credit is in the link

Remember when Jenna Coleman tweeted this photo just as Series 9 began - with that choice of emoji?

Jenna Coleman: Captaining the good ship Whouffaldi.

A nod to Twitter user Karlpaldi/CosmicWhoNerd who was the one who reposted this and called my attention to it. I usually reblog tweets using a direct link for proper credit, but I couldn’t do it with this one without losing the heart emoji. Here is a link to the original post by Jenna.

reasons you should vote for bob morley in the alpha male madness:

  • He called himself an alfalfa male and that is adorable
  • He is a man of color and this kind of recognition would be awesome
  • He gets so much hate from racist fucks and he is so pure i dont understand it (im making myself emotional tbh)
  • If he wins he’d get an exclusive interview by E!
  • this would get his name out there and possibly attract more fans and recognition for him
  • this is by no means an emmy or something but this is something we can do for him to show we care
  • Bob puts SO MUCH in to bellamy. Like way more than anyone realizes or gives him credit for. link to this post
  • The man is an incredibly gifted and talented actor and he consistently sells himself short, remember when it was revealed he never even submits his name for emmy consideration bc he feels like he could do better?? i cant find the post but thinking about that breaks my heart
  • He is so good to fans, remember when someone asked to recreate the bellarke hug and he was like which one and did it ur fave could never (fuck links  cuz i suck)
  • also remember when he created a bellamy blake shirt to raise money for a mental health charity, (what are links)
  • Bob is so good and pure he is always trying his best and being an overall cinnamon roll can we just fucking do this for him?????
  • lastly, (bc lets not kid ourselves about what this poll is really about) i present you my most persuasive argument: