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Just a quick page I found floating around Instagram that my boyfriend translated for me. It was cute, so I cleaned and typed it up to share here.
As always, if anyone knows the original source and can link it, please do!

the concept of having good credit is such a fucking racket.

it’s like, i work in the service industry, & i deal mostly in cash, which feels financially safe for me, coming from a period of my life where i was just scraping by. if i had cash in my wallet, i would buy something. if not, well, nope.

in order to build up a better credit history, i need to force myself to use a credit card for more common purchases, which is honestly pretty foreign to me ( i know, i sound like such an old! but really, though. i walk away from my shifts with money immediately, so it is a really rare thing for me to not have cash on hand. & yes, i deposit a good amount into the bank & pay for stuff online a lot, i’m not a complete relic, but day to day stuff, my knee-jerk choice is cash.) & i get that showing i can be a grown up & pay off bills on time shows that i am stable & consistent & whathaveyou. but to me, growing up, a credit card was always like a ‘holy shit i can’t afford this big purchase so this way i can pay this off over a period of time instead’. to me, i prove myself to be financially stable because i don’t have to put too much shit on that card. 

but the rub is, that the only reason credit card companies really want me to use my card more is because the fees that businesses have to pay the companies for providing this service. 

**EDIT: AND duh i forgot, they want me to use it more because of the potential for me to slip & miss payments & owe them penalties. & they don’t want me to pay off the balance each month, even if i could, because they want to be able to make a profit from the interest.

it feels like the fucking mob is just forcing us to pay their cut.

end super cynical rant.

I don't mean to flood your dash with checking your credit but for real for real it's something I believe in.

You can also see if someone’s been using your name because some credit sources like, credit karma, tell you all the credit you have out!!

Knowing your credit can also put the fear of God into you and whip you into shape with your finances


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This may seem weird, but Credit Karma currently has a commercial with a dark skinned woman who has 4C natural hair. It's the strangest place to have representation, but there's so little for for us that I got excited when I saw it.


Check your credit, everyone, btw

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How accurate is Credit Karma tho? I've heard banks have seen scores as low as 15 points off to as high 50 points off based scores from Credit Karma. And I've heard that FICO is the only true way of knowing your credit score for sure. Thanks.

I guess I’m not the best person because credit karma gave me accurate scores. One was exact to the one wellsfargo FICO gave me and the other was like 5 points under! I trust it. Though… it does have adverts for credit cards lmaooo😂

If you dont feel safe using it, honest to god use your bank! You can go in and see a banker (many banks do it for free). Or if you also use online banking, there should be an option to check FICO scores {try googling “check credit/FICO [bank name]”}! Otherwise you can request your score from the credit bureaus for free 3 times a year :)

Trust me. They don’t teach you about credit in school and definitely a lot of people don’t learn at home. I have great credit but lemme tell you. After I saw my credit it whipped me into shape with how I used my credit cards ( I would abuse them) now I only use my card for tiny purchases I can pay off easily and now I only use my debit card.

- Susie

So I was at the hospital visiting my mother today, and we were watching TV together. This Credit Karma commercial comes on, and at the end of the commercial the actress yells ‘That apartment is MINE!!!’

As soon as she said it, my mom looks at me and goes 'Uhhhmm, actually, it’s Stingys!’ and I couldn’t stop laughing. I even have my mother making Lazytown jokes and references now 😂😂😂