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Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: none, really. Some fluff, some dark Steve

Words: 2.4k

All credit goes to Marvel

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Steve flipped the picture in his hands over and over, looking at the picture itself, then the date on the back of it. September 29th, 2016. The date seemed so long ago. He stared at the picture a little longer. He committed every small detail of it to memory; the way her hair flowed with the wind, her radiant smile, her eyes. Oh god, her eyes, he thought. He bit his lip, carefully folding the picture back into his wallet. How was he supposed to live on like this? Without her?

“Dad, I don’t know if this is a good idea. At least not yet.” You pleaded with your father. Nick Fury sat at the table across from you, elbows up on the table.

“You are the only option right now, Y/N. Everyone on the team is down and we need you.” Nick said affirmatively. You knew that tone of voice. That tone of voice meant you weren’t getting out of this. “All you have to do is make sure that James Buchanan Barnes is stable and true to the Avengers Initiative. We don’t need any more HYDRA in this world and he has some pretty strong ties to them.” You looked at your dad, Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“It’ll take two weeks tops. Maybe one depending on what you see. I promise you won’t be in there for longer than you have to.” He put his hand over yours reassuringly and you took a deep breath. Fury slid over the steel briefcase and you opened it, surveying the photostatic veil in front of you. “Wearing this at all times is necessary. The Avengers already know you as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. If they suspect that one of us is spying on one of them, the mission is compromised and there’s no telling what will happen. As we all know, Steve Rogers is a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to Bucky Barnes. We can’t risk him hurting you if he finds out what you’re up to.”

“Right, so who am I, again?” You asked. Your nerves were on fire with anxiety, whether it was good anxiety or bad anxiety, you weren’t sure. You squeezed your dad’s hand a little tighter.

“You’re Marie Laveau, Stark’s new assistant. He knows why you’re there, but he doesn’t know who you really are. He doesn’t trust Barnes either. He’ll show you everything and give you the inside briefing. You’re from San Antonio, moved here when you were nine years old to live with your aunt after your parents were killed in a deadly gambling ring. You won’t be there long, so you don’t need much more information, and if they ask, I trust you won’t blow your cover. Now come on, I’ll bring you to the tower. You can put your face on in the car.” Nick stood up, gesturing for you to follow. You and your dad stood up, too. You gave him a hug and grabbed the briefcase before following Fury.

“Tell May I bought more celery for her breakfast shakes!” You called. Your dad smiled and nodded as you sat down in the passenger seat of Nick’s car.

“You know, you didn’t have to cut and dye your hair.” He said, pulling out of the restaurant parking lot.

“Oh, I didn’t,” you pulled off your jet black wig, exposing your natural hair underneath it. “You’re not the only one who thought disguise.” You saw him crack a (rare) smile.

“So I guess spending the entirety of your life training you to be a spy didn’t go to waste, huh?”

“Well, I had some pretty good teachers.”

“You’re doing this at the right time,” Tony began. “Barnes is just starting to warm up to everyone, but he’s still slightly reserved. I feel like he’s keeping something from us, something from Steve. Oh, here’s Diana’s room. You’ll be staying here.” He gestured to the room you would be staying and you felt instantly relaxed by looking around.

“Thanks, Tony.” you said sincerely. You gave him a grateful smile and he nodded, putting your luggage on the queen-sized bed.

“No, thank you. I need to keep my team together. But I need to trust Barnes before I do that,” You nodded understandingly. “Dinner’s at five, so you have time to wash up or get situated or whatever you needed to do.” With that, he gave you a tight smile before leaving, shutting your door behind him. You pressed your hands against your mattress, welcoming the familiar softness of it, and you hung your head. It’s gonna be a long two weeks, you thought.

When you came down for dinner that night, you sat at the long bar table with a piece of pizza in front of you and a knife and fork in hand. “You’re the only person I know, besides Diana, that eats pizza like that.” Nat remarked. Steve’s head popped up to look at you and then your hands, still holding the silverware. He looked at you skeptically in a way that made your skin crawl.

“I don’t like getting pizza grease on my fingers.” You shrugged and crinkled your nose. Nat nodded and went back to eating her slice, but Steve’s eyes lingered on you for just a bit longer and you averted your gaze back to your pizza, busying yourself with cutting into it and taking a bite.

Bucky came over and plopped down next to Steve, grabbing himself a slice of buffalo chicken pizza and nearly shoving the entire thing in his mouth. Steve whispered something in Bucky’s ears and you saw Bucky glance at you in the corner of your eyes. You picked at your lip and felt your cheeks heat up, and you were thankful that the photo-static veil wouldn’t show it. Steve stood up, throwing his now-empty plate away before excusing himself. You watched as he stalked out of the room. Bucky came over and sat down by you.

“Don’t take it personal, you just remind him a lot about Diana. Everybody here’s still upset that she’s gone and they don’t like to talk about it, but I know a lot about her from her file and what Steve’s told me. Walk with me, I’ll tell you everything you need to know.” Bucky looked into your eyes and you could tell he was serious. You finished your piece and threw your plate away, instantly going to follow the brunet who was already halfway out the door.

