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BTS Reaction to You Slipping on Stage on a Rainy Day

Request: can you do a bts reaction to you being the girl who slips and falls a lot on stage on a rainy day?

A/N: I kinda didn’t understand this request, so I’m sorry if it’s not to your liking! (ಥ﹏ಥ)  *credit to gif owners*

Jin: It was raining hard, the pour pattering against the stage while everyone was trying to get autographs from the boys. He had his eyes on you, seeing you slide a couple of times on stage and saving yourself from falling face first onto the floor. When it was your turn to meet Jin, he quickly grabbed your wrist when you fell—taking him with you. His body hovered over yours, trying to cover you from the fans and embarrassment, smiling softly at you while you flushed from his act of kindness. Even though he saved you from embarrasment, you knew jealous fans would pass on hate-but you didn’t care, because it was so worth it.

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Suga: The stage was empty, but the rain that fell made it seem lively. You practiced dancing, just messing around while you waited for your friends. The thunder echoed throughout the outdoor stadium, and once you spotted seven familiar looking men walking around the bleachers—you slipped, falling straight on your ass. You stayed there, laying lifeless as you prayed to the gods that no one saw you but when a mint haired man appeared before you and inches away from your face, you inwardly screamed. “Are you okay?” He asked, and you flushed immediately.

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J-Hope: He had told you not to go out in the rain and dance in front of thousands whereas you told him to not worry, that nothing bad would happen and you were way more professional than him. “Okay then,” he started, a smile spreading onto his lips, “if you slip, you have to let me take you out and you gotta kiss me on the cheek.” You rolled your eyes and agreed nonetheless. Later after you slipped, you spotted Hoseok from the corner of your eyes as you saw a huge grin plastered onto his face; tapping onto his cheek to indicate that you lost and he’d definitely will be waiting.

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RapMonster: He watched you perform from afar, watching you slip and embarrass yourself. He knew it was going to happen, and when the show ended and you stood by the man; you were absolutely mortified. “I can’t believe that just happened.” You whimpered, covering your face with your hands and Namjoon was amused.

“Babe, I saw it from a mile away.” You glared at him and he began to shake his head at you, laughing under his breath. “Don’t be mad, I did inform you that it would happen.”

“You jinxed me!”

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Jimin: You had slipped a total of five times in the rain, and once you were back stage where the rest of the kpop artists were; you were met with a boy you knew all too well—Park Jimin. “Are you okay?” He asked and you raised an eyebrow; nodding your head slowly. He then laughed, pushing his sunglasses to the bridge of his nose while saying cockily, “You must have fallen really hard for me, I dig that.”

“I’m out.” You said, jumping off the chair and walking away while he yelled after you, telling you he was joking around.

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V: You were nervous and you wished you weren’t. The moment you and Taehyung went on stage to do a collab in the rain, you had slipped and fallen harshly onto the ground while quickly closing your eyes from embarrassment. Everyone in the audience gasped from the sudden fall, and when you heard a loud ‘plop’ right beside you; your eyes shot open at seeing Taehyung smiling at you. “Now I can’t let you fall on your own,” he said, taking your hand in his to pretend the falls were apart of the dance, “not without me.”

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Jungkook: You both were forced to practice outside on stage by your manager for the upcoming awards show. It was pouring like crazy, and every time Jungkook had to lift you up and throw you so you could spin; you would land harshly on the slippery floor. He was annoyed, not at you, but at your dumb ass manager who even considered doing this. He stopped dancing, taking off his jacket and putting it around you. “Let’s go.” He said, and when you indicated that he’d get in trouble, he chuckled, “I don’t care. I only care about your safety.”

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BTS Reactions

Preference "How they take care of you after rough sex"

(Wooo more preferences :3 Yay for our faves being gentle and kind :D Hope it is as requested you all like it. Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by sitting up on the bed and pulling you to his lap to hold you for a while before teasingly laugh at you. He’d want to let you know that he isn’t done with you but still try his best to show his more gentle side, especially seeing you so exhausted. He’d rub your back, your arms and lightly kiss your head, and just brag to you about how sweet he can be. “See, Y/N…I’m a gentleman…I fuck you right all night long and then I take care of you…Touch your body so softly you barely recognize me…isn’t that awesome? Yeah…But…I gotta tell you…I ain’t done with you…”

Daryl-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by pulling you closely to him to hold you and ask you if you are alright as he checks and rubs your body with his hands. He’d feel guilty about gripping your thighs and ass so tightly earlier that as he’d recollect himself, you’d notice how his usual caring self would come out. He’d want to make you feel loved and know how much you mean to him. “Y/N…are you okay? I-I’m so sorry about all of that…I mean…it was just the heat of the moment but still…Let me see…I have to see if I hurt you too much…I didn’t? Are you sure?”

