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Tadpolehemmings’ Smutty September!

Thank you to the amazing Cat (@lattecalum) for this beautiful edit!

I’m so happy to announce the arrival of Smutty September! This is an event in which I post a new smut everyday of the month, including eight of each boy and two special items! 

I took inspiration from 5sexonds-of-smut’s 25 days of smut (it wouldn’t let me tag the blog), so full credit to them for giving me this idea! I started writing for this in May and I’m the worst at keeping secrets so I’m honestly surprised I’ve kept it this quiet for so long.

Anywayyy, this is going to be a masterpost where I’ll link each imagine with a little synopsis part. Please enjoy reading!!

Feedback/excitement would be appreciated! (pls come freak out with me)

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The Purpose of Love - Masterlist

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credit to the original owner of this cute ass gif, I can’t, he’s so cute

Based on this request

The series is about Calum who unfortunately had gotten the reputation of a famous fuckboy and Y/N, an aspiring singer, get the job of pretending to be Calum’s girlfriend for 6 whole months because of her strong attitude. But still she finds it so hard to get along with the celebrity boy and it gets worse when she realises that she has no power herself. But who really have the power in the fake relationship?

Official summary: When Calum Hood needs to straighten up his reputation, there’s no other solution than to fake-date a powerful girl with a powerful voice.


Chapter One

Y/N finally agrees to the publicity stunt with her new boyfriend and regrets the decision in the moment she meets him. 

Chapter Two

Calum and Y/N is forced to be together out in public and they bring Michael so the whole day wouldn’t come crashing down. However, a lot can change in a few moments.

Chapter Three

Y/N and Calum messed up on their trip with Michael. And this mistake has consequences.

Chapter Four

Y/N and Calum have to go on a date to make their love more realistic. But what will happen at the end of the night?

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Public - AI (Smut)

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Right, well, I’m the worst. Anyway this was rushed and angry, jealous, pissed off Ashton always seems like a great idea, so enjoy! Smut ahead!

Ashton’s watching you, his eyes focused on your body as you wait for your drink. He can physically feel his anger raising; it’s swirling deep in his stomach, mixing with his irritation and leaving him seething. Ashton’s incensed, he’s raging, he’s infuriated. He’s a million different things but they all have him seeing red.

There’s this guy leaning into you at the bar, seemingly having no idea what personal space entails. To your credit, you’re taking this creep’s advances well; brushing them off with backhanded comments and sarcastic snipes.

“Let’s go. We’re leaving.” Ashton’s next to you in an instant, voice low and taking on a dangerous edge. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he looked a bit dangerous. Ashton’s definitely a vision; encased in all black, his leather jacket on and straining around the bulge of his biceps. He’s standing full on, legs shoulder width apart and face set. His eyes move from your gaze, steeling when they settle on the creep. “If you’ll kindly fuck off, mate, we’ll be going.”

Ashton’s fingers curl around your wrist and haul you behind him. He’s taking large, fast steps and despite your long legs, you’re still struggling to keep up. You’re left stumbling behind him, heels dragging in the gravel of the make-shift parking lot. “Ash, slow down!”

He growls low, swinging you around once he slides to a stop in front of his car. It’s sleek and dark and new and Ashton had been very proud of it when he brought it over to show you over in the week. The back of your knees touch the hood of the car, Ashton’s large hands gripping around your waist. You’re left searching for some stability from the abruptness of the movement, your hands curling around the leather that stains around the protruding muscles of his forearms. “I fucking hate when other guys look at you.”

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having a bad day?

here’s some dork 5sos

feeling better?


Wendy run away with me…

All Time Low lyrics and Peter Pan 😌
I made some art work which I’m pretty happy with 🙈

I got the idea from some artwork I found so credit to whoever made it ❤️

Paid to be Popular ~ Pt. 8

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Requested: the idea came from this love.

Pairing: let me know who you’re rooting for


Description: When Calum, Michael, and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?

Y/N rushed out of the shop, tightening her grip on her shopping bag. Everything had to be fast since she had to meet with Michael soon at the coffee shop. She had found herself talking with Michael more often, and now he was the only one she could openly talk to. Her girlfriends weren’t always there for her. She knew how much shit they talked behind her back, so Michael was the only one she could be with without feeling uncomfortable. Oh yeah, and Luke, but he was barely around her anymore. Like he was avoiding her.

Y/N thought about Calum and his dirty, little secret. You would have been fine if he had told you about it. About the drugs, the alcohol, the parties, the… Jesus, the list was long. But he hadn’t. He pretended to somebody else. That’s at least how Y/N saw it. Because the truth was Calum was himself when he was around her. But because Y/N is oblivious to that fact, she hated him - well, she tried to hate him.

Ashton happened to be at the mall that day, too. He was buying some stuff for his mum and his sister. He had to be helping the family he came from. As he looked down on the list in the hand, he didn’t even notice how Y/N ran into him. He fell to the ground as she chuckled from above him. She helped him get on his feet again, as he still seemed unstable.

“Jesus, Ashton, be careful,” she cajoled as Ashton brushed the dirt of his pants. He smiled while nodding before looking up at her with his green, beautiful eyes.

“You’re here, Y/N?” he asked and she threw out her arms in a gesture of appearance.

“Well, it does seem so, doesn’t it?” she chuckled again. Her laugh sounded like music. Ashton had never noticed how cute her little chuckle was. “What are you doing?”

“Running some errands. You?” he said and held up a big bag from target.

“Same.” Y/N smiled and held up her own bag. Ashton nodded as an answer. A baby was crying in the corner of the mall, her mum constantly trying to comfort her. An elderly couple was eating dinner in the café across Y/N and Ashton. People were talking, gossiping around the two, but the humming sound seemed to get fainter as Ashton observed Y/N. She was holding her back with both hands, trying to make herself as small as possible.

“Are you free?” Ashton bubbled, not thinking about the question.


“Yes, now?” Ashton answered quickly, regretting his thought before he had even finished his ramble. “Because we could just grab something to eat and talk, maybe? If you want to?”

Y/N grinned and looked over towards the café with the elderly couple sitting outside before she pulled Ashton with her. She just mumbled “Sure” before she had dragged Ashton to an empty table in the darkest corner, almost hiding herself behind the menu. It wasn’t a fancy café, but it sure wasn’t cheap either. After they both ordered and got their food, the really interesting chatting began.

“So, there’s no man in your life?” Ashton began with a smirk that quickly turned into a frown as soon as Y/N sighed.

“I swear to God, Ashton if this is a way of flirting I am going to kill-“

“No, no, no! God, no, relax,” Ashton assured, as she stirred around her the before looking up at him with big eyes.

“I’m not romantically involved with anyone,” she asserted. “And I highly doubt I will be this year.”

“And why is that, if I may ask?” Ashton said and leant towards her. His curly hair was creating perfect shadows down his face and he was smirking before she continued her talk about ‘romance in high school’.

“It’s just… there’s no one I would want to,” Ashton cocked an eyebrow at her words and he knew how exactly what to say next. The thought of getting Luke more popular was always playing in the back of his head, and as soon as he saw the opportunity to mention it.

“Not even Luke?” he said and acted like it was no big deal. But Y/N shot her eyes wide and grinned at the weird mention of her friend.

“Luke? No, not Luke.” She laughed and Ashton looked rather disappointed. No matter what he actually thought that she and Luke had something going on, but apparently he had misread the situation completely.

“Well, who then?”

Quiet. Y/N had one specific person in her head, but saying it out loud scared the crap out of her. She didn’t want to admit it anymore - she didn’t want to crush so hard on that douche. He wasn’t real for her more. She dropped her spoon in her cup before leaning towards Ashton, whispering in his ear.

“I swear if you tell anyone-“

“Sure, sure, you’ll kill me. Get to the point,” Ashton chuckled and tried to hurry Y/N with a wide grin. She frowned and looked down at her perfectly round cupcake.


Now it was Ashton to be quiet. The silence was unbearable. Y/N held her chin high, hurt by her own words. She wasn’t supposed to be in love with Calum - he was a douche. Ashton nodded confused before opening his mouth.

“Calum? Hood? As in my best friend? My best friend Calum Hood?” Ashton stammered and Y/N sighed.

