece, do it. Don’t be a dick about it, pretty much.