credit cards and shopping

  • if you’re a credit card past its expiry date YOU ARE VALID
  • if you’re a credit card which has gone over its allowance YOU ARE VALID
  • if you’re a credit card that works perfectly YOU ARE VALID

fuck you target for rejecting my card and saying it isn’t valid, ALL CREDIT CARDS ARE VALID. last time i shop at your store

On Love: Agape | Welcome to the Madness

Yurio: Slayed

My edges: snatched

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Maid of Honour snaps and nearly takes out our wedding so I start a campaign against her.

(warning: the story might be fake / made up but still a good read)

My wife had a best friend who we will call Susan. I never particularly liked Susan but she was my wife’s best friend, not mine so I just kept my distance and let her have her girl’s days whenever she asked.

My wife eventually asked her to be the maid of honour at our wedding. After doing a poor job (missing the dress fittings, not planning the bachelorette party, and frankly just plain not helping) I wound up asking another bridesmaid to step in, which she did to great success.

Later on at a party Susan had a few drinks and told us all what she really thought about us. We assumed it was drunken ramblings and ignored it but the next day instead of apologizing she told us how we were bad friends and she no longer wanted to be in the wedding. This started a chain reaction which ended in over half of our wedding party leaving because of her side of the events.

My wife was already stressed about the wedding and this broke her. I channeled my anger into the more productive route of fixing the wedding party and mending friendships and thankfully the big day went off without a hitch.

Once the day was over and gone I finally was able to figure out what happened and realized that she had been spreading rumours about us amongst our friends in an attempt to ruin our wedding. Some of the highlights being how she was worked to the bone for her friend’s wedding, was spending a fortune to help us out without getting a single thank you, and how she didn’t think we were in love and were only doing it to get the wedding gifts.

Mess with me if you want but mess with my wife and wedding and the gloves are off. If she wanted to mess with my relationships then I would mess with her career.

  1. Susan was a hypochondriac so under the guise of mending fences I took to social meeting to suggest taking days off to heal whenever she was under the weather. End result: exhausted sick days
  2. Susan was lazy and frequently took personal days which were well documented on social media. I did some freelance social media for her boss causing her to stumble upon these posts. End result: unhappy boss
  3. Susan was a bit of a shopaholic so a mutual friend offered to be my double agent and went with her on various shopping sprees. End result: mounting credit card debt
  4. Susan had recently lost quite a bit of weight. I hooked her boyfriend up with some great restaurants and an account with just eat. End result: she gained back all the weight and then some
  5. Susan had used our address for some paperwork resulting in us receiving a lot of letters including one important license related one. I contacted her boyfriend (who was notoriously unreliable) to tell her about it and wasn’t surprised when she called me in a panic a month after the due date asking to pick it up which I happily obliged. End result: several fees related to the license and a lot of paperwork
  6. Bonus Susan also had a habit of talking about private issues at work, complaining about her boss, and telling people how useless her coworkers were. Thanks to her company’s new social media presence these were no longer exactly private. End result: General pariah in her industry

Susan was let go not long after I started my witch hunt against her and has since moved back in with her parents who are less than approving of her party antics and inability to keep a job.

My wife still occasionally wonders what happened to her remaining completely oblivious to my revenge.

Spoiled || R.B.

Word Count: 1875

Pairing: Ross x reader

Summary: Coming from a rich family, you never had to work a day in your life until you met Ross. After a confrontation with him, he makes you work for your orgasm by riding his thigh.

Warnings: smut, thigh riding, blowjobs, dirty talk, rich!reader, spoiled brat!reader

Requested by @faee12 : “Omg can you do a imagine with Ross and thigh riding”


Also, listen to Blackbear’s new album while listening to this preferably I miss the old you and make daddy proud trust me it makes it 100x better.

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In An Instant: Part Ten (END)

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

Word Count: 1.6K

A/N: I’m finally wrapping up this series. It didn’t quite go the way I had anticipated but I enjoyed it. Thank you to all of you extremely patient people who followed along with me. I’d love to hear what you thought of the series as a whole and what I should/shouldn’t do in future series. I love you all. Special thanks to my babe, @sebbytrash, for reading through this for me. I love you.

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When you awoke that Saturday afternoon, a mere three weeks since you met the life ruiner, Bucky Barnes, your heart literally hurt. Who were you to stop a wedding? You barely knew this guy. There was nothing you could do.

