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So, you might’ve been reading a lot about a Miraculous Ladybug Blackout. 

I myself am not participating in it BUT, that does not mean I do not support it. I support my friends and what they want the rest of the fandom to understand. Art theft isn’t a silly game. It’s not like stealing a french fry from your friends combo. And second, just because you see it on the internet does not, by any means, mean it is FREE TO USE OR CLAIM. 

When you steal, there are consequences. Even if you think you’re smart, sly or good enough to get away with it. And yes, taking an image from the internet, posting it somewhere else, and saying it’s yours. THAT’S stealing. What do you think credits are for? Why do you think even newspapers credit the photographer who took the damn picture? Why do you think magazines credit them too? Why, why, why? Oh, why? 

Come on guys. If you love the art so much and want to share it with the world, is it THAT hard to ask? Is it THAT hard to send the credits where the credits due? We work hard to create this sort of stuff. Some of us live from it. And by having people steal it, we lose work. 

I won’t say much of this again because I’ve already talked about it. But. My art is precious to me even if it’s not the greatest. It’s personal. It’s mine, it came from me. So by taking it, you take my voice. You hurt me even if you don’t mean to. As well as other artists. Now…

Please understand. The artists participating in this are not hating on you. They are not doing this to punish their followers. They are doing this because they ask for respect. Respect for what they do. So PLEASE. DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY OR SEND THEM ANY HATE MESSAGES. 

Please respect them. And please be patient. I love you all, be kind <3  

Old Hollywood Trivia

Bette Davis: She considered her debut screen test for Universal Pictures to be so bad that she ran screaming from the projection room.

- When she first came to Hollywood as a contract player, Universal Pictures wanted to change her name to Bettina Dawes. She informed the studio that she refused to go through life with a name that sounded like “Between the Drawers”.

Audrey Hepburn: Was fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Italian. She was raised bilingually; speaking English and Dutch (resulting in her unique accent).

- Art was one of her longtime hobbies, she drew pictures of stories when she was a child to distract herself from chronic hunger pains during WWII.

Rita Hayworth : The satin nightgown with lace bodice which Rita wore in 1941 on the cover of Life magazine was sold in 2002 for $27,000.

- She flew into a rage when she learned that a photo of her had been glued onto the atomic bomb that was dropped on Bikini Atoll doing a test in 1946.

Marlon Brando : Used his oscar for On the Waterfront (1954) as a doorstep.

-  Brando would put scripts from producers into his freezer, in order to use them as targets in skeet shooting. Brando would take the frozen scripts and have them tossed in the air into the canyon below his home at night, and then proceed to blast them.

Elizabeth Taylor : She never read an entire script, just her own lines.

- Richard Burton indulged Elizabeth´s love of jewellery. He once gave her a £127,000 ring “just because it was a Tuesday.”

Myrna Loy : In 1936 Myrna was named Queen of the Movies and Clark Gable King in a national poll, winning a crown of tin and purple velvet. in her autobiography, she says that she did not get on with Gable in her earlier films with him. However, in her later films he developed a respect for Loy and they became good friends.

- When her father was travelling by train in early 1905, he went through a small station called ‘Myrna’ - he eventually named her after that station.

Lana Turner :  she lost her eyebrows due to the glue used to attach false ones to give her an Asian look.

- She was called the Sweater Girl. Interestingly, Lana, translated into Spanish means “wool.”

Hedy Lamarr : For her appearance in Ecstasy (1933), Hedy is credited as being the first nude woman as well as portraying the first sex-scene in film history.

-  Although Hedy earned a great deal of money during her career, she lost her fortune with her production company. She died impoverished in Florida in 2000.

Ingrid Bergman : Her famous love affair with the war photographer, Robert Capa was the basis for Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954).

