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Adriana Lima At The Harper’s Bazaar Gala At The Plaza Hotel……….
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All About Daftworld

Quick synopsis: Daftworld is scum, don’t ever associate with him.

Full story:

Daftworld is basically a crazy fanboy who is about 30-40 years old. He has a wife and family I’m pretty sure (God bless their poor souls), and he devotes pretty much every waking hour of his life to stalking and creeping on Daft Punk. He claims to be “Daft Punks Biggest Fan” just because he has an insane amount of Daft Punk merch, like pretty much every single piece of Daft Punk merchandise, no matter how rare or exclusive. Which isn’t bad, merch is a cool thing to have, but the amount of stuff he has just skyrockets his obsessive fan status. He also takes the words “creepy” and “disrespectful” to a whole new level. There are countless examples of the wrongs he’s committed, so I’ll just make it into a nice little list so we can all understand just a little bit more:

He steals art. He will take anything and everything Daft Punk related and rip it away from the people that made it. He will repost art, take credit for photographs and edits, download videos from other people, remove the watermarks and upload it on his channel. He pretty much just snatches up everything that mentions Daft Punk and claims it as his own.

He disrespects Daft Punk’s wishes to remain anonymous. He is a complete hypocrite and gets “angry” at the paparazzi for taking photos of Daft Punk, and then he turns around and does the exact same thing! He probably just wants to be the only one doing it so he “gets them all to himself” or something. Not to mention that a lot of the time the media glorifies and holds him high for all this information he digs up about Daft Punk. I’ve heard that he’s been interviewed a few times by the media because of how much knowledge he has about Daft Punk.

He stalks Daft Punk. And I don’t mean the internet’s form of “stalking” where you just google someone a few times and look at the first few pictures. I mean real life hardcore stalking.

One time he somehow found out Thomas’ LA address (I think I heard someone say later that it was not actually his house, phew), but he distributed this address on Twitter with pictures, too.

He also stalked Thomas and his wife and took pictures of one of Thomas’ children, Roxan, as a newborn and while they were still at the hospital where his wife just gave birth. I have no idea how he managed that, and I do not want to know because that is just so disgustingly creepy.

The most well-known incident is the most gut-wrenching video in the history of the planet. I’m very very sorry, but I will not be linking it in this post because just thinking about is literally making my blood boil. But all you need to know is it’s a video where he stalked Guy-Man, approached him and pretty much smothered him while taking pictures and touching him without his consent. You can tell poor Guy is extremely uncomfortable, but Daftworld does not respect his personal space and continues anyways. When I first watched the video, I legitimately started to tear up within the first five seconds because it’s so extremely painful to watch how visibly uncomfortable Guy-Man is.

I also heard that Guy-Man’s brother Paul has actually contacted Daftworld once asking him to please stop stalking and tearing apart Daft Punk’s personal lives, to which he pretty much just went ”ahahahaha” and ignored him, which is also his preferred method of response when someone calls him out for stealing art and videos.

Basically, he is one of the worst people I have had the misfortune to hear and know about. I try my best to be accepting and forgive people, but I will never forgive Daftworld for all the damage he’s done. I am so upset that Thomas and Guy-Man have to deal with his obsessive stalking, and I feel so sorry for all the countless artists that he stole from. There is absolutely no excuse for his deplorable behavior because if you are a true fan to someone you won’t cause visible pain to them and continue to do so. If you are a true fan, you will respect your idols and their wishes. If you are a true fan you won’t stalk your idol to the point where they need a restraining order to get away from you.

So, friends, I leave you with advice to please avoid Daftworld and his stolen art, rude comments, and disrespectful pictures. Hopefully someday we can bring down Daftworld, because Daft Punk is an international treasure and we must protect them at all costs.

And I will tell you now that no matter how much merch Daftworld hoards in his rat hole, he will never be as big of a fan as you are because fans aren’t ranked on how much stuff you steal from others or how much merch you can bury yourself with. Fans are ranked by how much you love and respect the thing you are a fan of! So stay strong, Daft Punk fandom. I know you are so much more than he will ever be and I love you all very much. ♥ヽ(.•́ ᴗ •̀ .)