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This New Breed of “Sugar Daddies”

They have no issues talking about how sexually “open-minded” they are, even when you just ask them to describe themselves! If all you can do is describe yourself sexually, then that’s an issue. They talk about what they expect out of you, but if you mention that you want this green piece of paper called “money”, they freak out and sweating bullets. They’ll likely expect sex, usually with no condom, on the first date as well. Please don’t give them what they want, especially without getting yours first.

If these men ask what your favorite position is, say “At the [name of high fashion designer] store shopping with your credit card.” If these men ask what are your turn ons, say “financial stability, receiving large amounts of money, and not having to work a job.” If these men ask if you like bareback, say “I am not an equestrian, but I would like to receive lessons if you would like to pay for it.” Always have a smart comeback for this new breed of wannabe ballers and players. 

The Gold Dress

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We found out yesterday from an old interview with Emily Bett Rickards that Oliver actually bought Felicity the gold dress Felicity wore in the Dodger episode. This is a little fic, Pretty Woman style, on how that came to be. It’s from Felicity’s point of view. On AO3 if you prefer.

“So we are all set for tonight right? I’ll get the jewelry piece and make sure it’s delivered to the auction and you and Digg will meet me there.” Oliver looked down at Felicity who sat in her chair in front of the computers.

“Right, except I’ll monitor things from here. You and Digg will be onsite.” Felicity turned back to her computers.

“No, I want you there.” Oliver stated firmly. “We need to track if the Dodger takes the bait and it would be better if you were on site.”

“I can do my job just fine from here.” She looked back at him over her shoulder. “You will have comms, it will be fine.”

“Felicity what aren’t you telling me? Why don’t you want to go?” He looked at her with such concern.

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Pairing: Dean x plus sized!Reader, Sam
Word count: 1,528
Warnings: Swearing, jealousy, smut, unprotected sex (use a condom, guys)

Part 5 of Fat and Beautiful

You and Dean could barely keep your hands off each other lately, and you were not complaining. Morning sex, a quickie here and there, the middle of the night. It didn’t matter how tired, or how sore, the two of you were. It was like he was trying to make up for the time that you’d felt unattractive and untouched.

Sam pounded on your bedroom door one morning, just as Dean was making you giggle. “Can you two stop having sex long enough for a case?” He teased.

“Gimme 10, Sammy!” Dean called back before his lips were against your skin once more.

“Dean!” You squealed with laughter.

Walking into the library, you were pulling your wet hair up into a ponytail. “So, what’s up, Sammy?” You asked, stealing a piece of his toast from his plate.

He chuckled and shook his head as you sat. “Where’s Dean?” He asked, going back to looking at his laptop.

“He’ll be here in a minute.” You shrugged. Taking a bite of the toast, you licked your lips and waited for Sam to start filling you in.

The two of you sat in silence for a moment before Dean came in, a smirk on his face. He ran his hand through his still wet hair. “Now, what can I do for my baby brother?” He teased.

Rolling his eyes, Sam sat back in his chair. “Looks like Y/N is gonna have to play dress up.” He grinned, motioning to you.

“What?” You asked, staring at him. “Dress up?”

“It looks like wealthy women are the targets.” He started. “Mainly at social events. Our best bet is for Y/N to get all dolled up and play socialite.” Sam was way too amused by this. “We’ll have to do some shopping, but nothing a credit card can’t handle. I’ll go with you, as Dean wouldn’t let you out of the damn dressing room.”

You glanced at Dean, and then Sam. “So, let me get this straight- you want me to put on some fancy ass dress, do my hair and make up, and kiss ass with some stuck up bastards?” Sam nodded. “Alright. Let’s do it.”

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Black Box

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 2611

Genre: Fluff

(A/N): For this series, the scenarios will not be posted in age order of the members like we usually do, though we will still start with Coups here.

Los Angeles really was a beautiful city. Never before had you seen a city that could so seamlessly mix so many different cultures. And amongst it all, at the heart of all the diversity, was the same post-modern lifestyle that brought everyone together. You couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to go for your first proper vacation with your boyfriend of three years, Seungcheol.

You’d met him shortly before he started his ever-growing YouTube channel, meaning you got to be there for his growth, his lows, his highs; everything. And throughout everything, he stayed by your side too, never even laying eyes on any of those beauty vloggers that could easily have any man on YouTube they wanted. The both of you were so undoubtedly in love, his fans could even see it from the few videos of his you agreed to be in.