“Diana was great. She was sweet, but wouldn’t hesitate to bring one of us to the floor if she didn’t like what someone was doing. She was incredibly intelligent, easily beating out Clint and Natasha in almost any subject. She was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but they called her an ‘Honorary Avenger’ because she went on a lot of missions with them. That’s how her and Steve got close and how they started dating. They were never public about their relationship though, they thought people would use them against each other, making them vulnerable. They loved each other too much that they’d pick each other’s lives to save over their own.”

“Sounds dangerous, to say the least. What happened to her?” You kicked at a rock as you and Bucky walked back to the tower, now with two cups of hot chocolate.

“She was presumed dead after an Extremis blew up in a bar. She was trying to save this kid, Harley, I think. He was real special to Tony, but Tony was down for the count when Harley ran into the bar, trying to save some file. Tony begged and yelled after Harley not to go in, but it was too late. The building burst into flames and Diana ran in, diving under beams and structures that had fallen over. She pushed Harley out, but one of the rafters fell on top of her, and they couldn’t get to her in time. They never found her, all the bodies were too charred to be recognizable. Not even dental records could help.”

“Steve hasn’t been the same since?”

“No, but can you blame him? Captain America losing the love of his life? He was almost mad when Pepper was the one to kill Aldrich Killian, the guy who created it. Steve wanted to do it himself.” You guys stopped walking when you reached the steps to the common room. “I guess I credit her with being why I joined the Avengers. The punk’s lost so much in life that he needs someone who understands. I just want him to be happy, that’s what we all want. So it makes more sense for me to be on his side instead of an enemy, doing the right thing for once instead of being some brainwashed psychopath killer.”

You threw your empty hot chocolate cup into the trashcan and shoved your hands in your pockets. “I appreciate you telling me all of this now so I don’t make an ignorant remark later. I don’t want to upset him.” You said. Bucky nodded, pressing his lips together. He opened the door for you and you stepped inside. Your eyes instantly landed on Steve, sitting on the couch and reading the newspaper.

He glanced up at you before focusing back on his paper. You frowned a little at how distant he was with you, but you couldn’t blame him. He probably felt bothered that you were staying in Diana’s old room. You shrugged it off and went to your new room anyways. You had to text your dad and Fury, and then take a hot shower to make up for the cold night air.

Me: Had some one-on-one time with Barnes. His intentions look good, but I’ll stay the full week to be sure.

Dad: Remember your cover, stay safe.

Fury: Dig up any dirt you can. I want a thorough report of him.

You turned your phone’s screen off and placed it on the counter of the bathroom, making sure to lock the door before pulling your wig off as well and stepping into the hot, inviting water of your shower.

“Hey, Steve, Tony wants to know when you’re ready to try out the new suit.” You popped your head through his door. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, staring intently at a picture. He coughed and folded it back into his pocket before nodding and standing up to follow you to the lab. When he reached the door where you were standing, he did a once-over of you. Not in a ‘checking you out’ sort of way, but another skeptical glance. You froze momentarily, fearing that Steve was way too smart and could probably see right past your cover.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Okay, Laveau, I want you to take a shot at Steve. Anywhere you want. Preferably not in the nether regions. Or the chest. The legs and stomach are fair game though.” Tony said. He tossed you a gun and you caught the trigger on your ring finger. They braced for the bullet that they assumed would be shot, but it never came. Instead, the gun balanced delicately off your finger.

“What?” You asked. Tony and Steve stood up from their crouched positions and stared at you in shock.

“Uh, nothing. Diana just used to do that a lot, kinda her thing, I guess.” Tony said. You frowned.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Must’ve just been a lucky catch.” You shrugged the comment off. “Steve, are you ready?” He nodded, and braced his body. Tony had been working on the new 100% vibranium suit for weeks now, he told you, and he was excited to test it out. Steve, however, was a bit nervous to be shot at for experimental purposes.

You fired off one shot, one at his thigh. Then you fired another at his stomach. One at his shoulder, and one at his arm. Tony watched as the bullets bounced off Steve’s uniform. Steve’s face was contorted in pain, but nothing went past his armor. When he opened his eyes and stared down at himself, he grinned at his bullet-less body and looked at Tony, who was beaming. You used this moment to excuse yourself. “Well, if that’s all you need, sir, Bucky asked me to dinner and I should get going.” Tony waved you off, too excited by his success to pay much attention. You slipped out of the room.

