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Jooheon - would be all cute and stare back until their s/o finally snaps back into reality. “Oh i’m sorry did you say something?” “No, I was just thinking how pretty you look today…” 

I.M. - would be mumbling to himself, wondering if you heard him the first time or not. “Shall I repeat myself? maybe she’s gone deaf… y/n?” 

Minhyuk - would start making silly faces in front of you to test how deep you were in daydreaming. “Hello earth to y/n? It’s me Minhyuk. I asked if you wanted to eat with me but you’re ignoring me. Helloooo?” 

Kihyun - would wave his hand in front of your face until he gets your attention back. “What did you say?” Then he would pout and say, “you said you missed me and yet you’re taking no notice of me..” 


[2014.02.23] Running Man at the Brisbane airport and arrived in teams already

Kim Jong Kook - Ha Ha

Yoo Jae Suk - Kim Woo Bin

Lee Kwang Soo - Bi Rain

Ji Suk Jin - Gary

Credit to owners - via IG & weibo

They took a flight for almost 10hrs to come Brisbane, AU. OMG?I wonder how come they can run now?

- Day 1 -