“Yes, you dumbass!” She bellowed. The time was flying and Ashton kept asking questions. About Y/N’s little crush. Every time Calum name would be brought up, Y/N would blush like crazy and Ashton couldn’t help but get a little jealous feeling in his gut. She wasn’t supposed to like Calum. Why Calum, why not him?

Y/N glanced at the clock and looked back at Ashton before she realised how late it was. She widened her eyes and rushed out of the café, swearing at every little thing getting in her way. Ashton was nice and offered to pay for the meal, but Y/N promised to pay him back the next day - which she didn’t. Ashton didn’t think much of this, but Y/N did. Because all of sudden, he had paid for the whole meal. As in the whole meal.

She was supposed to meet Michael two hours ago. Why couldn’t she just have set her alarm to warn her? She had everything under control until she ran into Ashton. She bumped into a lady before she was finally out of the mall. The coffee shop, Michael and Y/N’s meeting place, was only a couple of kilometres away, so instead of even trying to find a ride home, she ran.

She ran like her legs were going to fall off. The feet hit the pavement as she counted the seconds. She noticed every single sign of getting closer to the coffee shop before she was finally there. After ten minutes running, she stopped. Sweat was dripping down her forehead as she looked around in the twilight. The shop was closed and locked and the only light shining down on the pavement were from the streetlights.

Everything seemed dark. The air, the wind, the shadow lurking right in front of the door. As soon as Y/N realised she wasn’t alone, her first intention was to scream. But as soon as her eyes weren’t teary and she recovered her breath, she could see the features more clearly. The brown eyes glimpsed in the dark as his muscular arms were pressed against his sides. His round, squishy face was pulling up in a tight grimace with wide, sorry eyes as he stepped towards her. Her face instantly changed from scared to angry.

“Calum?” she questioned even though she knew it was him.

“I need to explain.”

A/N: So here it is, finally! Let me hear your thoughts about it! ;)

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Under Attack - AI

Can’t take all the credit for this, got the idea from of an episode of Love I reblogged earlier. Anyway, someone on my dash mentioned Best Friend AU’s and I’m secretly a huge dork for them. 

Word Count: 1127

Listen– I just want to put this out there. I wholeheartedly prided myself on being independent. In all my years of existence, I haven’t had someone hold my hand to do something since I was five years old. But then this restless, gangly mess of a thirteen year old accidentally launched a drum stick across the band room and nailed me in the head. Ashton was a mess of a kid, but so was I. He had a knack for listening to me when I spoke and encouraging me– something no one in my family had done in a very long time. Suddenly, I had a best friend and decided that maybe a little help sometimes wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

So yeah, this is one of those times. And I’ll admit, I’m a little (okay, a lot) embarrassed as he barrels into my teeny-tiny apartment three blocks away from my university and nine blocks away from his much larger, much nicer apartment. “[Y/N] what’s going on?! Are you okay?!”

Ashton’s chest is heaving, but I know it’s probably more from my over dramatic texts I sent him about twenty minutes ago. I’ve never asked for it, but Ashton’s always been my knight in washed-out black skinny jeans and at this moment, I thoroughly appreciate the fact he probably skipped the old, slow elevator and took the stairs two at a time up to my fifth floor apartment.

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In The Ring (L.H AU One Shot)

A/N: ah yes, boxer!luke gotta love it. Credit for the idea goes to tokyomuke I may have twisted it a bit but hope you all enjoy!

He was pissed, he was mostly pissed at himself because he actually lost one of the biggest matches in his entire career, a part of him was pissed at you because you weren’t there and you were his lucky charm. He was more hurt that you didn’t show, but he knew you wouldn’t because right before the fight, you two got in an argument and you stormed off. 

He slowly got out of the car, wincing in pain as he felt his bones grind against each other and his muscles were sore. He walked towards the front door, opening it and slamming it closed, he didn’t care that he was being loud and that he was most likely getting blood everywhere. He stood in front of the stairs, contemplating on if he should just stay downstairs or not. He ended up making his way, slowly but surely up the stairs.

He opened the door of your shared bedroom and you came into view, you didn’t look up from your book as he walked in the room. You heard him shuffle around the bedroom, grabbing a fresh pair of clothes and headed for the bathroom. A few minutes he returned, he shook the water out of his hair but immediately regretted that, he groaned loudly, holding his head. 

“Fuck.” You heard him curse as he walked over to his side of the bed, you turned your attention to him, finally seeing how badly he was hurt. You noticed the busted lip and black eye that looked like it was two black eyes in one, you saw the bruises littered all over his chest and shoulders. “Seriously?” You whined in annoyance as Luke ripped the book out of your hands and throwing it across the room. 

You crossed your arms over your chest as you watched him pull back the covers and climb into bed, wincing once again. “You never get hurt..” You said quietly, it was true, Luke rarely ever got injured. At the most, he left every match with a black eye but that was it, you knew he had lost and you knew he was still pissed about it. “What happened?” You asked, feeling stupid as soon s you asked that. 

“You fucking left and I told you, I only win when you’re there. It was one of the most important fights ever, and I got my ass beat.” Luke grumbled, clenching his jaw. You just nodded, not knowing what to say. You’ve never been on Luke’s bad side, where it was at the point where he tried to attack you, but you had a feeling that might change. “Why did you leave?” He asked, softly, looking at you. You looked down at your hands, “You disrespected me in front of everyone and I was tired of it. I just wanted to go home.” You said, finally looking at him.

He just nodded before reaching over, grabbing you and pulling you into his bruised chest. He moved a bit, so he was laying down on his back, he tried ignoring the pain the best he could. You tried getting up, but Luke tightened his grip on you, running his hand up your shirt slowly. “Please..just lay with me.” He mumbled, and you nodded before you two shifted, so you were on your sides, facing each other. 

“Does it hurt?” You asked, running your fingertip along his jawline, he made a face before shrugging. “Nothing that I can’t handle, babe. Don’t worry.” He leaned in, pressing a kiss to your lips. You smiled against the kiss and were a bit disappointed when he pulled away. Luke never pulled away, you were always the one who did that, so you knew he was in pain. “I’m sorry.” You frowned as you felt his hand running up and down your side. 

“For what?” He asked, smirking, You rolled your eyes, “I’m sorry for leaving and making you lose. I know how important tonight was..” You whispered, feeling bad. Luke just shrugged before pulling you closer to him, “All that’s important right now is you’re with me now.” He whispered back, pressing a kiss under your ear. “Just promise me one thing.” Luke said, placing his face against your neck, biting at it gently.

You couldn’t help but giggle, “Anything” You said, running your fingers carefully through his tangled hair. “Promise you’ll be at the rest of the matches, I need you there Y/N. I realized I don’t do well if I’m not fighting for my girl. I want you there, cheering me on..” Luke confessed before moving his body, so he was hovering over you. You just nodded in response. “I need to hear you say it, babygirl.” Luke bit the soft skin above your collarbone before trailing kisses up and down your neck.

You took in a deep breath before closing your eyes, “I promise I’ll be there every time.” You gasped softly when you felt Luke grind his hips against yours softly. “You’re in pain..” You mumbled but Luke just groaned before leaning down, pressing his mouth against your neck, running his hands down your side, toying with the hem of your panties. “Not in enough pain to stop me though” He smirked but he looked at you, raising an eyebrow. 

You just nodded, giving him permission and he couldn’t help but grin, ignoring the throbbing pain in his face as he reached down to pull your panties off. You could help but blush as Luke looked at you, even though you’ve been together for a good amount of time, you still got nervous when you and Luke decided to get physical. 

“You’re beautiful babe, don’t worry.” he playfully nipped at your earlobe as he struggled a bit to take his shorts off, you wrapped your arms around his neck, trying to be gentle because of his bruises. “Tell me you want me..please.” He huffed as he aligned himself in front of you, you bucked your hips up, causing him to moan softly. 

“I want you, baby. I want you now.” You let out a soft whimper as you felt him enter you, “Fuck..” He groaned as he started pumping into you. “You’re so tight babygirl.” He pulled down your tank top before attaching his mouth with one of your breasts. You felt your eyes roll back slightly, as you started breathing heavily. “I love you, so much..” Luke pressed his sweaty forehead against yours, both of you breathing unevenly. “I love you too.” You couldn’t help but smile as you pressed your lips against his. “You’re my lucky charm” “And, you’re mine.” 