You walked back into your bedroom after dinner with Bucky, whom you had a surprisingly good time with. You had decided that further investigation to him wasn’t needed. In fact, he spent nearly the entire time raving over the Avengers and his missions with them. He told you about growing up with Steve and how happy he was when he was pulled out of cryostasis and found out Steve Rogers was still alive. He was even happier when he found out that Steve was still around his age, non-biologically. You dropped your keys onto the table by your door and looked into the little mirror above it, taking out your earrings. You jumped out of your shoes when you heard Steve’s voice. “Diana Locke was a great spy, amazing even. She was an expert marksman. But she also had her ticks. She picked at her lip when she was nervous. She ate her pizza with a knife and fork,” you froze, still turned away from him. “In fact, she’s even your exact height.”

“Steve, I’m sorry. Bucky told me about Diana, but she’s dead, and I-“, he cut you off.

“Oh, yeah. Diana’s dead. Diana was a cover though. Everybody believes that she died in that Extremis fire, but only I know that she used that fire and belief that she was dead to run off and find a new alias, a new cover, because she had blown hers while saving Harley.” He stalked up behind you, but you still didn’t move aside from letting him shove a picture into your hand. You brought it up in front of you and studied it. It was a photo of him and Diana. They smiled brightly at the camera with Diana lifted high onto his shoulders. She held up an American flag as her hair blew in the wind behind her. “I was the only one lucky enough to know her real name. Her true self. I know her better than herself sometimes. I’m the only one who can keep up with her.” You turned to face him and he hovered his hand over your photo-static veil, pulling it off of your face. You helped him by reaching behind you and sliding off the wig, letting your natural hair fall back onto your shoulders, framing your face. He stared at you, a smile taking over his features.

“So, what was her name, Steve?” You breathed out.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

New Studyblr... Hopefully

Hello world! Just thought I’d throw this post into the Tumblr void hoping a few passersby see it and feel some encouragement. So let me introduce myself… 

Who AM I?

My name is Rye! I am a college student who is majoring in Applied Linguistics with the hopes of becoming a speech therapist one day. 


 I discovered the Studyblr Community a few months ago and just recently built up the nerve to join it. I’ve really wanted to commit myself more to my field of study. So many of you are just so dedicated to education and learning, its truly inspiring. Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing methods of organization that I can only DREAM of being able to create! Anywaaaays…. 


If you don’t already know who these lovelies are I suggest you find them RIGHT NOW! They are awesome and smart and have great studyblrs that can motivate anyone! 

@studyign, @emmastudies, @studyquill, @waystostudy, @tbhstudying, @analyctics@rhubarbstudies, @studie-s, @mochi-studies, @alexistudying 

There are many many more studyblrs that are awesome but I just had to give these ones some credit! 


I’m really going to try and participate in this community that I’ve just been watching from a distance all this time. Please follow me if this sounds interesting to you at all or message me! I’d love to hear from you and make new friends! 

Happy Studies


Dear friends,

I need to ask for your help.

As you will know, we are currently going through a planning application to turn the Culross shop into tea rooms.

I feel *strongly* that other Outlander fans should be able to enjoy a really good cup of tea and perhaps something sweet while looking over fictional Cranesmuir & Geillis’ house.

We have been funding the business from Doug’s salary and I have not taken a salary (yet!). We have also funded the planning application (currently £561) ourselves. It’s been very tough, but we’re just about coping to set this business up.

On Friday evening I got a long email from the lovely planning guy at Fife Council, which contained an ‘official response’ from one of his colleagues in the Environmental Health department. I attach that as an image for you to look at (it will be on the planning application documentation).

We need to prove that we can control odours - which thankfully shouldn’t be an issue as we found a metal flue pipe in the chimney yesterday- and that it won’t be too noisy.

We need to get a report from a “suitably qualified person” about noise levels & how we plan to manage it so we don’t disturb neighbours (I don’t think the Council will accept the playing of Sam’s reading of Ae Fond Kiss on YouTube as a control measure, although I’m sure it would work!!). The report needs to be with the Council by 28th April - and this is the thing that is causing me a hell of a lot of stress.

So yesterday I asked myself: “What would Jenny do?”. Jenny Fraser Murray is my heroine; tough, stubborn, hardworking 18th century feminist who adores her family. I watched the episode where Jenny and Claire go off in search of Jamie, and was inspired by the image of Jenny with a gun tucked into her belt. What a woman she is!

Said report from said suitably qualified folks cost in the region of £500-£1000, and unfortunately I can’t use the services of Fiverr for this one. We simply do not have a spare £1K at the moment, nor any space on our credit cards, so we are humbly asking our fanmily for some help to make the dream a reality.

I have created a Kickstarter campaign for £750, which includes rewards for anyone who donates. Suggested donations start at £5.

I would be incredibly grateful for this post being shared and for any pledges and donations.

