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Dadvid Appreciation Week 01: The Moment Where David Became Dadvid.

Decided to draw up what I can only label as the scene right before the events of SOSO unfold. Also I may have cheated and did the angsty stuff for today rather than on the assigned day, but oh well!

Hey, David, guess who’s your new foster child? Your favorite Camp Campbell camper, with a shit ton more depression and anxiety added~!

The Signs getting told their outfit is ugly.

 Aries : *turns to random person* “I think this person is talking to you???”

Taurus : *grabs the person’s hand* “I think we need to get you to the eye doctors asap”

Gemini : “HAHA, nice joke tell me another one”

Cancer : *raises their eyebrow* *looks them up and down slowly* “Are you sure you can judge?”

Leo : “Yeah and your outfit looks so nice!… wait is it not opposite day?”

Virgo : *gets really confused because they can’t comprehend the idea that they look anything other than incredible*

Libra : “honey please, this outfit costs more than you are worth”

Scorpio : *calmly explains to the person that they are just projecting their insecurities onto other people and then walks away while the person sits there falling apart*

Sagittarius : *laughs hysterically* *walks over to their friends and tells them what happened* *all collectively points and laughs at the person*

Capricorn : *throws whatever their holding at the person then acts like nothing happened* 

Aquarius : “yeah you’re probably right but i chose to look like this, what’s your excuse?”

Pisces : “… and yours isn’t?”