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the evolution of hansol vernon chwe in sleeveless shirts, an appreciation post


So, I’ve been a part of this fb group for a while now. It’s all good, theories, fun, blabla. However, since the very begging, this has been bothering me an awful lot.

Crediting the artist.

On the rules of the group, it leaves clear that you must credit the artist unless you’ve made the piece. Easy, right? Well, apparently not for them.

I wanted to ignore it, to avoid stressing myself, but I just received I reply on a comment I made. It was on the first screenshot

Me: “Oh wow, absolutely adore the quality AND the credits”

Their response?

“Ikr, lol (: ”

Really. Really?
The excuses they a l w a y s use is
“Idk the source, found it on Google lol”
“Credits to whoever made this”
“Credits in the image” -In this case, the image has such a poor quality you can barely even see the drawing

Now, these posts do not usually reach more than 60 likes or so, there has been cases where it has reached around 400 likes and a ton of comments. However, even if it got popular or not, this is not fair for the artist at all. They worked hard on it, they spent time on it, their effort.. Just so someone crops it and shares it somewhere whitout crediting them?

“That’s no big deal”

Would YOU like this to happen to your work?? Not only drawings, but concepts and texts? Please, no matter how little followers you have, REBLOG this. I want to remind those artists to put noticeably watermark/s on your work, even if its just a silly doodle.

Edit: Forgot to mention, apparently admins give no fucks and do not attend the issue, in fact it looks like one of them (I do not know how many there are) thinks its okay to simply say one of the excuses above. God.
쩔어 (Dope) - Google Translate Ver.
Google Translate | BTS (방탄소년단)
쩔어 (Dope) - Google Translate Ver.

Google Translate singing Bangtan Boys’ “Dope”
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Today it is really cold everyone prepared their gloves, scarf, mask, glasses, and hats, right!?~.~ No to colds heuheu a great day~! A bright day

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