Rick-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by kissing your forehead and reminding you of how much he loves you before sweetly asking you to join him in the shower. He’d simply realize how worked up you both are from the way you and him are panting as well as from the sweat you both are in and just want to clean you from everything he’s done to you and rather than just pulling you towards it, he’d put his efforts into convincing you. “Y/N…It was amazing…You were amazing…I love you…I didn’t hurt you, did I? Good…You’re so pretty like this…I can’t handle it…But…I need to shower before I leave, you want to come in with me…”

Merle-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by going slower with you and be more tender than usually, as he wants you to know that he holds you dear. For him, it wasn’t over but knowing how exhausted you must be from the way he handled you, he’d kiss you passionately and slowly. Even from the way he’d cup your cheek and hold your waist, you could feel the change he had went through from earlier. “Y/N…You were so good earlier…moaning and begging just as I wanted…Now you’re just making me want more…but i’m a good man so I’ll take care of you before getting back to work…”

Glenn-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by trying to make light of the situation, wanting to see you smile and just hold you as you lay face to face on the bed. He’d get self conscious about his actions as he’d hear your heavy breathing and see you turning away from him. It would make him say something lighthearted to make you laugh and have no choice but turn back to look at him. “Out of breath? Y/N, am I really that good? I mean did you hear yourself…you’re trying to catch your breath so much…It’s thanks to me! More like my fault? Oh come on!”

The Governor-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by preparing you a bath and coming back to pick you up so he can bathe you. He’d surprise you with how gentle and kind his touches are, making your heart melt. You’d spend some quiet quality time together, making him get all sweet with you and eventually get in the bathtub with you. He’d then hold you tightly to him, only to end up making love to you all over again but slower. “Does it feel better, Y/N? Is the water warm enough or did you want it cooler? It’s fine…alright if you say so…Did you like it earlier…When I…Did all those things…”

Abraham-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by pulling you to lay on top of him so he could just cuddle you that way and gently rub and knead at your body. He’d hate to see you rolling over to the other side of the bed to catch your breath, so he’d just say something sweet to make you look at him, making him have his chance to give you a look to make sure he can just grab you over. “Y/N…No don’t turn away your pretty face, eyes, and everything else of yours from me…Look at me the way you did earlier…Come here! Just let me hold you and make you feel even better about everything.”

Eugene-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by getting you some snacks and awkwardly apologizing about the way he handled himself with you as he sits next to you. After everything, he’d have the reflex to recollect himself by sitting up and turn the lamp back on. As he’d notice how out of breath you are, he’d feel oddly bad for it and grab you something to eat before voicing himself. “I-I got you these…Yeah I remember that they’re your favorites…Y/N…I-I’m really sorry…I i hurt you in any way…I-I really pushed it too much…What? You liked it?”

Jesus-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by softly kissing each of the hickey, bruises, scratches he might’ve caused you and sweetly apologize for each of them. He’d simply not be over you and want to keep you all to himself all over again. However, noticing how exhausted you are, he’d realize himself and quickly come up with a way to apologize as well as to do just as he wanted. “Y/N…look at you…Goodness, i’m so sorry…I’m really sorry baby…Here let me…I’ll erase the pain away…Of course by kissing them like this! Why wouldn’t I?”

Dwight-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by getting you some of your favorite snacks and cuddle you as you both start watching the TV. Hearing your panting and feeling you getting more comfortable in the bed, he’d realize what he had just done to you and want to apologize through his actions by getting you what you love the most as well as hold you to satisfy himself and in hopes to have a slower round later on for the night. “Y/N…Did I go too hard on you? Here I got you these…Come here…Let me hold you…How about we watch a little something before we go to sleep…or you know…Am I right?”

