credit to paparazzi for the photo

Click! Click! Click!

Prompt: You’re a celebrity, and I’m a paparazzo, and sorry friend, I have to take pictures of you to pay my rent.

(Credit to 4ddddani for the original storyline and a huge thanks for allowing me to use it!)

Click! Click! Click!

The clicking of camera shutters was a constant in Jimin’s day. Between his modeling jobs and photo shoots, he couldn’t escape the camera’s lens and thus the clicks that he swore never stopped, even as he slept.

Hazard of the job, he always told himself, as he worked through the lines of paparazzi, fansites and fans all trying to get a glimpse of the young rising star in the modeling industry. Two years ago, Jimin was an awkward twenty-year-old, blessed with expressive, almond eyes and good bone structure, despite his chubby cheeks, lucky enough to get signed to a modeling agency part-time. After being singled out in a charity show and asked to walk in Seoul’s Fashion Week as a backup for another model who had rolled their ankle, Park Jimin was suddenly a top rookie in the industry, sought by countless shows and designers.

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Signs as Larry conspiracies

Aries: Louis and Harry’s tattoos of classically matching symbols match

Taurus: The social media accounts which provide millions of dollars of ad revenue and brand control have not always been controlled by the boys

Gemini: The boys aren’t homophobic

Cancer: Thumbs up means “sweet hearts” in sign language (neither Harry nor Louis have ever used sign language before or expressed an interest in it)

Leo: Louis’ account tweeting “I am in fact straight” after he refused to address gay rumours in a video livestream is questionable

Virgo: Print sources are easily manipulated

Libra: Harry is smarter than people give him credit for and his actions shouldn’t be written off as “he’s joking” or “he didn’t know what he was implying”

Scorpio: Paparazzi are most often called to take photos, and therefore what we see in pap pics is what we are meant to be seeing and should be further examined

Sagittarius: It’s weird that Louis and Eleanor could never remember/agree on when they got together, or how

Capricorn: The media suddenly talking about Louis and Harry and “Larry” as of November 1st 2014 and the subsequent events (Lairport, Elounor breakup, etc) are not coincidental

Aquarius: Louis’ and Harry’s video denials of Larry are phrased in a way that they don’t deny anything at all

Pisces: Larry is real