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Photosets to Break Your Heart:
Suddenly Wheatley vs. Suddenly Wheatley (Reprise)


Your Home (Valentines)

Requests: “Enzo Fluff: Why is there no Enzo fluff ( sobs in corner😭) he sees either a photo album or photograph of his gf/readers family, gets all sad ends with I’m your family now Lorenzo, please and thank you~S” (Credits to gif owners!) Fluffs like these are short, so sorry if its too short for you! 

Everything was perfect, dinner, Enzo, the lights, the restaurant. The way you were both dressed. How he promised he would make love to you just for Valentine’s day. You were content and happy and didn’t want to spend this night with anybody else. Enzo watched you finish the last few bites of your meal and wipe your mouth. “Is there something in my teeth?” Your face was red, but Enzo started to laugh.

“Not at all, Love. Sometimes I can’t take my eyes off of you. It’s the silliest little things that remind me why I love you.” You placed a hand over your heart. Tonight he was extra sweet. Not that he isn’t sweet before, but Valentines Day with Enzo is always quiet and romantic. He was rummaging through his wallet for his credit card and handing the bill and the card to the waitress as she skimmed by.

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i made some wallpapers (designed for iphone 6 but should work for any phone) inspired by my favourite studious hogwarts students. the bottom couple are a bit shabby but i think the top two are pretty buff xxxx
• please like/reblog if u use them!! they took a lil while to make n i’d love to kno if you guys like them!!
• credits go to all original photographers and artists, i am but a dumb collager
• for best quality enlarge photo, fit it to your screen and then screen shot
• also let me kno if u want anymore, i’ll def do requests xxx


Ramadan Around The World - In Pictures

RAMADAN MUBARAK to all Muslims around the world! I wish you the most blessed and beautiful month ahead! I hope you get the chance to share unforgettable moments with your friends and loved ones.

Photo Credits & Descriptions: 

Muslims from the Middle East to China worship at the first Friday prayers of the holy month of Ramadan 2014.

1. A boy sells food by the river Buriganga in the evening in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photograph: Andrew Biraj/Reuters.

2. An Iranian clergyman prays among the other worshippers at the shrine of Saleh, a Shia saint, in northern Tehran. Photograph: Ebrahim Noroozi/AP.

3. Muslim youths pray atop auto-rickshaws in front of al-Satie mosque in Manila, Philippines. Photograph: Romeo Ranoco/Reuters

4. Clashes break out between Israeli police and Palestinian youths during the noon prayer in Ras al-Amud, Jerusalem, Israel. Teenager Mohamed Abu Khdeir is thought to have been murdered earlier this week in a revenge attack for the killing of three Israeli teenagers two weeks ago. Photograph: Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images

5. Indian Muslims sit before their iftar (breaking of fast) meal at the Jama masjid (Grand mosque) in the old quarters of Delhi. Photograph: Anindito Mukherjee/Reuters.

6.  Muslims eat at dusk at the historic Niujie mosque in Beijing, China. Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images.

7.  Muslim devotees offer prayers on the first Friday of Ramadan at Taj-ul mosque in Bhopal, India. Photograph: Sanjeev Gupta/EPA.

8. Nearly 3,000 Muslims at a fast-breaking dinner in Taksim Square, Istanbul, on Wednesday this week. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images.

9. Chinese Muslims of the Hui ethnic minority pray over food before breaking their fast. Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images.

10. A woman eats with her child by the river Buriganga during the holy month of Ramadan in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photograph: Andrew Biraj/Reuters.

Source: The Guardian

anonymous asked:

Holy moly, I haven't been on your blog in a while, but those latest photos are AMAZING. I especially love the bird mask ones. You have a wonder eye for modeling/posing and your photographer is fantastic 💙

Thank you! And yes, my photographer is the one who deserves all the credit, honestly. I may have a nice ass, but I wouldn’t know what to do with it if it weren’t for her!
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