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For those who are saying that “iKON had it easy”


In 2013, B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Donghyuk, and Yunhyeong competed as Team B on the Mnet reality survival show WIN: Who Is Next, competing against other trainees in “Team A” for the chance to debut as a group. 

Despite lacking public recognition and being younger than Team A, they still did their best putting every bit of effort in each performances and sacrificing any thing possible.

 But they unfortunately lost.

They left us with good songs, good memories, and a favor asking us to wait for them cause they’ll be back soon. iKONICS, remember when team B made us cry during their Climax performance?

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In order to debut, Hanbin, as a leader did this:

And he really did.. YG released one of their songs. It’s entitled ‘Wait for me’.. a song from Team B to us, iKONICS. 

‘Wait for me’ video link:

In June 2014, Team B appeared in the reality survival program Mix & Match, a follow-up to WIN: Who Is Next. The aim of the show was to determine the final lineup of iKon. While Bobby, B.I, and Jinhwan were confirmed members, the remaining members of Team B competed against three new trainees; Jung Jin-hyeong, and Yang Hong-seok, and Jung Chan-woo.

And everyone was like “PLEASE JUST LET THEM DEBUT” or “WE WANT TEAM B”… even Bobby agrees.

Their friendship was even at stake at one point. After YG announced that Junhoe, Donghyuk and Yunhyeong should still fight for their place in iKON, they just couldn’t handle their emotions.

While these dramas are happening, Bobby and B.I fight for their titles as idol rappers in SMTM3.

After being dissed and looked down by some of the underground rappers, Bobby eventually won breaking prejudices among idol rappers.

But when we talk about Mix & Match, we can’t forget about this episode when:

1. Due to a lot of pressure by doing Mix & Match and SMTM at the same time, B.I almost broke down. He was incommunicado for almost 6 hours and was found at a park writing lyrics. He said he just cleared his mind. Our precious leader was having such a hard time at the age of 18/19. :(

2. Or when Yunhyeong almost failed to make it in the group. Yunhyeong smiling amidst going through this pain plus Junhoe crying is just….. </3

And after performing their final stages, waiting was our enemy, but eventually, Yunhyeong, Junhoe, Donghyuk + Chanwoo made it.

The painful part about this is saying goodbye to the other 2 members. As the program continued, we witnessed how close they got with each other. It must’ve been hard for Team B. :(

Following several postponements, iKon’s official debut was announced on YG Entertainment’s website for 15 September 2015. That means iKON and iKONICS waited for a year again just to see them on stage again.

I know it’s all in the past now, but whenever you see haters say that iKON had it easy, or iKON is just famous because they’re in YG then you should definitely show this. They definitely don’t know how much iKON worked hard and how much iKONICs waited for them. 


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Ziam S.W.A.T. au,

Who’s going to write this ?!?!

Ok, i start…Zayn is the sergeant of this L.A. division and Liam is the new transfered officer. So in order to hide his obvious attraction to the new member of the team, Zayn gives Liam a really hard time. But instead of make Liam give up his job, this only makes him wanting to prove Zayn wrong. I need someone to go from here… Pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee.

I was always curious to know the reason for this moment...

And why Liam allegedly says “don’t judge me “,

Now i know is because Liam pushes Louis a little bit,

which is enough for Zayn not to like. Lol.

I don’t know if my heart is melting because of Zouis or because of the way Zayn is so bossy with Liam.


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can you do a random kaisoo gif/pic spam? it doesn't need to focus on a specific thing, be as random as you'd like xD you can do it when you're not busy ~~ thank you :DD

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them hearteyes tho  ♡___♡

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Power’s Out

Imagine passing time with Damon because the power is out.

Warnings: smut, swearing

Because our power was out for about 2 hours and I got pissed lol

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“Damn it, this is unbelievable!” You huffed, slumping on the bed. Damon chuckled beside you and pulled you up to his chest. You looked down at him and pouted. “(Y/n), calm down.” He said, looking at you with amused eyes. “Calm down?! No power equals no wifi and–” Before you can continue, he attached his lips to yours, kissing you quite slow and deep.

You pulled away to breathe and he looked at you with a grin. “You’re not helping.” You murmured. He raised an eyebrow and flipped the two of you. He started leaving kisses along your neck and collarbone, eliciting a small moan from you. “Am I still not helping?” He mumbled against your soft skin. “N-no, maybe you should convince me m-more.” You breathed.

He chuckled and continued to rain kisses on your face, neck, and lips whilst his hand roamed around your body, cupping your breasts, sliding down your stomach, cupping your core, caressing your legs. He had you bucking to his touch in no time and Damon proudly smirked. He kissed down your body, his blue eyes still directly looking into yours.

He reached the hem of your shorts and he slowly pulled them down the expanse of your legs, his lips following behind the wake of his fingers. “D-Damon…” You moaned. He smirked and nipped at your thighs, pushing them apart.

He licked a stripe between your folds and you threw your head back, hands flying to Damon’s head and he moaned. He flicked your clit with his tongue then ran them down to your entrance, teasing you. You moaned, hips jerking up. You felt his fingers ghosting over you and he entered a finger, making you sigh deeply. His tongue and lips paid attention to your clit as he entered another finger. He curled them to your g-spot and pumped his fingers. “Fuck!” You screamed.

He grinned against you and continued to eat you out, fingers fucking you slow and good. Damon felt your walls clenching around you. He looked up and smiled. “Come for me, baby,” He whispered and you moaned loudly. He continued to licked you and a few brushes of his fingers over your g-spot and he had you coming hard.

You screamed his name, hands pulling on his hair, making him groan. He licked up all you had to offer and then he kissed up your trembling body. Just as his lips reached your, kissing you sweet and passionate, the sound of the a/c and the light flickering on caught your attention.

Damon chuckled, pulling away from you. “Was not so bad after all, huh?” He asked. You giggled and nodded, cupping his face and pulling him down to kiss you again.