Wishing you all a peaceful and joyous Easter 🐣

With love,



To those of you who make gifs: THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A BLESSING AND CREATING THESE SMILEY!SEB PIECES OF ART! ♡!credit to creators!♡

Because you are a Ravenclaw

The ones who will love and accept you no matter what

The eyes that are curious to know why
The unusual past times

The nose that falls in love with the smell of a new book

The brain that has too many thoughts to process

The feeling of understanding

The heart that yearns to learn more

The fingers that continuously search for something to create

The back hunched over from reading to much

The soul that’s quirky, but everyone loves it

The witty sentences formed

The accidental distraction that happens

The thought process that makes everybody confused

The want to know the answer

The fear of being wrong

The people who will never live in a world without new discoveries and inventions

The experiments that go horribly wrong

The fascinations with what is happening in the minds of others

The innovators and creators that unite

The house that does not get nearly enough credit

The ones who will love and accept you until the rest of your life


(For the contest but realizing that everyone else has much more useful/ helpful/ awesome stuff but whatever!)

Miraculous Ladybug Fic Recommendations

If you’re suffering like me due to the lack of a new episode and if you’re craving Miraculous Ladybug fics, I highly recommend these :D Mainly for my own reference so I can keep track of what I want to keep reading, but hopefully you find something you like as well~ Credits to all the lovely writers who created the pieces c:

Heartstrings by taylortot on AO3 (She’s taylordraws on tumblr, please do check out her other stuff because it’s all super duper adorable)

Pairing: Focuses on Marinette x Chat Noir (so far)
Status: Chapter 9/?, last updated on 2016/01/18
Summary: Absolutely flawless <3 I honestly can’t even summarize this, I promise it is amazing though! Steamy kisses in this c; Relationship development, working towards the identity reveal, etc.

Rainy Days by TheLastPilot on Fanfiction

Pairing: Marinette/Ladybug x Adrien/Chat Noir (Has scenes with all 4 ships, with majority being Marinette x Adrien)
Status: Complete (Chapter 10/10)
Summary: PLEASE JUST READ IT :D I am completely in love with this piece! I’m not even over exaggerating to be nice or anything. It’s a brilliant, romantic fic, ending in an identity reveal. Lots of feels. They’re completely in love with each other, but Marinette and Adrien have times where they are torn for loving both of the other’s identities (which they don’t know yet), so prepare for a bit of hurt. The author also made an effort to be inclusive of all sides of the main ship. Furthermore, Adrien is a protective little sweetheart, standing up for Marinette when Chloe disrespects her. If you want to drown in fluff and romance, go for it.

Clear Skies by TheLastPilot on Fanfiction

Pairing: Focuses on Marinette x Adrien
Status: Complete (Chapter 2/2)
Summary: Sequel to Rainy Days! Post reveal, chapter 1 is about them settling down after what happened in Rainy Days, chapter 2 is the SWEETEST, CAVITY CAUSING, FLUFFIEST DATE EVER.

Boutique by TheJulyCentury on AO3

Pairing: Focuses on Marinette x Adrien (so far)
Status: Chapter 4/?, last updated on  2015/11/21
Summary: Marinette opens up an online store and Adrien later finds out, becoming an adorable, hot, hormonal, jealous mess  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Lucky Strike by Inkkerfuffle on AO3

Pairing: Focuses on Marinette x Chat Noir (so far)
Status: Chapter 5/6, last updated on 2015/11/28
Summary: Marinette stands up for Rose against Chloe, but gets suspended. Chat visits, and then steamy kisses c; Very cute storyline, worth the time reading even though each chapter is a bit more lengthy.

The Ladybugs and the Bees by BullySquadess on AO3

Pairing: Focuses on Ladynoir (so far)
Status: Chapter 22/?, last updated on 2016/02/02
Summary: And the smut begins! Awesome fic, with a great storyline. So the first few chapters are about puberty, but I promise it’s essential for the rest of the story! So much Ladybug  x Chat Noir, just them being expiremental teenagers etc. Honestly I personally loved it because they’re being such cute interactive darlings, so if you like smut with plot then go for it :)

The Consequences of Midnight Makeouts by Faequeen40 on AO3

Pairing: Marichat, Adrienette, Ladynoir?
Status: Complete (Chapter 3/3)
Summary: Hickeys, scratches on the back, reveal fic. First two chapters are about their school life with people seeing their love marks ;3 Chapter 3 is what got me though. If you’re a precious cinnamon roll, ch 3 might tear your heart out for 30 seconds or so because there’s a few lines of angst. Aside from that, it’s basically exactly what the title is (with Marichat), and then Adrien has suspicions of Marinette being Ladybug.

Secret Santa by TheLastPilot on Fanfiction

Pairing: Focuses on Marinette x Adrien
Status: Complete (Chapter 1/1)
Summary: SO FLUFFY, very easily imaginable as canon. Adrien and Marinette get each other as their secret santa. Marinette is a precious little darling and Adrien is proud. Sweet and short c:

Too Real by PearLynn on AO3

Pairing: All 4 main ships
Status: Complete (5/5)
Summary: IF YOU NEEDED SIN, SEX, AND ALL THE SMUT, HERE YOU GOOOOOOO. Oral sex, identity reveal, and all that :’D Written very well, so it’s not JUST them being hormonal teens. Definitely recommended to all you smut craving lovelies.