Seungcheol’s videos were mostly reviews of strange products he found online, random comedy rap songs, and the occasional gaming video (which are actually more like just him screaming then laughing when his characters die). They didn’t really give his audience any clues about his personal life, so whenever Seungcheol happened to do a more personal video, he’d usually invite you to be in it. You could tell he loved interacting with his fans and answering questions about himself. But, the Q&As got boring for him after a while. So, this time, he promised his fans something different.

Not only was Seungcheol visiting LA to collab with his friends Joshua and Vernon, he was also planning a relaxing getaway for the both of you, part of which he promised to vlog and upload to his channel.

“How could someone be so loving and considerate,” You thought as you lounged around in Seungcheol and your shared hotel suite, “And just… Perfect?”

It was still early afternoon and the sun hung highly in the crisp spring sky. The big windows in the living room of the suite allowed for the rays to illuminate the pristine hotel furniture. It was only your first full day there, so as you walked around to check out the room, you admired how beautiful the furniture and the wall art was. You could feel a pair of eyes on you, and you quickly turned around to discover that someone had been admiring you.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Your boyfriend asked you.

“The view is amazing, Cheol. I can’t believe you booked this room for the entire week.” You replied, still astounded by the scenery outside.

“Oh, I wasn’t talking about the view. Though, my view right now is pretty great.”

You walked over and playfully slapped his shoulder before scurrying away slightly and pulling your shirt down to below your butt, so he couldn’t see your underwear. With your back facing him, you could only hear his voice, but somehow you felt the smirk on his face.

“Hey,” Seungcheol laughed, “Need I remind you, that’s my shirt. If you stretch it too much I’m not going to want it back. Which, in all honesty, probably isn’t even a bad thing because it looks so cute on you.”

As you blushed at his comment, a pair of arms latched onto your waist and pulled you closer to their owner.

“When are you leaving for Joshua’s house?” You asked, tilting your head a bit to the side in order to hide your blush. But this only gave Seungcheol more access to the side of your neck, which he didn’t hesitate to pepper with little pecks.

“We’re meeting tomorrow,” He said, in between kisses, “Today is all about you.”

“Really?” You asked, turning to face him.

He placed a chaste kiss on your lips before answering, “Well, you and the vlog. I planned some sightseeing things for today so I figured I might as well just vlog that. I mean, who wants to see a twenty minute long video of us just sitting at the beach?”

“Hmm, good point,” You responded, “So then, what kind of sightseeing things are we and your camera doing today?”

“Well,” He began, laying his chin on your shoulder, “Joshua told me about this really great shopping neighborhood. We could walk around for a while in there, then I made a reservation at this really fancy restaurant.”

“Oh? How fancy are we talking?”

“Like, I wouldn’t even be able to afford a table if YouTube didn’t give me a bunch of money to blow on this trip.”

Eyes widening, you replied, “Wow, so what should I wear then?”

“I don’t know, maybe like a short, fancy dress?”

You nodded at his suggestion, trying to assess your options.

“I’ll have to check my black box to see what dresses I brought.” You said.

Seungcheol’s grip around your waste loosened and his eyebrows furrowed, “Black box?”

“Oh, sorry. I meant to say ‘my black suitcase’.” You explained.

He nodded, seeming quite weary, and withdrew his hands from you altogether. As you watched his hunched figure shuffle into the bathroom and close the door, you pondered why Seungcheol could have been so taken aback by your little mistake. Though, you quickly shrugged it off, as he came out again soon afterwards, looking perfectly fine. The both of you quickly forgot the whole incident and began getting ready to go.


“So if you guys want, when we get back to Korea we could do a little haul video.” Seungcheol remarked at his camera.

The two of you were leisurely roaming down the sunny streets of LA, as Seungcheol filmed himself and some of the sights he thought looked nice. He’d been blabbing on to his camera for quite a while. You tried to remain interested, but he was just talking about random potential video ideas, so your mind started drifting off. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed a quaint yet expensive-looking chocolate shop.

“Wow,” You exclaimed, tugging on the sleeve of Seungcheol’s dress shirt, “That chocolate shop looks really cool!”

“Do you wanna check it out?” He asked with a cackle, admiring the way you were so excited by chocolate like a little kid.

“Yes! One more thing to put in the haul.” You joked.

With another giggle, he turned his attention back to the camera and stated, “Alright guys, we’re going to check out that little chocolate shop. I’ll find out whether or not we can film in there and if we can, I’ll see you guys inside the shop.”

He placed a hand over the lens and stopped recording, then used his free hand to hold yours as you led him into the store.