Because I couldn’t see a blog dedicated to Seth and his career I decided to make one. Since discovering him on Turn : Washingtons Spies, I’ve become increasingly impressed with his talent. This blog is meant for celebrating his body of work. Submissions are welcome, with sources to credit. Anything submitted must be respectful to the man. If I wouldn’t show it to him personally, I won’t post it here. I’m so excited to see where he goes and what he does now that Turn has wrapped😫 Press photos welcome, no paparazzi shots though for obvious reasons. Seriously…this guy is so talented.

We got metadata, guys!

I’m crediting @nenny84 for this because it was all her idea. 

I wasn’t even going to bother pulling up metadata on today’s pap pic because what’s the use, right? But Nenny asked me about it, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt and, lo and behold, we actually got metadata on today’s pap pic.

I’m dying of laughter here. We were talking about it yesterday and, boom, magic happens. 

Here’s the data on today’s pap pic.

No gps, but it has the camera make info, the agency, the description an discloses the date it was supposedly taken and date it was last modified with Photoshop.

Not a lot, but IMO it does make the pic “look” more legit. BTW, not there’s not “date” footprint in the metadata. Pretty much everything here can be modified so the date can be changed.

But, still, this is fantastic! Now, I know it doesn’t look like much but there’s actually more stuff here than you would think.

The agency, for example, now there’s a ton of pap agencies out there. In the past few months we’ve seen Splash, LNDPIX, MEGA, Constant Media, The Image Direct, Exposure Photos, FameFlyNet, and a few others I’ve forgotten. 

Now, if Meghan were being stalked by hordes of paparazzi in Toronto,you’d expect to see several of these names represented, right? If you look up other celebs on Legion Media, you usually get a who’s who of photo agencies. 

Not with Meg. Most of the Toronto pap walks (just the pap walks mind you) we’ve seen in the past few months were taken by someone working for/through The Image Direct. 

I only screenshot the ones from Legion Media, but you can go check Google Images. Most the pap walks in Toronto so far this year are credited to The Image Direct. (I’d actually like to say ALL, but I vaguely remember a Splash one not that long ago that surprised the heck out of me but I’m too lazy to look it up).

It’s the same guy too. You can tell because his descriptions are very similar. I nicknamed him Toronto Fashion Guy, because he likes to mention the weather, and he’s very good about describing her clothes and giving a lot of detail about what she was wearing. 

You can tell he’s working with her because his descriptions follow her narrative closely. 

However, unlike the other guy she works with (London Tabloid Guy), he doesn’t add a lot of detail (London Guy did the first H ring for example, but Toronto Guy didn’t even mention the one she wore today). 

The Toronto dude is all about the clothes and accessories, particularly the stupid Goyard bag. No matter what he will always mention her Goyard. He LOVES that bag. 

Here are some of his descriptions.

See? They all sound the same. IT’S THE SAME GUY.

You can tell it’s not the agency by pulling up other The Image Direct descriptions from the site. Here’s two an LA TID photog did for Jennifer Garner:

Toronto Fashion Guy doesn’t say “stunned” or “fantastic.” He’s much more low key. Also, note that Jennifer’s pap doesn’t mention her divorce or her kids or what is going on in her life. He doesn’t care. All he wants is the pic.

I don’t think a pap would add all that crap about leaving a boyfriend behind or closing down a website or whatever if he were just looking for a pic. 


A lot of important “narrative” info has been added to Meg’s pic descriptions (particularly by London Tabloid Guy), including the first “H” ring, the “frolic in the beach in bikini” info, and the “cuddling and smoking” stuff that was in all the Jamaica articles. THE TABLOID WRITERS GOT THAT INFO FROM THE PICS.

Gee, I wonder where that’s all coming from….

But I’ll discuss that when I cover London Tabloid Guy. If I ever get my hands on more of his pics, that is. I only have two from Legion, sigh. That’s not enough.

In conclusion, MEGS IS NOT BEING HOUNDED BY PAPS IN TORONTO. It’s ONE guy taking her pic all the time, highlighting the merchandise she’s pushing, and mentioning the salient points in her narrative again and again. 

Personally, I’m pretty sure she’s calling him up, posing for him, and telling him exactly what to put in the pic description. You, however, are free to draw your own conclusions. 

In any case, thanks for the metadata, Toronto Fashion Guy!

See? You can get a lot from the metadata. That’s why I like having it and think it is important.

BTW, if I can recognize these descriptions, you can bet your last dollar that the tabloid writers can too. They deal with the paps all the time and they know exactly who took those pics and under what circumstances. 

