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Can't take credit for this thought as I saw a YouTube comment about it, but it does seem as if Nick shows Harry another photo after the initial boots. Like Harry is laughing slightly, no real heart rate increase, then he looks at Nick again and *then* it spikes fast. And you can see the boot is *not* the last photo Nick is holding. Could Nick and Harry and Lou have flashed him a pic of Louis? Is this why he hates them? :) Your thoughts?

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I have some opinions (haha, what else is new?). So here goes.

The interview was taped, and I think significant segments were edited out. The reason is that no one’s heart rate goes from 100 to 60 in a couple of seconds. Heart rate can spike up (with adrenaline), but there isn’t any “anti-adrenaline” in our bodies to make heart rate drop so fast (except with a huge loss of blood and other ways which I won’t bore you with).

Our bodies are evolutionarily adapted to run from predators and gear up for love in a second (*cough* No Control). We’re not adapted to suddenly relax, if you see my meaning.

I’m a bit surprised that Harry’s resting heart rate is 67. An average person at his age has a resting HR of 70-80. Harry is an athlete who regularly works out. His HR should be under 60. So I think our Harold might already have started off being a bit excited/ worried/ anxious.

I think the response to Ryan Gosling is genuine, but not only because Harry thinks Ryan is hot (because of course he does). I think it’s because 1. he immediately recognized that shot as the one from The Notebook, 2. The Notebook is a movie he has watched with a lot of affection, and 3. he knows Nick/ Lou/ Harry L. are taking the piss out of him because they know what that movie means to him.

There were two times when he laughed, and the HR jumped– at money, and at the Chelsea boots. Laughter may temporarily cause the HR to increase artificially, but then it should come back down. The fact that the HR kept going up with the boots shows – either a lot of adrenaline, or it’s fake. 102 is a FAST heart rate. The fact that it jumped down to the 60’s in a few seconds means they cut out footage. Yeah, I don’t think he was “excited” about Chelsea boots. Who knows what Nick showed him? I imagine it was something incredibly embarrassing.

Jaylor (Joe and Taylor): Through the Years



Joe and Taylor singing Should’ve Said No at Jonas Brothers’ Burning Up Tour.July 2008

Joe and Taylor with Rascal Flatts. Joe visited Taylor while she’s on tour with Rascal Flatts as their opening act.July 2008

Joe and Taylor went on a triple date with Nick, Selena, Kevin and Danielle. August 2008

Taylor made a cameo on Jonas Brothers’ Love Is On Its Way music video.August 2008

Joe and Taylor at 2008 MTV VIdeo Music Awards.September 2008


Joe and Taylor at New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in New York.January 1st


Joe and Taylor talking backstage at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy   Party.January 31st


Joe Jonas with friends watched Taylor Swift’s Speak Now World Tour in San Jose.September 1st


Joe with his brothers talking to Taylor at 2012 MTV EMA Awards.November 11th

fast forward to 2015 >>>


Taylor with bf Calvin, Joe with rumored gf Gigi, and some friends at Taylor’s Billboard Music Awards 2015 after party.May 18th

Taylor and Joe had lunch out together with their significant others Calvin and Gigi along with some Taylor’s friends.June 15th

Taylor, Calvin, Joe, Gigi, and Karlie with Taylor’s parents ride a boat together in London. June 29th

Taylor, Joe, Gigi, Serayah, and HAIM at Taylor’s annual Independence Day celebration at Rhode Island.July 3rd & 4th

Joe, Taylor, Gigi, Nick, and Austin stroll in the beach at Rhode Island.July 4th


Unconfirmed: Irene Koh is the new Legend of Korra comics artist

Today we bring you an unconfirmed scoop to end the drought of information concerning the upcoming Korra comics. This isn’t a leak, it’s a very well-educated guess.

The above-left poster (enhanced and de-skewed based on multiple source photos) was “secretly” released at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, meaning they didn’t announce its existence but if you asked for it at the Nick booth, they would give it to you. No artist was given credit, but upon some research it is obvious that the artist who drew this poster is Irene Koh. A selection of some of her art can be seen above-right, and the following graphic depicts a comparison between her Twitter icon and Korra in the poster, stylistic similarities that all but confirm this is the poster artist.

The reason this is significant is because it is rumored that the same artist who drew the secret poster is also the new artist for upcoming The Legend of Korra comics. This isn’t confirmed, but multiple sources, who we won’t expose, strongly point to this being the case, which we can personally corroborate based on insider evidence that looks fairly compelling.

It has been almost a year since we’ve had any communication from Nick or Dark Horse about the comics, a feeling all too familiar for the Korra fandom. The comics were announced at last year’s NYCC 2015, with Brittney Williams as the artist and Michael Dante DiMartino as the writer. The first comic/graphic novel in what is probably a trilogy was supposed to come out in Fall of this year, but since the announcement, Brittney Williams dropped out and that release date has 100% fallen through since there has been NO news since last year. It’s likely that there were multiple delays in both art and writing, but losing the artist and finding a new one was definitely at least one of the reasons.

Irene Koh will likely be announced as the new artist of the upcoming Legend of Korra comics at this year’s NYCC 2016, October 6-9.

Michael Dante DiMartino, ATLA and TLOK co-creator and writer, will still be the writer of the comics (or at least the first comic?).

Irene Koh has previously worked on DC’s Batgirl Origins and Wonder Woman, Marvel’s 1602, and IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some lok fanart can be seen on her blog, which is a different style from the poster, but it’s unknown if either style will be used for the comics.

Stay tuned for official news about the upcoming Korra comics at this year’s New York Comic-Con. Panels will be announced soon. Hopefully we will get confirmation of the unconfirmed info in this post, and also much more as well! It’s likely that with how long the wait has been, some combination of plot descriptions, titles, covers, previews, release dates etc. will be revealed.

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Mid afternoon greetings to you lovely folks.
I will be taking a mini vacation to seaside this wed and have been recently
inspired to make some new shop banners for the etsy store.
It would be fun to make a few banners for other etsy folks too while lounging in the sea breezes of a beach hotel <3  

Any handcrafters etsy shops need new banners?
Only down side is that i don’t have many fancy fonts to choose from but that aside, i have hundred of photos to use for banner making… bones, stones, nature, crystals, animals…. and
everything in between.

I can also do banners for other shop sites ( if they use banners) you would just have to tell me the pixels or size it needs to be for shops aside from etsy.
OR you can send me a photo you want turned into a banner of sorts, just make sure its your original photo and not small sized cell phone quality please : )

Also any other handmade folks want to send me their shop links?
I can see about doing some sort of bulk handmade post for all you followers looking for new shops to explore?
ehhh ehhh? nudge nudge?
lets do this.

Here are examples of a few shop banners ive made and used over the years, if you want one..
just send me a message on here with your links and let me know if you want a banner and or a promotion post <3

Above photo was a customer photo, so credit goes to lisa nick clements : )

I choose those 2 fonts for my shops, there are about 30 other fonts i can choose from for more cursive styles to block lettering <3