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Teen Wolf Fusion: When Bellamy Blake comes to Arkadia, on the run from Hunters and looking for his missing sister, the last thing he expects is Clarke Griffin–the youngest True Alpha in over two hundred years–to kick his ass for trespassing on her pack’s territory.

“What turned your eyes blue?”

For a split second Bellamy remembers the snap of bone under his teeth, the trickling of hot blood down his maw, the utter panic that consumed him seconds after–I didn’t mean it, it was an accident, please, please, I didn’t mean to do it–!

He blinks, reigning back his wolf, willing the glowing blue to fade back into deep brown.

“None of your business, alpha.”

hello lovelies !!! its amber here with yet another follow forever: this time for reaching 2.5k/my blog turning one !!! 
everyone seems to be doing follow forevers at the moment so im sorry ;;; but i just wanted to show my thanks because im honestly so blessed that i found this fandom tbh
thank you for following me !! thank you for making my dash a great place !! whether weve been mutuals for 12 months or 2 days thank you for making my year amazing !! 
i know ive missed people especially if you have a sideblog eep and i apologise - but hey if youre reading this you dont need to be on this list i love your blog anyway !! 
also i never claim to be a graphics maker™ but i tried ~credit: [x]~

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It’s recently come to my attention that a lot of my, and other graphic makers’ edits (wallpapers in particular) have been taken and turned into phone cases on sites such as carousell and If anyone sees these stolen edits, it would be a great help if you contacted the makers if you know them. 

It’s terribly insulting for this to happen so many times. While reposting edits onto websites such as pinterest or weheartit is damaging, because graphic makers aren’t getting their due credit, selling cases with other peoples edits is on another level of hurtfulness. The people who do this are stealing and making a profit from something that is not theirs. They are taking business away from people who do sell their own cases. Edits and graphics take hours of work, and yet people who steal and sell those designs invalidate all of those hours and also make money from it. 

It makes me so, so angry to see this happen, and frankly, I’ve had enough. Over the last month alone, I’ve found at least five different people who have done this thanks to my followers and friends. I’m so thankful to those who have contacted me about it, and I’m happy to see that people aren’t turning a blind eye towards this issue. It would be incredibly helpful if every time you see this happening, you shoot an ask or a message to the original creator. I guarantee that most graphic makers would be really grateful to know. 

Thank you to all of those who already do this! It hurts to see edits used this way, but it’s better than not knowing and never fixing the issue. Anyways, I hope that this post brings some more attention and awareness to this issue. Thank you for reading all the way through!


Hey there, Klaroline fandom!

We’re here to present you with the newest activity dedicated to our perfect and special *cough* endgame *cough* ship.

It’s gonna take place on Monday, the 8th of September, all day long, and it’s called the Klaroline FanArt Day.

You can participate both on Twitter and on Tumblr, using the #KlarolineFanArtDay hash-tag on the former and the Klaroline FanArt Day tag on the latter, so that people will be able to keep track of all that gets posted and admire it whenever they have the time or want to.

While you are free to post all that you’d like on Twitter (without taking credit for what isn’t yours of course, and tagging the creator/original graphic-maker if possible), please remember to only reblog and not repost other people’s work when it instead comes to Tumblr.

This day will serve as yet another way to celebrate our beautiful ship and spread some love all around, so please don’t be shy to post/show your own work, no matter how simple you might think it is. Everyone in this fandom is so incredibly talented, and every single post with every single edit—no matter if it’s an incredibly difficult manip or simply a screen-cap with a remarkable quote on it—means something to us all and is going to add to this fandom and this special day.

With ‘fanart’ we indeed mean pretty much everything that you could ever think of: edits (even just a colored image), collages, manips, gifs, drawings, and so on. Any single way in which you think you could contribute to this, counts.

On the same day, at 3pm EST/8pm UK, we would also love to trend ‘Happy Klaroline FanArt Day’ on Twitter, so remember to spread the word about it.

Please reblog this post, so as many people as possible will know about this day and hopefully take part to it. If you’d like, you can also go here and RT our tweet to spread the word on Twitter as well.

Thank you so much for your attention,

Jade & Giulia.

Reposting? Don't do it.

I’m not naive and I’m fully aware there is no way to completely avoid or stop reposting. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a strong stand against it.

Reblogging is both easier (there’s a friggin’ buttton for it) and kinder. Reposting, on the other hand, is disrespectful and rude as it removes any form of credit to the original graphic maker who’s invested time and effort.

DO NOT support (follow, reblog from etc) blogs like new-girl-aso who pathologically repost other people’s work!