Also, Toronto Fashion Guy did not do the duffle bag pic or the Toyota pics or any of the other shady crap (as far as I can tell). All I can trace to him are the merching pap walks. I’ll cover the shady dudes (I think the Toronto Shady Guy is the Splash guy who acts as Meg’s backup pap walk photog) in another post when I track down their pics.

As always, comments and corrections are welcome. 

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nothing good comes from kissing cousins you guys

The Randy Roosevelts

Ah, the Roosevelts. They’re like a less hot, slightly less fucked up version of the Kennedys, which really speaks to exactly how fucked up the Kennedys were (and probably are). Theodore Roosevelt, God of Teddy Bears, has kind of become this emblem of manliness, what with the fact that Cracked writes about five articles on him a day and also there was this one time where he punched a bear while riding a moose or something. I don’t know. His descendant, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has become known for that scene in Pearl Harbor where he magically stops needing a wheelchair because he’s Angelina Jolie’s dad or something. (I don’t know.) And Eleanor—oh, Eleanor. Wasn’t she, like, our first gay first lady or something?

I’m going to focus a little more on the latter two in this entry, and let me tell you. A) Eleanor’s sexuality is definitely not something you should bring up with your conservative great-grandma and B) for our often-infantalized “first??? disabled president”, FDR got a lot of ass. Like, a lot a lot.

“Hey Eleanor–”  "Shut the fuck up.“

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Click! Click! Click!

Prompt: You’re a celebrity, and I’m a paparazzo, and sorry friend, I have to take pictures of you to pay my rent.

(Credit to 4ddddani for the original storyline and a huge thanks for allowing me to use it!)

Click! Click! Click!

The clicking of camera shutters was a constant in Jimin’s day. Between his modeling jobs and photo shoots, he couldn’t escape the camera’s lens and thus the clicks that he swore never stopped, even as he slept.

Hazard of the job, he always told himself, as he worked through the lines of paparazzi, fansites and fans all trying to get a glimpse of the young rising star in the modeling industry. Two years ago, Jimin was an awkward twenty-year-old, blessed with expressive, almond eyes and good bone structure, despite his chubby cheeks, lucky enough to get signed to a modeling agency part-time. After being singled out in a charity show and asked to walk in Seoul’s Fashion Week as a backup for another model who had rolled their ankle, Park Jimin was suddenly a top rookie in the industry, sought by countless shows and designers.

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The Model Series #41 Red Carpets Together

Harry: The Grammys are a big event and you were thrilled Harry invited you to be his date for the night. Usually only the boys were allowed by management to attend, but this time Zayn made it clear he would have Perrie sitting next to him or would refuse to attend so management changed their minds. You were thrilled, so bored with attending the same red carpets over and over again. The paparazzi went absolutely nuts when you and Harry stepped out of the SUV, four more trailing behind you to let out the rest of the boys and their dates for the nights. You posed with Harry, posed by yourself, posed with the other girlfriends, even took a picture with the entire party of people. “I think you and Harry win best-dressed!” Sophia gushes as you wait for the boys to finish their photos. “Thank you, he does have a great sense of style that I take absolutely no credit for!” You joke and she laughs, pulling out her iPhone to take a selfie for Instagram with you and Eleanor. Harry, in a rare Instagram appearance, comments on her photo with a simple “Gorgeous xx" and even posts a paparazzi photo of you alone in your custom Valentino dress captioning it "Rosy lace beauty”. 

Louis: The Met Gala was one of your favorite events of all time and you were even more excited that Louis would be in town to escort you. The boys had retained a long-standing invitation from Anna Wintour, and you were always invited seeing as you were one of Anna’s go-to models for Vogue. “You’ll do great!” You assure Lou in the car. You find it adorable that he’s nervous. “I don’t know babe, fashion isn’t my thing. Music is my thing, I don’t even know if what I’m wearing is….” You silence him with a finger to his lips. “The theme this year is Goth, Louis. What you’re wearing is perfect!” Soon, he’s helping you out of the SUV and you walk hand-in-hand down the infamous carpet, waving at familiar star faces and checking out all the fashion dos-and-don'ts present on the carpet. You love the combination of your edgy dress with the dark lipstick plus your hair, finding it intoxicatingly sexy and totally ‘fashionable Goth’ as Anna calls it. Turns out, Louis is high on the Fashion Dos list for the night and the majority of bloggers don’t like your dress, calling it “trashy”. “The fuck do I care?” You ask, using your seldom-seen 'sassy’ side that Louis loves when a red carpet consultant asks you how it feels to be a Fashion Don’t. “It’s sexy babe,” Louis agrees with you, his hands cheekily feeling your bare midriff.