With the jingle of some bells, the both of you ventured into the little shop and as you began revering the chocolate, Seungcheol asked one of the employees if he was allowed to film inside. You couldn’t hear their conversation from where you were, but the skinny, snooty-looking cashier did not seem to be falling for Seungcheol’s puppy dog eyes. You could infer what happened as soon as Seungcheol returned to your side, shoulders hunched as he put his camera into his backpack.

“That guy was not having it.” He chuckled.

You snickered and returned to your admiring of the fancy chocolates, feeling an arm place itself on your shoulder.

Pointing at the chocolate covered cherries, Seungcheol said in awe, “Wow, those look delicious.”

“Would you want to get those?” You asked.

He nodded eagerly in response, earning slight giggle from you. Seungcheol called the snobby-looking employee back over to pack up the cherries.

“Ok sir, would you like those in a white or a black box?” Asked the employee.

“A… B-black box?” Seungcheol stuttered.

You couldn’t figure out why Seungcheol was so stunned by the words “black box”, but you could tell the employee was having the same thoughts.

“We’ll take them in the white box.” You interjected.

The employee nodded and began placing the chocolate covered cherries in the box. When he was done, he handed the box to your boyfriend, whose eyes were still wide with shock. Though, he managed to snap out of it long enough to take out his company credit card and pay for the chocolates.

As the both of you exited the shop, you couldn’t help but dwell upon the situation for a bit longer, thinking about earlier in the day too. Why was Seungcheol so awestruck whenever someone mentioned a black box?

Your thought process was interrupted by Seungcheol taking his camera back out and continuing to talk about the chocolate shop. This time, you were left unable to zone out as he opened the box and fed you a cherry. He then proceeded to tell his viewers about the fancy dinner reservations he made for later on, and explained that that was the reason why you were both dressed so nicely.

After another two hours of walking around and shopping in the random stores you’d come across, Seungcheol called the both of you a taxi to take you to the restaurant.


“Choi, party of two.” Said Seungcheol to the maitre’d, subtly trying to out-fancy him by using an abnormally deep voice and fixing his tie.

After checking his book, the maitre’d stepped out from behind his host stand and gestured, “Follow me. I’ve an excellent table for the both of you.”

As the bony old man led you to the table, you could see that he was right. The table Seungcheol reserved was on the balcony of the restaurant, right next to the fence. From your seats, you both could see the majestic skyline of the city, in the glorious sunset lighting.

“Oh my gosh, Cheol.” You gasped as you admired the breathtaking scenery.

Pulling out your chair for you, Seungcheol replied, “It’s amazing, isn’t it? Kind of like you.”

As he shuffled to his own seat, you playfully smacked his shoulder for being cheesy.

“You’re so corny. It’s a good thing you’re cute to balance it out.” You admitted.

“Hey, you don’t mind if I vlog some of this, do you? I talked to the manager on the phone a few days ago and he said I could film here.”

“No, go ahead. This place is so beautiful, your fans should see it too.”

“Thanks, (Y/N). I must be the luckiest guy alive to be able to spend my time with someone as understanding and stunning as you. But, don’t worry, I’ll only vlog the food and a little bit of us talking.”

You blushed at his compliment as the waitress arrived and gave you both menus.

“Hello, I’ll be your server for tonight. May I start you two out with some drinks?” Asked the petite brunette.

“Do you have any recommendations?” Seungcheol asked in response.

“Well, if you’re looking for something virgin, we make fresh fruit smoothies in-house. In terms of alcohol, most everything on the menu goes very well with champagne or certain wines. My personal favorite would be the Black Box pinot grigio.”

You only nodded at the waitress’s suggestion, not really thinking much about the wine, since you didn’t plan on drinking.

You looked up from your menu momentarily to ask your boyfriend what he thought about the recommendation, only to find him looking very uncomfortable, his eyes opened almost comically wide.

“Uh, you can order whatever you want, (Y/N). I have to find a restroom.”

With that, Seungcheol scurried off, leaving you alone with the waitress.

“We’ll both just have water, I guess, and a strawberry banana smoothie for me.” You told the waitress, sending her your best smile through the worry you felt for Seungcheol.

The waitress hurried off and quite a while passed before Seungcheol returned to the table. You would have asked him what was wrong, but he looked like he was not in the mood to talk. He simply trudged over to his seat and opened his backpack, which he’d placed right next to the chair. He looked through its contents for a moment then grabbed his camera and placed it on the table, not uttering a single word the whole time.

He set up the camera so that it could capture the both of you and the view of the city.

