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The growing saga of fake snaps revolving around John’s mysterious disappearance from Earth C. (A sort-of-kind-of-AU-thing.)

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There’s pretty much only 1 more of these that I have actually sketched out, so. Kind of interested in what YOU guys want to see. Lemme know. >:]

(When I accumulate enough of these I’ll make one giant masterpost for all of them.)

my ideas for dracostuck

dragons are endangered species so they live in reserve type areas. these areas are super big n stuff so they can roam free. along the border of the reserve js like, a barrier that makes sure the dragons/ poachers cant escape or come in, so only people with key cards can enter. the barrier is completely invisible to dragons, like birds with glass, and it resonates a sound too low for human ears that makes the dragons agitated and turn around if they go too close.

the humans are a bunch of college students that signed up over the summer to take care of the dragons and to earn some cash/ school credit.

john, jane, jade, jake and dirk work there full time. john drives a truck to each areas of the reserves to give food that jane prepares specially to the dragons. dirk keeps the security systems running, make sure the barrier is working, and does a bunch of other odd jobs.

jade hunts for most of the food with jake, but they also are the heirs to own the reserve. the reserve is called Beta Ranch.

dave signs up because john pressured him to do it, and he helps take the food around with john

roxy signs up because she thinks it’ll be fun, and she ends up joining jade a lot on hunting trips. rose joins for the college credit, and because she wants to study real like dragons up close. she and roxy help out with the medical center sometimes.


I’ve had these pixel kids in my folder forever and finally finished them. Feel free to suggest one of them for me to animate like I did with Roxy and Rose!