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  • Ravenclaw: Good morning!
  • Gryffindor: Good morning!
  • Hufflepuff: Good morning!
  • McGonagall: You all sound like robots, why don't you spice it up a bit?
i love Brendon! At The Disco:

including the hit albums;
• a crush you can’t tour out
• petty. breakup.
• vices and please god ryan take me back
• too weird to retain its original members, too self-absorbed to break up the band
• death of a boyfriend (ryan this is your last chance i mean it this time)


Please don’t delete the caption on this particular post because ALL THE PROPS TO MOD TODO who did an excellent job making the Totty!!! Look at those feet! Perfection~ thank you so much! 

I love these outfits so I hope everyone likes the transparents (and the redraws I probs didn’t do even close to a good job LOL, I try orz it‘s not my favorite thing to do…)

*touches twitchy elf ears* *flick flick*

Because flexible ears are awesome \o/ And although Tamlen always acts a bit disgruntled when Dorian touches his ears he secretly likes it/ finds it funny too (and he also found it weird that Dorian or humans in general can’t move their ears much or at all)

I haven’t really done anything in the animation direction in a long long time, but this was fun :D