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since I am near 2.5 I decided to make a mutuals appreciation post for all the lovely people I learn from every day ♥ I hope I don’t forget anyone because tumblr can be funny

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Gym Class Woes (Peter Parker imagine)

Prompt: Imagine that your OTP has to hold hands for some reason, but when they don’t have to hold hands anymore, they forget to let go until someone points out that they’re still holding hands.

Peter Parker x Reader, words: 685, requested?: no ((gif credit to google))

A/N: This is my first Marvel imagine and my first Spiderman one. Well, they basically go hand in hand. Tell me if you like it!

Running was not your strong suit, so gym class wasn’t your strong suit. You dreaded the idea of running a mile for gym class, but at least you weren’t the only one running. A sigh escaped your lips as your gym teacher announced, as students groaned, what the class would be doing. Though you knew beforehand what today held, you still weren’t prepared.

A whistle was blown to signal the start of the mile run. You began to run along with the other students and you started off pretty well. Until you got about halfway through your mile. You weren’t doing as well as others but still trying your best. Your legs were beginning to burn and you had to slow down. People began to pass by you, but you didn’t mind.

All of a sudden, your face hit the floor with a loud smack. Laughter filled the gym as everyone stopped to see what had happened. A groan escaped your lips as you rolled onto your back. You didn’t know what just happened but the pain was intense.

“I saw that Flash!” your teacher’s voice filled your ears. You couldn’t focus on anything so you couldn’t tell exactly where his voice was coming from. You knew there was going to be a huge bruise on your nose, but you weren’t that concerned. You were more concerned about the fact that you didn’t know if your nose was broken or not.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice rings in your ears. Your friend Parker comes into your line of view. “Are you okay?” Concern was written all over the teen’s face. You were officially embarrassed. You always found your friend cute but never acted on it. You didn’t want him seeing you like this.

“Parker, help her to the nurse.”

Before you knew it, Peter was grabbing your hand and carefully pulled you up and wrapped your arm around his shoulder. He still gripped your hand and lead you out the gym while your teacher yelled at the bully. “Thanks, Pete,” you mumble.

“Flash is such a jerk,” Peter says angrily. The two of you were used to Flash and his other minions. The two of you had never been very popular, which you didn’t mind. “What gave him the right to hurt you?” You could hear how angry Peter was, but you couldn’t place why he was so angry. It wasn’t the first time a trick had been played on you.

“What gives him the right to hurt you?” you murmured. You knew how Flash had it out for Peter, but he was more concerned about you. Why? “I’ll be fine, Peter.” He doesn’t respond so the rest of the trip was silent. You turn your head towards Peter and admire his features. He had the prettiest brown eyes you had ever seen. “Peter, don’t worry about me, okay? You don’t have to.”

“Yes i do,” he said defensively. You had never seen Peter so worked up over something. He had always remained cool under pressure. “I mean,” he sighed. “I’m just worried about you, okay?” You didn’t know why he was so defensive but you just slowly nodded.

Upon entering the nurse’s office, Peter carefully helped you sit down. His hand still gripped yours as the nurse examined your nose. “Well, it’s not broken. But you will be bruised for a little while. I’ll be right back, okay?” Without saying another word, the school nurse left the room. But not before placing an icepack in your empty hand.

“Coach wanted me to check on you guys and you’re still holding hands,” Ned entered the room, a smirk played on his face. You both quickly pulled away from each other before blushing. “He wants you back now.”

Peter nodded before turning to you. “Are you going to be okay?” You nodded and urged him to go. Once he was out of the room, but not out of earshot. You heard him defend himself against something Ned had said. “I just forgot to let go of her hand!” You let out a laugh before wincing in pain.

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“…and in the end, I’d do it all again, I think you’re my best friend…”

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Happy Junhui Day ^.^😚


my handsome prince, my fellow chinese human, my love. i appreciate you every day but since it is your day i want to say this:

 thank you for making me happy and for being you. thank you for sharing your talents with the world. stay healthy, love what you do, and never stop being the dork™ that you are(: i am so proud of you no matter what !! continue to represent our country~🇨🇳 希望你永远永远都会幸福快乐。你太不可思议了!我爱你胜过一切。 

i love you so much, my sweet boy. junhui 화이팅, SEVENTEEN 화이팅!!❤️#Happy_Jun_Day