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“…and in the end, I’d do it all again, I think you’re my best friend…”

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Couple: Shadamy

Holding hands:


Watching a movie/news/ect:


Making out:





Making up:

Gazing: (sort of)

Getting Married:

Doing something sweet:

Doing something hot: (3)

I think Floki and Helga are the only couple on this show who actually trust and are honest with each other. All Floki had to do was ask Helga what happened and she spilled everything about the wanderer. /cries/ my otp

They’re both so faithful to the gods too. Like, if you wanna hear someone talk about Odin or Thor randomly in conversation, talk to Floki or Helga. 

Also, just look at how he lays his head on her lap omfg akodnjakdhfhjbchjbsf someone help me