Okay, I tried writing “smut” and yeah, kinda failed but hope it was too too horrible!!

High-School! Calum AU |Part 6

A/N; Here is part 6! This has been my most requested part yet, and I’m glad so many are reading. If you want more request part 7 here! All types of feedback are always appreciated, and questions are always welcomed too! This part is pretty dramatic, and quite long, but there’s a lot more to come! Let me know what you think.

Credit to @vivalakatee for helping me with some ideas for this part too!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Word Count; 3K


To say that all of your lessons up until lunch were absolute hell was an understatement. And your fight this morning with Calum was the least of your problems, but it was constantly on your mind, producing a lack of concentration, which brought you to your teachers attention in nearly every single class this morning.

But, again that wasn’t even the main source as to why you’re feeling so shit. The problem, which is very strange and it maybe self enforced, however, you kept getting this strange feeling in your stomach every time you walked into a classroom or corridor, that everyone was whispering and staring at you. It was making you extremely paranoid.

Now, usually, you were never effected by the goings on outside class, always focused on work because you actually want to do well for yourself and no one else. But this had came to your attention pretty quickly. Despite your routined concentrated demeanour which you held during the changes of class, barely acknowledging anyone in the halls, you walked towards physics for your second class whilst in the mix, any group, or even pair of people you crossed paths with became completely silent.

This completely snapped you out of your concentration, for a second or two, and you proceeded to move to physics class, turning a blind eye to it, even though you were feeling uncomfortable. And once you got to physics, the exact same silence filled the room, which filled the halls when you stepped in. And this kept happening over and over. Something was up.

Currently you have your lunch period, and normally you would be perfectly fine walking into the cafeteria by yourself, but today that was not the case. Instead, you pulled out your phone to text Yasmin, or maybe Mal to get one of them to come eat lunch with you because already you are fed up with this entire situation. But instead, when you seen the flood of messages left by Calum on your phone, you purposefully turned it off and put it away in the back pocket of your jeans.

Making your way towards your locker, you noticed Mal, Yas, Chloe and Jennifer were all gathered there, whispering, making you even more eager to get there, therefore you picked up the pace at which you were walking at.

On approaching them, all four turned around to face you giving you apologetic smiles. And the air was very, very tense. “Is this a pity party or something?” You joked, trying to lighten the mood.

The four remained silent, whilst you opened your locker, throwing in your books frustratedly. “Okay is someone going to tell me what the hell is going on?”  You sighed, hands coming up to rub your head soothingly, this entire day was enforcing a headache on you to be honest.

“There’s a rumour going around that you have an STD.” Mal spoke up bluntly, and as soon as he did, your stomach dropped. Do you ever get that feeling where you find out something that you didn’t need to know and you wish you never heard it? Yeah, thats exactly what your experiencing right now.

“But that’s- that’s impossible. I haven’t since-” you stuttered, ready to burst into tears at any second. “Y/N we know.” Yasmin cut you off. “Do you have an idea who spread it?” Chloe asked, almost annoyed as you were. She was definitely the tough one of the group, the one who was always up for anything, and the one who would never back down from a fight.

“Yeah, yeah actually I do.” You sighed thinking of Calum. Did he really do this because you fell out this morning? I mean, who else have you had a feud with in school apart from him.

You shut your locker abruptly and turned to face your friends, trying to hide the sadness in your eyes. “Look guys I’m gonna go to the nurse and head home, I’m not feeling the best.” You mumbled out before they all said their goodbyes, understanding the way you work and right now you need to be alone.

Honestly, you have so many feelings right now you don’t know what to do, say or act. Clearly not in the right mind to be at school at the moment. But above all you feel stupid. Stupid that you ever crossed bridges with Calum after what he’s done to you.


Calum’s day wasn’t going any better than yours. Not as bad, but definitely not much better. The guilt from upsetting you this morning was eating away at him during his classes, so much that he was finding it difficult to focus also.

At lunch, he planned to find you and apologise and make things right, after leaving countless texts on your phone, which you didn’t reply to. He knew you were pissed and needed to make things right and figured that that would be the best time to catch you.

Due to his mind wandering to you, he hadn’t paid attention to the commotion going on around him today. He hadn’t heard the vile things that people were discussing about you, which is why he was so shocked to hear from his friends at lunch what the 411 update was.

“So Calum man, that Y/N girl is off limits now.” One of his friends chuckled, making Calum drown in confusion. “What?” He quizzed, curious as to what the boys were talking about, he hadn’t spoke a word to any of them about what happened this morning, so how did they know? “Man he doesn’t even know yet.” Jack retorted, evoking a laugh from the rest of the table, leaving Calum confused again. “Hey.” Ashton, Calum’s best friend motioned “Apparently she has chlamydia.” He told, eying Calum sympathetically. “I’d still fuck her.” Jason joked, making the rest of the boys laugh again, and Calum’s shocked face now only turned to one of disgust. “Bullshit!” He shouted, making all the heads of every student in the cafeteria turn to look at him. “Where the fuck is Nia!” He stood up searching for her and finding her, sitting at her usual table, with a load of other cheerleaders.

He stormed over to where she was sitting, ready to punch a wall. “What the fuck is wrong with you!?” He yelled, looking straight down at her, grabbing the attention of the whole off the lunch hall again. “I don’t know what your talking about.” She spoke coyly, acting innocent which she definitely was not.

“Don’t play dumb Nia you know what you did. That rumour about Y/N. It’s a surprise that anyone in this place would believe anything that comes out of your mouth. What the fuck, what has she ever done to you? And you know how I knew this was you, because you said the same thing about Hailey last year even though I only fucked her once. Seriously, get a grip of yourself and grow up. Nothing. And I mean nothing is ever going to happen between us ever again. You psychopath!” He screamed, B lining for the exit of the cafeteria, on route to find you.

He passed your friends table, and asked where you were and to his dismay you had already gone home. He knew already that you must’ve thought it was him and the guilt was now eating him alive.


When you got home, you finally let the tears fall from your eyes, that have been awaiting for over an hour now. You decided that it would be best to not tell your mom about today’s events, because although you tell her everything, you know for a fact she would want to get involved, and you’re a big girl who can handle her own problems. Just not right now, you just wanted a good cry, and to binge watch Orange is the New Black, snuggling up in bed with your sponge-bob pyjamas on, pretending you hadn’t a care in the world.

Honestly, you must’ve cried for four hours straight, it wasn’t until Yasmin came at five thirty, that you finally stopped for a while. she comforted you and watched netflix for a while. She also got you all your notes you missed from your classes, and filled you in on all the cheerleading training you missed too, as well as the gossip from lunch time. 

“It was Nia, you can stop blaming Calum Y/N.” Yasmin told you from the bottom of your bed. “What? How do you know?” You questioned, shocked at this new information. “Calum confronted her today at lunch about it.  She said the same thing about Hailey, remember? He did it in front of the whole school, so stop stressing woman, no one believes it’s true anymore.” Yasmin smiled, thankful that the raven haired boy was able to settle this, and protect her best friend. “You’re kidding.” You spoked, surprised.

“Yeah Y/N, I’m so kidding.” Yasmin sarcastically retorted, causing you to throw one of your pillows at her. “You should hear him out. He seemed pretty concerned today when he asked us where you had gone.”

“No, I’m still pissed at him from this morning.” You stated sternly, and you were. Even though he left you countless text messages apologising, you still were annoyed after all. You’re not one to forgive easily, because of how much shit you’ve been put through by boys like Calum in the past.

Yasmin just rolled her eyes at your stubbornness. “How’s the head?” She asked. “Sore. But better.” You admitted. “I’m just tired, hungry and sad.” “Aww poor baby!” Yasmin fake pouted mocking you. “I’m gonna go, I have a chem paper tomorrow.” You just laughed at her obvious lie, “When have you ever revised for a test?” You questioned catching her out. “Plans with Mikey I’m assuming?” You snickered. “We’re going for McDonald’s no biggie, I didn’t catch him this morning.” She stood up heading to your bedroom door. “Yeah, sure no biggie.” You teased her, making her blush. “Bye Y/N, I know you feel so much better now that I’ve visited.” She winked and left.


