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Jooheon - would be all cute and stare back until their s/o finally snaps back into reality. “Oh i’m sorry did you say something?” “No, I was just thinking how pretty you look today…” 

I.M. - would be mumbling to himself, wondering if you heard him the first time or not. “Shall I repeat myself? maybe she’s gone deaf… y/n?” 

Minhyuk - would start making silly faces in front of you to test how deep you were in daydreaming. “Hello earth to y/n? It’s me Minhyuk. I asked if you wanted to eat with me but you’re ignoring me. Helloooo?” 

Kihyun - would wave his hand in front of your face until he gets your attention back. “What did you say?” Then he would pout and say, “you said you missed me and yet you’re taking no notice of me..” 

B T S • S E V E N • D E A D L Y • S I N S

N A M J O O N • S U P E R B I A • P R I D E

7 • 7

Wonho - would be overwhelmed with worry and rush to your side immediately. “Please be okay, please be okay…” he would repeat as you slowly regain consciousness. When you admit that you haven’t eaten properly in a while, he would get very upset. “Y/n no, you need to start eating properly. I can’t have you fainting all the time. I’ll be sick with worry!”

Hyungwon - would be calm from the outside but on the inside he would be panicking really badly. “There we go, you’re fine…” He would sigh in relief as he carefully helps you up in a sitting position. “You worried me y/n. When did you last eat?” He would demand as he checks you over. Then he would quickly prepare something for you to eat and he will make sure that you eat it. 

Minhyuk - would be scared and lay your head on his lap. As you open your eyes you will see him on his phone talking to the others frantically. “She’s awake! Oh thank goodness she’s awake!” He would say and hug you. “Kihyun asked if you’ve eaten. No? Y/n!” He would scold you and give you a chocolate bar before planning on buying a lot of food. 

Jooheon - would be incredibly terrified when he sees you on the floor. He would run next to you and shake you awake. “Baby? Are you hurt? Did you hit your head? Talk to me…” He would get worked up and carry you to bed. “Should I take you to hospital? What do you need?” he would fuss and won’t take his eyes off you. 

How to become Synyster Gates:

1. Play guitar with your bum bum
2. Take the shot
3. Fuck fuck fuck fuck
4. Get some Walter
5. Remember: pink is the new black
6. Pretend you’re in the joke band Sigmund Freud does his own mother
7. Make sure you can’t fucking stay in your own head that long
8. Stick your tongue out to make fangirls go nuts
9. Be sure that God is crying when you play your epic solos
10. Be in the best band ever: Avenged Sevenfold

B T S • S E V E N • D E A D L Y • S I N S

T A E H Y U N G • L U X U R I A • L U S T

6 • 7


Name moodboard: Casper / Cassper
                                                            (for @lovingpom)

Dutch form of Gaspar, which, along with Balthasar and Melchior, was assigned to the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to the Christ Child. The names are not found in the Bible and are thought to have been assigned in the 11th century. Of uncertain etymology, Caspar might be derived from the Persian genashber (treasure master), which is in keeping with his role of the bringer of precious gifts.

Jooheon - would be so surprised at how good you are. He would be very impressed and incredibly proud of you. “Wow y/n! That was really good! I think we should do a collaboration together!” He would then tell you to rap all over again so he could record you and then show it to everyone. 

I.M. - would simply fanboy over you. “My baby is so talented. Oh my goodness!” He would gush over and over. “We can both rap. You know what that means right? We’re obviously meant to be together!” He would chuckle and then joke that in the near future you will be better than him.