Before he pressed record, he turned to you apologetically, “Sorry about that. The toilet was calling and my bladder could not help but answer.”

After winning a laugh from you, he chuckled to himself and began recording.

“Alright guys, so we bought a lot of cool stuff earlier but we stashed it all in the hotel room and now we’re at the restaurant!” He filled in his viewers.

“This place is absolutely amazing,” You chimed in, “It’s like I can see the entire city from up here.”

“And the decor is so fancy. I’m going to feel like a millionaire until our waitress is inevitably rude to us then we have to leave!” He joked.

The two of you burst into laughter, earning strange looks from the other fancy diners. Once you both managed to settle down, the waitress arrived with your drinks. You imagined that Seungcheol would probably ask you what you were drinking and have you explain it for the sake of the vlog, but instead, he covered the lens with a napkin.

“Hey, (Y/N), I wanted to talk to you about earlier.” He said.

You hastily put the straw in your smoothie then turned your attention to him, “What about it?”

“Well, um, it was kind of obvious that I had something on my mind. And I bet you thought it was weird how I always seemed to freak out whenever anyone said ‘black box’.”

“I did notice that, but I didn’t really think much of it.”

“Good, good. That’s really good.”

The conversation died down a bit, leaving the two of you in an awkward silence.

Seungcheol cleared his throat, “It was just because… For the whole day… I was carrying a black box.”

“What?” You asked, your eyebrows furrowing.

Seungcheol took the napkin off the camera lens and allowed it time to focus before talking again.

“I had a surprise planned for you, to show you here, so I was worried that someone had found out about it. But, I was just being ridiculous.” He said.

He paused again, leaving you to grow more and more nervous. But after a moment, his eyes darted down, at his own pants. He reached into his pocket and pulled out none other than a small, black box.

“(Y/N), you mean so much to me, and I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything or anyone else. You make me so happy, so, if you’ll accept, I’d like a chance to make you happy… Forever. Will you marry me?”

Seungcheol opened the box to reveal a ring. The band was white gold and the diamond was bigger than you expected. You looked from the ring to your boyfriend, his eyes beaming with anticipation. As you reached your hand across the table, it allowed for him to take the ring from the box and slide it onto your ring finger.

You couldn’t find any words to express how you felt about the situation. Instead of talking, you simply admired the ring on your finger and how it caught the gleam of the orange sunset.

You opted for a simple, “Yes.”

Seungcheol reached over to take your hand again and placed a delicate kiss on its backside. With the crisp California air and your fiancé’s loving grin, everything just felt perfect as the sun set on what was undoubtedly the best day of your life.

-Written by Admin Cali

Kuroshitsuji: characters in the 21st century

Grell: still a reaper but loves to spend time in various malls in the human world. She loves the fact that she is a bit more accepted for being herself in this century and she always steals Williams credit card to do shopping for the latest crimson trends tbh…

Undertaker: works in a morgue at some hospital and takes great pleasure in joking around by switching out bodies for various funerals… This is his modern version of fun…

Sebastian: volunteers at a cat shelter and hides it from Ciel (you know, don’t picture Ciel as 150 something just because it’s been 2 whole centuries…) he is still himself, only with an upgrade from butler into 21st century disguise…

Alois: immensely confused by why he isn’t an Earl anymore but he still enjoys shopping trips with Grell…

Claude: has gone off and made a contract with some delicious soul with a pathetic wish he can fulfill in a day. He will never go hungry again and he enjoys it…

William: looking for his credit card which Grell and Alois stole and blends in by feeding pigeons in the park…

I went shopping!

I’ve picked up a few items since I started losing weight, but It was mostly pants, and it was mostly a necessity, because my old pants were distractingly large. I also hosted a LuLaRoe party and got a bunch of very cute skirts and dresses, and a few shirts.  But yesterday was the first time I’ve really gone shopping since I started losing weight.

I had credit card rewards and birthday rewards and coupons at Lane Bryant, and I had birthday rewards at Torrid, where all the clearance was buy 1 get TWO free!

The first thing I tried on was a pair of cropped jeans in a 20 (2-3 sizes smaller than I was wearing when I started exercising!).  They went on with no problem!  So I bought them.  And I bought another pair in black.  And I bought this shirt, which is also a size smaller than nearly everything in my closet, because I felt so great in this outfit.

My dressing room was insane, though, because I had no idea what sizes to bring in with me, so I was bringing at least two of everything I liked.  