Once Calum returned home from football, it was exactly six thirty and as usual, he was procrastinating getting a shower, too lazy for his own good. His mind was still on you. He slid his phone out from the pockets of his shorts and scrolled through his texts to see if Y/N had relied, to any of his them but unfortunately you didn’t, which only left him feeling disappointed, not in you, but in himself, for his words this morning.

He honestly was only trying to flatter Y/N and prove that he’d never go back to Nia, but girls are girls, and obviously she took it the wrong way, which Calum hadn’t prepared himself for. Next time he’ll leave that subject out, when reassuring any girl for that matter.

Anyway, sitting on his bed, Calum opened up the Twitter app, and surprisingly seen a tweet from you, posted 3 minutes ago.

@Y/N_Y/L/N: all I want is a pizza, some chocolate and cuddles 😭 😭 

Bingo, Calum thought, before he stripped himself out of his football gear and headed to get showered, finally motivated to do something.


“How’s your head sweetie?” Your mom asked you, leaning down and putting her palm over your head to check your temperature. She hadn’t realised you were sleeping, weakening you, making sure you were okay.

Your eyes remained closed, “It feels better.” You mumbled, still half asleep. “Yeah, your temperatures gone down, thank God.” She sighed in relief, you weren’t even that sick, but your mom being your mom is just overly concerned. “Yeah, I’m kinda hungry.” Fully awake now, you began to sit up. “On it.” Your mom kissed your forehead and left the room, as soon as the door bell went also. “On that too.” She called to you.


Calum stood nervously, scared that your dad might answer the door and he’d be in for the fright of his life. Holding a pizza, six different kinds of chocolate, and a teddy bear, the guys for sure we’re never going to let go of this for as long as he lived.

However, all his thoughts were shook off as soon as your mom answered the door. “Hello?” She said clearly confused. What on earth was a teenage boy, around your age, standing outside your front door, in grey sweats and a black hoodie, holding a pizza, lots of chocolate and is that a bunny?

“Uh-hi, Mrs Y/L/N is Y/N home?” Calum asked nervously, swallowing the lump in his throat, taken back by the resemblance between the two of you, and how young your mom is. His mouth went back to being completely dry. He’s never even been this nervous around you.

“Miss. And yes, she is sweetie, who are you?” She questioned, easing him a little bit, recognising his scared state. “Uh- Calum, my names Calum, Y/N and I, we go to school together. Could you give these to her?” He asked, stuttering a bit, holding out the food and teddy he bought for you.

“Well, I could give it to her, or you could? If you wanted to.” She spoke, and Calum could’ve swore he saw her smile. “Yeah sure, if you don’t mind.” And with that she stepped away from the doorway, motioning Calum in. “Hold on, I’m just going to make sure she’s okay.” Your mom spoke before running up the stairs to your room. Honestly, she seems more excited for this than you.

“Who was at the door?” You asked. “Your friend from school, Calum, he brought you a few things. I’m gonna send him up okay.” She spoke to you slyly, “Calum, what, why? Mom I’m in my pyjamas, I don’t have any makeup on.” You spoke running to your dressing table to look in your mirror, to be met with puffy red eyes and disgusting bed hair. “Mom Oh my god, Look at my hair! No he cannot come up here. I hate you. Tell him no. I’m a mess” You pleaded, walking back over to your bed, pulling the white covers around you again. “You’re gorgeous. And Y/N, he is so cute, get your act together.” And with that she left your room. Oh boy.


Calum came up the stairs, and stood at your bedroom door, rehearsing what he was going to say, then knocked and walked in after you said to.

As soon as he seen you he couldn’t have felt more guilty. Obviously, due to your red eyes, you were crying and he pinned himself responsible for that. He stared at you for a bit before he walked to your bed. “Can I sit?” He asked, and you nodded your head. On sitting down opposite you, he began to tell you why he was here.

“I saw your tweet, um, the pizza it’s pepperoni on one side, and spicy on the other side, the way you like it, and oh, here’s a garlic dip. And another one, just incase you know you use the first one up.” He stammered, and you were kind of in awe that he remembered this.

“Uh, the chocolate, I didn’t know which one to buy, I remember how many types you love, and that your a ‘chocoholic’ so I bought a few. I gave a bar to your mom too. You know the mint one you said she liked, to get on her good side.” Now you were biting your lip desperately holding back a smile at how fucking cute this gesture was.

“And, I didn’t quite know what to get you for cuddles, so I thought this rabbit would’ve been good, because I remember you said if you had a pet it would be a rabbit because of how fluffy they are and-”

You cut him off by planting your lips on his soft, sweet, plumped ones, whilst wrapping one arm around his neck, and placing the other on his cheek. At first he didn’t realise what was happening, leaving you to do most of the work. But eventually once the shock was gone he began kissing you back and boy, was he good. His hands slid down to the sides of your waist pinching your right one, so that you’d open your mouth slightly, granting his tongue access to yours. Smooth. Before long, you broke the kiss, smiling at him, and he returned the same to you with his glorious grin. “I’m sorry, seriously, I’m a jerk, a huge jerk. But the rumours weren’t me i swear, and I hope you like my peace offering.”

“It’s okay, I heard what happened at lunch. I love it, it’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me. And I’m sorry I look like such a mess, I didn’t know you were coming over.” You pulled away from him, placing both your hands in front of you again. “You’re beautiful.” He reassured you, as he swiftly stood up. “I’ll go now, you need to rest- I.” You cut him off “Calum, stay.” You blurted out. “I mean only if you wanna, I can’t eat all this pizza myself and, as much as I love the rabbit, I think that you’d be a lot more cuddlier than her.” You blushed.

“Sure, your mom won’t mind?” He asked approaching your bed, whilst you moved over to the other side to let him under the covers. “Yeah, you brought her chocolate right? And as long as you don’t try anything, I think we’ll be just fine.” You snickered.

“You’re the one that kissed me!.” He winked, laughing, now laying right beside you in the bed. He snuggled into your front and you turned the TV back on. “Nice pjs by the way. Patrick from sponge bob hmmmm.” He teased you, making you giggle and blush. “Shut up, you love them.” You defended. “I have to say they are cute.”

And the rest of that  night was filled, with Netflix, pizza, cuddles, chocolate, teasing, and just a little bit of making out. Score.

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Let’s Just Pretend // L.H

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credit to the owner of the gif

Requested: No.

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Hair Color - Paid to be Popular

Description: Sometimes parents can be annoying, pressuring pricks and Y/N had finally found a way to shut them up about her love life.

“I am literally so grateful, Luke, you have no idea.” You sighed as Luke pulled up to her parent’s house. You hurried out the car and to the door, with Luke following right behind you. You couldn’t even touch the doorbell before the front door was wide open with your parents in centrum. Your eyes widen at the way they were standing. Almost perfectly placed. Your dad’s hand were wrapped around your mum’s waist as they both had smiles plastered on their face. You were almost repelled as Luke got up to you and shook both your mum’s and you dad’s hand.

They invited you in as your dad looked Luke up and down. Your mum’s instantly started rambling about how nice it was to finally see Y/N finding love. Luke just nodded to it, not knowing what to say. Because it was all fake.

Everyone in your family had been begging you and annoying the shit out of you recently. Go find a boyfriend, Y/N. How can you not find a boyfriend? Just go for it! Get out of the house more, then!

Lately, those were the kind of things, you had been hearing. Then you saw no other option than to get your best friend Luke involved. He didn’t really have a choice either.

As you entered the living room, your eyes gazed towards your sister and her current boyfriend. Your sister changed boyfriends every other second, so it wasn’t a surprise to see a new face with her every time. Your brother, Charles, sat beside your sister’s new boyfriend with his own lover. Your brother came out the closet a couple years ago after he found himself a husband. So the only single one in your household was you. But your family didn’t know that right now.

“Luke! So nice to see you again!” Your sister screamed and jumped off the couch to hug Luke hello. He looked rather surprised by her reaction, especially since he hadn’t seen her since she graduated high school.

“Yeah, you too, Gemma,” Luke mumbled and awkwardly hugged her back with furrowed eyebrows. Her boyfriend shook Luke’s hand, just like your brother and his husband did. Your mum was already gone, probably cooking a crazy meal in the kitchen. Your mum always took these gatherings way too seriously.

“Luke was Y/N’s childhood friend,” your brother explained to his husband as you hugged his husband, Lucas. You murmured a quiet yes as you nodded while Lucas tilted his head and made big puppy eyes.