Dont Wake Me Up by georgette_the_frog on AO3

Pairing: Covers most of the main ship
Status: Complete (7/7)
Summary: Just your average dose of dream smut, really all just dreams coming to an identity realization.

If you guys are looking for fics with Nathanaël as well, then look below the cut~

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Thank you for your comments, likes, and following… all the credit and support goes to the amazing artists and teams that create these beautiful images we are inspired by and love! I also wanted to apologize to those who’ve sent submissions via direct message… my eyes popped out of my head when I saw it’s gotten up to 99+ messages, and I’ve not been diligent with responses due to being busy in my own artistic work/pursuits and traveling outside of this instagram… your time and work like mine is very valuable to me so I apologize and will go through all of them this Sunday and Monday! I debate whether or not to put a public email on here again… had a very bad experience with that so kind of leery to open myself up to that again. I don’t post on here for popularity, or gain monetarily or to get free products or further my own industry pursuits and promote my own work though I could, and been advised to. I post on here what I love, inspires me and my work as I hope it does you, and to support the people I believe in, who are beautiful souls, and to inspire people to volunteer or give back to their community it’s about quality to me not numbers, fame, or financial gain. I love art, people, life helping where I can that’s my passion… Top That Pose started as a college assignment grew into something from the heart. If this has inspired you then my goal is accomplished nothing more nothing less! God bless you all and thank you and the teams much love to each one of you - I’m just a girl like all of you with big dreams too! 😊
📷 One of the many images I love to share now and again this is by Ukranian digital artist Stanislav Odyagailo, makes me think of angels, love it ❤
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rad mckinnon blogs!

Because I hit 600 followers and it’s mainly for all my Kate Mckinnon posts that I’m creating and reblogging, I’m gonna give a little credit to my favourite Kate Mckinnon blogs right here. There aren’t a lot and this is totally informal and thank you. In no particular order…

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you’re all beautiful and thanks for being some great resources to fuel my love of Kate who is a wife, child, and mother to us all. To look at Mckinnon posts I made or reblogged just check out my tag on my blog. #wife mckinnon


under the cut, there are approximately #205 gif icons of the adorable ashton irwin, who is pretty much my husband. he’s best known for being in the legendary group known as 5 seconds of summer. please note that none of the original gifs were created by me, but i did in fact resize/crop all of them and i added a border + psd to them as well. please don’t take credit for these icons, as i did work hard on them. if you found these helpful, or if plan on using them, please just give this post either a like/reblog, it shows me that these are actually helping people! enjoy, love!!

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SU spoilers kinda

So here’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Why would Rose Quartz give up her physical, powerful form if she had a family who loved her and a happy, peaceful life learning about, protecting, and restoring the earth? Why would she intentionally hurt the ones she loved and essentially hard reset to a helpless, fleshy, experimental gem-human hybrid? Those side-effects, nonexistance and grief to her loved ones, must have been outweighed by the value of Steven coming into the world. Whatever purpose Rose Quartz had for giving up her physical form–more so than that creating Steven himself–must have been so important that she was willing to sacrifice her being for it. But what could that purpose be? To protect? To heal? What can Steven, a smol fleshbaby who very well could have not even worked or survived as a life form at all, possibly bring to the universe that she couldn’t? For one I’d certainly guess love, given the end credits song that is most certainly from Rose’s perspective. Diplomacy? A symbolic apology from gems to humans for past destruction?

Or maybe she had bigger plans in mind. The humans in close proximity to the gems seem more perturbed and annoyed than anything- any humans alive during the gem wars or invasion would be long gone by now. They don’t really seem to notice the gems much, and I feel like RQ wanted that most of all. To go undetected.

Steven is not hurt by the gem weapons or prisons Jasper and Peridot brought. Steven has powers both he and the gems are learning about every day. Steven has compassion and love and great strength as a leader and as a friend. Steven is accepted and loved by humans. Feared by and disturbing to the homeworld gems. They wanted to confiscate him, to study him. And without intimate knowledge of human life, they can’t really understand or predict his moves.

What if Steven isn’t so much a gift. What if Steven is a weapon.

A Stevenbomb, if you will.

Exo reactions to you telling them that they’re meeting your parents


*Gifs are not mine unless stated otherwise, credit to owners.


*shrugs* “Okay, when do we go? Your mom will love me, obviously.”


*confident* “Good, now I can tell your Dad how much you mean to me and that I’ll be a good boyfriend.”


*fakes being sick and exaggerates it* “Sorry, Baobei, I’m sick, I guess we’ll have to meet them next time they’re in town.”


“You mean I get to meet the people who created you?” *excited*


“But what if your dad hates me? What if your MOM hates me?”


*locks himself in the bedroom* “I’m not ready to get your parents approval, what if they don’t like me?”


*laughs nervously* “That’s great… When are we going again?”


“Wait, you’re telling me this now? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I need to prepare!”