I tried on a dress in a 20, and it was way too big, so the saleswoman brought me the 18, and it fit better, but it just wasn’t right.  So she asked if she could bring me a different dress, but when she went to get it, they were out of 18, so she brought me a 16.

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And it fit.

Originally posted by gameraboy

You guys, I haven’t worn a 16 in anything since I was probably a sophomore in college.  That’s more than a decade ago.  I didn’t end up buying it, because I wasn’t going to pay full price for it, but damn, it felt good.  I also got a few more shirts in a smaller size, so I’m not rocking that 80s off-the-shoulder look as much anymore.

When I went into Torrid, I had no idea about the sweet clearance deals.  I just wanted to use my birthday rewards.  So I was able to get 2 workout tanks (one says Goal Digger *heart eyes*) and a lace shrug, and I only paid $17.  It was glorious.

5) You tell him you’re pregnant - REQUESTED - This is it, its happening. You stand outside the bedroom door debating on how to tell Justin the news……..the news that he’s going to be a dad after so long of trying, just as your about to open the bedroom door an amazing idea pops into your head. You walk into the bedroom “Justin I’m just going to the mall, I wont be long” you smile and quickly get changed “okay babe, what you going for?” He asks walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, “Lucy wants to meet up for a coffee” you say kissing his cheek, “I wont be long, I’ll pick up food on the way home” you say walking out the bedroom without letting him reply, you get in your car texting your best friend Lucy to meet you at the mall in 15 minuets. And obviously you wont be drinking coffee, caffeine isn’t good for the baby 😉 You arrive at the mall and meet Lucy were you told her you would be “what do I owe this pleasure of my presence” she smiles hugging me “I need your help” I smile “with what?” She asks “well I’m pregnant” I whisper so the few fans that have forced me don’t hear what I just said I quickly cover Lucy’s hand when I notice she’s going to scream in excitement “ssshhh, now you going to help me?” I say and she nods licking my hand “ewww” I mumble wiping it on her “I’m so happy it’s about time, what do you need?” She asks smiling wide “lets walk and talk” I say and we start walking around the mall. “I need you to go into Mother Care and get me a white fluffy blanket, baby bottles, dummy’s, some baby socks and shoes but only cream or white colours along with a new born baby grow and a baby bib” I say handing her my credit card, “I’m going to go into the card shop and get a gift bag and card so I don’t make it to obvious” I smile and she nods. We both head our own ways, I walk into the card shop and start looking. I bump into a few fans while I was looking at the baby cards I had to make up that I was getting a present for my friend who just found out she was pregnant but I didn’t know what to get, so they offered to help in which I agreed. Once I found the perfect gift bad and card I thanked them and told them I’d get Justin to follow them on twitter and insta, I paid for my things and left. 15 minuets later I met up with Lucy and she showed me what she brought along with a few little extras, I was so excited! We went for a coffee but I had a hot chocolate of course. When we finished we headed to my car, we sat there and wrapped the baby things in white tissue paper and place them in the bag, I put the blanket at the bottom along with the sonogram on top wrapped up in tissue paper. I wrote in the card I got it said “Everything happens for a PURPOSE, I cant wait to meet you one day and that day will be the best day of my life as well as the beginning……I hope you will teach me how to play Ice hockey like you, I hope you will teach me how to play Basketball like you, I hope you love me with every thing you have, I hope you sing me to sleep when I wake you up early hours and I hope you love me and my mummy as much as we love you, I can’t wait to meet you in 8 months and 5 days because that day will be the making of me. You’re going to be the best daddy ever! I love you, Baby Bieber x” You re-read the card before putting it in the envelope “its a good thing its his birthday tomorrow, but nothing wrong with a early birthday present” you smile at Lucy “I wish I could see this but I’ve got work” she pouts. We chuck all the rubbish away and I drop Lucy at home so she can get ready for work then I head home, I pull into the drive way and see more cars there, his friends and family must be here but then I remembered we invited them around. I took a deep breath and grabbed the gift bag and headed inside, I shut the dorr behind me and took off my heals, I walked into the kitchen to see everyone stood around drinking “hey y/n want a drink?” Pattie asked me holding up a bottle of wine, “I’m okay thankyou” you smile putting the bag on the side “what’s that babe?” Justin asked coming over and kissing my cheek “oh I bumped into a fan and she gave me this to give to you as an early birthday present” you smiled and he looked in the bag, you said hello to everyone else “why don’t you open it now babe” you say getting some water and Justin nods settling the bag on the counter, he takes out the card first which was good. While he was reading the card he went silent “what does it say?” Scooter asks Justin sniffles and wipes away a tear, no one knew he was even crying “Justin what’s wrong?” His dad asks at this point everyone’s watching him, he looks up at you with tears in his eyes, you just smile an nod “what did you get?” You smile tearing up your self, he places the card down and reaches into the bag pulling out some tissue paper which had the dummies inside, he unwrapped them and as soon as he saw them he sobbed a little. He placed them on the side for everyone to see and almost immediately everyone looked at me but I kept my eyes on him “ I think there’s more” I smile and he unwraps the baby grow, the bottles, the shoes, the baby PJ’s and bibs as well as a rabbit teddy, he pulled out the last bit of tissue paper which had the sonogram and blanket inside, he just stood there looking at the picture for a moment before he walked around and pulled me into a hug. Everyone was just quiet before they all started cheering which made me jump, I laughed kissing Justin knowing he would love me and our baby as much as he could.