Morgan-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by holding you to him as his arm serves as a pillow for you and grabbing your hand to plant kisses as he apologizes to you for his act. Feeling you shift in the bed and hearing the way you breathe, he’d instantly feel the need to be closer to you and approach you. He’d skillfully slide his arm under your neck and gently wrap you to turn you to him before he reaches your hand. “Y/N, i’m so sorry…It was unusual of me…It’s just I wanted you that way earlier…Sorry for that…I can’t promise it won’t happen again…but i’ll try…Huh? You didn’t hate it…”

Shane-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by kissing your body softly and talking sweetly to you, only for it to gradually turn into a light tickle fight. He’d smirk and chuckle to hear the way you try to catch your breath and start to tease you for it. As you’d try to push him off, he’d use kinder words, making you soften and let him touch you with his lips. However, it would oddly make you laugh, only to make him want to hear your laughter even more. “Goddamn, Y/N…You’re a mess…Couldn’t control yourself, right? I’m joking…Sorry about that…You’re so cute like this…Makes me wanna take care of you…What? You’re ticklish? Come on!”

Milton-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by reaching to hold your hand as you lay next to him and ask you if there is anything you would want from him. As he’d recollect himself, he’d go through everything he had done to you in his mind and just be utterly shock. As he’d hear your heavy breathing, he’d just have an urge to return you a favor in any way he can, making him reach for your hand to make you look him in the eyes. “I-Is there anything I can do for you? Or get you? Whatever it is, Y/N…Please let me know…I-I don’t know why I did all those things but-…Wait, you liked it? Really?”

Aaron-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by tucking you in bed properly and cup your cheek as he apologizes for his attitude only then to get closer to you just to be able to hold you. He’d feel as if he had made a mess out of you and the room, that he’d have the feeling to make things back to the way it were. He’d want to make you feel comfortable at home and simply remind you that he was still the loving and caring man you fell for from the start. “Y/N, i’m so sorry for earlier…I just…I just felt like grabbing and holding you down and stuff…Yeah, sorry…but I can make it up to you…Here…Is it comfortable?”

Gabriel-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by planting soft kisses to every where he might’ve hurt you, only to end up just reaching back up to you to wrap his arms around you. He’d feel guilty the instant you’d shift away making him notice the different marks he had left on you from the things he had done. He’d then pin you down gently under him to keep you still for a moment and voice his apology for all of it while trying to “redeem” himself. “I-I’m so sorry Y/N…I really didn’t meant all those slaps to your…ass…or bites all over…or to call you a slut…Really, i’m just sorry for all of this…You’ll forgive me, right?”

The Wolf-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by showing you his gentle side by tucking your hair behind your ear as you lay face to face with him and asking you if you need anything else from him. Hearing you all out of breath and seeing you shifting away from him, he’d feel like you deserve to see a side he’d usually keep to himself or show when he needs you to know how he feels for you. “You okay, Y/N? Let me see…I didn’t to hurt you or anything…Just the moment was right…So…Yeah sorry…I-Is there something else you need…or want?”

Noah-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by taking a break with you, resting his head on top of yours as you lay next to him and holding your head. Feeling you leave his side to get to your side of the bed, he’d just want to be close to you to keep you a comforting company. He’d slide his hand into yours to keep you close and make his soft and usual self come out as he’d start to talk to you. “Hey…Y/N…You’re okay, right? Cool…I didn’t hurt you, right? That’s good to know…Even after all that I really enjoy just holding your hand like this…I’m serious…”

Simon-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by trying to make you laugh and smile with his comments and how playfully excited he can get when cuddling you. Hearing your heavy breathing, he’d praise himself out loud for messing you up this way, only to make you smile but try to hide it. Seeing you turn around, he’d grab your waist to turn you back and hug you tightly, only to wiggle you in his arms jokingly to show you how much he enjoyed having you. “Holy shit! I gave it to you good! You trembled! You screamed my name and begged for more! And now look at you, Y/N! Where are you going? Come here, you’re all mine and I love you!”

Ezekiel-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by pampering you in so many different ways, you’d nearly forget as to what had just happened. Feeling you turn away from him to catch your breath, he’d feel like you deserved to be treated like a true queen, making him serve you for the rest of the night. It wouldn’t matter as to what you would want or need, he’d go out of his way to get it for you or simply make it happen. “Y/N…You let me have my way with you…So good and kind of you…I am a lucky man to have you…That’s why I should give you whatever it is you desire to make you feel better…”

Benjamin-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by holding you in his arms for a while before getting up to make you a warm drink and a cold towel. Noticing you trying to catch your breath, he’d want to comfort you for the whole thing and get closer to hold you. He’d then get the feeling that it would be better if he got you something to drink and something to wipe yourself and get rid of yours sweat, making him get up for a moment, saying he’s got a surprise for you. “I-I apologize if I hurt you in any way…Really sorry…What? You don’t mind? You’re too nice, Y/N…I-I’ll go get something for you…”

