credit of the originals go to owner because idk who the owner is

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why did you delete your high roller edit? it's so amazing ahskdzasdagsdf

ahh i don’t even know where to start tbh hahah.. this is probably going to be very long.

this is how i view this situation, feel free to form your own opinion about this.

first of all, the main reason i deleted this video is that the original owner of this video told me to, because i used her footage without her permission.
let me tell you that i checked the used fancam’s description before i uploaded my edit (as always) and back then i didn’t spot any sentence saying that people are not allowed to edit this person’s footage. i don’t know if the admin changed the description by now or if i didn’t see it, but when i looked it up, i didn’t found anything.
the description was written in korean and as you guys know, i can’t read hangul nor speak/understand any korean. honestly speaking, i think people should not expect every single korean culture/kpop/whatever interested person to be able to understand/speak/read the korean language, but that’s my opinion.
anyway, i was worried that the admin may have warned people about not using her content in her (i guess) native language, therefore i asked a friend of mine, who studies the korean language, to check the fanpage’s, the video’s and twitter’s description (and twitter’s latest tweets, sorry but i’m not going to look through idk how many thousand tweets just to find some important information which should actually be on top of a fanpage) for any hints regarding this whole editing topic. she didn’t found any prohibitions.
in my point of view, i don’t get why people don’t want their stuff to be spreaded (w/ credits ofc) since it’s the best form of advertisement for your page BUT nevertheless if you don’t want me to use your stuff, it’s okay. you’re the owner. you have the rights. i’m not an asshole. i will put it down if you tell me to and if there is no other way to solve this problem and come to a compromise. but if you are an admin of a fanpage, make it clear and post it somewhere where everyone should be able to see if they can use your footage or not.

however, the way this person let me know that i should take down my video is the more… relevant part of this story.
when i checked my yt channel today, i noticed that my high roller vid was literally flooded with comments (i really regret not screenshoting them tbh, i’m sorry). the comment section was mainly filled with hatred and rudeness, telling me that i’m a disrespectful *insert prefered insult here* and that i don’t appreciate this fanpage’s hard work.
anyway, the main message of all those comments was: “delete your video”. so i did without hesitating and tbh i regret it but let’s continue:
when i read some comments, i felt really bad, because if you follow me on tumblr for quite a while (or know me in person) you should know that i’m the least likely person to hurt anyone’s feelings intentionally but also stealing somebody’s work on purpose and do not give credit to the original owner.
i’m ok with hate, i don’t care if people don’t appreciate my existence, my sexuality,my looks, simply don’t like me or whatever reason they might have, but people who only see black and white and don’t even raise an eyebrow to look up both positions of a conflict make me sicker than sick. 

after deleting the video i went on twitter and somebody told me that the admin wants to delete all her videos (the person messaging me told me that i’m the reason that she wants to close her yt channel, but the only thing i saw was this tweet down below. i don’t have any other evidence for this statement, because i’m not going to look through all the tweets displaying me as a disrespectful and ungrateful person ).

anyway, another tweet i found was this one:

i don’t know the exact moment the admin posted this comment under my video, maybe because i was still asleep when all this drama happened.
i would love to know the reason why a simple “pls delete it” wasn’t enough. didn’t i delete the video fast enough, because of timezones?
sorry but making a twitter post on your official fanaccount, which btw has over 125k followers (way more than my lame channel), gives me the impression of wanting to drag me down but also setting your followers up against me, just because you didn’t mention that people aren’t allowed to edit your footage and for me this isn’t something that obvious every editor should know, many apologies. 

gotta get some facts right, this is NOT my fault.

i also got accused of being a thief because i “claimed” this fanpage’s footage as my own. where the fuck does this come from. i ALWAYS credit the content i used and my high roller edit wasn’t an exception. the video’s description clearly showed the original video i used for editing, i also put the link right behind the fancam’s name. i didn’t remove the watermark as well.

i am NOT a thief and i never was.

p.s. i found this fancam through another person’s edit.