Viktor and Yuuri take Yurio shopping for his bday with dads Viktor’s credit card and they’re forced to carry it all for him. Bless happy laughing Yurio honestly.

this was super rushed bc i procrastinated shsgbgs also spot the lil shoutout to Kings in Couture by @forovnix !! it literally just updated after years at war bless 

Today Sheila and I bought some furniture. At Macy’s the saleslady said we could save $100 if we opened a Macy’s card. Crate and Barrel offered us even more in store credit if we signed up for their card.

I declined both.

Nowadays it doesn’t take more than a few moments to electronically apply for a credit card. It’s not like we would have had to meet with a credit manager, fill out forms in triplicate, supply a thumb print, and sign our names six times. Credit is easy.

I have a credit card through my bank. My Target card is also a credit card. We shop at Target enough that the 5% discount is worth it.

Over the years I’ve seen some nice card offers from LLBean, REI, Delta Airlines, and others. They each have their own perks and discounts.

I don’t want a bunch of cards. A simple life fits me better. My credit rating is excellent and not having a ton of cards might have helped.

Next on the furniture shopping list is a new dresser. We’re going to go from two dressers to one and get matching night stands. That means getting rid of some clothes. There are plenty of things I never wear.

Simple. Easy.

Please fire me. A customer left his credit card on the other side of the register counter where I couldn’t see because he was in a hurry to get out of the store. He called corporate and said that I was the one that never gave it back to him because I was too busy “bullshitting with my coworker.” I was working alone that day. They gave him $500 worth of $25 gift cards to my store that he wanted handwritten to him, by me.

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Um hi! I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but I was wondering, can you write how the 2p axis and allies would react to their s/o getting bullied at school, and the 2ps don't find out till s/o is breaking down crying, and finding out it's been going on for months?? I'm sorry if it doesn't meet the rules, it doesn't work on mobile! And I'm sorry if I'm bothering you at all!

(( yeah, i’m going to fix the rule-thing but i’m lazy tbh. Btw you’re not bothering at all. Chill.))


2p canada: Don’t worry, tell me who is responsable for this, and i’ll swear they will pay.

2p france: come here, *grumbles*, anyone who does this to you is an imbécile. Mon amour, je fais se battre pour vous.

2p england: poppet, why didn’t you tell me this sooner? Perhaps a cupcake would help? I’ve got some diddly-doo chit-chatting to do with the principal.

2p china: see 2p america

2p russia: Tch, if you told me sooner this would not have happend. Now, since you learned your lesson, it’s time for me and my pipe to have a nice conversation with the bullies.

2p italy: My knife and I will take revenge on them, that’s a fact. Meanwhile, here, have my credit card, go for some shopping.

2p germany: oH No THeY DInT

2p japan: It’s beat up time.

Who doesn’t know that, you want to buy something, but you are broke or you can’t afford it! Here are my tips to save money so you can buy the thing you desired for a long time or for a trip!

