credit for photo goes to



Victor and I cosplayed our own Pokemon gijinka designs of Haunter and Chandelure at Naka-kon 2017!
The staff is based on the Pokeapon weapon designs, but all other designs are our own.
We entered in the cosplay competition and got runner up in Master class! :3

All of the patterning was hand-drafted, and the color of the silk layers of my dress were dyed by myself.  

Top photo credit goes to Shintaro Design
Other photo credit goes to Paul Umali, and myself


The Phoenix 

“I was never surprised that they did not have a phoenix on display. There is only one phoenix at a time, of course, and while the Natural History Museum was filled with dead things, the phoenix is always alive.”

-Neil Gaiman, Unnatural Creatures


Recently someone bought the 1996 Columbine High School yearbook. This is Dylan’s picture from that yearbook. He was in 10th grade (Sophomore). Credit for the photo goes to CHSMDF member, “froggy”.

This is Eric Harris’ signature in that yearbook. It says “Jen, I seriously think Michelle needs professional help. But she also might be beyond help! Eric Harris”.