“That is adorable! It’s like a fairytale.” He exclaimed as Luke laughed nervously. Gemma was standing on Luke’s side, looking up at him with a hysterical expression.

“You got taller, didn’t you?” She asked with furrowed eyebrows as Luke giggled while nodding.

Your mum entered the room proudly with what looked like some sort of vegan meat. It tasted like vegan meat, too. It probably wasn’t vegan since your dad couldn’t live without it, but the meat tasted so fake that you were actually wondering if your mum had cooked it right. The whole gathering sat around a huge dinner table and as soon as the food was getting shovelled in, Gemma started asking questions.

“So, how did you end up together?” She asked, not really eating her food. Luke looked down at his food as you pursed your lips, thinking. You hadn’t really come up with a background story which probably wasn’t good. Note; always have a background story when you’re lying to your family.

“Um, it just happened.” You laughed and avoided Gemma’s look.

“Luke, you’re in a band, right?” Your dad asked, poking to his own food with a hand on his chin. His brows were furrowed and his lips were thin as he spoke with a deeper voice than usual.

“Yes, sir.”                                                              

“Don’t call me sir.”

“Yes, Mr Y/L/N.” Your dad nodded as Luke’s face grew red. This was already a bad idea.

“What kind of music do you play?” Luke gazed at you with wide eyes, as your stomach grew tighter. Yup, this was a terrible idea. You sat there, holding your breath as you watched Luke trying to answer without stumbling on his words.

“Uhm, like pop-punk-rock, I guess.” He answered, his face getting redder at every second. Your dad’s reaction was seen in his blue eyes as you observed what was going on. You softly found Luke’s hand under the table to squeeze it and quickly let go of it, returning to your plate of salads.

“Cool. Is it successful?” Your dad asked, now with a tight grimace on his face. Luke smirked at the thought of his current band, normally touring the world and playing for thousands of fans every day.

“I would say so, sir.”

“Don’t. Call. Me. Sir.” Your dad said, this time, more playfully as he smiled afterwards and started eating. Gemma kept on begging for the story behind the fake relationship, so finally, you gave in.

“He just invited me out. We were hanging out and he just asked for a date.” Wow. That was all you could make up in a matter of second. No sick, twisted, romantic story, just an invitation.

“Oh.” Gemma’s face turned a bit bored as she realised how boring that was. “How did you ask? Were you nervous? Why did you ask her at that time?”

Gemma was normally journalist, as of course, Luke looked scared at the questions rolling in. You sighed as your mum shook her head and stood up with the empty plate of sweet potatoes.

“Gemma, stop confusing the boy!” She yelled at her daughter and gave Luke’s shoulder a slight squeeze walking out. “We’re happy to have you here, Luke.”

Now, the plan was that you would both disappear off the gathering at nine o’clock and go hang out with the other boys. But of course, your mum saw you leaving and quickly rushed to Luke’s side with hurried words filling the hall.

“Oh dear, you’re already leaving! I thought you’d be spending the night, like Gemma and…” your mum had already forgotten the name of Gemma’s new man, but it wasn’t a problem. He wouldn’t be around for a long time. “And her boyfriend.” She finished without being ashamed. It was hard to keep track of all of her boyfriends.

“No, mum. We have other things to do.” You said with a frown and a bored tone.

“Besides, you probably don’t have enough room, Mrs Y/L/N.” Luke chimed in and you closed your eyes with a quiet sigh escaping your mouth. Dumb thing to say.

“Oh yes, we have!! You and Y/N will sleep in Y/N’s old bedroom.” Your mum chuckled already walking up the stairs with Luke following her nervously.

“There’s only one bed.” You said without thinking. Your mum stopped moving and twisted her upper body completely to see you clearer.

“So?” She said with a tilted head as you sighed even deeper and followed her up the stairs. Therefore, you and Luke stood in a small bedroom filled with posters from your childhood and a queen-sized bed in front of you.

“It’s not late yet.” Luke shrugged and lied on the bed. You smirked and jumped beside him before saying something.

“Thank you again, Luke. We can just sneak out if we want.” You mumbled with a clear voice.

“Nah, it’s fine. We’ll just… talk the night away.” He said and sat straight. His smile was not completely, but the corners of his mouth were still pointing upwards in the hottest way imaginable. The stubbles on his chin showed that he had clearly been busy, as his silver necklace and red shirt was hanging loosely around his body. His beautiful, blue eyes drilled into yours as he talked away the next couple of hours. His lips were moving in such a peaceful tempo, making your heart skip a beat every so often.

You yawned for the tenth time as Luke tilted his head slightly.

“You’re tired,” he murmured with a smirk.

“No, I’m not.” You whispered with another yawn escaping. Luke chuckled and rolled out of bed instantly.

“You’ll take the bed, I’ll take the floor and your pillows.” He pulled three pillows down from the bed and onto the floor with him. You watched him with wide eyes, not really understanding what he was doing.

“Luke, there’s room for two.” You mumbled nervously. What if he just didn’t want to sleep with you? He looked up at stared at you while scratching his stubbles. You clicked your tongue as he thought about it.

“And you won’t be uncomfortable?” You were already pretty comfortable since you wearing your old pyjamas. It was too tight and the shorts were a little too short, but somehow the old pyjamas smelled as your childhood and home, which made you calm down the second you put it on.

“No.” you chuckled as Luke crawled into bed with you. He was simply wearing the same thing. You turned off the bed lamp beside you and sighed while trying to find a comfortable position.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Luke asked after five minutes of you rolling around in the bed, accidently slapping Luke one time. It was just a routine for you to take that long to find a nice position.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just can’t find a position.” You couldn’t see Luke, but you could almost hear him licking his lips and looking you up and down, thinking about something. You felt a tight grasp around your waist as your heart started to beat faster and faster.

“Is that better?” Luke whispered in your ear with a deep voice. You snuggled closer to him as you instantly used his arm as the pillow. His hand around your waist were drawing circles on your bare skin.

“Uhm, yes, that’s-that’s better.”

And it really was. The feeling of Luke’s warm hands and his pumping chest against your back. His sweet breath hit you like a bullet as your heart almost stopped beating every time he moved closer. You tried to close your eyes, but you couldn’t because of the sound of your fast heart. Wonder if he could hear if?

“I have a confession,” Luke whispered suddenly. “I might have a minor crush on you.”

You couldn’t help but flinch as you sat up from his grab and looked at him with wide eyes and you turned on the light beside your bed. Luke squinted his eyes, his lips thin and white as his heart was beating just as fast as yours.

“WHAT?” You yelled, not thinking about the others in the household. Luke exhaled and tried to lie back.

“Nevermind. I’m tired. Let’s go to bed.” He mumbled and closed his eyes before opening them and sitting up instantly again. “Unless you want me on the floor now?”

“NO!” You just couldn’t stop shouting. “Why?”

“Because of my confession!” he screamed. You felt the pressure of moving towards him, moving against him. You needed to get something out of your system. That was why you leant towards him and pressed your lips against his. You closed your eyes as you felt a tensed Luke at first, but then he calmed down and let his lips flow with yours. His hands were on your waist as he lied down further and further while you were moving on top of him.

“God, I’ve wanted this for so long,” Luke mumbled in the kiss, his hands moving down your body. Your stomach was still twisting around as you smiled still with his lips attached to yours.

A/N: ok, needed to get some Luke-feels out. Haven’t proof-read it for real, but hope you enjoyed it!

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You color your hair a crazy color. (natural hair)

Luke- “LUKE GUESS WHAT!! It’s pinks and purples and OMG!”

Calum- “Why did I ever think this was a bad idea? Your hair looks beautiful!”

Michael- “Sometimes I question If you have better hair then me Y/N” “Hands down I have better hair then you Mikey.”

Ashton- “Well if it isn’t Y/N letting her personality to show in her hair. I love it babe!”

Side note & credits: Last photo is of Merqueen Nef and the picture was sourced from her instagram (@/forsakensilencesweetvengeance) you can find her on tumblr @forsakensilence-sweetvengeance To NEF: my apologies if you are bothered by this post, I am happy to remove and alter it nef!

College student!Michael

Summary: “Hi, I know we have never talked before but my room mate just sexiled me. Can I please crash on your couch? And borrow some clothes maybe?”