“I guess it’s time to thank them for making my lovely girlfriend.”


“What? Why? Jagi, I can’t die yet, your father is going to kill me!” *scared for his life* “He doesn’t have a gun, right?”


“Let’s leave right now, so that it’s over quickly and I don’t have to spend too long with your parents, who probably already hate my guts.” *fake smile*


“Does this mean I can ask them to tell me embarrassing stories about you?”


Reposting, what else is new.

I can’t seem to scroll any PJO Tumblr tags or Instagram tags without seeing immense amounts of my art being re-uploaded/edited without credit or asking.

Needless to say I’m pretty pissed.

I specifically ask on every piece I uploaded not to use it without credit or asking first. It’s not that difficult. I have given EVERYONE who politely asked to use my work permission to use it as an icon/edit/re-upload on instagram or Facebook, etc. I love when people use my art in their creations, but it’s SO important to me that you credit for it. If not, it agitates me.

I don’t see why asking for permission to use something that I created is so hard to do. That art you’re stealing wouldn’t even exist without me. The least you can do is acknowledge me for drawing it. Not giving artists credit for their work hurts them not only emotionally, but it also makes it so other people can’t find us. They don’t know the source, so therefore they can’t support us.

I must say, I really haven’t missed doing fanart for the PJO fandom lately.
I adore the majority of you guys, but there are so many people that steal.

It’s just not worth it.

anonymous asked:

hey Mel! this is going to sound sooooooo stupid but I noticed you have a IMDbPro. Can you tell us how tall each of the guys are? Because Google lies and I really want to know! thanks babe xoxoxoxo

oh hiiiii! there are no stupid questions at all, and i am happy to be the facilitator of any and all additional extraness that you may want to have about things.

Please keep in mind that I’m 185% sure this is how tall some of 1D wishes they were, like how I tell people that I have hazel eyes, but really you know, and i know, and the whole world knows they are brown with shades of more brown put in there for interest.


Let’s start with Liam “Daddy Trash Can Lid Hands” Payne, the love of my life and facilitator of my future death:

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Caption: Liam, as he waves goodbye to my lifeless corpse after one of his spirited vocal runs. Photo credit: My fantasies.

Height: 5’ 9½”, with the 9½” being the actual height of his dick. IM KIDDING, IM KIDDING, OHMYGOD IM KIDDING. He’s probably that tall. I’m too distracted by how he is the perfect combination of manly lumberjack who built this very log cabin you’re standing in an afternoon on a whim because a meadow of wildflowers moved him to create with his hands more and disinterested billionaire playboy who has a garage full of high-end sports cars he uses to drive over my heart. 

Harry “Magical Light-filled Dancing Cupcake of Happiness” Styles:

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Caption: Harry dancing whitely as I make fond cooing noises in between crying. Photo credit: My womb. 

Height: 5’ 11" . My analysis based on no proof whatsoever is that he’s probably really that tall. Either that or he’s putting shoe lifts made of woven kale into his glitter boots for extra height. Either way, I support him because we both like sparkly things, being nice to people and to show off our boobs. 

Zayn “Beautiful Lab Created Hologram of My Eventual Doom” Malik:

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Caption: There isn’t one because I temporarily passed out after looking at this gif. Photo credit: POORLY SPELLED CPAS LCK SCRMEAING

Height: 5’ 9". If imdbPro is telling me this is true, then my whole life has been a lie and we probably didn’t even land on the moon. I once saw Zayn, beautiful hologram, precious dippin’ dot of unsurpassed beauty, outside of a super trendy restaurant in my neighborhood. So you can be proud of me, I can absolutely report that I pretended to be cool even though as I write this I am wearing fleece pajamas with dancing polar bears on them. He is so SMOL, you guyz. A  mere wisp, a far off, razor-scooter riding star in the brightest of galaxies. My tiniest of sons and #1 Liam Payne stan.  I look forward to them sprinkling my ashes on his Vevo channel this year. 

Louis “I don’t have a nickname for him because I can’t eat fruit snacks and think at the same time” Tomlinson:

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Caption: Louis judging me for the fact I just missed my mouth entirely while eating this snack. Photo credit: My inner consciousness. 

Height: 5’ 7¾". My grinch heart grew 3 sizes just now because tiny thimble sized Lewis wanted to make sure they recorded those ¾". I want to swaddle him in Adidas hoodies and tuck him into a race car bed with a soccer mobile above it. I am also fully aware this post will come back to haunt me and Louis himself will probably roast me until my eyebrows are singed off for it. SUCH A TINY ANGRY KITTEH.

Neill “I don’t have a nickname because i want to savor the taste of this Capri Sun I’ve got” Horan:

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Caption: Niall, after discovering that I once tried to sext someone by typing out the lyrics to an LFO song.  Photo credit: My low key humiliation.

