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just wanted to share this video that I just found. I think it’s beautifully made and just shows us what skam is really about and how it teaches us something important every day. Be kind. always.

credit goes to: britishcurls on youtube


This edit deserves sm more recognition 💚💚

Song: “How Far I’ll Go”- Alessia Cara

All credit goes to the creator, DayHaven Cosplay on YouTube, Tumblr: @whispering-wind-demons


Credit goes to @princess-wasabiart for making the comic that I just dubbed with a friend. Short and sweet for any Zelda fan and all who are playing Breath of the Wild!



Andy BLACK - 21 Guns (Green Day cover) FULL SONG!

(I’m not the uploader. Thanks to the person who uploaded it to YouTube.  ALL CREDIT GOES TO ANDY BLACK, GREEN DAY, AND KERRANG)


A message from Douglas Milford on the nature of our world(s). Excerpted from The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost.

An excellent video combining audio from Mark Frost’s brilliant tome with relevant, parallel imagery from the original show. If this doesn’t get you hyped for 2017, idk what will!

Credit goes to YouTube user “LL eon”


[Not my video, credit goes to davep666 on youtube]

Things Beyond Things from the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo


My absolute favorite Jon and Sansa tribute. Set to my favorite song, Saturn, by Sleeping at Last.

The talented editor takes the viewer through Jon and Sansa’s individual heart breaking and tragic journey that led them back to one another. Add in the lyrics of the song and how you imagine they are thinking of Ned and Cat, argh…Stark feels all around.

Video is NOT mine. Video credit goes to youtube channel: sirmarilia.


OMGGGGG this is the best Sanvers video I’ve seen so far… SO GOODDDDD (x)


All credit goes to the amazing RogerBase on YouTube!


One of the most iconic things about Taylor’s early career. ‘You Belong With Me’, live on the Fearless Tour! (Video taken from YouTube, credit goes to 'Eyes Open’). #TaylorSwift #tswift #taytay #Swiftie #swifties #swiftietag #swiftiefamily #swiftieforever #singer #songwriter #like #followme #instafollow #blonde #curls #hair #beautiful #idol #rolemodel #inspiration #YouBelongWithMe #song #live #performance #FearlessTour

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Clarke and Niylah scene in 4x06…
Clarke looking longingly at the sketch of Lexa … and Niylah telling Clarke that Lexa lives on through Clarke 😩😭. And then they share a kiss after a night together.

Not sure if I am thrilled that Clarke is trying get over missing Lexa by being with Niylah but I must say there’s no one better than Niylah as she’s got a special understanding of how much Clarke loves Lexa and the unique place Clarke had in Lexa’s heart and ….. the Commander’s respect for Clarke’s ability to lead.

This is a bittersweet scene for me. 😭

(Video upload courtesy of Detective Lekxa on YouTube, all credit goes to there)


Credit goes to YouTube user Daemonologist, and of course, TeamFourStar.

This is the greatest thing I’ve seen all day.