Caesar-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by rubbing your body softly while kissing you before lowering himself to give you a gentle oral. Not even for an instance, he’d let you move away from him and just pin you down under him to keep you in place. He’d know how his actions might’ve hurt you and do his best to make you feel better about all of it. Knowing, how you love it when he’s gentle he’d then feel the need to have you all over again. “Tell me where it hurts, Y/N…I’ll take care of you…Just as you like it…”

Heath-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by he’d offer you to give you a massage and just make the bed more comfortable. Hearing you catch your breath and seeing you turn on your stomach to rest, he’d have the urge to touch you again and scoot closer to you. He’d touch your back softly and whisper to ask you if he can return you the favor for everything, making you chuckle and nod, only to feel him knead at you. “Y/N, I-I thought I should be returning the favor somehow…Can I…Can I rub your back? You know make you feel better…”

Spencer-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by smiling mischievously at you and sweet talk you as he gives cute and quick pecks at your body. Seeing you just rolling around the bed to get comfortable, he’d want to put a stop to it so he can feel you close to him. He’d then change completely his attitude from earlier and then get the opportunity to pin you lightly under him so he can start treating you the way he knows will make you smile genuinely. “Y/N, why are you so beautiful after I do these things to you? You smile so much and it makes it difficult for me to think of anything else but wanting you all over again…”

Richard-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by turning you on your stomach gently so he can straddle you lightly and softly plant kisses on your shoulders and back. Hearing you catching your breath, he’d feel like you deserve everything he has to offer to you and show you how gentle he can be even after everything he had done to you. He’d shift closer to you and tuck your hair away to kiss your cheek and lips tenderly before pinning you down. “You were so good, Y/N…I can’t let you sleep yet…This time, I’ll take care of you…You’ll let me, right?”

Nicholas-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by scooting closer to you and wrapping his arms around you to hold you tightly as he plants soft kisses to your neck. Feeling you shift in the bed to get comfortable, he’d want you to have that feeling in his arms, making him approach and stop you from moving around. He’d finally hold you in his arms and spill his feelings about you and how it was all good. “I love you, Y/N…You’re perfect…Everything about you…Not to mention, earlier…”

Gareth-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by asking you if you’re fine, only to continue depending on your answer. Hearing you out of breath, he’d feel proud about himself and just smirk while looking at you. However, slowly he’d feel like you would want something from him as he had ask of you and check on you. He’d then let you know that whatever you need he’ll offer to you, knowing how comforted you could feel. “Hey…Y/N…Y-You okay? I mean…I did do all those things to you…So if there’s anything just say something…”

Tobin-After a round of rough sex, he’d take care of you by pulling you for a long and tender kiss for a while before praising you for being so good and getting up to get you something to eat or drink. Feeling the bed sheets being pulled up from you and hearing you catch your breath, he’d chuckle and move closer to hold you. He’d make you look him in the eyes to get you to kiss him, only to praise you in between each of the kisses. “It was perfect…No…You were perfect…Y/N…Look at me…I mean it…You were and are definitely…”

Michonne-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by soothing your body with her touches to the point where you drift to sleep. Hearing you trying to catch your breath, she’d smile to herself and approach you to feel your body next to hers. She’d then set her hands over your body to feel you again, only to make you feel comfortable and for her to want to make you fall asleep as she feels you deserve it. “Y/N…Tired? Sorry about that…How about I pay you back…Here let me…”

Maggie-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by pulling you to her chest and just comb your hair with her fingers as she let’s you drift to sleep. Feeling you shift in the bed to turn away from her, she’d reach to grab your hand and say your name, to catch your attention. As you’d turn to look at her, she’d reach to your waist to pull you closer to her and eventually get you to rest your head on her chest. “Y/N…Don’t go too far away…Come here…I’ll make you feel even better than earlier…I’m serious…”

Andrea-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by praising you for being this good to let her have her way with you as she cups your face. Hearing you catching your breath, she’d chuckle and turn to look at you and wait for you to do the same. As you’d lock eyes, she’d scoot closer enough for you to feel her breath, making her start to treat you differently from earlier. “You really are such a good one, Y/N…Letting me do whatever I want to you…I love that about you…You’re tired aren’t you? I can tell…”

