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Restless Genius Baby - a Holtzmann Headcanon
  • Abby *holding a small stack of credit-card sized objects in her hand: hey Holtz-
  • Holtz *looking up from a crossword puzzle*: yeah doll.
  • Abby: your girlfriend was snooping in your wallet -
  • Erin: I was looking for my Yogurtland rewards card!
  • Abby: ... Anyway. We found some things...
  • Abby *begins flipping through the cards*: CPR certified, I mean that's pretty cool, pretty normal
  • Holtz: Haha yeah, safety first ya know?
  • Abby: EMT??
  • Holtz: Safety.
  • Abby: Firefighter
  • Holtz: Uhhh ditto.
  • Abby: Hazmat tech...
  • Holtz *spreads her arms wide to showcase her lab*: are you really asking?
  • Patty *jumps in*: CDL Truck license, baby girl?
  • Holtz: don't ask.
  • Abby: ...ok now this, just... Cosmetologist? Holtzmann what the fuck.
  • Holtz: Well somebody's gotta keep this face pretty and it might as well be me am I right ladies?
  • Abby: ...
  • Patty: ...
  • Erin: How did I not know about any of this? How do you even have time for this? I - not that it isn't super attractive because it is - *glares at a laughing Patty* what? It is! just -
  • Holtz *shrugs, almost embarrassed*: ... I get bored.

This is the Arduboy. It’s a credit card sized video game system. Obviously based off of the Game Boy, these little devices come loaded with a game of your choice and are able to be plugged into your computer through a USB cable to load different games. They can currently be preordered for $39 at