credit goes to unknown

Oh look. Deviantart gives you the ability to share art on Facebook, tumblr, twitter, pintrest, reddit, Google+, StumbleUpon, and livejournal while also sharing links back to the original source of the picture.

And lookit… it also provides shortened links AND embedding code so if the website you want to share it on isn’t available, you can plop that HTML code right into your forum post or wherever you’re sharing it.

There is seriously NO REASON to have unsourced art from deviantart on any of these websites. 

And, most of the time, when you save a picture from deviantart, it titles the file something along the lines of “this_picture_i_drew__by_deviantart-artist” so it gives you the source in the file name. And, if you take that picture and upload it to Google’s reverse image search, it will give you the source even if you renamed it something like “this character is cute” or “buuuuuuuasfffadflakjs”. 

I am fed up to death of “credit goes to the artist whoever they are” or “artist unknown” when it comes to deviantart pics. 

The ability to share with the source attached is practically shoved in your face on the page for the drawing itself. It also gives credit to the artist in the file name provided when you go to save it. And if you find it on some other website or rename the file, there’s Google Image Search.