Jessie-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by letting you rest and going downstairs to prepare a little something for you to eat before going back up. Hearing you out of breath, she’d feel slightly bad about what had happened and stroke your hair for a moment before pulling the blanket up and telling you to stay still as she’ll be going to get something for you. “You must be tired, Y/N…Because of me…Sorry…Here let me help…I-i’ll go get something, i’ll come back okay…”

Beth-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by apologizing to you profusely and just grab your arms and hands to her so she can kiss whatever pain she thinks you have. As she’d glance at you, she’d chuckle to see you breath in and out so fast but seeing the marks she left on you, suddenly she’d stop. She’d get closer to you and instantly check on you, only to start caring for you. “Oh my god…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…Did I hurt you or anything? I didn’t mean to if it does…Wait let me see your hands…”

Sasha-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by wrapping you in the blanket and plant kisses to your forehead to reassure you. Feeling you shift on the bed to get comfortable, she’d want to help you and just pull the blanket to make you feel at home. She’d want to let you know that despite everything she had done to you that she does indeed care for you by starting to kiss you all over again.

Rosita-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by pretending to be rude, sarcastically telling you to scoot over or just leave the room, only to make you laugh. Hearing you trying to catch your breath, she’d chuckle and jokingly push you away to your side of the bed. Knowing it’ll make you laugh instead, she’d keep at it before you decide to get back at her. “Hey…Y/N…Move over…You’re taking up the whole bed…It’s mine too you know…Move…Hey, what are you doing?”

Tara-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by wrapping you in her arms and resting her head on your chest, only to end up grabbing your hands to kiss them. To hear you out of breath and seeing you trying to get comfortable while still being close to her, she’d just find you so cute that she needs to show how much she cares for you. She’d end up pinning you under him and hold you to make sure you know of her feelings. “I hope I didn’t hurt you or anything…It was just the heat of the moment…I love you, Y/N…You really are the best…”

Carol-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by holding you in her arms as she manages to make your side of the bed comfortable. Hearing your heavy breathing, she’d feel slightly guilty for what she had done to you and just scoot over to you. Without warning, she’d pull you to hold you and behind you, you’d feel her other hand rearranging the pillow for you.

Arat-After a round of rough sex, she’d take care of you by getting you up on your feet and leading you to the shower. Seeing how sweaty she had made you and hearing you trying to catch your breath, she’d feel like you deserve a treat from her. She’d plant kisses over cheeks and turn away to get up and give you a hand, making you understand as to what she means. “Come on…Let’s go take a shower together…You know we both need it…”

“Sassy aren’t we?” & “Hey that’s mine!” Jimin scenario

Requested by @officiallykpopaddicted; Hi! 😊 idk if you’re request is open or not but I was wondering if you could do a funny fluffy imagine thing 28. (Sassy aren’t we?) And 35. (Hey that’s mine!) For jiminie Sorry if it’s not open and you can’t do it 😅❤   P.S: I love your work :))       

A/N: Sorry for the long wait! also you got me hit w the chim feels, i feel attacked

Number thingy :)

The gif is not mine, credits to the owner!

Hope you like it!  

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When you woke up this morning your room had been chilly and raw. You had quickly grabbed one of Jimin’s hoodies that was oversized on you. You had inhaled his scent and walked down the stairs to make yourself a hot cup of chocolate.

As you were adding some more whipped cream, Jimin, who just had woken up came sleepily walking into the kitchen.

“Baby, have you seen my grey-” He cut himself off as he saw you sipping your hot chocolate with one eyebrow raised.

Hey that’s mine!” He exlaimed. You smiled innocently. He whined as he rubbed his arms, trying to get some warmth to his shirtless body.

“I’m gonna get cold! I don’t have any other shirts with me here!” He pouted. You clicked your tounge in a teasing manner.

“This, right here, is my cup of care. Oh, would you look at that, it’s empty” You smirked while examining your now empty cup. Jimin chuckled at your response.

Sassy aren’t we?” He asked with a smirk. You smirked back as he walked over to where you were leaning against the counter. Jimin wrapped his arms around your waist, his hands slipping underneath the hoodie and resting on your back. You hissed at his cold hands against your warm back.

“Stop! Your cold” You complained, trying to get out of his embrace. He only hugged you tighter with a smile.

“You’re warm though” He smiled as he buried his nose in your neck.

“Of course, I’m hot as hell” You scoffed playfully. Jimin laughed in your neck.

“Of course you are darling” He said. You squealed as he lifted you up in bridal style and carried you to the bedroom so you could cuddle.

lets play a game?

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