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noun | trag·e·dy | \ˈtra-jə-dē\ | 悲劇
: a very bad event that causes great sadness and often involves someone’s death
: a very sad, unfortunate, or upsetting situation : something that causes strong feelings of sadness or regret
: a play, movie, etc., that is serious and has a sad ending (such as the death of the main character).

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  • <p> <b>2p!England:</b> *repeatedly slamming a phone into the desk in a fit of pastel colored rage*<p/><b>2p!France:</b> Oliver! OLIVER!<p/><b>2p!England:</b> wHAT?!<p/><b>2p!France:</b> It's a inanimate fucking object....<p/><b>2p!England:</b> YOU'RE A INANIMATE FUCKING OBJECT!<p/><b>2p!America:</b> .... *whispers* fucking savage...<p/></p>
C’mon Baby

Pairing: Markiplier x Reader

Summary: After a long day of recording, you try to get Mark to rest, which proves to be a little harder than you initially expected.

Warnings: None. Just a bit of fluff

A/N: This is a kinda re-write of @just-imagine-that‘s “C’mon baby, up to bed”. All credit for the idea and plot goes to them (and even some lines of dialogue). Thanks for letting me steal your awesome idea! This is just a little short and sweet piece.

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C’mon Baby

A soft creaking erupted from the door of Mark’s recording room as you pushed it open deliberately. The point was to not draw too much attention to yourself, which you failed at doing. Mark spun around in his chair, his headphones hanging around his neck as his tired eyes crinkled, a slight smile tugging at his lips.


Your voice was slightly more groggy than usual due to the fact that you had awoken a minute ago to a an empty bed, deciding you’d come down here to check on Mark. Nevertheless, the sound filled Mark’s ears as you let yourself in, quietly shutting the door behind you.

“Hey, Y/N.”

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Sleeping In

Kyoya stared at the room he was supposed to be sharing with Tamaki during their class trip  in disgust.

“We need to change rooms,” he said.

“Why?” Tamaki asked, bouncing on the bed. The bed. The single bed in the room. Kyoya gestured widely.

“Tamaki, we obviously can’t stay here,” Kyoya explained patiently.

“Why not?” Tamaki asked, violet eyes wide. Kyoya sighed.

“Because, Tamaki, there’s only one bed.”

“We can share. It will be like a sleep over!”

“We’re already sharing a room, we don’t need to share a bed!” Kyoya said in frustration. Tamaki just stared at him with big puppy-dog eyes. Kyoya growled softly.  

“Can we at least deal with this after the class debriefing?” Tamaki asked.

“Fine,” Kyoya conceded.

They did not deal with it after the class debriefing. They did not deal with the issue at all. Kyoya couldn’t believe he’d allowed himself to be side-tracked by Tamaki’s enthusiasm. An excited Tamaki was a force of nature. But Kyoya should know better. Now he was again faced with the single bed. Kyoya stood in the middle of the room and stared at the glaring issue. Tamaki emerged from the bathroom, hair damp and clad in his pajamas.

“Kyoya? Are you going to get ready for bed?” Tamaki asked.

“I suppose,” Kyoya said slowly.  Kyoya splayed his hands on the bathroom counter and stared hard at his reflection. This is fine, he told himself. I’ll just set some boundaries, make sure Tamaki stays on his side of the bed. A minor inconvenience, that’s all. Teeth brushed and resolve firmly in place, Kyoya stepped out of the bedroom. Tamaki looked up from the desk, book dangling loosely from his hand.

“I didn’t know which side of the bed you wanted,” he said, gesturing with his book.

“I don’t care,” Kyoya growled, “As long as you stay on the other one.”

“Then you should take the side closest to the door,” Tamaki said decisively. “That’s where the nightstand is.  For your glasses.

“Fine.” Kyoya slid into the bed,  elbows tight, hands folded across his stomach. Tamaki flicked off the light and wriggled under the covers.  Kyoya held himself stiffly, determined not to move from his designated space. But his habit of running himself to the breaking point soon caught up with him. Tamaki listened as Kyoya’s breathing evened out and felt the shift as the other boy finally relaxed. Sleeping Kyoya actually looked peaceful, and as he fell asleep, Tamaki wished that his friend could have even a scrap of that peace while awake.

Kyoya shifted and felt something warm and solid against his side. It wasn’t an unpleasant sensation, he  noted groggily. Comforting, his mind supplied. Who would have thought I’d ever find physical contact comfortable? Kyoya wondered fuzzily before drifting back to sleep.

Tamaki was unsurprisingly awake first. His back was pressed firmly against Kyoya’s. He slept like a dead thing, Tamaki knew from experience. But when he started to slip out of the bed, a grumble that sounded suspiciously like “don’t” stopped. Without a word, Tamaki settled back into the bed. He knew full well that Kyoya didn’t sleep enough. They could afford to sleep in for one morning.

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Do u ever think bruce wishes he got to raise his kids from day one? I know infant care is daunting but like, Bruce is low key sentimental af

i think “what ifs” are generally something bruce doesn’t like to indulge in, because that only ever leads to him sitting in the dark thinking about how much of a failure he is, and that leads to even worse places, so, mostly, i think he doesn’t like considering his life could’ve been different. but those times when he’s actually feeling good, and there’s not so much weighing him down, i think he’ll wonder what they were like. like, was dick as touchy a baby as he was a kid? did jason toddle after his parents the same way he followed bruce through the manor’s halls? (and i definitely think there’s times where he wishes they were still kids, because i feel bruce gets along best with kids, but that’s only when he’s mildly frustrated, lol)

with damian, though, it’s different - i think that longing is more visceral, because his other children had parents, and i think he views himself as a stand-in. a dad chauffeur, of sorts, stepping in for something they don’t have. he feels like a father, but he’s always reigning that feeling in because he’s scared of overstepping boundaries - he has no right to have raised these kids as infants, because no matter how much he loves them, they had their own parents, etc. it’s like he’s taking something that isn’t his, even if he feels like they are his. with damian, though, he is the real parent, and i think he’s kind of pissed that he didn’t get to be a “traditional” parent - so whenever he’s thinking about tiny damian, it’s overshadowed by this anger, like how dare you take this away from me, i was entitled to raise him, it was my job and you didn’t let me do it.

hi, yes i’m here to talk about min yoongi’s cute gummy smile and how adorable he looks… like look @ this!!!!!

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