Height: 5’ 8". MellyGrant Analysis: He’s probably that tall. I don’t really know that much about Neill (WHO EVEN DOES, HE’S LIKE THE WIND), other than he seems really happy and sometimes likes to dress like a newsboy from The Great Depression. Sometimes I think, if I went to his address and asked for him, an old man would answer the door and go “Niall Horan? There’s no Niall Horan here. He died in 1862.”

I hope this super long, great American novel length answer helps. Thanks for stopping by, anon friend. ::thumbs up because im tired and gifs require thinking::

Hi, I’m Immortan-Joe Hokey, Australian Treasure Hider for the Parliament Funkadelic.

Despite looking like a crooked, smug, fart-sniffing, thick-necked, no-lip, boiled-egg-eating, pancake-destroying, walrus-bodied, Sopranos-reject, bloated, fucking-goombah, I’m actually an all-round great guy, a man of the people. All of my maids tell me that.

Anyone born after about 1995 is pretty much screwed because all of the people born before then have made housing anywhere near the CBD unaffordable. We’ve had the benefit of stimulus packages, low interest rates, low-doc or no-doc lending practices, first homebuyer schemes and wages that are commensurate with housing prices.

Prior to 1995 the banks’ lending practice was to loan a person a maximum of about 4 times their salary to purchase a house. That put an artificial, but tangible, cap on housing prices, somewhere in the realistic reach of most Australians earning an average wage.

Fast forward to 2015, meet Average Joe. Average Joe is on the average wage of $75,000. The average Sydney property price is estimated to reach $1m by the end of the year, or 13 times Average Joe’s average wage.

This means Average Joe can’t realistically own an average home. With the average Sydney rent around $600 a week, he will never be able to save enough to get a deposit, to get a $1m loan, to ‘buy’ a house. I say 'buy’ because really, the bank owns Joe’s house for the next 30 years, until he pays off his $1m mortgage.

With interest rates at 5.5%, everyone, including Average Joe and me, Immortan Joe, thinks that housing is affordable. But let’s do something I don’t really like doing as the Tressure Hunter of Australia, it’s called math. We’ll keep it basic because that’s all I can handle. For instance, let’s take a look at Average Joe on $75,000 and the average house price of $1m.

If you calculate a mortgage with a 30 year loan, for $1m, at 5.5% interest the total interest payment is $1,044,040. Let that sink in for a second. That’s more than the amount of the loan, just in interest.  Add to that the repayment of the principal of $1m, and the total cost of an average house over 30 years is $2,044,040.

30 years might seem like a long time to put a house on lay-buy, maybe you could pay off more, earlier? Well hold on there Donald Trump, lets take a look at this month by month.

From his $75,000 a year, Average Joe earns a net income $4427 a month. The 'minimum’ monthly repayment on Joe’s million dollar loan is $5678.

This means that if Joe never ate, never paid any bills, never went out with his friends, never bought a present for anyone, never bought lunch, never serviced his car, refilled it, never caught public transport, never bought any clothes, never had the internet, Netflix, a gym membership, never posted a letter, never bought furniture for his house, never bought a coffee or had a pet… and put every single cent into his 'average’ home loan, he would still miss his repayments by $1251 a month, or $15,000 a year (which he would be charged another $800 a year on that missed amount at 5.5% interest).  

Let’s say interest rates went up, by a few percent, say 1.5% in the next few years and remained stable. That mortgage interest payment would now be $1,395,066 or $350,000 more than the loan at an interest rate of 5.5%.

To put that extra $350,000 in perspective, Joe’s $75,000 a year is actually $53,000 after tax. That’s another 6.6 years of annual salary for Average Joe. So for Joe, if he took out a loan at 35, and expected to retire and own his home at 65 he would be mistaken. He wouldn’t be able to retire until he was 71.6. Oh and don’t forget, Average Joe was short $1251 on the 5.5% loan each month. Joe is more likely to die before he owns his home.

What’s my advice for Average Joe. Just get a better job. Get on SEEK and go for it! Don’t work a job that pays less than $75,000 or even $100,000 a year. Just refuse to. Someone will find you and pay you more, because of stuff.

If that doesn’t work, just become a boring lawyer, dentist, banker, doctor or some other job with the highest suicide rate, worst working hours and highest incidence of depression. Forget pursuing a creative career and the dream of owning a home, they’re mutually exclusive now.  Instead, devote yourself to being a ruthless, cutthroat money obsessed corporate prostitute drone.