A/N: IT’S MIDNIGHT WHY AM I WRITING THIS NOW GODDAMN. Tbh I got the prompt from this post so I can’t take any credit for the idea. Also, in this I tried to make Michael a sweet, awkward college student (who’s also a bit of an outcast because he secludes himself), but I really couldn’t take away his dirty mind because it just wouldn’t be him at all. Hope you enjoy x

You loved your room mate, you really did, but this was the fourth time this week she’d asked you to evacuate your shared dorm room so she could have sex with another random guy she’d met at a party. In all honesty, you were sick of spending 3 hours sat in a cafe waiting for a text saying it was safe to come home. You know her breakup had been horrendous but it was finals next week and you’d been studying as much as you could and all you wanted to do was sleep for approximately 4 days.

You left her feeling guilty and you swore that this was the last time you were doing it this month. Disgruntled, you walked down your student residence’s corridor. When you reached room 69 (because why the hell not? Surely the person living in a room of that numerical value must be slightly friendly and have a good sense of humour) and knocked on it. The door opened and you were face to face (well, your face was more at his chest level, but…details) with a tall, pale dude with red hair. He looked like he’d just woken up himself, with joggers on and a Def Leppard t-shirt thrown on. He looked at you curiously.

“Hi, I know we have never talked before but my room mate just sexiled me. Can I please crash on your couch? And borrow some clothes maybe?” you asked sheepishly. The guy just shrugged and stood aside so you could walk past him and into his dorm room, without asking any questions.

You walked down the short hallway and entered the living room (which was certainly well lived in). There were boxers thrown over all sides of the sofa, empty pizza boxes on the floor and an XBOX wired up to the TV.

“Uh, I wasn’t exactly expecting any visitors,” the guy said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“You’re not from around here are you?” you asked. Great start Y/N, saying the first thing that comes to mind, as always, what a way to make an impression.

He looked puzzled, “Why do you say that?” he asked.

“Your accent, it’s Australian, right?”

“Oh…that. Yeah, I transferred here because I got a scholarship and apparently the girls are hot.” He looked you up and down, checking you out obviously, “And apparently that description is correct. I’m Michael by the way.”

“Y/N. Nice to meet you, Michael.” you replied. He smiled in response.

“You said something about needing clothes?”

“I was only joking but I guess a t-shirt would be nice to sleep in?” you asked, smiling cutely in question (your ex boyfriend said that with that smile, you could get anything you wanted and he’d never been proved wrong yet).

“Yeah, I’ll go get you one.” he said and left the room.

You looked around the room some more before finally deciding that it would be a good idea to start clearing the couch if that was where you were going to be spending the night. You folded all the underwear in half and placed the stack on the floor. You brushed all of the crumbs off the sofa cushions and arranged the pillows at one end so you could rest your head on them. Whilst you were doing this, Michael reentered the room with a creased t-shirt in his hand and a blanket hung over his shoulder.

He handed you the t-shirt, “I hope this is okay, it looked like the cleanest one. You can change in my bedroom if you want. The dorm’s pretty small so you should be able to find it easy enough,” he said.

You said your thanks and went through the door he’d come out of. If you thought the living room was bad, the bedroom was even worse. Does this boy not know how to work a washing machine and hang up clothes? You couldn’t even see the floor for all the random dirty clothes piled up on top of each other. You walked into the middle of the room before taking off your ripped skinny jeans, crop top and bra. You pulled Michael’s shirt over your head and it came just below your panties, which were a simple black lace. You walked back into the main room and saw that Michael had laid the comforter over the settee and was hastily picking up some of the litter and putting it into a plastic bag.

“Don’t tidy up on my account. I’m only staying the night,” you said.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. It is kind of looking like a bit of bomb site at the minute,” he laughed.

“Well, in return for your hospitality, I promise I’ll tidy it all up for you tomorrow. Deal?”

“I can’t argue with that now can I?” Michael said.

“I’m glad that we cleared that up. I’m really tired so I kind of just want to go to sleep now. Is that okay with you or do you want some help clearing up or something?” you asked, walking over to the sofa.

“No it’s fine, but you can sleep in my bed if you want. I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.”

“No, I can’t let you do that, I’m already inconveniencing you as it is!” you exclaimed. Well, to be honest, really it was Kendall that was inconveniencing me but I still can’t let Michael do that, you said to yourself.

“Are you sure, I really don’t mind.” Michael said with an honest look in his eye.

“Really. I’ll be fine.” you replied defiantly.

Michael just nodded and walked towards his bedroom, stopping at the doorway.

“Goodnight Y/N” he said.

“Night Michael. Thanks for helping a girl in need out.” you smiled.

but remember when they were in vegas and ashton was asking if they were all down to get married to each other and michael was like “i… i think i’m… down” and luke was like “i’m gonna take the credit on that idea” and calum was like “fuck it” *shrugs* and then calum started humping ashtons leg like yeah that pretty much explains 5sos in 2013

The photo above gave me the idea to complete the song. If you guys post this anywhere please give me credit. I present you 5sos Fam : A Heartbreak Girl by 5sos Parody

They tweet at us
They’ve made more records
That’ll make our hearts hurt
They just keep on doing more and more interviews
And they end up smiling
And I end up crying
Cause I’m just a sucker for everything that they do

And when the concert finally ends
They say “thanks for being our fans”
And I don’t get to meet them again and again

I dedicate this song to you
The one who loves Michael and Luke
Don’t forget Calum and Ashton, 5sos fam
Watch their keeks straight up till midnight
We’ve been here when they gonna realize
That were their fans, 5sos fam

We watch them sing and wanna scream out
They’re so famous now
They have more fans now so they need security
Some fans are crazy and it’s so frustrating
That they get to meet them but not all of us
It’s not fair

And when the concert finally ends
They say “all of you guys are our friends”
And I’m stuck in the fanzone again and again

I dedicate this song to you
The one who loves Michael and Luke
Don’t forget Calum and Ashton, 5sos fam
Watch their keeks straight up till midnight
We’ve been here when they gonna realize
That were their fans, 5sos fam

I know someday it’s gonna happen
And you’ll finally get your chance to meet them
Sometimes you’re crazy with your obsession
We gotta get it through their heads
That were their fans for life, well said

I dedicate this song to you
The one who loves Michael and Luke
Don’t forget Calum and Ashton, 5sos fam
Watch their keeks straight up till midnight
We’ve been here when they gonna realize
That were their fans, 5sos fam

I dedicate this song to you
The one who loves Michael and Luke
Don’t forget Calum and Ashton, 5sos fam
Watch their keeks straight up till midnight
We’ve been here when they gonna realize
That were their fans, 5sos fam

The end! I hope you guys like it!

Paid to be Popular ~ Pt. 9

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credit to the original owner of this gif

Requested: The idea came from this anon.

Pairing: Who are you rooting for?

Other series: The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: When Calum, Michael and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?


“There’s nothing to explain,” Y/N clenched her fist, wanting to escape. Wanting to turn around and leave Calum standing in the dark.

“There’s a lot to explain.” He answered and inhaled so deeply she thought he wouldn’t exhale again. But he sat down on the pavement with pain in his eyes, his lanky legs almost reaching his head.

Y/N knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to sit down beside him, to tell her everything. But what if Y/N didn’t wanted to know everything? However, against every odd, she sat down beside him on the dirty pavement and tried to make eye contact with him. The loose stones on the sidewalk laid around her and she took one of the bigger stones in her hand and started to play with it: just to relax.

Calum looked at her before breathing heavily again. How could he start this without sounding like a narrow-minded, drug-addicted dumbass? He just realised he had to try and maybe he would sound like a narrow-minded, drug-addicted dumbass. He had to try to say something.

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Camp Counselors

A/N: Saw some text post on tumblr that inspired this. I don’t know the user or I would give credit, but thanks for the amazing idea whoever wrote that post!

It started on a weekend in May. School in Australia was just let out this week and now all of the summer camps were going to open this weekend. This summer, you were going to work as a counselor. Mainly because, you needed the money and this was the camp you had gone to as a child. Unfortunately for you, Luke Hemmings was also going to be a counselor. You had gone to camp with him from age 5 until age 16. As if every childhood summer of yours wasn’t enough for him to bother you, now you’d have to see him every week day this summer. Luke was always trying to get your attention with stupid chat up lines, but you knew better than to fall for a player. He was cute, yes, but his reputation with girls from your small christian school was awful.

