credit or else

Sorry for the lack of posts.owo here’s a shot post that no one’s thought if until now!!!one note=helping the creation of next dank shot post lol.I hope u guys like it.Also if u ever wanna use this feel free as long as I get credit.:0who else is pumped?
Ink belongs to @comyet

Theme #22 by raiidens
Did another poll to see what kind of theme would be wanted next and space won. Hope you guys like it!
Static preview + install
  • 500px, 400px or 250px posts
  • Up to 8 links
  • Customizable colours, images, fonts
    • Yes, the planet, the icons, all customizable colours
    • Custom sidebar image: 200px by 200px
  • Animated planet (optional)
  • Starry posts (optional)
  • Gradient background (optional)
  • Monochrome posts (optional)
  • Mirrored layout available
  • Removable captions

  • Leave the credit or move it somewhere else visible
  • Edit as much as you like
  • Like/reblog if you’re using!
  • Show me what kind of creative things you’ve done with it!
Interested in a custom theme? Check out the commissions page on my blog!

“Detection is a darned lonely business and detectives are perhaps inclined to be lone wolves, if you’ll pardon the expression. And at the conclusion of a case, there are always other parties not of the police force, who will claim to have solved it. I refer, of course, to that bane of the policeman’s life, the amateur sleuth, or worse, still, the professional private detective.“


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