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ultimateoppa  asked:

hi! I love your Tumblr! do you think you can do a reaction with seventeen (you can choose how many) about asking their best friend out? thank you!! <3

Hey, thank you!  (I choose to do the vocal unit)

Jeonghan: He’s not that nervous about it. He keeps very calm and approaches his friend kindly. He would casually ask them out and wait for a response from them.

Joshua: He’s very nervous, tries to hind it though. He may stumble over his words a lot while asking them out. He’s just afraid of rejection.

Woozi: He’ll act very shy, especially if he likes this person a lot. He takes a lot of time to work himself up to finally ask them out.

DK: Doesn’t really want to ruin the friendship, so his main concern is if they say ‘no’. It’ll eat him alive though, so one day he just randomly asks them out.

Seungkwan: Is very wary and cautious about asking his best friend out. At first he didn’t know if he really liked them that way. But, he soon realized that his feelings were strong and he couldn’t ignore it any longer.