Today was a meeting day for all of the employees before the kids arrived. Each of you would be assigned a cabin and a group of kids. All the counselors gathered around a middle-aged woman who owned the camp. Just your luck, Luke walked over and stood next to you. Since the meeting hadn’t began yet, he started with his pointless flirting. “Wow (y/n) I do like a girl in uniform,” Luke said biting this lip and looking you up and down. You immediately felt uncomfortable. “No need to feel nervous. You better get comfortable around me since we will be spending all summer together,” He smiled. You rolled your eyes and patiently waited for the meeting to start.

“Okay, counselors, the cabin assignments are Luke in cabin1, (y/n) in cabin 2…..”the owner started reading down the list. This was one of the worst situations for you considering you’d be stuck next to Luke. You looked over at him in disgust and saw the smirk on his face.

The meeting ended and you angrily stomped away. You were going to go to your cabin and start setting things up. “Hey, wait for me,” Luke called to you from a few steps away. You only walked faster at his comment. “Trying to sneak away from me, are you now?” Luke said when he caught up to you.

“Trust me, I’d like to be as far away as possible,” you sassily replied. He continued walking next to you. Can’t this boy take a hint that you aren’t interested?

“Ooh feisty,” he winked.

“Pig,” You scoffed to yourself.

“Anyways, I can’t wait to prank your cabin,” Luke laughed.

“You better not,” you warned him.

“Watch your back, cutie,” he playfully warned.

“Do not call me that,” you instructed just as you reached your cabin door. Luke went his separate way and you were grateful he did not follow you inside.

You set your suitcase down on the single bed. The room was all wood. It had 2 sets of  bunk beds for the little girls to sleep in and a small bathroom. The cabin was hotter than outside was, so you decided to change out of your jeans and T-shirt. You slipped on denim ripped shorts and a tank top with your favorite band’s logo. You had just finished putting your hair into a pony tail when the alarm signaling dinner time went off. You sighed and made your way to the dining hall.

Since your cabin was one of the furthest away, you arrived 5 minutes later than everyone else. You waited in line for your cheeseburger and fries. By the time you had gotten your food, all the seats were full. You walked through the rows of tables with your food trying to find a seat.

“You can sit here,” a familiar voice said. You looked down to see Luke patting the seat right next to him. There was no where else to sit so you sighed and sat down. Your seat was so close to Luke that you were almost sitting on his lap. It was awkward and uncomfortable.

“Are you gonna eat, babe?” Luke asked you. You looked down at your plate to see you hadn’t touched a single thing on your plate.

“Oh erm, yeah,” You replied. You dipped a french fry into the ketchup and then plopped it into your mouth. You continued this until all of your fries were gone.

The next morning, you woke up and went straight to the dining hall for breakfast. Today, the kids in your cabin would be meeting you at the assigned table. You walked into the eating area and saw your table full of 4 little girls. The table next to you was full of 6 boys and Luke.

“Hey girls! My name is (y/n) and I’m going to be your counselor this summer,” You greeted the small girls. The girls sitting at the table greeted you and told you their names.

“Looking good today,” a voice behind called out with a whistle. You knew it was risky wearing just a bikini top and shorts. You knew the voice was Luke. No one else at this camp was so desperate. You rolled your eyes and continued talking to the girls. “Don’t be shy baby,” Luke laughed but you just chose to ignore him.

Breakfast was almost done. “After this we are scheduled to be by the lake today, so we’ll go to the cabin and put on our bathing suits,” You said to the girls. They all nodded and cheered happily.

You and the girls were back in the cabin getting your bathing suits on. Since you were already changed you sat on the bed and waited. “Miss (y/n), who was that boy that was talking to you at breakfast?” One of the girls, named Rosie, asked you.

“That was Luke. Why?” you asked back.

“I think he likes you!!” 3 of the girls including Rosie shouted.

“No. He’s like that with every girl,” you reasoned. To get them off the subject you told them it was time to go.

You and the girls were down by the lake. All the kids in your group were swimming while you sat in one of the lounge chairs to tan. You heard some one sit in the chair next to you and your sunlight was immediately blocked. You lifted your sunglasses up to see who it was and it didn’t surprise you to see Luke sitting there.

“Hey,” he said trying to act smooth.

“Move, Hemmings, your blocking my sunlight,” you instructed him.

“No can do, baby. I was scheduled to be a lifeguard today,” he smirked.

You ignored him, as you normally did. To tune him out you put one headphone in and kept one out incase the girls needed you. You played “I miss you” by blink 182. It was an older song, but it was still one of your favorites.

“Nice music,” Luke commented. What the hell? How’d he even know what you are listening to?

“Thanks?” you confusingly said.

“I can hear it,” he answered your thoughts. It’s like he knew what you are thinking.

He kept babbling on about how blink 182 was going to be at some music festival this year. You really didn’t give a shit about what he had to say.

“Can you sit somewhere else, Hemmings?” you rudely asked. It was annoying you that you could barely hear your music over his talking.

“Nope,” He replied popping the “p”.

“God damnit your so fucking annoying,” You whispered under your breath.

“Princess, I don’t think the owner would be happy to hear you saying swear words on camp,” Luke teased.

You gave him a death glare and he put his hands up in defense. “You know, you don’t always have to be so mean,” he said.

“Maybe if you didn’t annoy me 24/7 we could be friends and I wouldn’t be so mean to you,” you fired back at him.

“I bet your just mean to me because your in love with me,” he casually announced. You sat up in pure shock of his words and started laughing.

“No way. You think every girl likes you. How long will it take you to realize I hate you?”you shouted.

This time he laughed. “Whatever you say princess. I can guarantee you’ll love me by the end of this week,” he challenged.
“Don’t hold your breath. I’m leaving now,” you lastly shouted. You gathered up all of your things and told the girls to follow you.

It was late at night, after dinner. All of the girls were in bed and sleeping, but you stayed awake. The cabin was so hot you could barely sleep. Your throat was dry, making you even more uncomfortable. Your only option was to tough this out, or go get a drink in the dining hall. You chose to go get a drink.

After changing into more appropriate attire you headed to the dining hall for a glass of water. You had made it there safely while using your phone as your only flashlight. The door creaked as you opened it. Surprisingly, the lights in the room were already on.

“Can’t sleep either?” A voice asked you. It startled you making you jump 20 feet into the air. Then a chuckle came and you knew who it was once again. Luke always seemed to be surprising you.

“Don’t do that, you ass. And yes its too hot to sleep,” you answered with attitude.

“What if I told you, I had a great idea?” Luke asked.

“Then I’d want to know what it was?” you confusingly answered.

“Let’s go night swimming,” Luke suggested while walking closer to you.

Something about the way the light caught him made his eyes sparkle. You never realized how blue they are. “O-ok,” Your mouth said before you could even process it.

Luke and you silently walked down to the lake. He was taking off his shirt and had his swim trunks already on, but you realized you didn’t have a swim suit on. “Erm Luke, I don’t have a suit,” You told him.

“Bra and underwear are fine,” He winked. He then did a cannon ball into the water from the dock. You thought for a moment. It was dark outside. It’s not like he’d see you in your underclothes. You stripped out of your pajamas and then walked over to the dock.

“Luke, I’m scared. What if theres like an alligator or something in there?” you admitted one of your fears to him. Ever since you were little you had been scared of open water.

“You’ll be fine. Just jump in and I’ll catch you.” he instructed. You plugged your nose and closed your eyes before jumping off the dock. You felt strong arms wrap around your torso before your head could go under water.

You opened your eyes and unplugged your nose. You couldn’t really see Luke clearly but  you could make out his ocean blue eyes. “Thanks for catching me,” your broke the awkward silence.

“Yeah, no problem.” he answered. “and I’m sorry for always flirting with you. It’s just I’m not used to having to work to get girls and I guess it can be kind of annoying,” he added. Luke was acting shy.

“It’s fine. Sorry for being a bitch to you,” you answered. He lightly laughed and so did you. You only then realized you were still in his arms. But you didn’t want to move. You wanted this moment to last forever.

Your body took over and it might’ve been weird for you to make the first move, but you did. You leaned in to seal your lips with Luke’s perfect ones. He leaned in too and the kiss was honestly magical. It was like a movie where the fireworks explode behind you kind of kiss.

When the kiss finally ended you pulled away and stared into his eyes. He ran a hand through your hair to tuck it behind your ear. “Remember when I bet you that you’d fall for me by the end of the week and you denied it?” He asked. You nodded to answer his question. “I think you just fell for me and I think that means you were wrong,” He laughed.

“Shut up and kiss me again, you idiot,” you interrupted him.

Paid to be Popular ~ Pt. 7

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Requested: the idea came from this love

Pairing: ???? (let me know who you think)

Description: When Calum, Michael and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?


“Michael, you FUCKING ASS!” Calum growled as he kicked the door to the locker room open.  Ashton’s eyes turned to Calum as he walked with heavy steps towards Michael, who was already ready to get out. Calum’s eyes were dark as his brows so furrowed, so wrinkles seemed to appear on his forehead. He kept flinching as he met Michael’s wide eyes. Calum was beside Michael in a matter of second and he pushed him into the locker, making a loud ‘bang’ echo in the room. A freshman ran out of the room with fear in his eyes, as Calum pulled Michael’s shirt.

“What the fuck, Cal?” Michael whispered with white lips. Ashton was peeping around the corner, watching every move. Now, even Ashton was a little scared of this new side of Calum.

“You know EXACTLY what’s going on!” Calum snarled as Michael closed his eyes whilst he was yelling in his ear. The grip on Michael’s shirt became tighter as Calum pushed Michael harder into the locker.

“Relax, for fuck’s sake!” Michael shouted, regretting that decision fast. He felt the ground under his feet become more distant as Calum pulled him an inch up.

“What the fuck did you tell her? Huh?” Calum murmured with a grunt. Michael’s breathing became quicker as Calum’s lust for beating him became bigger.

“I…” Michael stumbled. “I told her the truth, Calum!”

“What?” Calum barked with spit flying across Michael’s face. He held so tight that Michael almost couldn’t feel the floor under him.

“The truth!” Michael yelled and struggled to get out of Calum’s grip. “About you!”

Calum’s hands became weak as he let go of Michael and turned around. Michael fell to the ground, his heart racing against his chest while he was facing Calum’s back. Calum felt the anger fill up his body as Michael stood up behind him and made an awful lot of noise, making Calum angrier. His hands turned into fists as he turned around with such force, it created a surprise for Michael when Calum’s lifted his arm. Ashton, who had been watching the whole thing, stormed in between the two and grabbed Calum’s shoulder, making him realise what was going on and stopping his action immediately.

“What the fuck, Calum? You’re not yourself today.” Ashton mumbled as he padded Michael’s shoulder and sat down on the bench. Calum bit his lip, thinking it all through; what if this was the real him? What if Y/N didn’t deserve him because he was just another bully?

Calum flinched again as he watched Michael throw his stuff into his bag and as Ashton stared at him with a concerned look. Out of the corner of Calum’s eye, he could see Luke tiptoeing out of the room and gestured that to Ashton by nodding towards Luke’s direction.

“Hey, Luke!” Ashton shouted and got up from the bench. Luke jumped by Ashton’s deep, loud voice as he turned around to face the curly-haired lad. The scare was still plastered on Luke’s face, but he tried to hide the wide eyes and trembling hands when he turned to the three boys. Calum exhaled and looked at Michael with raised eyebrows and sorrow in his eyes. Michael looked up at Calum while tying his shoes.

“Aren’t you gonna hit the showers?” Michael asked while Ashton and Luke were talking about how good Luke was on the field today.

“I’ll do it later,” Calum answered with pouted expression as he swung his heavy bag over his shoulder. “Sorry, by the way. Didn’t mean to get that aggressive.”

“Yeah?” Michael said with raised eyebrows and stood up to give Calum a pad on his back.  “Think about your actions next time, pal. Otherwise, she’s gonna choose Luke over you.”

Calum took a sharp inhale at Michael’s words. His eyes were focused on his friend - the friend who went behind his back and betrayed him. Calum’s stomach twisted as Ashton and Michael followed Luke out of the room and out in the blue - there was no way Luke was going to win. Y/N was the one for Calum - he just knew it. Luke was only amazed by Y/N’s popularity and the case of interest in him, but Calum had seen every possible side of Y/N and he still loved her.

Calum walked a couple of steps behind Luke, Michael and Ashton. When they got outside in the Australian sun, Calum felt the present of Y/N immediately. He glanced up and saw her with her head buried in a book, leaning against Coach Y/L/N’s car. Her gaze went up to see the four boys standing together in a smaller puddle, staring the beautiful girl. Calum could see a smile appearing on Luke’s face as soon as he got eye contact with her, and he felt like he was going to explode when Y/N waved at Luke. His hands turned into fists again as he stared at Luke with dark eyes, until he looked up to watch Y/N. Her smile faded and turned into a concentrated expression as she gazed towards the book in her hands again. Calum’s fist crumbled as her eyes scanned the paper with attention. She looked beautiful with the sun glistening in her.

“So, Luke,” Ashton giggled, making Luke shoot his head up at him. “How is it going with Y/N? You’re kinda dating, aren’t you?”

Ashton’s words made Calum feel sick. The thought about Luke and Y/N filled his stomach with hatred. His eyes grew darker as he looked at the confusing nerd. The worst thing was that it was probably better if Y/N dated Luke instead of him.

“No, how… why… no, we’re not dating.” Luke fumbled with his words as he glanced at the ground. Ashton nodded understanding as Calum had a frown plastered on his face.

“But you want to?” Ashton questioned with raised eyebrows as Luke glanced at him with a tiny smirk.

“Doesn’t everybody?” Luke chuckled and tried to walk away from the three popular boys, but got hold back by Ashton.

“We’ll help you,” Michael sighed at Ashton’s sharp words, as Calum looked at him. They both knew that Ashton had no feelings or whatsoever for this girl they were madly in love with, which made it hard to anticipate in this “mission”.

“Help me with what?” Luke grunted and looked at the serious boys. He shook his head and glanced at the pretty girl leaning against the car.

“We’ll help you get the girl,” Ashton stated with big eyes. Luke grinned scornfully and turned his gaze towards the boys again.

“Why?” Luke crossed his arms and made himself as big as possible. He was scary when he stood there with broad shoulders, as tall as a tree, and an empty smirk on his face. “It’s not like everybody wants us together.”

Luke’s glanced at Calum, who was biting his lip. Luke knew very well that Calum would die for a date with Y/N or just an offer like this. But no, his friends needed to help the poor, nerdy boy get the girl. Typical.

“Let’s not get into detail, Luke,” Michael scoffed quietly. The whole scene seemed like a threat. Calum sighed as quiet as possible as Ashton opened his mouth again.

“We just want to know if you’re in or not?” Ashton offered, as Luke looked outside of the corner of his eye to his a red car with his mum behind the wheel, waiting patiently for him to get away from the weird conversation.

“Fine, I’m in.” Luke coughed and a wide smile came across his face just thinking about dating Y/N.

“Can’t believe this…” he mumbled as he hurried backwards to the car on the parking lot. A small wave from Y/N was giving to him as he rushed to his mum and drove away in seconds. The guys were standing back as Coach Y/L/N walked past them with a groan. Calum stared at the ground without saying anything as Ashton kept talking about how well it all was going. Michael just nodded and mumbled small comments to Ashton’s rambling.

A small ding came from Michael’s pocket and he was quick to pull out his phone and check the text. Calum knew he shouldn’t be looking over his shoulder, but as soon as he saw the sender of the message, he couldn’t move his eyes. Ashton had stopped his small talking as soon as Michael lost his concentration. Calum held in a small gasp as he read the words of Y/N. He looked up and saw her getting into her dad’s car and soon the only people left on the lot were the three guys.

Sorry ‘bout yesterday. Can we talk soon?

The redness rose to Calum’s cheeks as he read the text over again. The words hit him like a truck - why would she talk with Michael? Hasn’t she talked enough with him already?

He didn’t even think before he whispered in Michael’s ear. “Can I come?”

Michael glanced at him before looking back at his phone. “Fine.” He sighed as he squinted his eyes. “But you’re not forgiven yet, Calum.”

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