  • Don’t buy a phone with contract, that’s extremely expensive! For exemple, you want an iPhone and you absolutely need a flatrate/data plan, buy it separately! You can’t afford to pay your phone once, pay every month 35 €, more or less, the more you pay per month, the more relieved you will be financially. Most of the electronics shops offer 0% interest, since it’s a small credit. You need a data plan or similar contracts, buy a prepaid card and it top it off when you need it. You will save so much money, because prepaid cards are way cheaper than contracts. Here is an exemple: most of the high end phone contracts with data plan and stuff costs around 35 to 50 €/month. Most of the time the contract last 24 months. If you pay 45,90€ a month, after 24 months it will cost you overall 1106 €. Depending how much you use internet/phone etc… You can save around 300 €.
  • Who still uses SMS/Phone, use WhatsApp or the dial function on WhatsApp (most of my friends uses whatsapp), you will save so much money on phone contract.
  • If you a « light » data user when you are outside, search a provider that offers you free data in exchange you will have some ads. I use Netzclub (German provider, it’s cooperating with O2). They offer 100 MB. Sometimes I top it off to have 500 MB (around 6-7 €). I pay most of the time 15€ every 6/8 months.
  • Pick out carefully your clothes , where you know you will never get bored with it + it’s awesome for the environment + you will have more storage in your room. Invest in « good quality » clothes, with that I mean mostly clothes made with « cotton », they last forever!  I have clothes that I wear since 6-7th grade (not kidding), good pair of jeans/cardigans/shirt… Don’t buy cheap clothes (like Primark, similar shops) They don’t last you forever, imo, the style is awful, of course there are some good stuff at Primark, but it’s rare, check if it’s cotton etc. Buy your clothes only when it’s « sales time », most of the items will not go away, also applies for the size (@shops like Zara, Mango etc.)
  • When you go out, you don’t need to buy something to eat or drink all the time, organise a picnic with your friends or bring your own food if you don’t eat at the canteen in school, you will save up your lunch money for other stuff . Have always something to snack or a bottle of water with you.
  • Buy everything online, it’s way cheaper! Especially clothes & make up (not always, mostly high end stuff), way cheaper than in store! Brand shoes like Doc Martens, Adidas etc… can get super cheap if you keep an eye on it: check Amazon, Asos, Urban Outfitters (I found Doc Martens for 40 € once, Nike for 5€, not kidding)
  • You don’t have a credit card, no problem use PayPal or a prepaid credit card!
  • Avoid shipping fees, by looking for the same product on other shops, most of the time the product I want to buy has like 4 € shipping fees on Amazon and on Ebay there is none + the product is cheaper!
  • Use sites that compare prices, some of them use the « alarming » system per mail to warn you when it’s reached it’s cheapest price.
  • If you are a student, living alone, keep an eye on food offers, their supermarket leaflets, buy your food at discounters, you will save a lot of money.
  • If you are an european student (it’s more the case in Germany), use your bike, you will save a lot of money on public transport + it’s awesome for the environment + it’s really healthy.
  • If you want to save money you need to be patient!

  • Take the Bus (if you have the time), they are super comfortable (imo), have WIFI (basically life…) & it’s way better than high speed trains (you don’t have a lot of place to stretch and you don’t have wifi). It is super cheap too. (I think it’s more established in Germany)
  • Compare the prices of high speed trains or regional train; same for flight tickets on the internet! (In Germany, there is this Sparpreis Ticket for the ICE, and you can save 60 - 100 € most of the time, but concerning the hours you have to be flexible)
  • Buy all your tickets/ do you reservations all in advance! It’s way cheaper.
  • Travel as light as possible if you can, you can save money on luggage at low cost airline (like Ryanair, Germanwings etc…)
  • Sleep at Hostels + where breakfast & dinner are included, you will save money on food while you are travelling and you meet a lot of nice people at Hostels. It’s a great way to make friends and learn to know the people there, so you will not do the typical tourist stuff.
  • Do your hostels reservations on websites like hostelworld/hostelbookers, where you pay a deposit, if you don’t have the money now, but later. You will pay in cash when you arrived or in case you can’t make it, you will have you deposit back (it depends what deposit you took).
  • If you want a calm environment or not share you room except with your friends, check Airbnb and split off the price of the accommodation with your friends(extremely cheap) or look at hotels where the price is for a room (3-4 max) and not per person, look at Ibis Hotel or Ibis Budget Hotel!
  • If you are sleeping at hostels, bring a padlock with you for your locker!
  • Buy an Interrail Ticket if you are travelling in different countries in Europe.
  • Try to combine Bus/Train if possible (ex: in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Poland etc.) you will save a lot of money there too.

I hope these tips were useful! I worked really hard on it. It would be awesome to hear your feedback, just send me a message!

I’m watching independently licensed Doctor Who spinoff video Zygon: When Being You Just Isn’t Enough.

The Zygon’s love interest was given Zygon powers. She then knocked out a random guy in the street, stripped him, took over his form, used his body and credit cards on a shopping spree, used his body to go pee in the men’s room, and is now hooking up with his ex girlfriend. In fairly explicit detail.