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Boyfriend! Jung Hoseok moodboard.

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🌸 ; { Hoseok ( Donut Themed ) Aesthetic Wallpaper / Lockscreen }

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Just a short John x Reader (Credit to the owner of the pictures ❤️)

“John?” I shouted as I entered my home. I hung my coat up and walked through the halls, trying to find my husband.

He wasn’t in the sitting room or kitchen. As I was walking up the stair to check the bedrooms, I heard a loud pop, what I immediately recognized as a gunshot.

I ran to the back of the house and into the yard, seeing John sitting on a stool with a half empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. Five feet away from him was my 12 year old son. He was holding a hand gun, aiming at a line of glass bottles, taking another shot.

“John Shelby, have you lost your fucking mind?!” I screamed, stomping over to where my two boys stood.

“Your home early love.” John cooed, walking up to me trying to give me a kiss. I pushed him away and pointed at him, trying to find the right words to express how furious I was. But when nothing came out I turned to my son, extending my arm.

“Give me the gun James.”

“Daddy said I could have a go.” He said as he put the weapon in my hand. I opened the barrel, dumping the bullets that were still left into the grass.

“Don’t touch another gun until you’re 18, yeah?” He nodded and I sent him off the wash up before dinner.

That leaves the other child.

“John, I don’t even want to know what made you think that was a good thought.” He laughed.

“He’s got the Shelby name YN. He’s has to learn sooner or later.”

“He’s twelve John. Give it a few more years before he starts shooting pheasants and fighting in the ring.” I walked up to him and straightened out his shirt, tightening his tie. “I already worry about you everyday, watching you and your brothers go out to handle business. I never know if you’re going to come back or not.”

“You worry too much. I’m a big boy, I can handle myself.” He placed his hand on the side of my face, staring lovingly into my eyes. “Us Shelby’s are tough.”

“Let’s see if your tough enough to handle the beating I’ll give you if I find any of our kids holding a gun ever again.” I smiled and pushed him away, turning to go back inside the house. I heard his loud footsteps approaching and then I was lifted off the ground. He carried me the whole way, telling all the ways he planned on apologizing to me.

Starting by making dinner tonight.

Part 2 of Now or Never was requested by a good amount of people. So I’ll be starting that tonight. Feel free to send any suggestions for the way you’d like to see the second part go. ❤️

The Waste of A Wish | Reincarnation Chart

And now, as promised… I made some character chart. I don’t if this is helpful or I just really want to edit something. Haha.

I just put the main characters from TTM that has already come out/mentioned in WISH. It’s a little hard to make the character relationship chart for WISH for now. It might become such a big spoiler so that will be for some other time. XD
So I just made the reincarnation chart (maybe we can call it like that.)

That’s all~ Next chapter will be on Friday~ Please remind me in case I forget about it.

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SuperCorp + Text Posts from the Amazing SuperCorp Fandom (pt 1) 

Newt Scamander aesthetic 💛

SugaKookie Appreciation

Where to start with these two..

Lamb Skewers buddies

Smiley Yoongi :D

The way they look at each other *Fangirls in distance*

Oh My Heart TT TT

The Hugs Though 

Kookie and Yoonji <3

These two …OMG 

Pictures Together <3 

Sleepy Babies

My Favorite Picture of them Bare faced and Handsome as Ever 

Oh my sweet Sugakookie I could go on forever about these two <3 much like i do with Sobe/Yoonseok.  Sorry for the long post and ramblings just have to many feels lately TT TT  Probably do some more appreciation posts later on but for now Love you All!! :) <3

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