- According to her daughter, whenever anyone would come up to her and say “I loved you in Casablanca (1942)”, she would look at them like she didn’t know what they were talking about.

anonymous asked:

Jen can you please explain what's happening with Ed right now. I don't think he owes those people that money, it's his song! Didn't he say he wrote Photograph a long time ago and these peple are just now noticing it?? It doesnt make sense, he shouldn't have to pay!!!! Ed Sheeran is a genius he doesn't need to steal songs from people who are less famous than him. I will never believe he stole it

Hey. First let me just say that for anyone who hasn’t seen the entertainment headlines today, a lawsuit has been filed against Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid regarding the song Photograph. They are being sued for allegedly plagiarizing a song written by songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard in 2009 called Amazing, which was recorded and released by Matt Cardle in 2012. You can listen to Matt singing the song right [here]. More details about the lawsuit can be found in [this Billboard article] or [here in USA Today]. From what I understand, Harrington and Leonard are seeking $20 million plus future royalties from Photograph, as well as statutory damages and part of the profits from the sale of Polar Patrol Music Publishing. 

As far as not believing Ed and Johnny stole the music, I’m right there with you. These guys are totally on the up and up and more than willing to give credit where it’s due. I mean, just check the liner notes for songs like Afire Love and Don’t. All samples have been properly credited. If they’d wanted to use someone else’s music in Photograph, they would definitely have contacted the appropriate people and asked for permission and paid accordingly. I fully, 100% believe there has been no intentional theft here.

That being said… it’s impossible to see inside someone’s brain, you know? You can never be sure what a person may have heard once before and then stored subconsciously. I know Ed and Johnny would never try to pass off someone else’s work as their own, but I can also see how it’s possible that they heard it once, forgot about it, and later worked it out on a guitar or piano and fully believed it was original. So even though I know without a doubt that these guys would never try to cheat someone on purpose, you also can’t prove they’d never heard the other song before, which means you can’t prove it never influenced their writing by accident. 

That’s why so many cases like this feel like bullshit to me. There’s literally no way you can win them. Even if Ed and Johnny really never heard the other song before (and let’s be honest, most people haven’t heard it before) and they just happened to come up with a similar chorus by coincidence - which I believe is totally possible because if something sounds good, it’s going to sound good to lots of people, so there’s no reason to believe only one person could ever come up with it and write it down, on top of which Photograph uses a chord progression that’s actually very common in pop music - there’s still no way to prove they’d never heard the other song and been influenced by it. All they could say is they don’t remember hearing it before. And that kind of argument doesn’t mean a whole lot in copyright suits, even when it’s the truth. 

Ed has said that he wrote Photograph with Johnny while on tour with Snow Patrol between March and May of 2012. Matt Cardle released Amazing in February of 2012. So Photograph was written at least one month after Amazing was being played on radio stations in the UK. It’s still completely possible they never heard it - after all, they were in the US at the time and radio stations here were not playing it, and it didn’t chart very high elsewhere - but unfortunately the argument can’t be made that there’s no way they heard it and were influenced by it. Which sucks.

You can listen to Ed talking about the process for writing Photograph (and the different people who helped with it) in [this video] filmed for VH1 Storytellers.

To answer your question about Harrington and Leonard just now noticing the similarities, I’m not sure that’s the case here. The suit was only filed today, but there’s really no telling how long they’ve been working with their lawyer on getting the complaint together. These things can take a very long time to play out. (To use an unrelated example, my brother was arrested a full two years and 3 months before his trial. Slow legal system is slow.) And before filing a public complaint, Harrington and Leonard claim to have attempted to settle privately. It may be that they noticed the song within minutes of its release. Chances are that Ed has known this was coming for a good long while now.

Honestly, I don’t think Ed and Johnny are going to come out of this without having to pay something. God, I hate it for them. I really do believe the similarities in the two songs are a coincidence or at the very least entirely unintentional, and it doesn’t seem fair at all for them to have to pay a couple of strangers for the success they’ve had, when it feels like those strangers had no hand in it. And it absolutely doesn’t seem fair for Harrington and Leonard to be seeking ALL of the song’s profits! Geez, even Ed and Johnny didn’t get all the profits. 

