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Don’t Try This At Home Tour -  Phoenix , AZ (Credit: @cloudybiotch)

When another O2L member flirts with you..

Connor: He walks into the living room to see you sitting with the rest of the members. Not an unusual occurrence. Jc was sitting rather close to you though. He was flirting with you. Quite a bit but you didn’t stop him. You see Connor roll his eyes before leaving the room. You excuse yourself and follow him back to his room. When you open the door he has his back to you. You walk up and wrap your arms around him. “Don’t be jealous. It was nothing. He’s naturally that flirty. You know that..” He sighs, “I know…I just get so jealous when I see others interested in you. I just really like you.” You kiss his lips softly, “I know you do. I like you too.” You both smile.

Ricky: You’re filming a video with Ricky and Kian. You’re having a really fun time and joking around. Kian makes a comment about how pretty you are and your face turns a bright shade of pink. Ricky pretends he didn’t hear it to avoid getting jealous on camera. He doesn’t bring it up later because he knows that even though the two of you are dating he’s not the only one who thinks you’re beautiful.

Sam: You were sitting on the couch with Sam. He’d been playing video games with a friend. You had been trying to cuddle him but he was busy. Connor walked into the living room and made a joke about cuddling him if Sam was too busy. Sam’s face got red and he put his controller down. He sat back and covered his face with his hands. “Come here,” he said. You crawled down to his end of the couch and told him that what Connor said was a joke. “No, it’s okay. I’m sorry I was ignoring you.” He kissed your forehead and wrapped his arms around you.

Jc: He was filming an ask video. You sent him a tweet, “@Y/N: Can I be in your video? #AskJc” He read it in his video and smiled, “Of course.” He noticed Ricky had tweeted you back. “@RickyPDillon: You can come be in my video @Y/N #[YourShipName]” He looked back up at the camera, “#No”.

Trevor: He had some big news coming up with his music so he had decided to daily vlog to show a bit of his recording. After recording you were going to dinner with him and Sam. He pulled out his camera while you guys were walking and began talking into it. You and Sam were walking a few feet behind him. Sam told you a joke about Trevor just as Trevor had turned the camera at you. You were laughing at what Sam said and Sam smiled back at you. Trevor got a bit upset and jealous.

Kian: He scrolls through twitter just before he goes to sleep. He notices you and Trevor having a playful sassy “fight”. He gets jealous because Trevor’s being a bit flirty with his sass. Besides that, you rarely tweet each other but you’re tweeting the other O2L members..He sighs a bit but then realizes that Trevor’s underage and you’re not being flirty back, just sassy. He passes it off as a “Whatever.” Then tweets you. “@KianLawley: @Y/N I love you. Goodnight, beautiful.”



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