Here are my other great ideas for home ownership and riches, officially endorsed by the Department of Treasury:

  • be born into a rich family, you can do this early on in life by only being ejaculated out of the balls of a man who either has lots of generational wealth, or is going to be successful (look into the future for this), or make sure you hook up with the egg of a similar woman (again, look into the future and choose your balls/egg combination wisely)
  • develop an interest in corporate law, banking or cardiology from an early age (7 or under) if you aren’t into these topics in your youth then make yourself interested in them, the other option is being poor and not driving
  • get in a time machine and travel back to the Pilbara in 2002 and get a job doing pretty much anything, like a janitor on $150,000 or a lollipop-man-for-trucks on $170,000
  • sell your vagina/anus to pay off your HECS debt (i.e. become a highly paid whore)
  • be a young attractive woman and baby-trap a rich man (i.e. go to a bar frequented by investment bankers and have sex with one of them while lying about being on the pill, give birth to a golden goose baby)
  • join a bikie gang and sell marijuana or crystal in bulk (note!: don’t get murdered or arrested, this is bad for your credit rating)
  • create the “car-house”, my car-house is a 2005 Kia Sorrento. I’m making some money on it by renting the glove box to an international student
  • be a networker, people love other people who network, constantly pressure people into becoming your clients, they love this
  • get a TER score of 99.98 or higher, just beat the competition from elite private schools with great teachers and/or Chinese supercomputer children, become an accountant
  • steal from the elderly, children, cars, work, everywhere, just take it, take things and pretend you didn’t do it, you are Winona Ryder
  • invent gold
  • Save every cent you earn, never associate with friends. Get comfortable being described as 'frugal’, 'tight’ 'cheap’ or 'stingey’, don’t enjoy life, just be obsessed with money. Never pay your share.
  • cheat a skewed tax system, tell your employer you 'only take cash’, claim your tax deductions as tax deductions, invent 12 children you need support payments for
  • walk out of restaurants without paying, or eating, because you can’t afford anything at McDonalds anyway, this is also known as 'not eating’.
  • get a second job at night driving for Uber, wait tables, work mornings at a bakery then night shifts at a local steel mill, never sleep, become Eminem sell 100 million albums
  • murder your landlord and assume their identity, your new name is The Talented Mrs Joan Jenkins
  • become immortal, work for 600 years non-stop and treat yourself with a holiday in Kuta, or Seminyak if you’re a real fuckin snob and saved well
  • marry an investment banker who looks like Alf and probably has the personality of a shoe (my favourite)
  • join FIFA, the Australian Wheat Board, Australian Water Holdings, a drug squad, or other corrupt organisation such as a local government council or workers union management and take bribes
  • make your own house out of materials from around the hou… oh wait…
  • buy a house from Ray’s Outdoor Camping World. People might call this a 'tent’ but that is an ancient word for 'house’. You now own a 'house’.

Lay - 150910 Publisher OneBook’s weibo update

Translation: “Zhang Yixing’s birthday surprise second wave: For the past half year, we have been meticulously creating Zhang Yixing’s first semi-autobiography, "Independent 24”, starting pre-sales September 17th. Boss Zhang, who likes receiving letters, says this book is his reply letter which he has written to everyone, “Because being loved like this, even if I only have a final fan remaining, I want to continue singing for this hefty single love.”

Credit: 一本OneBook.

I am so tired of going into the tags and seeing nothing but reposted art and graphics everywhere. Same goes for screenshots of original posts.

For those of you who are unaware, resposting art and/or graphics you found on Google with “credit to artist/creator” in the description is NOT a reliable source and it does NOT make the action of your reposting okay.

If you want to share the art and/or graphics, find the artist or the creator and ask their permission to repost. If you can’t find the original artist/creator, too bad. If they say no, too bad. Don’t repost it. Just because you found the art or the graphic online does not mean it’s okay for you to just slap it on your blog.

What makes it worse is I keep seeing reposted art that belong to artists here on tumblr. Same goes for graphic makers too. Hell, my own graphics keep getting reposted. For the love of God, REBLOG FROM THE ARTIST OR REBLOG FROM THE CREATOR. Stop taking their work from their blogs and reposting it. You’re taking credit away from them and being outright disrespectful.

Lastly, if you see a text post you like, REBLOG IT. Don’t screenshot and repost it. Seriously, why would you even do that in the first place? It’s so much easier just to reblog it and yet again, you’re just taking credit away from the person who made the original post.

This has been an ongoing issue and I’m so over it. Learn some respect for the people who create things for FREE for all of us to enjoy. Stop stealing from them.


Lay - 150616 Vogue Fashion & Beauty’s weibo update: “昨晚Chanel派对明星保龄球赛谁最身手不凡?冠军的就是张艺兴@努力努力再努力x !爱尝新的他还亲手调制了一杯夏日特饮,而艺兴的奖品是和4款夏日特饮对应的Chanel邂逅香水100ml正装,他决定送给Vogue MINI读者噢!登录MINI留言说出你和最爱的香水的小故事,就有可能被他选中送香水!”

Translation: “Who was best atlast night’s Chanel celebrity competitive bowling party? The title of champion goes to @Lay! With a love of trying new things, even personally handmade summer drinks, Lay created 4 different kinds of summer drinks to match Chanel perfume 100ml bottles, which he decided will be gifted to readers of Vouge MINI! Log in to MINI to leave a message telling a story about your favourite perfume, then you will have a chance of being chosen to receive the perfume!”

Credit: Vogue服饰与美容 .