They’re claiming that the chorus of Photograph is 70% plagiarized, and the chorus is what, maybe half the song? That works out to Harrington and Leonard together claiming responsibility for about 35% of the song’s music - and none of the lyrics. So if lyrics and music are worth the same amount (I don’t know if they are or not) then they’ve only contributed 17.5% of the whole song. Record companies are generally obliged to pay songwriters $0.091 for every copy of a song that is sold, which means that at most, Harrington and Leonard together shouldn’t be given more than about $0.016 (or just over one and a half cents) per copy for “writing” that portion of the song. Or if you want to think about it as a percentage of $20 million, their portion of the chorus of the song altogether only made about $7 million, so they shouldn’t get any more than what a composer’s cut of that $7 million would be, and that doesn’t seem like it would amount to very much once you take into account everyone else who would also be getting cuts of it for their individual contributions. 

I don’t know. I don’t know very much at all about how money works within the music industry, but if you look at the whole thing logically, it doesn’t seem like these guys have any right to ask for $20 million. But I guess you have to ask for a lot in order to see how much you can get. :/ I certainly don’t expect them to get that much, though, and I think it will be an utter failure of the legal system if they do. If you remember the lawsuit against Pharrell and Robin Thicke about Blurred lines, Marvin Gaye’s family originally sued them for $25 million and were only awarded $5.3 million, about a fifth of what they asked. If the same thing happens with Photograph, that would work out to Harrington and Leonard getting about $4 million (although that still seems like way too much to me). 

It sucks hardcore for Ed to have to deal with this whole mess, but even though it sounds awful for someone to be accused of plagiarism, I don’t really think this will have a negative effect on his career. Tons of famous musicians have gone through the exact same thing - notably, they’ve all lost or settled and had to pay damages and royalties - and that hasn’t stopped anyone from continuing to be successful if they’re good at what they do, which Ed definitely is. The boy’s in good company! Like, I believe Sam Smith didn’t intentionally plagiarize Tom Petty, but he settled over Stay With Me, and he still seems to be doing pretty well, right? And no one ever says, “I refuse to listen to so-and-so’s music because it sounds too much like this other really good music which I also like.” He won’t be losing fans over this, so I feel like he’s still good to go, and the only place to go is up.

Ed will be fine. (Frustrated I’m sure, but fine nonetheless.) He’s recording new material in Africa right now and that’s so exciting! I think that once the civil suit is over, everyone will be so busy loving his new music that this whole thing will be forgotten soon enough. And hey, maybe the experience will generate another new verse for YNMIDNY. :)


You know, that we can not pass a good Zelda cosplay, and AniRevo had plenty of stunning Legend of Zelda cosplays! From well painted Majora’s mask that Skull Kid had, to the amazingly handsome Hyrule Warriors Link, there was everything LoZ fan could wish for!

We love to give credit to the cosplayers we photograph, but we do not know everyone’s information. If you would like to help us give credit where credit is due, please reblog this with the person’s info, email us info(at) or link us on Facebook. We will try our best to update the post with credit info as we get it! 

Engaged- Part 3

Part 1 - Part 2

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Marinette Dupain-Cheng either got in a fight with a tiny-fisted wrestler, or she had a hot date last night. 

Cheng and her new fiancé, model Adrien Agreste, have heated up the city of love this week with the announcement of their engagement, and now it looks as if someone has marked his territory with more than a ring! Le Monde’s photographers spotted the 26-year-old fashion designer on her way to Coccinelle headquarters, and it looks like she was sporting a hickey on her neck.

Nothing makes us quite as nostalgic for high school as a hickey does, but we have to wonder if Cheng appreciates the love bite – which we’re assuming is courtesy of Adrien– since it’s also a little embarrassing.

Well, to each their own!

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BMO SWEATER!!! Honestly, the adorableness of these cosplayers is off the charts! Fiona is also really accurate to the character design, amd if you look closely you can see that BMO’s nails are even painted to match the colour scheme. Amazing!

We love to give credit to the cosplayers we photograph, but we do not know everyone’s information. If you would like to help us give credit where credit is due, please reblog this with the person’s info, email us or link us on Facebook. We will try our best to update the post with credit info as we get it!