Zayn: “Boybander Malik and Top Model [Y/L/N]: Double Date at the British Fashion Awards!" You and Zayn were both nominated for different awards at the British Fashion Awards, an honor you’ve dreamt of since you were little. You were up for "Model of the Year”, an award that has gone to models such as Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss. Zayn was up for the esteemed “British Style Award”, often awarded to Alexa Chung and previously won by Harry. “I’m so excited!” You confess to Zayn as you sit at your table when Twiggy, the first-ever supermodel, comes onstage to announce the winners. “Victoria’s Secret Model [Y/N] [Y/L/N] Wins Model of the Year at British Fashion Awards Wearing Victoria Beckham”/“One Direction Has Style! Member Zayn Malik is Second to Capture the British Style Award at the Annual British Fashion Awards" You beam every time you click on the two articles about the two of you winning your respective awards, the articles cross-examining your fashion sense and his, mentioning how "fashionable of a couple you are”. “We’re a damn hot couple, Zayn,” you say one morning, reading the articles for the fourth time. He winks at you.

Niall: “Hey it’s a pink carpet! Hot!” You giggle at Niall as you step onto the pink carpet for the annual VS Fashion show. The rest of the angels are wearing dresses, the most clothing they’ll have on their bodies all day long. You notice several of the girls, the majority of them Pink brand models (aka the younger 'junior’ angels) checking Niall out. A flare of jealousy threatened to show on your face when you noticed Niall took no notice of them, eyes only for you. His hand found its familiar place around your waist and you relaxed instantly. You hoped Niall didn’t notice your near-jealous attack as you smile for the paparazzi crowding the carpet and snap photos with your fellow Angels and friends. You move off the carpet and towards the back staging area, Niall dropping you at your dressing room before taking his front-row seat for the fashion show. “Don’t be jealous Princess, my eyes are for you only,” he mumbles quickly, kissing your forehead before he leaves. You blush slightly, mostly a love blush creeping over your cheeks. He’s the absolute best, you think. 

Liam: You were absolutely thrilled when your modeling agent called you and asked if you would be interested in doing a movie. You immediately said yes, not even knowing what the film was. It was a small role in a film where you played the highly-trained assassin best friend of another assassin that gets romantically involved with an enemy. You had a few stunts that you enjoyed filming and Liam found it funny that when he and the boys were shooting their spy commercial for their new fragrance you were doing the same thing for the movie. He accompanied you to the movie premiere and as you moved from one interview to the next, Liam sneakily snapped a picture of the back of your dress and posted it on Twitter with a smile heart emoji caption. “This is amazing!” You whisper to Liam as the credits begin to roll on your movie. “You were amazing babe, so talented!” You blush at his words and he reaches over for a kiss, a fan that won a ticket in a radio contest snapping a photo of the two of you smooching in the theater to post on Twitter. But you didn’t care, the movie was a big success and you loved showing off your adventurous side to Liam.

The next preference in the series will be: Wedding Dress Modeling
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Guys.. Please add this to the list of relationship goals. Cause I mean I can’t believe perfect boyfriend who loves Taylor more than anything in the world, the couple who defines love and is just so in love and so happy.. Would post something like this on his snapchat.

Now I’m a Taylor fan, I have nothing against Tayvins and I want more than anything for Taylor to be happy.. But this isn’t happy. And Calvin Harris is a certified douche bag, something he’s proved numerous times.

So how can anyone say that someone who had repeatedly proved numerous times that he’s a shitty person, how can anyone say he’s good for Taylor? Because of some random tweets and Instagram photos where he acts like she’s his girl? And asking if it’s hunting season yet? Come on..

If you really loved Taylor, you cannot seriously say that this is healthy for her.

Which is exactly why I’m assuming Tayvins have been pretty quiet all day. I would be too if part of my ship disrespected me like this. Because everyone, no matter what you ship should know how fucked up something like this is. He himself is handing everyone proof of how shitty he is. Not just paparazzi, he’s posting this.

But whatever right? It’s just “true love” because they’re so in love.. They’re always “in love” until he’s in Vegas.. 🙄

(Credit to @kaylornation for this photo.)